Are you all fucking proud..?

I am asking this to all the anons that are saying that how Shy talks is annoying…ARE YOU FUCKING PROUD?! I mean it, you all are a fucking problem…and the reason why Shy’s Mun doesn’t block you all is because she feels bad doing it, but guess what you stupid mother fuckers? IF I WAS WITH HER I’LL BLOCK ALL OF YOU SO YOU COULD FUCKING STOP HURTING HER, BECAUSE, HEH, GUESS WHAT!?!! YOU HURT HER!!! STOP IT CAN YOU?!!! SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!! IT REALLY DOES FUCKING MATTER HOW SHE TALKS?!! IF IT FUCKING BOTHERS YOU THEN IGNORE HER…IT’S THAT SO FUCKING DIFFICULT?!!! CAN YOU PLEASE JUST STOP?!!

I love her a lot and the point that you all are hurting her hurts me too!! Because she’s the most precious person I have EVER met!! I want to protect her but you all are hurting her!!! Could you all just fucking stop?!! I mean it!!! Fucking stop it!!! There’s no point on doing that it won’t change how is Shy!! Because Shy is a representation of his Mun!!! And she is like that!!! JUST FUCKING STOP IT OKAY?!! This is not for being bad…it’s just that I want to protect her…and if I get anon hate I don’t fucking care…but if Shy gets anon hate…I promise you I won’t fucking hesitate on blocking you all…

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Hey Auds! I think you're pretty awesome and kind and a great friend. You're an amazing writer, and even though we haven't chatted much lately, I'm still here for you! Can you guess who? Btw, you're aprettyful! (Maybe a hint, though it might throw you off. Who knows~)

Ah, shoot, it did throw me off! I have no idea who this is tbh. And I’m usually so good at guessing too!

I remember reblogging something like that but I can’t remember who commented/reblogged ;-;

Thank you for the compliments! I’m sure I could say the same about you ❤

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Have you ever considered doing character fusion art? Sorta like that steven universe thing, except with bnha characters.

Never really thought about doing them before and I dunno why since I love that kinda art??? So here, have the ot3 these were seriously fun

You Don’t Have To Do This

Anon: Could you do a Voltron where Keith’s all sick and emotional because his fevers really high, and Lance irritated because he got the job of taking care of him. Keith ends up blabbing in his feverish state telling him that he doesn’t have to take care of him if he doesn’t want to and that he’ll be fine on his own, that it’s not the first time. Basically giving away that he hasn’t ever really had anyone to take care of him and Lance feels guilty for being a jerk about it fussing over him.

A/N: What’s that? Two fics in one day? It’s a miracle I get anything done at college.

“You don’t have to do this…”

Lance stopped and frowned. He was in the middle of dabbing Keith’s forehead with a cold cloth, careful not to let any of the icy water drip down the Red Paladin’s cheeks. This was exactly why he didn’t want to be assigned this job. Keith was already stubborn as hell when he was feeling okay, but this?

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Oh gosh, Akaashi is suffering every time Bokuto and Hinata are even near each other. Does he ever worry for Hinata's life in the kouhai wars?

please give him a break

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I gotta say, you're great at drawing anthropomorphic animal characters like Toriel and Goofy. And I guess you're thinking of making NITW art now that you finished the game?

Yeup I’m pretty dang predictable

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Do you think kageyama would also be part of the iwaizumi fan club? (Lmao that club sign me the fuck up)

yes, though he’s a bit out of place whoops

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little spoon!andrew + fluff? pls and thx keep rockin'

i like that u had to specify fluff here. good. yes.

  • the first time it happens is almost an accident
  • andrew gets the flu while they’re still at palmetto, and it’s at the point where even andrew pretty much admits he shouldn’t be leaving bed
  • but he doesn’t sleep very well at all
  • like he’s the most ridiculously light sleeper and he keeps being unable to sleep because he’s coughing or sniffling
  • and neil is absolutely certain andrew’s just gonna end up making himself worse by being unable to actually rest and get better
  • so he manages to talk andrew into taking extra strength nyquil so he’ll sleep through the night

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I submitted a fan art like 5 times Kaito, and it has NEVER been on fan art Monday. Why?

The only explanation to this is that I didn’t get the fanart for any kind of reason. Sometimes Tumblr doesn’t deliver anything to me and I can’t do anything about it. But 5 times… seems like something really strange. I doubt Tumblr messed up five times. The only explanation is that you’re not submitting to the right blog?? I don’t understand what’s wrong if not.

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I wanna draw fan art of mod klance! or just the mods in general do you have any references?

ARE YOU SERIOUS I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!! Anyway, I haven’t posted any pics of myself irl but I have drawn myself?? here’s the tag for it (warning i haven’t done an updated drawing of me in a while so it’s kinda shitty).  Mod Allura has a youtube channel here and I’m not sure about Mod Lance or Pidge

- Mod Keit


Squall: ……………..

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Wait, isn’t Cloud a child in his class in this universe?!

[You’re right. Which is why I had to drag out canon verse Cloud for this. You’re welcome fangirls. I live to serve and no laws were broken so I can still face my mother.]

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How can you like Ruby and Qrow together, or just Qrow in general?! He's a drunk jerk to most people, his semblance is no excuse. I mean, it's obvious he even managed to piss Tai off. Yet he still hangs around the guy's house and kids. He didn't deny using Ruby as bait yet he denied having a hand in Pyrrha's death and has yet to apologize to Jaune. Then he gets his sorry ass dragged to Mistral. Ruby deserves better, honestly.

1. I’d like to see how nice and optimistic you’d be after living decades with his semblance. He’s adapted, he’s still trying. You don’t have to be perfect to be a good person.

2. The fact he’d rather not deny using her as bait than admit his semblance shows just how much saying it aloud, to Ruby of all people i’m sure, hurts.

3. Yes Ruby and friends had to carry him to Mistral. But are we not going to talk about the fact that the reason he got injured and thus had to be carried is because he saved Ruby and friends?

4. I feel bad for Jaune, I do. Pyrrha is my favorite Beacon student outside RWBY. But Qrow is literally the last of the group (of people trying to protect the world) that deserves Jaune’s shit, let’s be real. Qrow defends Pyrrha’s painstakingly made choice, but doesn’t defend himself against Jaune’s salty jab at him personally. Hmmmm….