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i don't think pete is hot anymore like he used to be hot but post-hiatus pete is just... nah

he’s a gorgeous man have you seen that man’s eyes and body and face and just i love pete wentz

Photo op with Jensen

I was expecting a long line but they sent us up row by row so I legit walked straight up and he was there but the cameraman wasn’t and I was like “Hi Jensen” and he said “Hi” back and smiled. We were told the cameraman wasn’t there yet and he laughed and said “We need one of those” and I just said “yeah probably” and laughed (and missed my chance to talk to him because brain fried by gorgeous eyes omg) and then he opened his arm and I slipped mine around his waist and smiled in a daze as the camera flashed and then said thank you and he said “you’re welcome” and I got to look into his eyes for that flash of a second and I think I died.


SO, I had a photo op with Jensen today, and I forgot how to function the second I saw him. Almost lost my ability to stand, and I also barely said THANK YOU… I mean.. he thanked me first and looked me in the eyes, and my mind went blank. It took me a few seconds to thank him back. T.T
To be honest, I don’t remember much of it, but I do remember that special hug. Oh guys, he makes sure you don’t forget this ever. :3

He is THE MOST GORGEOUS man I have ever seen. Oh my God.
(Also calm, intelligent, smart, and full of love for everyone.)

And I still can’t believe he’s real.

I’m signing out of my life.


Imagine: Your daughter invites him to lunch

“Lucy will you go and get me a box of Oreos?” You cooed staring down at your five year old little girl who always loved to go shopping with you, she wiped her hair from her eyes and nodding rapidly before racing towards them just down the aisle, you watched her closely as she grabbed the package and just as she went to pull it down several packages crashed the ground next to her.

You quickly grabbed the shopping basket and hurried over to your child “What happened here little one?” A deep voice asked in a soft tone, you looked up only to be met with a beautiful pair of light brown eyes, his smile stretched across his face “Lucy um- you okay honey?” You asked snapping your eyes from the gorgeous man in front of you, staring down into your daughters glossy eyes you let out a sigh before pulling her into a hug “it’s okay baby it wasn’t your fault, you didn’t mean to.” You cooed quietly rubbing her back.

“You’re a very brave girl, do you like to shop?” The mysteriously gorgeous man asked, Lucy dethatched from you and looked up at the man “Yes! Mommy lets me do big girl things and help her get the stuff she needs, I’m only five!” She exclaimed raising her right hand and shoved it in his face “Lucy not so close.” You laughed putting her arm back down at her side “I’m Justin.” The man said suddenly, you felt your cheeks heat up into a slight blush “Y/N, and you already know this is Lucy.” You laughed gesturing down to your little girl who stood next to you.

“Mommy I want Justin to come to lunch with us!” Your daughter whined tugging anxiously at the end of your dress, you shot Justin an apologetic look before crouching down “Justin has things to do honey, I’m sorry bu-“ He was quick to cut you off “Actually I’m free, and I couldn’t pass up an invitation from her now could I?” He winked at Lucy who cheered clapping her hands together excitedly

“All right, well let’s go to lunch then.”