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Can you make how the diaboys cheat on their lover (S & M). Btw, I luv your blog!!(≧∇≦)/

マリ: Thaaaaanks! (˶′◡‵˶)❤ As always, I’m doing only one family when multiple families are requested. I’ve decided to go for the Sakamaki’s for this one, hope you like it!


Ayato would drag one of the cheerleaders into his dressing room after a basketball game, and he fucks and drains her senselessly in the showers, treating her as if she’s merely a doll for him to pleasure himself with; he shuts off his feelings and becomes completely apathetic. If Ayato hadn’t accidentally told his lover himself, she would have never found out.

Well, how wouldn’t Laito do it? He’d most likely get out into town after a heated argument with his lover, go clubbing and indulge himself in every girl he can find. Kissing them, fucking them, feeding on them; he’ll go all out to temporarily erase his lover from his mind. Eventually, a long time after he makes up with her, he’ll start feeling guilty about it and confess to her.

Reiji would find himself in a situation in which a girl holds herself out to him at school, knowing he is a vampire, and promises not to tell anyone unless he’ll have his wicked way with her. In response, Reiji would whip her for an extended period of time as to compensate for her promiscuousness, and yet he still ends up having sex with her. After she comes, he’ll snap her neck and pretend that nothing happened, nor will he tell his lover about it. Reiji does not consider himself the type to wilfully cheat, anyway.

As with Reiji, Shuu would not search for a girl to hook up with; the girl would come to him. After school, she’d come to the music room initially just listen to him play the piano, but she’d end up crawling into his lap as he sits on the piano stool; Shuu would play along and even enjoy it. Oddly enough, he doesn’t tell his lover, but he likes comparing her to other girls he’s been with during sex and conclude every single time that only her voice is like music to his ears.

One day, Kanato would feel the strong urge to seduce a new, very pretty and doll-like dressed student at school, and she does not defy him; his childlike excitement causes him to accidentally rip out the girl’s throat during sex, and, like Reiji, pretends that nothing happened. However, although Kanato does not tell his lover about the girl, he’ll treat the deceased girl with wax, not letting her body go to waste, and places her among the other sacrificial brides.

Subaru would sneak up on a girl in an alley in the middle of the night and violently assault her as a result of an argument with his lover. He is the only boy in the family who cheats on her with a girl who is not willing. The guilt will eventually torment him with such an intensity that he comes clean to his lover.

Richonne Headcanon:

Hello all my Richonne shippers,

I have decided to write a Richonne headcanon. This headcanon is after the Negan incident, when Rick and Michonne come back to Alexandria; which is also a shower scene that I (and many others) want to happen on the show. I am just getting back into the writing business, so please forgive me if there are grammar errors. If you guys like this, please leave a comment and I will try to write more.

Sorry for any spelling/grammar error

I hope you all enjoy.


Rick was not in the mood to discuss what had just happened. He couldn’t face anyone, not even michonne at the moment. He felt guilty that he couldn’t protect or save one of his own people.

He entered the bedroom as he paced back and forth before finally going to the bathroom. He stood in front of the the sink looking at himself in the mirror. Tears formed into those blue eyes of his as Lucilled bashing against the skull of one his people kept replaying in his head. He closed his eyes and trying to erase that scene away from his head but all he could hear Negan voice, “You’re taking it like a champ.” There was no way he was ever going to get that voice out if his head.

“Rick!” Michonne called as she entered the room. Rick didn’t respond but begin to undress. Michonne signed, “Rick you have to talk to me.” There was no response but the sound of the shower running. Rick got under the shower and let the hot water cares his body. It was not his intention to avoid Michonne but at the moment he could not talk about what just happened. He felt ashamed. He need comfort at the moment and all Michonne could do was join him. Within minutes she undressed and entered the shower and embraced him from behind. The hot water ran down their naked bodies as they stood there for a while and Michonne running her hands through his hair. “Rick,” Michonne spoke. “I know,” Michonne released her arms from around him as he turns to face her. She ran her hands through his wet hair, brushing it from his face and looking him in the eyes, “We are going to get through this.”

“I thought I almost lost you.” Michonne grabbed his hand and pressed it against her chest. “You feel that?”, Rick nodded at the beat of her heart against his hand. “I am still here. I am not going anywhere. We are in this together Rick.” She said smiling up at him. He was so lucky to have such an amazing woman by his side. He sometimes doesn’t know if he was deserving of her because of the kind of man this world turned him into. At times he did not know If he deserved a second chance at love, for he is too damaged to even be loved or even be loved by such an amazing woman like Michonne. However, this was different. She saw something that nobody else saw, a good man who will stop at nothing to protect his family. Michonne did not care for what he has done in the past before they met or even together, she loved him for HIM. She couldn’t see herself with anybody else but him. He was her world and she loved every inch of him.

Rick just cupped her face in his hands and passionately kissed her. She was surprised at his action but soon responded as he pushed her against the wall. Rick picked her up as she wrapped her legs around his grinding on him at his every kiss. Michonne couldn’t help but moan at every kiss that was planted on her wet skin. Their bodies pressed closer and closer under the stream of hot water until he wasn’t sure where he ended or where she began. He wanted this, he wanted her, and he could feel it from the way she was responding that she wanted him too, and this time not just his lips or hands.

Suddenly he let go of her hand and his arms were around her, lifting her slightly and pulling her closer against him. Their lips met, and the playfulness from earlier was gone. This kiss was fire and ice, passion and force edged with a kind of hungry desperation. She moaned as he kissed her collarbone, neck, jawline before returning to her mouth. Her fingernails dug into his shoulder blades, scraping lines down his back as he pushed himself inside her, thrusting her up against the porcelain wall of the shower. Her legs still wrapped around his waist as she gasped, grabbing a fistful of his hair and throwing her head back. He buried his face in her neck, kissing and nibbling at the skin of her collarbone. He had thought that there was no physical way for them to possibly get any closer, but he had been wrong.

Their bodies twined together, limbs tangling and skin burning with passion, surrounded like smoke by the thick fog from the shower. He was a part of her now and she pressed him closer, sure that if they broke away even for a second, the world would surely tear itself apart. Her breath was coming in gasps now and his fingers were digging into her hips. His nails hurt but she didn’t care. He pushed against her again and again, a rhythm that built and built and gathered in speed and force until at last it stopped, accompanied by gasps and moans and a rush of desire and release. Michonne opened her eyes, slowly untangling her hand from Rick’s hair, unwrapping her legs from his waist until she stood shakily on her feet. Rick’s hair was plastered to his head, dripping with a mixture of sweat and hot water, and he ran an unsteady hand through it as he stared at Michonne with pure passion in his eyes, “I love you Michonne.” He kissed her but Michonne was a bit shocked at those words. Not in a million years did she ever thought she would hear those words. “I love you too Rick.” She hugged him and buried her face in his chest as they stood under the hot water run down their bodies.