I have finally joined Voltron hell.

Ok but think about Ahsoka picking up a snake on a certain planet, knowing that it was harmless and she shows it to Cody like, ‘Look at this lil cutie!’ and Cody just, ‘That is very fascinating, Commander Tano.’ and smirks under his helmet because Ahsoka is a cute lil scamp and the snake is pretty cute too just chillin on her arm like :3 

Then Rex comes up behind Ahsoka, preoccupied with something, Ahsoka turns around and it basically goes like this:

“Commander, General SkywalkaaaAAAAAAHHH WHAT IS THAT??!?!” 

and Ahsoka absolutely doesn’t get why Rex is so freaked and Cody is very thankful that their helmets are soundproof with the comms turned off because hes just laughing as he watches Rex beat a hasty retreat and Ahsoka chase him like, ‘Rex, come back , you hurt its feelings!’

ok so it’s like 1.30am but i believe the intro chords to the Sonic Forces theme song are Cm, Bb, Ab, Bb. And then as the drums kick in it’s Ab, Bb, Cm. And then the first verse’s bassline is sorta like C, Eb, F, G.

this has been a late night and possibly inaccurate Sonic music post, goodnight to you all!!

Mornin' ya'll! :) (school!5sos preference)

I’m currently on the way to school and as alwas my thoughts wander their own way AND -

Just think about that giant dork Luke, sitting on the same bus to school with you every morning, sometimes his nose is hiding in a maths book bc he just wants to make sure he learned the right formula for today’s test (which o f course he did bc that guy’s a genius when it comes to numbers) and he’s normally sitting by himself, but one day the bus is so crowded that you can’t NOt take the empty seat across from him and he smiles shyly at you bc ‘wow there’s a really pretty girl sitting across from me what on earth do I do now’ and you smile back, a tad nervous tbh because you have been looking at that blonde guy every now and then, wondering what it would like to know him (only knowing that he’s apparently a genius, especially in maths). And since he’s not having ear buds in today, you gather all your courage together and ask him about that math problem you have been trying to solve for ages now and he’s so surprised he drops his book at first and his cheeks get all red bc ‘well that was embarrassing’ and you giggle, which makes him smile again, so then he clears his throat and manages to explain it to you understandably within 10min and then - taken by a sudden wave of self-esteem - he asks if you need help with anything else and you two agree to meet in the library during lunch break and after that short, but sweet talk nobody really knows what to say anymore so there’s awkward silence until you notice the stickers on his backpack and ‘oh hey that’s my favourite band’ and from then on you guys always sit together and talk about everything and nothing really and eventually grow closer and one day in the library he tries to be bold and then his lips are on yours and suddenly you guys are not only studying in the library every lunch break…

But then Ashton would be that kid that could never sit still, sitting behind you in class and god - he annoyed you with his constant wiggling, foot tapping and/or finger drumming but that would only be until your teacher decided to pair you up with him for a project and 'wow, he’s actually a really nice guy and looks kinda hot’ and you try really hard not to develope a crush on him bc your head should concentrate on learning and studying and paying attention in class but then he starts sending you little notes on paper during lessons with witty scetches and questions on them, making you giggle and after an especially stressful night at his house, trying to give the project the final finishing touches so that it’s just perfect you guys end up on his lawn, laying on your backs and staring at the sky and then you feel his hand in yours and then his face is hovering above you and you blush bc he’s mumbling stuff about how 'you shine brighter than any star’ and then you finally get to feel how soft his lips really are and from then on you guys sit next to each other in class and you poke him into the ribs whenever he’s air drumming too hard again (you actually think it’s hella cute) and live to hear his giggle and you guys spend countless nights on his lawn (when you’re not studying in your room).

And omg imagine Michael being the guy no one really knows anything concrete about, they only know he moved to town half a year ago and they see his hair colors changing and him constantly wearing the same old leather jacket and driving into the school parking lot into his beat-up car blasting punk rock so loudly you hear him before you see him. And then there’s you, who he notices first during a school concert where he actually didn’t want to go but had to bc otherwise his music teacher wouldn’t give him that grade he wanted so badly (he missed school a lot and the only subject he was passionate about was music really) and you’re playing a solo piece on the piano and 'holy sh*t you’re pretty’ and he likes how you get lost in the notes when you play, completely forgetting about the outside world and after that concert he tries to chat you up (not really knowing what to say tbh bc that guy’s only hard rock on the outside and an actual kitten irl) but you’re surrounded by ppl who congratulate you and occupy you with conversations so he gets home and decides to show up at every one of your future concerts and learns a lot about classical composers in order to have sth solid to talk about with you and then one day you notice a guy with brightly colored hair at your matinee who comes to you afterwards chatting you up and mixing up Beethoven and Brahms and fumbling with words until there’s awkward silence so you ask him for his name and what he normally does and you allow him to walk you home as he asks and a few weeks later there are two people driving in his car and singing along to whatever CD is playing at the top of their lungs and every body wonders how the he’ll you guys go together but obvsly, it works.

So lastly we have Calum who’s the star of the school’s soccer team and who’s always kind of a jerk, yelling after people, shouting through the hallways at his team mates, always walking around in a group (the same people he sits together with at lunch and makes comments about girls with) and partying a lot on the weekends. One day you meet him while you’re waiting in the secretary’s room for the lady to fill out the next form you need to get the money of your scholarship so you can pay the rent for your flat, he’s coming out of the principal’s office, face as white as possible and the principal accompanys him, having a stern look on his face and you’re just about to take your papers and leave when principal Walters spots you and next thing you know you’re studying with Calum whenever he has free time in order to get his grades up again bc otherwise he’d be kicked out of the soccer team and while you two mostly hide in the library he simultaneously is a really nice guy to you and still a jerk when you’re not around and you get really confused bc 'damn he’s really pretty’ and makes you laugh a lot and can be a gentleman if he wants to but is also still an asshole that wants no one to know about the fact that he’s studying with you (so much he forbids you to 'visibly’ pick him up after soccer practice bc that kid wants to keep his image so badly). That doesn’t change until that one evening before the big test that is all or nothing for him. It is raining heavily and you were just trying to cook up some dinner when there’s a loud knock on the door and as you go to check you find a soaked Calum on your porch that is basically at the brink of a panic attack so you take him inside, give him some dry clothes you once stole from your older brother and share your dinner with him and then he lets down all guard and talks with you for hours sitting on the couch until suddenly he gets all nervous again and grabs for your waist and before you can protest you’re sitting on his lap and his hands are all over you and he mumbles against your lips how he 'needs some distraction’ and of course you don’t sleep much that night and the next day he drives to school with you bus isn’t anywhere to be seen until before last period where he runs up to you through a crowded hallway, beaming with happiness and screaming how he 'aced that test’ and when he’s finally standing in front of you he just kisses you and you’re super confused but from then on you’re his girl and everyone who says something bad about you or the two of you finds himself covered in grass stains later and it’s countless nights falling asleep together on the couch in your living room, safe in his arms (also he’s not ashamed anymore when you pick him up after practice and game days include wearing his jersey all day long and maybe some make-out sessions in his car after the play)…

Well that was something.
Sorry that some got longer then the others! I just felt like writing this morning and I hope you guys like it. Feedback would be awesome bc I have so many ideas and drafts but am unsure about my writing skillz

Sketch to just say thank you again to all of you guys. I wanted to say thank you for all of your recent encouraging and sweet messages. They honestly mean the world to me, and I am so honored by your kind words. You guys are an incredible encouragement when it comes to continuing to create art, and I love talking to all of you. Just wanted to say thank you again because I have a lot of feels. :’) Ok that’s all.

True story

When I was first stsrting, barely putting my foot into the. Giveaway community, i was really scared. I was scared people weren’t gonna like me and Id get hated. Or like I wouldn’t be seen or even get cool followers. But like 2 months later. I pushed myself and here I am. Happy to please anyone & everyone. Creeping on 400 followers. And overall, enjoying how interactive everyone is. Like, I met so many cool people who do giveaways and even became hella cool friends with these folks. Which really helped me open up more than usual.
Out of all the stuff I tend to lurk in, i am literally more active in this community. Hell, even going as far as talking about some of my personal personal life. Which ive never done to anyone or any other community.
You guys make everything I do worth it. Between talking to some of you guys, answering your questions about my gender ID/ gender ID in general, and just pokemon overall.
I adore you guys. I appreciate you guys. Which means a lot cause, in person Im like this really quiet type whos secretly salty about everything.
But with you..Im less salty and more…talkative, to the point I swear you guys should tell me STFU.
But yea, thanks.
Plus, i gotta mention how some of you guys were willing to donate some cash to me just so I can buy a new powersave when I lost mines for good. Wow, i never experienced that so Im still skeptical but still very grateful for the help given.
Everyone. Anons. Friends. Anyone who starts following me. Thank you.
For making this blog worth it. For motivating me to keep on and never stop.
Thank you so very much.

Also um

holy shit I just hit a follower milestone and like

I like to think that the amount of followers you have dont matter?

Like…the amount of followers you have doesnt determine your worth as a human being.  Or an artist or a blogger or whatever. And the amount of followers/notes you have shouldnt be your reason for creating. That I think is true.

But that doesnt mean im like meh whatever about it though because just

holy shit

Thank you.

You guys are awesome.  You put up with my shit, you encourage me, and youve even been there for me when I was sad or needed help. You guys are so awesome and I appreciate you so so so much. Really, thank you. You guys rock so so so so so much.

So Iike… YOU guys matter. You guys are just awesome people ok. I dont know how to like…put into words? My emotions?