It’s 14 years today since I lost you & it still hurts, I’ve not healed, I’m still hurting so badly and I have no idea how I’m still around and coping without you. I just want my Nanna back.

One movie that I wish to be made before I kick the bucket is an R rated Peter Pan. I want the real thing, the real story and all its gruesome tales, instead of remaking it over and over again trying to make it different from the others but still having the same themes.  I want Peter Pan to be depicted as he is, childish and inherently cruel because he doesn’t know any better, because he is a child! I will fight people for this.

Off-screen Post #18 - Friday, 12:30 PM, 1/29/16

WENDY: Hey Stan… I really need to get this off my chest.
STAN: Oh, hey… Wendy… we’re talking again..?
WENDY: Yeah… I just.. wanted to say I’m sorry.

WENDY: I’ve been a total jerk to you ever since we broke up. And even though I do still think what you did was incredibly wrong and inconsiderate, I shouldn’t be… stooping to the levels I have been.

WENDY: It’s really embarrassing how badly I let my judgement be clouded by our relationship. I’m sure you’ve had a lot of time to think about what happened. The idea I let my friends put in my head that you would go this far to pull some kind of publicity stunt is ridiculous. So… I guess what I mean is…

I mean… I’m sorry I didn’t believe you about Kenny before. Kenny was my friend too. Five months of not talking to him doesn’t change that. 

So if Kenny really is out there, being potentially hurt and struggling on his own… I feel terrible…

STAN: …It’s okay, Wendy. We all miss Ken right now, but… he’s smart. He’ll find his way back to us. He always does. So… try not to feel that bad, dude.

WENDY: Here, I want you to have this. We’re trying to do what we can to help find Kenny, and we’re selling shirts so everyone will know his face. If anyone sees him they can call the missing persons number on the shirt. If Kyle or Eric wants one they can stop by the Journalism room.

WENDY: Good luck in finding him, Stan… We’ll be looking too.

KYLE: …Huh. Well, it’s a start, right?
STAN: ….

I need this to happen in Supernatural.

We have Cas poking around somewhere by himself in the first few minutes. Then he runs into someone (who remains off-screen), they get into an argument, and then there’s a bright light, and it goes to the SUPERNATURAL title thingy.

Time skip to about two days later, and there’s been no sign of Cas. Sam decides to look into a possible witch case to get Dean’s mind off of Cas, and they go off to check it out.

They arrive, and almost immediately they meet a dark-haired, blue-eyed woman who can’t remember anything but her name (which is “Cassi”). Naturally, Dean is attracted to her. And totally doesn’t spend the whole episode like, “It’s Cassi. Not Cas, Sammy; Cassi! She ain’t no Cas!” *gets a ‘wait, what did I just say?’ look on his face*

Then, after poking around and discovering a pattern (which Sam keeps secret from Dean), they find their witch. Cassi insists on coming with them, and the brothers reluctantly agree. The three go to the witch and beat the shit out of her, and then, once she’s dead, Dean and Cassi are about to kiss….

…only for Cassi to become Cas and for Sam to say something like, “I forgot to mention that she had a bad habit of turning men into confused, amnesiac women.” (Thus, the “pattern” that Sam found)

Then Dean just goes “fuck it” and kisses Cas anyway. (And then we see Sam in the background like, “FUCKING FINALLY”.)


So my cracked-out brain decided it wanted - in light of the recent genre crossover memes - a Star Trek kitchen team.

Like, with Kirk as the Head Chef, Spock as the Sous-Chef, etc. etc. etc. Sort of like Kitchen Confidential and Star Trek had a love child.

What if I actually started a mini-fic? Or did this on a site?


Cristiano Ronaldo Imagine (Part 2) [euro cup]

“I have a better idea” you giggle as Cristiano looks at you in shock. His jaw practically hit the floor, as you left him there wanting more. 

“Baby why do you do this to me,” He states throwing his head back in aggravation. Your eyes travel over him, from his muscles bulging in his arm as he was pulling on his hair to his teeth digging into the delicate flesh of his lips in anger. He was so goddamn perfect. Everything about him just made your knees weak. You wanted him so bad right now but you had to restrain. 

“I have a better idea…one that will help you in the long run.” You say as you make your way off the couch and go back to massaging his shoulders. Cristiano just throws his head back and, you could clearly tell you ruined his mood but you had to stay with your plan.

“Okay so I clearly could see how badly you want me.” You whispers as you lightly kiss his neck, making him moan.

“Why are you such a tease.” He whispers as a smile spreads across his face. You laugh in response.

“I may be a tease but this will only help you.” You whisper as you start to kiss the other side of his head. You could tell that he clearly can’t take the teasing considering that he has become hard so you return to massaging his shoulders.

“Okay so what I was planning on saying this whole time is that if your team wins the Euro Cup, you’ll get a special surprise from yours truly,” You whisper into his ear. Goosebumps travel across his neck as this only excites him more.

“Deal. I know I’ll win, but the surprise better be special considering everything that you put me through.” He whispered as he stood up to get ready for his game. Since you were going too you decided to get ready too,

You pulled over a tight fitting Portugal shirt and a pair of jeans that fitted you nicely. The both of you got into Cristiano’s range rover and made your way over to the stadium. Once you were there you took your spot in the stands and Cristiano went to warm up with his team.

As the game was going on both teams made little progress, no one scored yet and it was about to be halftime. You could just see the aggravation in Cristiano’s face and you felt pity for him. You knew that he was better than anyone out there and he could score a goal.

The first half finaly finished and the score was still 0-0. You decided to go find Cristiano to make him feel better. His teammates told you that he wanted to be alone, but you weren’t going to give up your search for him. You finally ended up finding him in a corner of the locker room all by himself. When he saw you he looked furious. He took your hips and he pinned them against the locker.

“Baby I need you now.” He stated as his breathing got deeper and quicker. You hated how good he made you feel. You wanted to keep your deal but you didn’t know if you could keep it anymore. He started to plant sloppy kisses down your neck. You could feel your heart racing in your chest.

“Someone could hear us,” You muttered out as you were panting.

“They’ll only hear you if I make you scream,” Cristiano stated as he smirked..

*20 notes to continue*

cobrilee  asked:

I haven't been on Tumblr long, but I agree that if it goes, I'll be incredibly sad. I love the Sterek community immensely and can't fathom losing it. Don't feel bad in any way about keeping others informed. I'd rather prepare than lose everyone.

Thank you, both. The thought I’ve accidentally upset people in any way…you have no idea how badly that affects me. I was simply reacting to the news, which I thought was in my right? I said nothing more than what is true - that there is a rumour of closure. Blogs and people I trust were making posts alerting people they might want to save any content they have on here, just in case. Hell, the only reason I made a post in the first place was because the news prompted me to open my asks back up again because I thought some people might be worried. 

i am watching avatar! finally! (cuz i finally have the time, yay) (also i am watching the finale of the second season so please be careful)
and so here go some of my thoughts:

  • i want to hug zuko. badly. like, what even is this boy, i love my soulmate drama queen. but, boy, what are you doing right now. what. are. you. doing.
  • all i aspire to be in life is uncle iroh
  • seriously guys you have no idea how much i love uncle iroh and his way of life. and his sneakiness. and his love of tea. and how he actually lives his life to the fullest and enjoys little moments and how he’s actually balanced, so fucking balanced
  • he’d be my master if i ever had one
  • what kind of bender would i be? would i be any??
  • also can we talk about sokka? just, sokka, the most average not-average guy, let him grow up
  • like, he was not made into the jealous one or the less awesome one, how amazing is that?
  • no he is as developed and developing as others
  • sokka, you lovable idiot
  • how happy i was when he got validation from his dad oh man that was something
  • and how damn badass is katara like omg do i even need to say anything???
  • katara you mighty heart you wanted to heal zuko, the guy you’ve hated a second ago and use a friggin sacred water on him
  • also katara the badass warrior and healer
  • also katara commandering during the labor, like, this is what i call efficiency
  • on the other hand, despite the many shippy moments of aang and katara with the ‘prophesied lovers’ thing, she had like insanely shippy moment with zuko and i lowkey so want to see where this will go
  • speaking about badasses TOPH LEMME LOVE YOU
  • like man have i ever seen that kind of differently abled character representation
  • and her jokes!! not self deprecating or even if, so damn snarky, just like those that real people do
  • can i say once more that i wanna be uncle iroh when i grow up
  • also! the girl friendship!!! katara and toph and the fire trio, even tho azula is, well, hm
  • but her friends appear to like her so there’s that
  • actually i’m so weirdly spoiled, like, i’ve seen some well known gags from this on tumblr but only now i’m getting context and they are getting funnier
  • but i’m not really spoiled on major plot things? and i think i’ll get to the final tomorrow so then i’ll see if i regret any of my hasty conclusions
  • have i stated how much i teared up over the tale of uncle iroh?

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Hey, are there any curses/baneful magic spells to make someone do something? I'm sure there are lots, I just don't know where to look.

Probably, but I’m not comfortable sharing things like that, especially to an anon. I have limits with what I’m comfortable helping you guys do - this is one of them. There are some things I have to draw lines at, for the safety of other people. You can take responsibility for your own actions, and that’s fine, that’s all on you, but my heart feels for the person on the other side of this, especially since I’ve no idea of your intentions, and this is way too easily manipulated. If you want to control someone that badly, I think it’s up to you to learn how to do it on your own. I’m not getting involved with this.

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Bob my head. Thinking about how good you make me feel.

God babyboy you have no idea how badly I want to be touching you and hearing you moan for me

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did you ever get an ask about being upset with last semester grades or did I miss an answer and/or it was lost in the tumblr abyss?

ahhh i’m so sorry! i got an ask about that a short while ago but i haven’t gotten to it yet. i’ll answer it now!

so I got a b- in my music theory class this past semester, and i want to just let it go and move on so badly but as someone who has always excelled it still really bothers me. it was definitely one of my hardest classes (y u such a bitch music theory) but i studied my ass off and i feel like it didn’t pay off :(

it’s rarely (if ever) a good idea to assess yourself based on criteria significantly outside your control, and how well you perform in a certain subject definitely falls under this principle.

different people have different proclivities, and it’s not really up to you what things you naturally excel or struggle with. you just so happen to be the kind of person for which grasping concepts in music theory is hard - that’s no fault of your own; it’s just the way your brain works. sure, practice helps, but the extent to which is does is also largely outside of your control.

the only thing it’s fair to judge yourself on in this situation is the amount of effort you put into your class because that’s the one thing you do have a say in - and since you worked pretty damn hard, you have every reason to be proud of yourself :)

to my followers: i used to make it a policy that i answer every message that came through my inbox, but nowadays it’s physically impossible for me as i receive soon many per day. i apologize in advance, but if it’s been over a week without anything from me and you *really* want a response, then just do what this anon did and poke me about it (nicely) ^_^