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Greetings Nekollectors! There once was a time where two people ran this blog. The one posting right now is the shitty one that rarely comes online. Ah well, life has been pretty hectic the last couple of months because I’ve moved and if the post title didn’t give it away: I’m in Japan! Specifically Sapporo City in Hokkaido.

Let me cut to the chase. I’ve hit Neko Atsume Heaven and am here to share pictures with my fellow Nekollectors. Enjoy!

They change the merch every week too!! Ah, I suck at claw machines tho ;w; I heard you can buy them but my Japanese is maa maa so I can’t really communicate well lol

And apparently there’s going to be a cafe thing going on??? kjasbddhhvsdhbjasd I might go. I mean, I have to right? That would be a sin as a Nekollector not to go, right? I have to visit Sassy Fran’s Cafe! ;w; Please pray for my bank account guys. I want them all. I wish I can just buy them without the drink lol It would be crazy to buy 10 drinks to collect them all lol Or am I crazy enough to do it?

If any of you are in Sapporo, this place is on the 9th floor of ESTA JR Station! :D And tell me if you are coming so I can meet with you or something haha

I hope you like this post and thanks for supporting the blog! Since I am in Neko Atsume Land now, please look forward to Neko Atsume updates from Japan!

~Nekollector Nora

I want a Spy!AU FrUk Fanfic, in which Arthur is the suave gentleman spy and Francis is his awkward and nerd cute tech handler. 

Francis is always joking that he is a real casanovas, but the truth is that he is almost completely unskilled in the date thing and he has very few experiences. He has this HUGE AND MASSIVE crush in the spy that he helps (Arthur) but he has NO FUCKING IDEA on how to ask Arthur out on a date (and he is completely terrified that he would screw everything anyway).

HOWEVER! Arthur has a crush in the cute handler too! And he is shamelessly flirtying with Francis all the time but FRANCIS TAKE THAT AS JOKES (much to Arthur frustration). 

I’d love to see them getting together and the use of this conversation (dashes means talking):
- Wait! You are really firtying with me?
- Yes, as I have been for the last two years, thanks for noticing. 

I really want a suave!Arthur and awkward!Francis >.<


After waking up this morning to find Beck dead in the hospital tank, I wasn’t expecting very much good from today. I have no idea where the Ick infection he had came from and I’m nervous that I might have contaminated my community tank. Beck definitely spread it to Adam’s 10 gallon, which is frustrating. And my female koi Betta has ick as well, so not sure how that is going to turn out.

When I went to Adam’s house in the afternoon, he told me “you’re going to be mad at me.” After delaying the reason why by showing me the new sword plants he bought, he walked me over to his desk where a Petco King Betta was busy nosing around a Kritter Keeper.

It turned out to be the exact fish I had been fawning over the day before, when we had gone to purchase some substrate. Sparkly, spotted and absolutely ridiculous. I am a lucky woman 😊

Meet my new boy! He is spoony and hunchy and has the most absurd Mohawk. Adam says he looks like a bottle nose dolphin, and I say he is a fish with a porpoise in life. He eats like a pig and splashed all over his cup after being packed up for the drive home. He doesn’t have a name yet. But I am absolutely in love with this little beast, and the man who gave him to me 😉

I fucking love my readers

The last year has been emotionally bumpy and ugly due to personal reasons (like quitting grad school; job search frustrations) and world events (American election related anxiety whoo!). To have people still (beta-)reading, kudosing, and commenting on my stuff, you guys have no idea how much your support means to me.

So thank you for everything. Thank you for letting me share my silly little stories. Thank you for your enthusiasm and squees, silent or otherwise. Thank you for your nuanced crits. Thank you for catching my sloppy typos. Thank you for putting up with my erratic update schedule. 

Just thank you.

Alright, back to wrangling Side Deck into shape.

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Adolescence II - 21st Oct 2016

A sheet of parchment lies torn in two and crumpled in the corner of the room of Ara’ni, one of the High Overseers of the Horde’s Shadow, as if it was flung aside and discarded. Unfolded and pieced together, it shows itself to be a letter written in Thalassian. The writing is messy and there are scratches and edits everywhere, as if written out of frustration.

Vendi’en,  Lord Firestar, Master Vendi’en,

You have no idea how much I missed you.  There are many things that I want to say to you, but you are right, you bear your title now, and you are right, the way I must behave towards you has changed. It had to change, even if I really wish otherwise

I know that like me, you have your own pressures, and your own expectations to meet, to be who you are and what you are. So why can’t you understand  I was also sad when I was taken aside and educated separately from the rest of you. I didn’t understand why at first, but when I started growing older more quickly than you, I realised that it was necessary. I couldn’t learn at the same pace as anyone else anymore, I had to learn other things apart from what is in the books. Lord Illethiann then gave me Firestar, and the rest was history.

Yes, I had to learn to be different, I had to learn to stop being a child. I had to stop being a little fel light, a little flower. I had to put on my armour, wield my weapon, learn what it means to bear the light for our people. I had to understand what it means to kill, to fight for my life and for the life of others. I didn’t get the time you, Eo’nar and Gaio’nair had to grow into responsibility, to learn what all this means slowly. And all the while, I had Magister Sunglance always watching me, making sure that I behave, making sure that I don’t get into trouble. He also scryed his memories and experiences to me and I never knew what real pain and suffering was until he did.

How dare you insinuate that I’m changed on the inside? You think that just because I don’t behave like what I used to be when we were younger that I am a different person?! I had to grow up that is true, but so did you, and I would never say that you’re a different person on the inside. When you walked away from me from the springs, your disappointment cut even more deeply  than when I grew distant from you and the twins. I have had to learn my place when I learnt how to be a grown up, when I learnt how to be a knight. Formality is now a second skin that I wear, thanks to Magister Sunglance and Sir Sunstrike. I used to lose my temper a lot, you know how easily I got angry. I still do, but I know how to keep myself restrained now. It is the same when I watch how I behave in front of you, nowadays. I have been trained to know my place - I will never, ever disrespect you by being otherwise.

I  am sorry I made you sad, but I was not lying when I said that I am happy that you are here. Please don’t ever cast that sentiment of mine aside, you have no idea how heartbroken I am. Whatever you feel about me, or think about me, and I know that you said that it is done, I’m still Taryane. I wish I was still a fel light, a little flower, but I have to look forward, move forward and be properly strong. Just like you do. 

 I still want to be your best friend, if you will allow me.     I still want to be your best friend if you will allow me. I still want to be your best friend, but I don’t know if I am allowed to, because you’re Lord Firestar, and I’m just Taryane Windblaze, your servant and loyal Knight now. 

You were the only one who could make me laugh. You still are.

You’re my best friend and I love you, even if I have to step back and call you Lord Firestar for the rest of my life. And yes, I would consider marrying you, if we win this war, if I’m still alive, if you have not yet fallen in love with a suitable lady of noble birth as you are supposed to, and if I have not given my heart away.

Please don’t ever forget that.