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did somebody say wedding day destiel?


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

[ 3.11.16 ] I’m in the middle of my exams and I’m slowly drowning in them… send help
on the bright side, I only have 6 more papers to take then I’ll be freeeee (well as free as a 16 year old can get)

Sweet Baby Boy 🌸


Ok, Lucifer is supposed to be the ‘light bringer’ in this ship, right?

But look! Whenever Chloe is there

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it is Lucifer

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who practically has

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light coming out of his (very fit) ass

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and his mouth

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and look basically like everywhere

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So God basically used Chloe to re-kindle Lucifer’s light and make him the Lightbringer again and I love it :’) (probably not as much as they love each other but still)


(so i got a bunch of requests after i actually closed them but i still wanna do em but due to time constraints i have chosen to do them in a much simplified and sketchier style but yeah here they are i hope its okay love you guys bye)

One of my favorite bits in Bob’s Burgers is when one of the Belchers pays the other a compliment and there’s a moment where you think it’s gonna go into some one-off insult, but then they just play it straight through and it’s genuine like when Gene told Bob his eyes were soulful, or when Gene put pasta on his head to look like a wig and Tina told him he was gorgeous. 


You just feel bad for the dead in your wake. I don’t feel anything.

If that were true, you would have killed me by now. 

“The sight of thee at Christmas Time
Spreads hope and gladness far and wide
O christmas Boy
O Christmas Boy
Thou tree most fair and lovely”

Secret Santa for me boy, @heyahchow

I know nothing of Hellboy