So Briana, just to clarify, are you “sincerely sorry that you all have chosen to focus your time and attention on my life and the life of my son”, or are you happily giving your fans a postal address where they can send you gifts and fanmail? Because those two things are mutually exclusive.

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Number 27 please with Bucky 😭 I love your writing you are amazing 💕

A/N: Hey darling, thank your so much! I hope you like what I came up with! xo

Prompt: You meet a man worth fainting for ..

27. “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Pairing: 1940s!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: none


‘’Darling, keep still.’’ A strong hand landed on your shoulder, keeping you from moving. Your head was pounding and you blinked your eyes to gain focus. Once the black spots had disappeared, you were met with a pair of beautiful blue eyes. The man kneeled besides you with a beaming smile on his face, a few locks of his dark hair fell on his face and you were tempted to brush them away with your fingers.

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The Weight of Snow

“Elsa, dearest Elsa,” she whispered into the queen’s cool palms, and her breath on her skin was like a blazing aurora, like the summer’s dawn, like the warmth and deliciousness of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and just as beloved. 

I’m guessing you wanna rec this? Let’s see:

ELSANNA Fic, canon, takes place directly after the events of the movie. The Queen is tormented by nightmares regarding Anna’s death. But then a new nightmare comes, and a truth that will change everything. Can their love endure? Lots of fluff, lots of romance, and enough angst to keep the story moving. Status: Complete

Hmmm sounds VERY interesting. You have my undivided attention ;)

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I'm all for patrick being a super affectionate attention whore and he wants Pete's attention so bad bc he's had a bad day but Pete is busy so Patrick sits quietly in his room crying slightly bc he feels ignored until finally he feels strong arms around him and Pete reassures "Don't worry trick, you have alllll my attention now" and Patrick's so relieved, crawling into his lap and nuzzling into his shoulder he's like a clingy child I love him

; w ;

This was so pure,,, thankyou anon,,, i love him too he’s my son,, that makes me so happy.. just my teeny booper Patrick sniffling into the affectionate hug and melting into Pete’s arms.


Newtype magazine and a newly launched website have offered looks at Fantasista Doll, an upcoming bishoujo sci-fi anime series developed by Code Geass director Goro Taniguchi. Heaven’s Lost Property and Haganai‘s Hisashi Saito is on board to direct the series, with character design by Guilty Crown’s Yumi Kato providing character design based on Anmi originals.

A thumbnail description of the series promises a brave story of bonds of friendship, doll girls and power cards.

I’m not interested in your past, I’m interested about what makes you tick, what makes you angry, what keeps you sane - tell me those things. You have my undivided attention. People waste so much time on reputation that they simply forget that you aren’t the same person who did those things back then, this is you. This is now… I want to watch you happen in this single moment now. Everything else is time wasted.
—  Unknown

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Or ya know... maybe Carm gets tired of Laura not knowing how absolutely irresistible she finds her so one day she just backs Laura into a wall or pushes her onto the bed and starts to tell her every little thing about her that drives her crazy... how soft she is, how she tastes, what she thinks about doing to Laura throughout the day, how the sounds she makes drive Carmilla to the brink of madness... and Laura's about to come undone just from Carm's words.