Bruh …. Zakiyah is a black woman who’s putting herself out on national TV with this white man, who trash talks her behind her back and in the DRs. A white man who is a DJ with nothing to lose while she worked/works in the education system. I’m not for slut shaming at all but her being a black woman.. We don’t really get second chances here in America. This white guy really got nothing to lose but I can’t say the same for her. Idc about Nicole or Corey… They’re both white. She needs to go home now. This isn’t a good look for her at all. Save yourself while you can because this is a mess.

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the whole star 360 was bad, but that didn’t stop exo for constantly asking exo-l if they were okay, if they had eaten, and that they hoped they’d get sleep before school starts. baekhyun also half jokingly said he wanted to follow everyone home to make sure everyone got home safe (bc there was no transportation due to how late it was) - he even told everyone to comment on his instagram that they got home safe after the recording. kyungsoo agreed, and worryingly said “you’re all women…” like he knows how dangerous it is for girls out in the middle of the night. this makes my heart ache they love their fans much - they were aware of how bad exo-l had been treated, and tried their best to make the situation better and i just love them so much


Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x12 Between Order And Randomness

NATHAN: Am I in the right apartment? Where’s that nasty incense smell? 
HALEY: Oh, Taylor, went out for a jog. 
NATHAN: Does this mean you’re talking to me again?  
HALEY: I’m really sorry, Nathan. I overreacted. What happened with you and Taylor was a long time ago and I just don’t have any right to be angry. 
NATHAN: Wow, I am in the wrong apartment.  
HALEY: Besides, the things we did in the past don’t mean anything, right?  
NATHAN: Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. I, uh, went through your family album and I haven’t slept with any of your other sisters.  Listen, Haley,  look, I don’t wanna hurt you. I don’t wanna lie to you either. I know how honest you are with me.