I saw a post that was like, “Who’s next on our warpath?” basically, but in my opinion we shouldn’t have a warpath. Instead are wars are short and with clear goals to keep up morale. Victory brings a high but fighting ultimately decreases happiness. We need breaks in between to keep our own fandom running smoothly. Once we’ve recovered we can once again prepare for war, but remember that we can’t fight everyone at the same time. We wait and we watch, and as soon as a fandom we think we can take on commits a mistep one of us confronts with vague but defensive language. This should spark anons and the rest of the fandom can then safely retaliate. We must always fight defensive wars to keep diplomacy feasible and this turned into a weird Civilization V analogy.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is wait until we’re attacked then unleash the unholy strength of a thousand worlds.

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None of you HAVE to do this - any by no means as extensive as I did - I’ve just been in an artisty mood and this was done in my sketch book so I got all fancy.  I took my time so my handwriting was legible. 

Also, I really DO have golden eyes - not joking. 

FR Festival Currency PSA

If you have 0 festival currency in your Hoard, you can’t put that in your Vault, so you’re stuck with the currency symbol in your Hoard even though you have none.

If you want to be able to put the currency away in your Hoard so you aren’t frowning at it all year, make sure you have at least one left!

I could say the same about how you bash people who cut, who have a heavier body type, those who eat meat or believe in a God, etc.

I mean, if you don’t like it, you avoid it, right?
Or, in your case, absolutely treat people like shit.  And before everyone throws me, “BUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” no shit.  However, you do not have freedom from the consequences that happen from your speech, do you?  I put you on blast because you do this all.the.fucking.time.

“I'ma make a video, admitting my faults, but not change… and then try to guilt trip everyone who does something I don’t like.  And then I’ll make a video on my haters for calling me out for being a whiny, pasty little asshole.’

Laid out like a mofo map.

Logic is hard, bruh.

Ford: I know you were lying about Shermy

Stan: *sweats* What’re you talkin’ about?

Ford: I tracked down his number, and called him up pretending to be taking a survey


Ford: So, how many grandkids do you have?
Shermy: Hah! Grandkids? None, unless you count my seven cats!  Frederique! Stop that! BE NICE *loud hissing noises* CLEOPATRA, OWCH, YOU BEHAVE TOO! *loud crashing*

Ford: ….

When mansplainers who are completely unqualified to check my math and statistical analysis and don’t even know how to run a regression demand to check my math and statistical analysis because women can’t possibly be right at math


While compiling the list of people’s favorite Damien Sandow moments, having-none-of-your-shit brought something to my attention that I thought deserved it’s own post:

Ok, I don’t know if anyone else noticed this and I doubt it would make the top 10, but my favorite Sandow moment was this:

After Sandow taunted Sheamus with the Gordian Knot he was outside the ring and Sheamus threw Matt Striker out of the ring onto Sandow. Except Sandow was pretty far away from the ring and Striker didn’t make it far enough out for Sandow to properly catch him. It looked like he was about to take a bad landing onto his neck and not only did Sandow do this stagger jump thing to reposition himself to catch Striker, he also specifically reached his hand out to cradle his neck when he came down. I loved it because it was the action of a responsible, well trained wrestler. A lot of other, less experienced wrestlers might not have noticed or been able or thought to make the save like that. It happened so fast but he handled it. He is a treasure to wrestling :-)

Here it is again in slow-mo:

Striker’s foot catches on the top rope, and Damien instantly switches gears to protect him.  Another example of why we should appreciate this man.

anonymous asked:

Akashi having a shy crush but every time he tries to approach her she runs away or finds an excuse to go away from him. He later finds out he is scared of her and he tries to convince her she's not that scary

a relatively short one, hope that’s okay :)

“____-san, could you please—“

“Right away,” you nodded, snatching up the papers from his hand and heading straight for your class. You didn’t even try to make eye contact, avoiding his red gaze as if he were Medusa who could turn you into stone.

Akashi was growing tired of your ridiculous avoidance. He wanted to get to know you better, to introduce himself and to perhaps pursue something beyond friendship in the future. Apparently, you were having none of that and seemed to disappear before his eyes every time he appeared.

When Akashi finally catches you in the classroom alone, he thanked the heavens for this opportunity. He stepped up to your desk and when you looked up, your eyes instantly widened at the sight of the redheaded emperor standing in front of you. Oh God, oh God, was he going to kill you? You abruptly stood up, readying yourself to flee, but the beast inside Akashi wasn’t about to let his prey go that easily. “Why do you always run away from me?”

“W-What?” You stammered nervously. Akashi could feel your hand trembling in his grasp and raised an eyebrow. “W-Well, it’s nothing personal really. I just — I mean — I’m kind of scared — I don’t know. Just please don’t hurt me.”

Akashi’s face visibly softened with your confession as he sighed. “I don’t know how to reassure you that I’m not a threat to you at all. But, I want you to know that I would never, ever hurt you. And—“

“Akashi!” Hayama came barging into the room and Akashi was half-tempted to open the window and fling him out for interrupting the moment. “Here.” He plopped something on Akashi’s head that made you giggle lightly.

His gaze flew upwards to find a pair of cat ears on his head. “And may I ask what these are for?”

“The cultural festival of course! Your classmates wanted me to give it to you since they were too scared.”

Akashi merely sighed and glanced at the cat ears again. “Very well, if I must.”

“But see, ___-chan, Akashi’s not scary at all. He’s a real pussycat!” Hayama grinned.

The redhead looked at you and found you smiling up at him. His heart leapt in his chest. He’d never felt that way before. This was odd but… good at the same time. “I promise I’d never hurt you in any way, so would you give me a chance?” He held out his hand with a charming smile.

Your lips twitched before you accepted his hand. “Alright.”


“Alright, Koutarou, for your assistance, I’ll cut your practice short by 20 minutes today.” Akashi smiled gratefully at the blonde.

Hayama threw his hands in the air and cheered all the way down the hall.