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SO it’s @bananannabeth‘s birthday today and I wanted to draw her very cute OC’s for her! I hope today is as wonderful as you are, Ashlee! Happy birthday <3<3 !!!

I hope you see me. I hope you see the real me. 
The me that is way too loud and way too silly.
The me that speaks too much the one day and doesn’t say a word the other.
The me that doesn’t like the attention but loves it when you gave me yours.
The me that doesn’t want to speak about her feelings or her thoughts but want to hear everything what is going on in your head.
I hope you see the real me. All my flaws.
I hope you see the real me but still like me.
—  I hope you like the real me.

I just started teen wolf and then there was some big fight scene and I thought “wait I know that song in the background” aND IT WAS DESTROYA BY MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND THATS THE FIRST TIME I HEARD THAT SONG SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN MY PHONE AND I DECIDED I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW

little sister didn’t get the a-level results she needed to get into vet school, and it’s all she’s wanted all her life and she’s worked so hard on them and on getting the work experience she needs and she’s the family genius so the parents didn’t think she could not get them, so i’m so worried about what happens next for her and i have no idea how to help why cant i be a better big sister

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Ok but I have to know WHAT IS THE CONTEXT OF "SONGSABOUTSALADS"??? Are they odes to salads? Ballads? Break-up songs about the time you tried a diet?? I MUST KNOW

haha it’s just from a dumb poem I wrote when I was in high school bc I have depression and I was sick of reading about it

gosh I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paste it here so you could read it but fine here you go

Everyone likes to write about love.
It’s either that, or suicide.
I’d like, for once, a poem about ducks -
Not the complexities of humankind.

When every song is a love song
Or another macabre ballad
There’s newfound appreciation on every occasion
Someone composes a song about salad.

I understand: love’s something special,
And death’s contrast is oft well-written,
But I wish to overdose on a rare bit of prose
Filled with nothing but puppies and kittens.

i loved you but you were too late. 


No Alone Time (Gianluigi Buffon imagine)


“Nanni, Stefano, Guido come pick up your cleats” I said as I walked in the house

I could hear the groans from the 10 year old’s upstairs.Causing me to chuckle, as soon as they came downstairs they picked up their things putting them in the closet before coming and sitting at the counter. “Ma what are we having for dinner?” Guido asked

I raised an eyebrow, “Wow I was gone for two days and that’s the first thing you say to your Mother?” I asked

He gave me a smile , “I love you Ma” He said

I nodded, “Sure you do”

The boys and I stayed in the kitchen for a little bit longer, talking about how they were the past two days since I was away on business. “Boys! What did you do-Oh hey” Gian said smiling once he saw me

I raised an eyebrow at him, “What did the boys do?” I asked

He shook his head, and came over wrapping his arms around me from behind. “Papá! We’re all right here” Nanni said

I chuckled slapping his hands lightly, “Yeah Gianluigi the kids are right there” I said back

“Plus she’s our Mamma” Stefano said narrowing his eyes

Gian groaned, “You know at times like this it sucks that you’re the only girl in the house” He muttered

I smiled, “That just means I’ll be the Queen of this house for a while” I said

The boys laughed and decided to head upstairs to go do whatever made them so excited to do. And when they left Gian took that time to sit me on top of the counter and stand in between my legs.

“Gianluigi ” I said

He looked around me before looking back into my eyes, “What? The kids are gone upstairs we’re good for a whole 20 minutes.” He said

“And how do you know this?”

“Because I’m a guy”

I laughed, “That’s completely logical” I said

Gian nodded, and placed his hands under my shirt. I chuckled, and right when something was going to happen Guido screamed. I pulled away from him, and turned towards him. “What are you doing to Mamma!” He yelled

“Well you see when-” I quickly slapped a hand over his mouth before he could continue anything he was going to say. “Nothing Papa was just helping me itch something. What did you need?” I asked

Guido narrowed his eyes, before coming closer to the counter. “Can we have pizza” 

Gian looked around me and towards Guido, removing my hand. “We can have pizza go back upstairs” He said

“I want to make sure Mamma is okay” 

I chuckled, “I’m fine, Gui” 

Guido got up from the chair, and pointed towards his eyes and then to Gian. “I’m watching you Papa” 

I chuckled, and when he was finally out of view I turned towards Gian. “20 minutes huh” 

He groaned, “Why’d we decide to have kids early?” 

I smiled, and hugged his waist seeing as I was quite shorter than his 6′3 frame. “Because I said it’d be fun”I said

“The process was fun”He said wiggling his eyebrows

I smacked his chest, chuckling. “The kids are a joy” I said


He lowered himself a little so that our faces were inches apart. And you can pretty much guess what happened afterwards, but I’m going to say it anyways. 

Just as we were about to kiss, Nanni yelled out for me. I chuckled, “Looks like you’re going to have to wait” I said staring into his eyes

He groaned, “Let’s ship them off to your sisters or something?” He said 

I pushed his shoulder, “We’re not shipping the kids off” 

Gian groaned before reluctantly letting go of me and walking behind me up the stairs to see what was wrong. When we got there we saw Guido and Nanni hitting each other while Stefano was just watching the two. 

“Why are you hitting your brother?” I asked as we pulled the two apart.

They didn’t answer and just gave each other glares, I sighed. “Go to your rooms until you tell us what’s wrong” Gian said 

The three of them walked along and went into their rooms, when Gian in his mind once again believed we were in the clear and sat down on the couch pulling me onto his lap. “Now we can continue no interruptions” He said bringing himself down to kiss me. 

“You think so” 

“Oh I know” 

But he didn’t know, “Mamma do I have to-Never mind” 


You were my solace
A breath of air
A gasp of pleasure,
More than anyone has ever given me
The idea of intimacy, security, value,
Someone who loved me
Loved me.
With no modifiers.
I’m sorry for the way
that I took you for granted
And chased freedom with such vigor
That I forgot the golden promises I held
All the things that you gave me
And your love, that was more
Than a good love.
God, it was the best love.

It’s always the best ones that I lose.
And I never deserved to have you.
But I loved you.
And I never got the chance to say
thank you.

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1. Spell your name in song titles: Going to use my nick name, it’s shorter!

I- I’m Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage

V- Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots

Y- You Outta Know by Alanis Morissette

2. Why did you choose your URL? Gave it to me when I started. Loved it, kept it!!

3. What your middle name?
 Shhhh!! It’s a secret!!

4. If you could be a mythological creature what would you be? Dragon

5. What’s your favourite color?

6. A song you like right now
more than a woman - ???what???

7. Top four fandoms
 Middle Earth, Marvel, Supernatural, Sherlock

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When it comes

If when the winter comes
And all your flowers die,
remember the memories
Before you start to cry,
tears of laughter
Or tears of sorrow,
While you stay awake just see to tomorrow.
I think of you.
As I’m Trapped, gazing at different skies.
I can see you,
Whenever I close my eyes.
You gave me your love,
As only a mother can.
While you put me on the right track,
To becoming a man.
And now time conspires against us,
Has the end really begun?
So frustrated that I can’t find the words,
To describe how much I love you my mum.
Please don’t be scared if the darkness
Draws close.
Fight for life with the
strength you can gain,
From those who love you the most.
Hold us in your heart
And You will never be alone
Where ever you end up
You will always be home.

Words for Elysium 2016 ©

Smoke and Mirrors

Humans are weird

We lie, cheat, and steal.

But sometimes our hearts do a silly little thing

And we call it love.

My heart ran, skipped, jumped, and flipped

When I saw you.

You claim your heart did the same

Funny how things change.

I send you a text, call, anything


Desperate for a reply.

One never comes back.

You disappeared like a magician in a magic act

While I sat there stunned.

You took my love and vanished

All while the audience oohed and ahhed

I stood there with a hole in my chest

And my heart in your hand.

I still whispered I love you to the silent air

And got nothing in return.

I have kissed no one goodnight

I have held onto nothing

Hoping to find something

Just to feel alive.

You gave me your love like

A whispered promised

That you never wanted to keep

I’ll try to move on

But then you call me to make sure

I’m still yours, with empty words saying

“You know I still love you right?”

You toyed with me and my heart

With your evil smile

and eyes that say

You’re fucked…


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Hey mom! I think I'm going to come out to my best friend on Thursday. I want her to be the first person I tell. I might come out to 2 ppl after, but I'm still not sure. I've been postponing coming out for a while and I'm still pretty sure that I'll chicken out in the last minute. I'm pretty sure this will change everything. I don't think I'll ever have a sleepover again tbh...but I want to be myself around my best friends. Caliza gave me the strength to do this :) I love you! xx-your daughter

This is so pure and I’m so honored and proud 😭