We Bet You Can't Tell Which of These Is Real Meat

Meat comes in all forms. Can you tell the difference between the “real” thing and the animal-friendly version? (Answers at bottom)

Gotcha!! They’re all 100 percent vegan!

From ruthlessly slaughtering billions of animals to threatening endangered species and destroying the Amazon rainforest, the meat industry is awful.

Luckily, we can all make a big difference for animals and the planet simply by substituting meat with these healthy and humane vegan options!

(ANSWERS: 1. Vegetarian Plus Sesame Beef 2. Gardein Crispy Tenders 3. Tofurky Deli Slices 4. Beyond Chicken Strips 5. Field Roast Burger 6. Vegetarian Plus Half Chicken 7. Field Roast Frankfurter 8. Vegetarian Plus Orange Chicken 9. Gardein Fishless Filets 10. Vegetarian Plus Ham)

  • Noah:*gets sloppy drunk and chills out naked in his tent*
  • Ham:hey dad just wondering if--WOAH okay my bad you're naked bye
  • Ham:hey guys our dad is naked in his tent what do
  • Shem and Japheth:we got this
  • Shem and Japheth:*do an elaborate maneuver to cover Noah's sloppy ass without looking at him*
  • Noah, hungover as shit:Ham how DARE you??? a CURSE upon your first born son... may he be a SLAVE of his brothers!
  • Ham:what the fuck
Just Theatre Things 5

Remember kids, When reading Shakespeare:

Everyone is gay. No questions asked.

The only smart character is the fool.

EVERYTHING is a metaphor for sex

If someone get’s married, you can call it a comedy

If nobody dies, you can call it a comedy

If you don’t know what the ham you’re reading, just pretend you do, and hope the director doesn’t notice


and finally…

Even if you’ve seen the play 20 times

If you’ve read the script

If you’re performing it

You will still not have any idea what the hell’s going on. 

10 question tag

Rules: 10 questions, 10 answers and 10 cute people
tagged by: @baehkyn

1.What was the last movies you saw?
the fundamentals of caring

2.What was the last song you listened to?
the day by k. will & baekhyun

3.What was the last show you watched?
house, m.d.

4. What was the last book you read?
the ingenious gentleman don quixote of la mancha by miguel de cervantes (actually didn’t finish it although it’s not my first time reading it)

5.What was the last thing you ate?
ham and cheese sandwich

6.If you could be anywhere else rn, where would you be right now?
well, at my dad’s house in the mountains.

7. If you could pick a decade to travel in time, what would it be?
probably the 1950’s

8. If you won the lotto and millions of cash, what would be the first thing you buy? a house for my mom and me.

9 What fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?
phineas and ferb ahaha

10.What was the last fandom you joined?
winner and monsta x?? probably them. please tell me about them haha

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Hamilton summarized [act one]
  • Alexander Hamilton:his name is Alexander Hamilton okay
  • Aaron Burr Sir:Aaron burr is having none of your shit ham
  • My Shot:I'm cool guys I promise
  • The Story of Tonight:we're cool lets drink some beer
  • The Schuyler Sisters:daddy said no but I said yEs feat. feminism
  • Farmer Refuted:roasting ham™
  • You'll Be Back:crazy ex sings break up song
  • Right Hand Man:Washington rlly needs help- no not from you burr
  • A Winter's Ball:fuckboy central + gay ass Laurens pretending to be good with the ladies
  • Helpless:damn he cute *two seconds later* damn he mine
  • Satisfied:Angelica dad gum missed hER shot
  • The Story of Tonight:lol ur married lets drink some more
  • Wait for It:burr u ok?
  • Stay Alive:Jesus fucking Christ, Charles Lee feat. rejected ham
  • Ten Duel Commandments:ten things to do when you wanna shoot someone!
  • Meet Me Inside:someone has dADDY ISSUES
  • That Would Be Enough:ur home cause I'm pregnant, surprise
  • Guns and Ships:no idea what he's saying but it's lit
  • History Has It's Eyes On You:I fucked up sometimes to Ham
  • Yorktown:that's right, hERCULES MULLIGANNNN
  • What Comes Next?:u gonna want me back bish but guess what U CANT HAVE ME
  • Dear Theodosia:it's time to feel things
  • Non-Stop:iTS TIME TO GET FUCKING LIT PEEPS feat. everyone in the goddamn show

shite i can’t stop thinking about: tjeffs in high-heeled boots tall enough to support his ego, getting fucked so hard over a desk that hamilton’s wearing ‘em as earmuffs


ok honestly ch.19 killed me i’m like gaaaahhhh whyyyy how could u do this to me like whyyyyy 😂 😂 😂 

but at the same time the firework analogy was beautiful and aaron keep repeating “everything’s gonna be fine” just caught me off-guard i feel like crying now and i don’t even know why

so it’s kinda your fault that i’m keep tagging u to these shitty arts… but anyway thank u so much for writing it you’re an amazing writer @fanciful-follies

anonymous asked:

Some of your fav GaaxLee headcanons?

*cracks knuckles*strap in sonny jim this is gonna get intense

  • my favorite hc of all time is the meticulous attention gaara would pay to lee’s body. and not in a sexual, devious sort of way (though sometimes there is that too) but in a concerned, caring nature. lee has many, many scars littering his person. his style of fighting makes his body his literal weapon, his only known jutsu, and after missions it’s not uncommon for him to have a few more scrapes and scratches. gaara would be familiar with ever scar, mark, every freckle on lee’s person. he checks them all when lee comes home from time away to ensure there aren’t any new ones, and if there are, he asks where they came from for his own personal records, and tends to them as needed. gaara has a hard time apologizing for things, or feeling guilt the same way as everyone else; in a way, this is his ensuring no more marks like the ones he himself left on lee in their youth will happen again. a silent apology.
  • gaara doesn’t sleep like lee does, but they would make a point to try and spend evenings together, even if it ends with lee clung to the kazekage like a koala, snoring, while gaara reads by candlelight. he doesn’t mind. 
  • on the flip-side, when they DO both sleep, gaara finds it ten times easier to actually stay that way with lee near-by. it would take awhile for gaara and lee both to get used to sleeping in the same bed with someone else (lee because he didn’t realize up until a certain point sleeping together could actually mean just sleeping together. and gaara because. well. sleep is weird for him) but after they do they can rarely sleep well without the other. 
  • their sex-drive would be relatively normal, though until they start actually living together, when one comes to visit you bet your butt they’re gonna do the do at least twice that night. it’s been a minute they haven’t seen each other ok. but literally no matter how many times they have sex lee always, always asks in some way if they can. he likes having physical conformation that it’s ok to touch gaara because he knows not many people get to do so. 
  • lee’s favorite physical aspect of gaara are his eyes. his favorite non-physical aspect of gaara is his leadership skills and intellect, and his ability to forgive.
  • gaara’s favorite physical aspect of lee is his stomach and chest, a close second being his hands. gaara’s favorite non-physical part of lee  is his determination and optimism, his love, and his ability to forgive.
  • gaara would teach lee patience like you would not believe over the course of their relationship.
  • lee would teach gaara how to truly love and trust people again. and a lot of other little social nuances gaara has no clue about (like wtf is the point of holding hands? oh well lee’s is nice and he seems to like it so ok.)
  • when gaara first realized he had feelings for lee he had no idea what they were tbh and thought he was under some sort of genjutsu because why else would he be thinking about the taijutsu master from the leaf at all hours of the day? lee politely explains to him it’s because they probably like each other while trying not to blush himself to death.
  • they don’t argue about a lot. the only thing that would constantly come up and drive them to raise their voices (usually lee) is topics concerning the other’s well being. gaara insists lee doesn’t take well-enough care of himself and is too reckless. lee thinks gaara works too hard and doesn’t get enough rest; he also rarely asks for help from anyone for anything and that’s troublesome. they literally worry about each other over the same shit just in different aspects (lee’s training, gaara’s kage position.) 
  • if ever they do get into an argument, they always, always talk it out. maybe not right away, they take some cool down time. but lee and gaara both would make a point to sit down and hash out whatever is upsetting them when they feel better, and make it work. giving up and walking away from each other is simply not an option.
  • if and when they get married, lee would never get tired of referring to gaara as ‘my husband.’ he’s get so giddy and stupidly happy.
  • gaara likes watching lee train. glistening hot bod you feel me. 
  • lee likes watching gaara sleep because he looks so god damn angelic and peaceful and he rarely gets to see it. 
  • LEEGAA IS EVERYTHING DON’T T OU CH ME ps these were all made with heavy influence from my ship with @desertgourd
MONSTA X REACTION: To one of their bandmates walking in on them and their gf making out

Shownu: “aish this guy need to learn how to live without me”

He’d be a mix of shy and angry, that would result in a frustrated father.

Wonho: “Nobody needs me all day, but when I finally get time with (y/n) everyone wants me.”

Dramatic as hell.

Minhyuk: Would act as a complete madman, everything to divert the attention of what was happening.

Kihyun: “ahhh, of all moments in the world why you had to enter here now?”

this guy would be so frustrated and angry.

Hyungwon: “oh… hyung… what are you doing here? ham… we’re just… talking”

He’d try to disguise, but just try.

Jooheon: He’d freeze for some seconds.

“ahh hyung! you scared me.”

I.M: He’d start to say some random thing to you until the member leaves the room.

“where do we stop baby?”

~ADM Cherry~

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Yesterday I got the idea of doing something similar 2 the Style Challenge, but have it pertain to sims!

How it goes:

Edit Edition: 

  1. Take a picture in-game! Nothing too fancy unless you want it to be–just your typical normal type of shot.
  2. Edit the pic just how YOU always do. Make sure not to save over the original photo. You will be using it again.
  3. Find some simblrs [perhaps 3 to 5 blogs more if you can handle it fam] maybe ones you admire maybe ones you want to interact with more and look at their pics!!! Examine their editing style closely
  4. Grab whatever photo editing website/program you use and go ham on the same picture you just took in step 1. Try to edit the photos like the blogs you just looked at.
  5. Hop on tumblr and post the pics. Tag the simblr’s who style you just replicated so they can see it!!!

You dont have to be tagged to participate!! Any and everyone who wants to can do it. 

Sim Edition:

  1. Go in game. You don’t have to make a NEW sim but if you want to just for the challenge, go for it.
  2. Look for those 3+ simblr’s whose sims are SLAMMIN. See if their sims have common physical characteristics that make them look unique [maybe they all have similar body types, maybe they have a certain shape to their eyes in common, or perhaps all use a signature piece of cc idk]
  3. Make some new sims that look like they could have been created by THAT simblr. [dont go stealing ppl shit saying its urs lol like dont download one of my sims for example then edit them slightly. Start from scratch or from an ORIGINAL sim]
  4. Post on tumblr and tag the simblr’s who’s simming style you just jacked fam!!!

I think the sim edition will be mad hard but it takes more work i think. 

You can do this regardless of what sims game you play–especially if you are doing the edit edition.

Do whatever edition you want do it as many times as you want fam!!! And remember to have fun!!!