Imagine Hobi coming home from practice late at night. He’ll quietly unlock the door and slip into your shared apartment, careful not to wake you up because it’s so late and he knows you’ll be asleep. He’ll take a shower to rinse all the sticky sweat from his body and he’ll slip on a pair of sweatpants, leaving his torso bare. Hobi will quietly open the bedroom door and smile, seeing your small sleeping figure wearing nothing but his Stussy tank and a pair of panties. He’ll slide under the covers gently, wrapping his arms around your waist in order to pull your back against his chest. You’ll wake from the movement, only to look up and see the smiling, gorgeous face of the man you love more than anything in the world. You’ll roll over in his arms so that you’re facing him, and he’ll press his palm to your cheek, cradling it gently. “How was practice, oppa?” You’ll murmur, running your thumb under his tired eyes. “Pretty good. But I’m happier now that I see you.” He’ll reply gently, closing his eyes under your touch. You’ll smile, and wrap your arms around his bare torso, laying your head against his chest. Hoseok will press his lips to your hair. You will lean up and press your lips to his forehead, and he will in turn do the same to you, and you’ll take turns kissing each other’s forehead until Hoseok captures your lips softly with his own. Satisfied, you will slide back down to lay your head against his chest once again, content with laying in the arms of Jung Hoseok, the love of your life. There’s no better feeling in the world.

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Can we consider Grantaire being extremely jealous of Feuilly?
  • When Grantaire begins to attend the metings of les Amis, he is sure Enjolras and Feuilly are dating. He often sees them together, they agree on 99% of things and Enjolras often mentions Feuilly while talking with other people. R is quite envious because have you seen Enjolras?? The guy is gorgeous, Feuilly is a lucky man!!
  • Give it some weeks and the attraction has switched into a huge crush. And the envy has switched into painful jealousy, the kind that makes his chest ache, his mouth twitch and his eyes turn away as soon as he sees Enjolras simply approaching Feuilly.
  • By this time Grantaire knows that in fact they are not dating, but he is still convinced that Enjolras must be in love with Feuilly. He thinks it’s natural: they have a lot in common, Feuilly has a lot of talents and abilities and, what is more important, he shares Enjolras’s beliefs.
  • Give it some months and the crush is now complete devotion and unconditioned love. Grantaire got accustumed to burning jealousy: now it’s more like a constnt and resigned awareness of being inferior to the ginger-haired man who has the privilege of being looked at with such fond eyes by Enjolras.
  • Despite this, it’s not that R hates Feuilly or that they are not friends. They get on well together and they like each other’s company. Only, when he hears Enjolras’s name mentioned by Feuilly’s voice, his smile wavers for a second and he has to take a sip from the nearest bottle he finds not to let it fade.
  • And then the impossible happens. Planets allign and years of prayers are given a response, or simply two stubborn dorks finally get to speak honestly to each other: Enjolras and Grantaire start dating.
  • At this point R has a good probability of being the happiest man on Earth. Still, when he thinks about Feuilly he doesn’t think “Well, apparently I was wrong”, he thinks “I can’t believe Enjolras chose me.” In a certain way, the idea of being “the chosen one” makes him proud. On the other hand, it doesn’t help with his sense of inferiority and he becomes terrified of not being enough for his boyfriend.
  • Sometimes Enjolras mentions Feuilly during conversations with Grantaire: walking home from meetings, at dinner, during pillow talks.. Every time Grantaire dies a little.
  • Eventually, Enjolras notices it. He asks R if he has something against Feuilly, since his face darkens everyt time he mentions him. But how can R tell him?? What right does he have to stop Enjolras from loving someone?? So he just shrugs and changes subject.
  • One day, R is feeling particularly down and who goes and tries to cheer him up if not Feuilly himself? At first R thinks that he is the last person he needs in that moment and he’d rather stay depressed. But as a matter of fact after half an hour chatting he actually feels much better, and he realizes that in the last few months he had almost forgotten the good friend Feuilly is.
  • When he gets home Enjolras notices he is quieter than usual. “I’ve been speaking with Feuilly.” “And..?” “I’ve decided..Well… It’s okay if…you know… If you are in love with him.”
  • Enjolras’ jaw drops and he stares at Grantaire in shock for some seconds before opening his mouth to reply “What the fuck are you-” “No, let me speak. You don’t know how hard it is to tell you these things even if you don’t interrupt me. So, please, let me finish. What I’m trying to say is that I understand. I understand that he is just perfect for you. He’s nice and outgoing. He is kind, generous and selfless. He has so many talents I don’t even know where to start. He is passionate, almost as much as you, and he believes in equality and freedom. He is everything you need and I’m sure he can make you happy. So yeah, if I really have to lose you I’m glad it’s because of him and not anyone else. Because he is really an amazing guy.”
  • By the end of the rant Grantaire is in tears and his heart is basically shattered. Enjolras waits quietly for him to finish, then he just nods and asks: “So, you are in love with him .” Grantaire frowns and stammers: “What?.. No..No, of course not, why..?” “You have just said beautiful things.” “Okay and they are true but.. He’s great and I love him as a friend, but I don’t love him like I love you , it’s a different thing!” At this point Enjolras simply smiles and raises the palms of his hands as to say; “You see?”
  • And Grantaire is just: “Oh.”
  • Yes, Enjolras loves Feuilly. Everybody loves Feuilly. Enjolras loves all of his friends. Only, there are different kinds of love and his heart is big enough to have a place for all of them. And Grantaire learns that this is not something he has to worry about, but it’s probably the most beautiful thing about his boyfriend.
Just friends

➸ Chapter 1 
Summary: Being friends with Namjoon wasn’t exactly on the cards, but surviving him was. Falling in love with him wasn’t something you could see yourself doing until it happened. 

Chapter 2 

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[1 Year Prior ]

Tapping your fingers impatiently on the vacant leather chair, you groan at the third groupie sneaking in the room wearing Namjoon’s fetish apparel. In all of your employment, high top red converse, blue jeans and a simple white top was enough for a girl to get a backstage pass into his pants. The man who stood before you, gaping at his third option, 6ft and lean, was perhaps the most obsolete and the most annoying employer you’ve ever worked for.

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Anon Request: “I love you” traced against the skin fic? Reaper maybe? Or your choice

So, this ended up being more about Gabriel Reyes before the explosion and all that. I hope you like this, anon! If you have any questions, message me!

You were dragging your fingers along the dips and curves of his beautiful brown skin, savoring these quiet moments between the both of you. There were few moments in which he would let down his guard, and you would cherish those moments for as long as you could. He was snoring beside you, resting on his stomach, and you wondered how you had found such a gorgeous man to call your own. Gabriel shifted beneath your touch, and you smiled as he slowly turned his head, his eyes fluttering open.

“Morning,” you whispered, pressing a sweet kiss against his forehead. A faint smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he rolled onto his back, staring up at you.

“What time is it?” Gabriel asked.

“Early. Don’t really know.” You scooted closer, his muscular arm curling around your back, and you placed your head on his chest. Grazing your fingers over his skin, you smiled as you traced a promise over his stomach. Tilting your head, you kissed his neck and moved your fingers up toward his chest.

“Jack will want us for training soon,” he said, twisting a strand of your hair around his finger.

“He can wait. I want to spend some alone time with my wonderful boyfriend,” you whispered, “I don’t get to do this often.”

You felt his fingers dance along the curve of your body, and you smiled tilting your head back to stare at him. You traced ‘I love you’ across his skin, never once breaking the eye contact between the both of you. His fingers teased the skin of your back and dragged across your spine.

“I love you, too, mi tesoro,” Gabriel said.

Shifting, you rose from the bed and stretched your arms over your head, feeling his warm hand on your back. Someone knocked their fist against the door, and you groaned, knowing who it was before they spoke.

“You’re ten minutes late, Reyes!” Jack yelled through the door, and you sighed, flinging a pillow toward it. It thumped and hit the ground, followed by a laugh from him. “You promised to help train, Y/N! That means actually getting up and getting dressed.”

“We’ll be out in a minute, Jack. Keep your marbles all together,” you said, glancing back at your boyfriend. He smirked as he sat up, bringing you into a searing kiss.

You traced your fingers along his back, spelling out ‘I love you’ once more.

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im crying pompeii by bastille is a good ladynoir angst song ho ly sh i t

come to think of it that song is good for love square angst im d y i n g o v e r h e r e

i’ve never listened to the song in this context before but  y e s

ok but post reveal!love square that have been fighting hawk moth for a few years and are struggling to get by

thank you for bringing this to my attention