To Build a Home: The Novel Treatment?

I should be sleeping or writing essays but I’m absolutely petrified of these assignments so instead I’ve been thinking more about turning To Build a Home into an actual novel and…

Brooklyn (“Brook is fine, thanks”) has just graduated university and got herself a job at a prestigious architecture firm. She’s moving out of the shitty little dorm she shared with her friend, Nora, and into - a shitty little apartment in the city.

It’s fine, she can make this place her own. It’s not exactly the grand architectural heights she had in mind, but hey, these things take time. She’ll decorate and accessorise and everything will be fine.

The building’s got some interesting tenants. There’s the guys upstairs who insist on throwing wild parties every weekend; The girl down the hall who sings along loudly and out of key to every top 40 radio hit over any given day; The tenant who puts up a different flyer advertising the end of the world in the lobby each week; And then there’s the most annoying person to have ever lived.

Brook tries to go out of her way to avoid the hot guy who lives across the hall from her, because he breaks every rule there is for being a good neighbour. He’s loud and inconsiderate and keeps on getting in her way, and when he and his friends set off the fire alarms throughout the entire building one night, Brook is sure that this man has been placed on earth for the sole purpose of testing her limits.

But then she finds him locked out of his apartment, asleep in the hallway, and isn’t quite heartless enough to leave him there.

Which is a total mistake, because it turns out that hot neighbour - real name Sam - is clingy. She makes him breakfast one time and suddenly he thinks they’re best friends. It’s ridiculous.

Brook is busy, but Sam is persistent, and after he helps her figure out her way around the city she finds herself being drawn into a strange and indefinable sort of friendship with him.

Just as she starts to think she’s got him figured out, however, Sam reveals a secret that shakes the very foundations of Brook’s life and everything she’s built for herself.

A wonderful and happy birthday to the mun who runs one of my favorite ask blogs ever! I drew you a picture of Jean in a suit at his finest moment. 

i’m clawing my face right now I don’t know how to thank you for all these claw marks–I MEAN THANK YOU!!!! (your words made me all doki though ////;;;l;k) This is amazing thank you I’ve always wanted a drooling jean in a suit