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Ok so our new theatre teacher at my school lets us pick our names but we do have to write it on everything and that name would be on cast lists and so me and my friend who's pan were gonna say we were Pangelica and Ebiza but she went and the teacher gave us that are you sure that actually means no and so we had to change back to our old names since she wouldn't let us go on with Pangelica and Ebiza (but I did get to say I liked Laurens, John Laurens since saying I like lesbians probably (1)

(2) wasn’t the way to go to this class. Anyways, one of my friends who I wasn’t really out to just because of pure laziness came to my locker and mentioned theatre and then asked what was in my closet 😂

OMG YOUR FRIEND!!! :’D Also that’s too bad you guys couldn’t use those names bc omg, they’re great, ahaha :’D At least you got to say you like Laurens, tho! :’D <333

Thank You ~~

Holy crap, thank you guys so much for liking my new stuff ^^ I honestly just create whatever makes me happy and then share it for whoever wants it, so to know that so many more people are liking it than usual (especially after how long it’s been since I made something) makes me even happier  uwu 

Going to try to make stuff more often, at least for the summer <3 Everyone seems to really like the Kpop-themed CC I do, so maybe more of that ~ 

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Wow, that argument could not be more fractured if it tried. At some points it looks like it was written out of order. Also I find “1% on the population” rather strange to imagine. Is one in 100 people giving one of these people a piggyback ride?

well hey, i mean … maybe he thinks only the person on top is gay?

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The two squiggly lines for being sick.

send ♒ for a starter where my muse is suffering a high fever but hasn’t told anyone.   (I just got three of these omg, you guys are great)

At this point it wasn’t a secret to the rest of the paladins that Lance was homesick. Hunk and Coran had both noticed from the start, the blue paladin even talking with the Altean about their home planets. Since that point, it had become even more obvious, and as of late it was affecting the team, and his health. He stumbled into the dinning hall, not noticing the other person, and collapsing into a chair, pressing a hand against his forehead and cringing at how hot and sweaty it felt even to himself.

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Coming from an eagle scout. PACK A FOAM MATT to put under your sleeping bag. Otherwise sleep might be a fickle mistress for you. also flint+steel, [clothes, tent, water+food (duh)]. Bring rope. if you can tie a basic knot. you can make a bear bag for your food in a nearby tree, or use it for a variety of other uses. You don't need a flashlight but its always nice to have one. Depending on where ur goin' you might need fuel for a fire. or you could find some there.

These are some great tips guys omg come at me Yogi bear I fricken dare u

Secret Lover

Fandom: Wrestling – World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Characters: Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Cesaro, other (women’s) wrestlers are mentioned

Reader Gender: female

Warnings: none

Request: Anon asked “Hello! I’d like to request a oneshot in which a female reader and Becky Lynch have recently started dating, but none of their colleagues are aware of it yet, so they get a lot of comments along the lines of “you guys are such great friends omg” but the thing that makes them flip is when a male co-worker starts flirting with the reader and doesn’t take it seriously when Becky says she is taken already?“

Notes: It’s obviously female x female, so if you have a problem with that, just skip this oneshot. Same-gender relationships shouldn’t be a problem in 2016, so I haven’t wrote this at the warnings and will never do! And for the one’s who doesn’t know it, Cesaro is the short version for the ring name Antonio Cesaro.

The partially opened window allowed the cool air of the broken morning to find it’s way into the inside of the hotel room which I called my own for the last couple of hours, causing a shiver to run down my spine and with fluttering eyelids, I became suddenly wide awake.

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