Sorry I can’t do more to help the new tjlc folks in a more personal way since my asks and replies and everything are closed for my own mental health but I hope you guys have a great time! Talk to other people just joining, reblog things you like, talk to people with established blogs just like theyre people (because they are), ask questions, have fun, get ready for the most iconic moment in television history!!!

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🔥 for ocs?

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion. 

My unpopular opinion is that I don’t have one.


I have no real problems with OCs.

OCs are great (unless they’re in deep violation of moral norms and we’re expected to agree with them on that, but that’s sort of self-evident)

Mary Sues, Gary Stus, complex characters, etc. they all fun for folks with different strokes let all of these people have fun


Let people have fun with what they want to have fun with. I personally would never write a Mary Sue or Gary Stu myself (if I can help it) or otherwise write an OC devoid of nuance or some thematic merit (if at all possible), and I’d feel awkward writing with one, but you do you

Just because your OC isn’t my cup of tea and I dun really want to RP with them does not mean that they’re any less valid and fun and cool

We’re on this hell site and this hell Internet to have fun; you’re not hurting anyone by indulging in power fantasy with Mary Sues and OP characters, so long as you don’t force them upon folks who dun rly wanna interact

As much as I hate all my past OCs for being what I now consider dumb and shallow, they were an important part of my growth as a writer, and to deny that would be to deny a part of myself and the genuine fun I had with them.

Let people have their development, or not, who cares, they’re not hurting you by not wanting to change how they write, let them have their fun.

You have every right to not interact with them and to block them and blacklist them, and they need to respect their OCs aren’t your cup of tea, but you in turn need to respect them and not rag on them unless absolutely necessary.

Now, of course, people should be open to constructive well reasoned and fair criticism (EMPHASIS ON CONSTRUCTIVE AND FAIR) if they’re gonna post their OCs in public spaces, but dun rag on people too hard

OCs are for fun; let people have fun with them

tl;dr do whatever you want with OCs, just dun force them on people or necessarily expect people to interact with them, in turn you are owed some degree of respect and not hate for what you choose to have fun with

All Partners Are Dealt!

Alright Gang!  Everyone should have their heisting buddy, and should be ready to make this the best Christmas yet! 

And remember folks, when you post your present, be sure to tag your partner’s username and include #Payday 2 Secret Santa!!! That’ll be the easiest way to navigate this event!

If there are ANY questions or concerns PLEASE contact this blog! 

Lets do this!

American followers–want to have some fun with President-Elect Donald?

For whatever reason, the Donald administration has put up a public survey about peoples’ priorities in his first 100 days.

So if you’re from the US, you should take it, and if I may–I suggest that (among many terrible options and ideas) you say that making childcare tax-deductible, lobbyist bans, and veterans’ healthcare are all very important, and that Keystone XL, offshore drilling, etc. are not important to you.

At worst, you waste 5 minutes of your time; at best, enough people take it and he gets steered into a less insane direction. The dude does not seem to have a good idea of what he’s doing, and you can imagine that public opinion is going to be very important to him because he is an insecure man-child, so maybe you can influence some public good, capisce? Throw me a reply if you end up doing it. Have fun!

This is the sign of an obvious troll blog. If you see a post from a blog that goes something along the lines of

“If you inhale then you’re appropriating airkin! uwu”

“If you have a plant that is plantkin slavery…. ono”

Then it’s especially likely that they have this on their blog, aka, you’re being trolled.

So stop using these blogs to make posts like “omg!! These sjws are so stupid” because really you’re just laughing at people who get their kicks out of making fun of mentally ill folks.

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"(p.s. frisk is not a girl)" says who?

you can send all the messages like this you want, anon, but you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting for a video game i like with a nonbinary protagonist, and i’m not about to stand by and let people erase that. nice try, though!

Reminder: Today is National Coming Out Day.
  • If you are already out, you can come out again. 
  • If you are contemplating coming out, you should do so when you are fully ready (and safe and comfortable) to do so. 
  • If you have friends who are out (or not), do not out them to others without their consent and approval. 
  • Also, do not judge folks who are not out. They have their reasons, and they can decide whether or not to come out when they want to do so.
  • Have fun, be safe, and be respectful. 

Straight friends: This day is not for you. No, you do not need to come out as straight. Trust us, we know.

Tony Abbot violently grabbed an Indigenous Australian boy and started running around with him in his arms. The onlookers were amused at first, thinking it was just a joke until he yelled that he was going to get rid of them all.

The Liberal government in WA is going to evict you from over 100 regional communities.” he said. "We have no current integration plan for putting you elsewhere so we’re going to send you to the moon! Weee! Don’t worry, that’s basically what Australia was like before us white folks came and made everything wonderful. Weee! Come on let me help you move to the moon! Flap your arms so it feels like you’re a bird! Come on it’ll be fun!“ Then he tried to literally chuck him into the sky and failed.

Ok, so if there’s anything Phineas and Ferb have taught us, it’s Carpe Diem, or, Seize the Day. Make it count, make it FUN.

And I dunno about you, but it gets me pumped up to make a day worthwhile!

But I can’t build a rollercoaster in a day, nor can most folks. So, unless you know of some awesome dudes who can replicate the summer Phineas and Ferb had, I have come up with a list of things resembling their own summer antics. A few bullets have other options for those who can’t afford trips to different continents, or go to a different reality. Also I left out the holiday specials for obvious reasons. All they require is imagination. And the only rule is to have fun!

(also each bullet corresponds to a different ep, in order…so a bullet a day)


  • go to an amusement park
  • go to the beach
  • Come up with a song, sing it, post it online for fame
  • remote-control cars
  • make a short film
  • thumb-wrestle
  • visit Mt. Rushmore/make clay sculptures of your friend/siblng/self
  • pretend to be robots
  • put on a fashion show
  • visit a farm
  • eat snow cones and run through sprinklers/slip n’ slides
  • go to the circus
  • see an Egyptian exhibit
  • take a bus trip/tour
  • make your own icecream
  • come up with an idea for a new toy (make it if it’s simple enough)
  • go on the hunt for your local mythical creature
  • see a monster truck show/play with trucks in the mud
  • throw a party (birthday party, summer party, day-of-the-week party, etc)
  • pretend to be tiny
  • pretend to go back to the time of the dinos
  • go to a concert (meet the band if possible)
  • build a treehouse/fort
  • go on a boat
  • have a (chariot) race
  • go white-water rafting/canoeing/kayaking
  • go roller skating (at a roller rink)
  • throw/attend a costume party
  • help someone find their lost pet
  • create/go to a renaissance fair
  • play keep-away
  • go bowling
  • sports competition
  • go to an observatory/look at the stars through your own telescope
  • mini golf
  • pretend to be somebody else
  • go to a motocross show
  • go to/create a haunted house
  • pretend to create Frankenstein’s monster
  • make art/go to art museum
  • make a cartoon (comic)
  • try to see a rainbow (cloud gazing works as a substitute)
  • go to a space program/museum
  • write up a crazy what-if scenario
  • go to a science fair/museum


  • investigate another local mythical creature
  • “talk” to animals
  • spread awareness of a not-often used word
  • pretend to be a giant
  • visit aquarium
  • make jello
  • visit London/pretend to be detectives
  • staring contest
  • pretend to open a restaurant
  • pretend to keep a (fake) egg warm until it “hatches”
  • design a new video game, with yourself (and friends) as the characters
  • pretend to meet aliens
  • fort-building contest
  • make paper planes
  • compete in a game show (real or home-made)
  • wash cars
  • help find a lost pet (again)
  • pretend to be marooners
  • play hide-and-seek
  • create a romantic evening for a lovely couple
  • compose another song (this time of a different musical genre!)
  • go to the mall and play keep-away with a single item
  • spend time with your pet/friend’s pet/volunteer at an adoption center
  • go to/crate a spa
  • pretend someone(s) from the future and needs your help
  • blow bubbles
  • go to a sap farm
  • try to cheer up a sad acquaintance
  • do things to earn boy/girl/cub scout patches (or do fun activities that scouts would do to earn said patches and create your own patches)
  • take turns being a servant for a day
  • go to a yard sale
  • take pictures
  • dance/dance contest/create a new dance
  • learn how something works
  • go to beach again. Build awesome sand castle.
  • pretend to be ghosts
  • take part in a wedding/party
  • have a race
  • babysit/play with younger kids
  • be undercover spies
  • watch/take part in.create a parade
  • pretend someone’s an alien
  • ride the kiddie rides at a store/ride a carousel
  • play with/create spinning tops
  • see lizards/interact with lizards
  • (pretend to)go to a rodeo
  • pretend to be superheroes
  • pretend to be mayor
  • build a lemonade stand
  • go to/pretend to be at Hawaii
  • go around the world. Or just a handful of cultural festivals
  • re-inact the Wizard of Oz
  • go through a maze
  • 80’s music and style appreciation day (or era of your choice)
  • ride around in a ATV
  • build a giant tower (out of blocks/legos, etc)
  • learn what things are made of
  • go to an amusement park again (this time try to do everything in song!)
  • pretend to be royalty
  • house party


  • do something inside (besides videogames and movies and tv and computers)
  • pretend to be joined at the hip
  • have another race
  • see/ride in a hot air balloon
  • celebrate a birthday/throw another random party
  • go to the bay/harbor/ride a boat
  • go to a farm/go to a space museum/make a fancy dinner
  • 20 questions
  • go to a funhouse
  • design the perfect phone
  • pretend to be on a magic carpet ride
  • get a haircut
  • help/make meatloaf
  • watch grass grow/or just take a nap. Another do nothing day
  • try to hypnotize somebody
  • help a friend who is bed-ridden
  • road trip
  • bike race
  • play skiddley whiffers
  • play soccer
  • dart game/or evil pageant if that’s more your thing
  • pretend to be a vampire
  • go to a funhouse/maze again/see a magic show
  • play with your food
  • create a new language
  • pretend to be cavemen
  • pretend to be fighting the huns
  • go on a EPIC QUEST
  • pretend to be archeologists (Indiana Jones reenactment)
  • look deep into our thoughts
  • study ants
  • try to do a day backwards (more of an “effect to cause” day)
  • play with Transformers
  • design your pet (or fave animal) as the spokesanimal for a company
  • play on trampolines
  • climb a mountain/go hiking
  • pretend to be ninjas
  • scavenger hunt at the supermarket
  • pretend to meet the same aliens you did the last time
  • pretend to be delivery people
  • go to a water park/pond/lake
  • make things that your mother (literally or figuratively) would like
  • learn something new
  • babysit/play with younger kids again
  • make a fall day. Carve gourds, eat candy corn and pumpkin-flavored things.
  • go to a nature preserve/the zoo
  • play volleyball
  • create a flying saucer
  • put on a magic show
  • go on a scavenger hunt at a flea market
  • make popsicles and jello and other water-based things
  • play with transformers again
  • go on a safari/help find a lost pet
  • create your own tv shows
  • prepare for if something big were hurtling towards Earth
  • train an animal
  • another road trip
  • create a reality show
  • play games in the dark


  • play/view a hockey game
  • play on a tire swing/general swing
  • keep watch/pretend to be guards
  • go to car show
  • deck out mode of transport as a type of food
  • take a train ride
  • go to a garden
  • pretend to be alien convicts
  • recycle old stuff to make new stuff
  • learn about bees/visit a bee farm
  • go surfing
  • go to city hall/learn about the history of your hometown
  • fun with knots
  • rock climbing
  • try to find another mythical creature
  • have another birthday party (or just another random party)
  • help your paternal figure
  • do an obstacle course
  • imagine if superheroes were in our world (and supervillains too)
  • re-inact the Trojan war
  • costume party
  • tell scary stories
  • face a fear
  • scapbooking
  • design something steampunk
  • find good luck charms
  • go to a batting cage/play a game of baseball
  • race toy cars
  • think of ways to extend summer vacation
  • fly kites
  • put on a puppet show
  • have a picnic
  • find another mythical creature
  • write out your feelings
  • pretend to be somebody else again
  • re-inact Star Wars
  • put on a seminar/have another race
  • pretend to be in a zombie invasion
  • pretend to be in an AU
  • pretend to be a teacher
  • think about what you’ll be doing 10 years from now
  • It’s the last day of summer! Either reminisce about all you’ve done, or try one last new thing- FREE CHOICE- or both
The “Are You Stimming?” game.
  • This post is just for autistic people, please don’t reblog if you aren’t autistic. Self-diagnosed autistic folks, anyone going through a diagnostic process or anyone who suspects they’re autistic can join in.

I wanted to do something fun to get the autistic community talking, so I decided to start a little posting game.

Are you stimming right now? 

Reblog or reply to this post with the stim you’re doing. 

  • Examples: 
  • “I’m jiggling my leg" 
  • “I’m chewing my No Gloom ‘Shroom and rocking back and forth” 
  • “I’m listening to ‘Iridescent’ by Linkin Park on repeat”

Have fun!
Yes, there were Black people in Renaissance Europe
Spring time is the prep season for one of my deepest nerd loves: Renaissance Faires. I’m pulling hand-made dresses out of storage, mending linen shirts, scouring local thrift stores for baskets and metal plates. As I enter this season again, I think of all the things I wish I’d known when I started, the words of encouragement I wish someone had given me. Maybe you’ve always been interested in Renaissance Faires. Maybe you want to know more about them. Maybe you need these words of support to give something new a try.

Dear me,

You’ve always loved history. Regardless of geography or blood, knowing how the past functioned, not in dates and names but in daily details, has always been fascinating. So this is not unknown ground for you. And Renaissance Faires are fun: spending the day outside, geeking endlessly about the minutia of history with other like-minded folk, doing hands on demonstrations for kids. There’s nothing here you don’t like.

Sure, you may be the only Black person there, definitely one of a few, but don’t let that stop you. The chances of anyone throwing rocks at you are low. The chances of anyone laughing at you are high, but when has that stopped you before? […]

 Some will try to tell you that you are wrong, out of time, out of place. They are wrong. African people have always been travelers, traders, and scholars. The Mediterranean has never been impenetrable and we have always been everywhere.

Their ignorance is not the truth.

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Periscope Extended

As some of you know, a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being the guinea pig for a series of interviews that the folks at Smokebomb (AKA Carmilla Series HQ) are trying out using the new(ish) Periscope app. Well, I had so much fun answering the questions you kindly submitted, that I asked my team to send me the questions that we didn’t have time for, so I can still answer them! Expect a fresh batch tomorrow! G’night kitties.

6 folks ignored traditional prom dress codes, with stellar results.

“I love wearing fun, gorgeous gowns like this because I feel like I’m expressing myself authentically, and I feel like I’m living my truth, and owning who I am, and sharing that with the world.”
— Jacob Tobia

“What you are, what you feel, how you dress is totally legitimate, and you shouldn’t ever have to feel like you have to be something you’re not.”
— Alok Vaid-Menon

“If prom is supposed to be this quintessential high school experience that all young people are supposed to be able to have, what are they doing to make them feel included?”
— Renee Reopell

“I just didn’t wanna wear anything that had like gender attached to it.”
— Tyler Ford

In a lot of states, high schools have strict gendered dress codes on what people can wear to prom, often policing people’s gender expressions and identities. It’s sad, and it’s limiting.

What MTV and the six people in the video did was show us how beautiful a world without these gender restrictions can be.


Every night, I dream you’re still here.
The ghost by my side, so perfectly clear.
When I awake, you’ll disappear,
Back to the shadows
With all I hold dear.
With all I hold dear.
I dream you’re still here.
I dream you’re still here.

I think that A Seat at the Table for me is an invitation to allow folks to pull up a chair, get very close and have these hard uncomfortable truths be shared. It’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be fun, you may not get to dance to it, you’re not going to breathe easily through it, but that is the state of the times that we’re in right now. It’s my invitation to actually open up those doors and to have that voice, get messy and lay out my truths and stand firm in them.
—  Solange on her new album
Finding Out What Kind of Witch You Are

I have been doing an ongoing offer to read what kind of witch someone is. This is just for fun and not really meant to be taken seriously. However I figured I would make a post on how to figure out what kind of witch you actually are.

The simple answer is, time will tell you. It doesn’t come overnight. There are an infinite variety of witches and abilities and magic, and you aren’t going to really know what kind is right for you (unless you’re one of those folks that has an incredibly strong, crystal-clear calling!) right off the bat.

When I started practicing magic full time four years ago, I was really confused. Am I a hedge witch? A green witch? A kitchen witch? Well as it turns out I’m not a witch at all! I am a spirit-person. I am a person meant to work with spirits, but not witchcraft.

Pay attention to what comes easily to you, and what does not. Spirit work and conjure come very easily to me! Energy work does not. I do every spell with spirits involved. Maybe you are a secular witch! Maybe you have a beautiful rainbow of personal power that can fuel every spell on its own. Maybe you are meant to work with crystals, or plants, or animals!

Practice everything. Expand yourself. Magic is a buffet and you have an all access pass. Give everything you do a solid try, and if it doesn’t work… don’t give up! Put it on the shelf and try again in a few months or a year. After all, you have your entire life to expand and grow.

NOTHING is the end-all be-all of magic. I used to think energy work and out of body experiences were “it”, and that is what it took to make a good mage. Well, I suck at both of those and I’ll never be great at them or even do them at a basic level. So don’t get hung up on anything. Even spellwork. Even meditation. Even grounding and centering. If you can’t do it one way, try it another way. I get around my inability to have OBEs by bilocating. I get around energy work by having spirit friends who can do it for me.

Don’t expect this to come about in the space of a few weeks. Give it years. I have heard it takes a newborn baby 6 years to develop a personality that will last a lifetime. So I say, give your magical identity six years. I have been practicing 4, and have a solid idea of who I am magically, but I know I still need more time to develop and expand myself until I find my core. Then, the sky is the limit!

Don’t be intimidated by these big time spans I am throwing out. You can practice magic fully, beautifully, and wonderfully without knowing your magical identity. Practice a lot of different stuff. Don’t be stuck on one or two things that you think are the most important things ever. If it isn’t working, try other stuff. Revisit things that didn’t work out for you in a few months to a year. Pay attention to what does work for you, and expand that as much as you can.


This is so gross and disappointing. And while Christina may have indigenous folk in her Cuban ancestry, that doesn’t give her automatic access the the cultures of all native people, as they are not at all a monolith. Mind you her response came after pages and pages of Native American people and allies informing her of the significance of the headdress and the harmfulness of cultural appropriation on native communities. And her response boiled down to “ I’m having fun. I have Indian in my family. I have Indian friends.”

So, ah….this is an Underfell (AU of Undertale) thing, an idea concerning Flowey that I thought would be intriguing. I’ve seen other folks say something akin to this, and thought I’d put in my own interpretation of it here.

This took forever to make- X’D

Details as for what this is under the cut:

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The above sigil is one of a four-part series commissioned by the good folks at Kiwicon, a computer security and hacker conference held in New Zealand. They specifically commissioned these sigils to be released under a Creative Commons License — so I encourage you to have some fun with them! It’s been a while since I’ve worked in this particular style, and it was fun to revisit it. Thanks again to the Kiwicon Crüe for such an interesting project!