@tereziweek *bursts through door* SO I HEARD IT WAS TEREZI WEEK

here have a dragongirl

(day 5: that superhero au no one asked for)

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Are you going to make the baby instagram account? I don't know whether you have addressed this already or not :) congrats again!

I am! This weekend. Lol. I was having trouble with the username. Hopefully I find one soon!! Lol! But this weekend it will be made, and I will let everyone know (:


Hello everyone,
This pup’s name is Koda and he needs your help! Koda has a severely torn ACL and cannot use his right leg! He is in lots of pain and I would love to be able to get him the surgery he needs, however, it is $4,000.. I’m only 21 so that is a lot of money for me to raise but I will do anything for my baby!! Please help me attempt to reach my goal so Koda will no longer suffer. I love you all, thanks for reading!!

“Payzer split up” “No no, I want them to get back together” “They were so cute and so in love” “Jesus, why?” “Ziam shippers seriously you should stop” “Respect Liam!” “This isn’t about Ziam!” “I bet Liam’s so sad right now”

I’m having the best time of my life

the best 

the best time

the best time of my life

“i’m crying why can’t i write/draw/sing/etc like this???” because you are not that person, my love. you write/draw/sing the way you were supposed to. take your art, work hard at your art, love your art; be proud that it is you, all the way 100%. one day someone will look at your work and say, “why can’t this be me” and you’ll tell them: because you are already who you need to be.