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its really nice to have an adult on here who young people can be comfortable asking advice from, so really, thank you!

FINALLY, these thirty one years are of actual use!

No but seriously this made me cry. There are plenty of people much older than me on tumblr, creating amazing things and having a blast, but that doesn’t change the fact that the older you get, the less… at home you can feel in certain fandoms, when you don’t want to be a creep in a demographic that skews at least a decade younger than you. I have no control over what I want to fangirl over (it just takes you, you know?), but the transition from a fandom of more or less my peers, to one where I am essentially the oldest person there (at least that I know of) has been hard. I absolutely don’t want to make young people uncomfortable. Ever. In fact, I try not to follow minors unless they have really dedicated fandom-only blogs. But I also want to enjoy what I like, and have fun talking to folks like anybody else.  

So really… thank you