After waking up this morning to find Beck dead in the hospital tank, I wasn’t expecting very much good from today. I have no idea where the Ick infection he had came from and I’m nervous that I might have contaminated my community tank. Beck definitely spread it to Adam’s 10 gallon, which is frustrating. And my female koi Betta has ick as well, so not sure how that is going to turn out.

When I went to Adam’s house in the afternoon, he told me “you’re going to be mad at me.” After delaying the reason why by showing me the new sword plants he bought, he walked me over to his desk where a Petco King Betta was busy nosing around a Kritter Keeper.

It turned out to be the exact fish I had been fawning over the day before, when we had gone to purchase some substrate. Sparkly, spotted and absolutely ridiculous. I am a lucky woman 😊

Meet my new boy! He is spoony and hunchy and has the most absurd Mohawk. Adam says he looks like a bottle nose dolphin, and I say he is a fish with a porpoise in life. He eats like a pig and splashed all over his cup after being packed up for the drive home. He doesn’t have a name yet. But I am absolutely in love with this little beast, and the man who gave him to me 😉

Neko Atsume Land

Greetings Nekollectors! There once was a time where two people ran this blog. The one posting right now is the shitty one that rarely comes online. Ah well, life has been pretty hectic the last couple of months because I’ve moved and if the post title didn’t give it away: I’m in Japan! Specifically Sapporo City in Hokkaido.

Let me cut to the chase. I’ve hit Neko Atsume Heaven and am here to share pictures with my fellow Nekollectors. Enjoy!

They change the merch every week too!! Ah, I suck at claw machines tho ;w; I heard you can buy them but my Japanese is maa maa so I can’t really communicate well lol

And apparently there’s going to be a cafe thing going on??? kjasbddhhvsdhbjasd I might go. I mean, I have to right? That would be a sin as a Nekollector not to go, right? I have to visit Sassy Fran’s Cafe! ;w; Please pray for my bank account guys. I want them all. I wish I can just buy them without the drink lol It would be crazy to buy 10 drinks to collect them all lol Or am I crazy enough to do it?

If any of you are in Sapporo, this place is on the 9th floor of ESTA JR Station! :D And tell me if you are coming so I can meet with you or something haha

I hope you like this post and thanks for supporting the blog! Since I am in Neko Atsume Land now, please look forward to Neko Atsume updates from Japan!

~Nekollector Nora