HEEEY It’s done! :D I just love to think about a pissed King Dice

By the Way: Thank you so much for the likes, questions and Following the past few day! Reading all the funny reblogg tags and Coments I get from you for the last Cuphead fanarts I made really highlighted my day. You Guys are awesome <3

editr: Ok because it seems I was littery drunk when I worte the text for this picture here the translation; Thank you for all the support. I didn’t expect that you guys become so many over a few days and I’m thankfull for all the funny tags and comments. You are awesome!
And because My error with wirting this text was so dumb it become be funny for me, I will let it stand <3. :D

          Bet you thought we’d forgotten about this, didn’t you.  NEVER FEAR, guys, we’ve been waiting on Silas ( @pearlsparable ) to return from hiatus before we got the ball rolling on this.  I ( @obdurare ) and Silas ( @pearlsparable ) have both been overwhelmed by the welcome we received when we migrated over, and we’ve both hit major milestones recently.  And since we hit them so close together, we decided to do a dual appreciation in two parts.

PART ONE:  THIS SUNDAY ( July 23rd ) we plan on holding one of our famous liveblogs on a server on discord.  Times will be announced when we get a little closer, probably Friday, so if you want to join us for all or part of it - we’ll be covering CotBP through AWE - we’ll be sure you know when and where to find us.  We’ll be doing a voice chat with a stream, so by all means, come drop us a note in the chat ! !

PART TWO:  Running until NEXT SUNDAY ( July 30th ), we’re holding a promo giveaway.  This is on me, because I like smashing photoshop against a wall.  Two winners and two runners up from each of our followers will be randomly chosen.  So here’s how to do that:

001  You must be following one of us, obviously, though I don’t think you’ll hurt our feelings if you put up with both of us.

002  Likes and reblogs count ! !  But please don’t spam your dash.

003  Again, winners from each set will be chosen July 30th at 9pm EST ( GMT -5 ) at random, and I’ll announce it and contact the winners.

Mostly this is because we really love you guys, and want to do something fun, on top of something tangible.  So if you’re interested in a promo, be sure to like or reblog this post and spread it around.  You guys are absolutely great, and really, having such great followers, and such great mutuals has done a whole lot to get us motivated and excited about rp again.  So keep being awesome.   💗  💗  💗

anonymous asked:

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Ok, let me explain better what happened. This guy he's like, super tall (shawn tall), black hair, super white, and he uses glasses. He is 2 years younger than me, and is in college, and he have a dog which he adore, he loves animals. So basically we were like 3 days without talking, and it wasn't like I missed him, bu I wanted to talk. So yesterday he texted me saying we should kiss each other "for a project",and then joked saing his dog had taken his phone and send it (+)

2 and I actually laughed out loud, so I was like “oh your dog is messing on your phone now? What a smart girl” and he was like “she is, and this project is extremely important to her” and we kept joking around it you know, but after that we started talking about Christmas, and how it was our favorite holiday, and then about cartoons, and the about movies, and I found out we like the same movies, and he even knows the speech of them, and arrrrgggg. I’m extremely ansious and I think to much

OMG this is sooooo cute.

True story

When I was first stsrting, barely putting my foot into the. Giveaway community, i was really scared. I was scared people weren’t gonna like me and Id get hated. Or like I wouldn’t be seen or even get cool followers. But like 2 months later. I pushed myself and here I am. Happy to please anyone & everyone. Creeping on 400 followers. And overall, enjoying how interactive everyone is. Like, I met so many cool people who do giveaways and even became hella cool friends with these folks. Which really helped me open up more than usual.
Out of all the stuff I tend to lurk in, i am literally more active in this community. Hell, even going as far as talking about some of my personal personal life. Which ive never done to anyone or any other community.
You guys make everything I do worth it. Between talking to some of you guys, answering your questions about my gender ID/ gender ID in general, and just pokemon overall.
I adore you guys. I appreciate you guys. Which means a lot cause, in person Im like this really quiet type whos secretly salty about everything.
But with you..Im less salty and more…talkative, to the point I swear you guys should tell me STFU.
But yea, thanks.
Plus, i gotta mention how some of you guys were willing to donate some cash to me just so I can buy a new powersave when I lost mines for good. Wow, i never experienced that so Im still skeptical but still very grateful for the help given.
Everyone. Anons. Friends. Anyone who starts following me. Thank you.
For making this blog worth it. For motivating me to keep on and never stop.
Thank you so very much.

Also um

holy shit I just hit a follower milestone and like

I like to think that the amount of followers you have dont matter?

Like…the amount of followers you have doesnt determine your worth as a human being.  Or an artist or a blogger or whatever. And the amount of followers/notes you have shouldnt be your reason for creating. That I think is true.

But that doesnt mean im like meh whatever about it though because just

holy shit

Thank you.

You guys are awesome.  You put up with my shit, you encourage me, and youve even been there for me when I was sad or needed help. You guys are so awesome and I appreciate you so so so much. Really, thank you. You guys rock so so so so so much.

So Iike… YOU guys matter. You guys are just awesome people ok. I dont know how to like…put into words? My emotions?