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Only around each other do Hux and Kylo let their guards down. Hux will be working at his desk and Kylo will walk in to check something and both their shoulders will noticeably relax, and they're faces don't hold such tight glares anymore, and they don't feel a need to check behind them because Hux knows Kylo will pick anything dangerous up with the force and protect Hux and Kylo knows Hux would take his life to keep Kylo's



I had a really angsty ending planned for this but it just wasn’t working anymore but hey if you want it let me know and i’ll give it to you ;)

anyway congrats guys you’re pregnant

You’d find the whole thing comical, a painful irony, really, if not for the impending doom lurking over your head.

Pregnant, you think dismally, really, what are the fucking odds?

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So! I’m feeling a little better. I’m guessing I was overreacting last night or something, and I just needed to give myself a good cry–

But here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to try to do those emoji requests from a few months back and hopefully that gets me out of this art block? If that works, then I’m going to restart the ask box and continue fresh!

Hope this is all okay with you guys! Thank you for being so patient with me-

Don't know if you guys care

But, I finally started talking to my doctors about coming out as trans and they’ve been very supportive. Even my wonderful girlfriend ( @chubby-elf-hugs ) has been super super supportive.

The problem is that I work at a church and I cannot, in good conscience, use the insurance they give me to start any of this. I need a new job anyway, so that I can move if I want to, and I’d love to do something art related. Preferably, I’d love to get enough in commissions to support myself, but I know that’s not very likely. My therapist also suggested I raise my commission prices again, if I’m seeking professional level art jobs. I will be closing commissions to reopen them with higher prices to better reflect what she suggested in the near future.

If anyone has advice or ideas, I’d be very open to them.

And I haven’t come out to my parents yet, but I’m talking to my therapist about it.

i wasn’t going to say anything but…

i thought about giving you guys a reylo fic when i hit 1000+ followers, because 1000 FOLLOWERS!!!! so i started working on it a few days ago, when i hit 900, with the intent of releasing it as a surprise.

the problem is this: i now have less than 10 followers left until i reach 1000. i did not expect to gain 100 followers over three days. the oneshot has become a multi-chapter slowburn. it is not finished. it is not edited.

i cannot give this to you. it is not ready. stop following me so that i have time to work on it.


Sparkpeople Seated Cardio Workout

I wanted to share this with you guys, because you never know when you might need something low impact that can get your heart rate up. You can make this as intense or as easy as needed, she gives plenty of modifications. I like to use this when I get into a rut of not working out, when my back is giving me problems, or when I need a pick up during the day. I tell myself if I can do a chair workout today, I can build on that. This morning I needed a little endorphin boost at my work desk so I went back to this video, and noticed how much I need to work on my core stability! So make sure you use good posture and a tight core :)

Do you guys want to know the honest opinion that Admin Bel has about fan fiction, and writing?

Here goes, the best way to make others want to work harder, improve, and just write are the comments and feedback you guys give. I know it seems like this blog is, without any arrogance intended, big and popular, but even us Admins check the tags you guys put when you reblog our works. We love them.

We love hearing when someone loves what we worked so hard to do. And even my personal works- I need to hear that someone cared enough to like what I did. To comment is a lifesaver, because I know when you just say something so simple like you loved it or love where it’s going makes me want to work harder!

Please, comment on the works you enjoy. Liked them- just say that you enjoyed it just so the writer wants to keep going! It is important! And it will make the writer’s day. <3 Do the right thing. <3

tumblr was really the first place i saw how widespread the need to be accepted or feel included in something really was. cause i never understood the shit in high school and i definitely didnt get it in college and now im on here and its really goddamn apparent how much of a need it is for some of yall.

i just cant understand needing to know why someone has to give an explanation why they dont like something about you? i dont care why guys like shorter women in the same capacity i dont care about why girls like taller dudes. if they not fucking with you why does it matter to you? maybe because ive never really had self esteem issues i cant relate to the “you think girls gonna like that" whisperings that niggas like to do to each other. shit never worked on me cause if she dont like what im about why imma try and get with her? in what world does that make sense

the answer to which, for some of yall, is this world apparently. 

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🔥 i dunno salt about anything. just salt.

█ ▌Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion.

sweet mary margaret mother of emma, what in cora’s name are those rectangular freaking icons i’ve seen going around? i think they are 100x250 or something? wHY DO WE KEEP CHANGING ICONS AROUND?? just keep them square and nice, you guys, no need to be funky. actually, scratch that, just do whatever the hell you want, it’s your life. but personally it seems to me like a hell lot more work to fit images into those godforsaken dimensions and it’s just not for me at all. the everchanging saga of icon styles astonishes me, really. at some point they will get smaller, at another point bigger. soon i think we should give up on icons altogether and use unedited screencaps, i’m sure everyone’s eyes will be grateful for not having to squint to see the images. 

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The facial expression says it all, really. Seriously, I'm sure Renee was thrilled her stalking paid off, but the bitch needs to try harder. If you want me to believe this guy worships the ground you walk on, then induce him to crack a smile. You want me to believe that you're gettin' it good and regular, stop going on late-night attention-tweeting, following, faving and pinning sprees. Give me something to work with. Make an effort. Take pride in your work. Pay attention to detail.


I’m SO proud of my progress! For a while I’ve been focusing on my core and thinking “man I’ve been working out for a year and no difference” BUT THIS IS ONE HELL OF A DIFFERENCE FROM HOW I WAS BEFORE! I still have a long way to go but seeing this made me realize that I AM doing something right and I just need to continue being patient and will eventually reach my goals! honestly guys, don’t give up. The progress is long and difficult but in the end it is COMPLETELY worth it!!!! Nothing can beat a good diet and exercise 💙 keep at it goonz, YOU GOT THIS!!

Back and forth

As I packed up my things in a little night bag. Tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t help but notice the lack of emotion you gave me. For years we’ve been a team people looked at us and was like you guys have it all. These past months I can’t seem to figure out why I’m with you. You give off no emotion. If we can’t handle each other when we’re both not working then how is this working. My eyes red and sore for giving you my raw self and you looking like a stone wall. I’m trying to break everything down and feel something from you but I don’t get anything. You give me everything except compassion and that’s what I want most. You need time but I’m running out of time to give.

Fork in The Road Pt4

By the way guys if you want to talk to me about potential plot for this prompt (or give me other one-shot length ones) please do. I’m rapidly reaching the point in this fic where the plot I have thought up for it runs out and more is not forthcoming easily. So if you want more from me (past another one or two) I’m going to need some help (pathetic, I know). Also any quick-burn prompts you want me to write would be awesome as well because maybe giving this thing a break and working on something else (albeit something short) might help me return to this with a fresh mind and more ideas and even if it doesn’t I’m enjoying writing for these characters and don’t want to leave it just yet even if I can’t continue on this one.

TW: canon-typical violence. It’s not much but it’s not just idle threatenings in this bit.


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Give me a hand?

So… I’m making something for uni about the problems we have in Latin America related to eductaion.
I already have a pretty good idea about those, but I thought that I could make something different and gather some experiences from people all around the world and their experiences with education.

Would you mind telling me what you like about the education system in your country? It doesn’t have to be a lot of work, just name something you liked from primary school, highschool, college or uni, or name something you know about, even if you didn’t experienced it yourself!

Send me a message with the experience and your country. I’d love to share some thoughts and name your words on my work!


     I’m so sorry, everyone! I’ve been really busy and I keep falling asleep before I can start writing for you guys. But, now it’s the weekend for me. I’m working on a Baekhyun angst, and I’ll give a preview here. Hope you like it!


*beep* Kkaebsong, this is Byun Baekhyun. Leave a message and I will answer as soon as I can.
    “Baek! Come on, babe, pick up!” Rhin yelled into the phone. “I need to tell you something urgent, so please answer….” Near tears, Rhin ended the voicemail and flopped on her bed. It wasn’t like Baekhyun to not answer his phone like this. She understood that he was on tour with the guys, but she knew that they weren’t on a plane. He could text her, at least. It had been a day since she got the news and she was running out of time to tell Baekhyun. She was leaving tonight, and she wouldn’t see him for the next three months.

      I’ll revert it to a (Y/N) format when I post all of it :). Please don’t think I’m conceited, but I’m horrible with coming up with names. Tell me if I spelled kkebsong right, or if I used it in the right context. I want it to be accurate. Please remember that requests are open at all times, and I would really appreciate the ideas! Alright, I’ve spoken long enough. Thanks for the support! - Rhin

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So like, I am head over heels for this one boy? Really the best way to put it is that I'm a lovesick bokuto and he's akaashi. I'm a Sagittarius and he's a Capricorn and they don't really work together? But I love his personality, his face, his everything. I even got him a small Dino blanket and he loves it. I just hope it works out someday.

oh my god this sounds magical ✨✨✨ anything that has a bokuaka comparison is pretty good tho - i mean they’re totally different but they’re so in love it’s so adorable! and having something to differentiate you two is always good! you guys can make it work! 

and a dinosaur blanket omfg pls that is so so cute i need to find someone who gives me dinosaur blankets i really really do hope this works out! ✨✨✨

let’s talk about ur crushes!!!

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Hi Char, I actually have been needing advice/a second perspective lately & conveniently, your post just came up! So at my job I'm really friendly with everyone & there are several guys that I talk to a lot & a couple of them are very flirtatious towards me. Part of me thinks that I might potentially like them as more than friends, but another part thinks I might just like the attention they give me. I've been trying to figure it out for months but I'm so unsure! Have you ever felt like this?

hey, something similar happened to me with this one guy where I used to work and he always come across flirty and I used to play along and in the end I started having feelings towards him. But I think at the time I was liking the attention he gave me too, because not many guys want to talk to me! So you need to maybe spend time with them out of the workplace and see how they act around you?

Day Hero: Hey guys,

Here’s a preview of that new side project I’ve been working on.

- Full preview 1
- Full preview 2

To give a bit of context, I’ve been reading a lot of autobiographical stories and self-development books for the past year that inspired and guided me through my own questionings (if you need any book recommendations feel free to reach out to me via Twitter).

This project is an attempt to bring this type of stories into one place with a magazine-like design, putting the “heroes” at the center.

It originated from a need of doing something different from what t I’ve been building for the past 3 years. Solving problems in the enterprise space is interesting and challenging. But it’s also essentially about building the most efficient product and increase business value. Even though it’s a product for people to use everyday at work, I miss that “true meaning” around it. This project is a way for me to do something totally different and bring that human sense and meaning into my work. I love inspiring stories and people, and I hope this can somehow inspire others.

UX-wise here’s how it would work: the left panel with the picture is fixed while the right panel with the story is scrollable. So you can read through the story while looking at the person. You can any time like the story, or jump to the next or previous story. Trying to keep things very focused and simple in terms of interactions.

Make sure to check out both of the attachments. Also note that the text is a placeholder.

PS: Looking for a front-end dev to join the project. If there’s anyone interested feel free to reach out to me via Twitter. Thanks!