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Kinda like the one you just did with Dylan can you do one where you're married to Eric and you're having dinner with your mother and father in law, Kathy and Wayne and you go into labor? And then your baby is born? :)

“Do you think it’s going to be a girl or a boy?” Kathy asks. “I’m not sure,” you smile. “We’re thinking a girl. It’s got a powerful little kick.” The front door opens and Eric comes in with a watermelon, kissing the top of your head. “Honey, you didn’t have to do that,” you say lovingly. Right after dinner, you had mentioned that you’ve been craving watermelon lately and Eric immediately took off in search of one. You were talking with his parents about the baby while he was gone. He starts cutting it up and brings a couple slices over, kissing you gently, “There you go, baby,” he murmurs. You kiss back, smiling against his lips, “I love you.”

Eric rests his hand on your stomach as you eat, rubbing it slowly. He grins when he feels kicking and his dad says, “I’m so proud of you.” Eric looks at him in surprise, smiling faintly, “Thanks, Dad,” he says quietly. You put your hand over Eric’s, gasping when you feel a small pain and you look down quickly. “Reb,” you blurt out. Eric widens his eyes, “Now?” You nod, his parents widening their eyes as well. “Okay, okay,” Eric says, trying to stay calm. “Wow, um.. okay, let’s get you in the car,” he says softly, helping you up. You wince as you hold your stomach, breathing deeply as Eric brings you to the car.

You arrive at the hospital with Eric’s parents close behind. You call your own parents so they can get to the hospital and you’re led to a room. You’re crying out in pain as Eric mumbles, “You can do this, baby. You’re so strong, come on.” After a short amount of time, one of the nurses says, “Y/n, it looks like you’re almost ready.” “Already?” you cry out. She smiles, nodding, “I’m going to call your doctor and you’re going to meet your baby.” You watch her leave the room with wide eyes, tearing up as you look at Eric, “Oh my god. Reb, it’s so soon, it’s-” He grins, kissing your forehead, “Y/n, this is good,” he whispers, “Our baby’s almost here.”

The doctor comes in and smiles, “Hi, everyone, I hear we’re a little ahead of schedule. You’re in good hands, y/n.” You nod, gripping Eric’s hand as he reminds you to breathe. “Okay, we’re going to start pushing,” your doctors says. You cry out loudly as you start to push, trying to focus on Eric’s encouraging words. “Ahhh!” you scream and you suddenly hear a baby’s cry. Your baby’s cry. “It’s a girl, it’s a girl,” Eric whispers happily in your ear, starting to cry. A couple tears stream down your face as you look at your baby lovingly.

Once the actual birth is done and the room has cleared out some, you’re holding your baby in your arms. Eric’s sitting on the edge of the bed next to you, gently touching your baby’s palm with his finger. You’re both smiling down at her and you grin as you look at Eric. “She has your nose,” you whisper. Eric chews on his lip and you kiss his nose. He can’t help but smile. Eric’s never liked his nose but he knows how much you love it. “Well, she has your beautiful eyes,” he whispers. You grin faintly, “She has your mouth,” you murmur. Eric cups your cheek and kisses you softly, pressing another kiss to your forehead before you smile at your baby again. You can’t wait to bring her home and start your lives as a family.

“Payzer split up” “No no, I want them to get back together” “They were so cute and so in love” “Jesus, why?” “Ziam shippers seriously you should stop” “Respect Liam!” “This isn’t about Ziam!” “I bet Liam’s so sad right now”

I’m having the best time of my life

the best 

the best time

the best time of my life