I cried the whole drive home.

I cried for Troy Davis. I cried for Georgia.
I cried for the voices that won’t be heard.
I cried for the system and it’s enormous faults.
I even cried for the executor (I pity their soul).
I cried for the years that have gone by (and will go by) without a paradigm shift.
I cried for our pasts. I cried for our futures.
But above all that, I cried for us (those who are more than aware and those who are ignorant).

However this effects us, no matter where we stand, this moment and all of the other ironic injustices of our justice system shape our collective history.
We stand together and I hope that in doing so, we’ll shape/create/revolutionize another way.

You Gotta Start Somewhere || Crowley and OPEN

Crowley was a man of many tastes and Ilchester, Maryland was definitely not one of them. The little town irked the demon in more ways than one and until he found a suitable place to stay he was in an almost constant state of annoyance. Today however was the beginning of “The Long Game” as he had begun calling it. A game designed in such a way that no one new all of the rules except for himself. Usually this would be seen as a form of cheating but in The Long Game this was, in fact, encouraged. Even more so, it actually made the game more—interesting.

Game start. It was time to find the character pieces. The kings were in place. Himself as the shining black king, shrouded in mystery and wonder. Lucifer as the dark red king. Stained in blood and hated by most of his subjects. What were the kings without their people however? And so Crowley popped in to begin his recruiting. There was a battle phase coming and so he planned to take full advantage of the setup.

“Well well well don’t I have a dealfor you.”