body positivity tag 🌻🐝

1. Post your some selfies where you feel cute af 

2.Something you love about your hair - it’s really soft and fluffy

3.Something you love about your eyes - they’re a really pretty blue-gray-green

4.Something you love about your mouth - i look really cute when i bite my lip

5.Something you love about your nose - i’ve got the nose from my mom’s grandpa’s side of the family: very jewish, with a cool bump in the middle

6.Something you love about your legs - rlly nice thighs, ladies ;)

7.Something you love about your butt - horseback riding gave me fine glutes™

8.Something you love about your tummy - v soft, v cute

9.Something you love about your chest - a rlly nice size

10.Something you love about your height - i’m getting tall!!

11.Something you love about your weight - um… it’s alright? there are no “bad” weights tbh

12.When do you feel prettiest - in a suit

13.When did you last feel beautiful - i think yesterday? i was wearing a rlly cute outfit

🌻🐝Tag people you want to feel pretty af 🐝🌻

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Hey I'm Jackie, 17, and bi (trying to figure out if I'm pan tho). Since you really like anime, I was wondering if you'd give me any recommendations. I really like Youjo Senki and Katekyo Hitman Reborn and generally any fantasy/action/adventure anime that have a deep plot. I'd really appreciate it if you gave me any fan fiction recs as well. :) p.s. love your avatar au where katara and zuko switch

i think you’ve gotten me confused with another writer on the last bit! i’ve never written an avatar AU?

if you’re looking for anime recommendations, this is generally my top stuff! (all completed shows!)

-princess tutu (drama, romance, fantasy)
-steins;gate (sci fi, drama, time travel)
-darker than black (sci fi, action, thriller)
-mononoke (fantasy, drama)
-jormungand (drama, thriller, action, adventure)
-zetsuen no tempest (fantasy, action, drama)

as far as fic recs, i’ve been reading mostly YOI stuff rn! my latest great reads have been:

matched | wealthy/rich AU | E |  @plotghosts | victor pairs people off. his own romance is a mess.

a hand like yours to take mine | host club AU | NR | @kixboxer | victor learns quite a bit about his regular.

✮take care | a/b/o AU | T+ | @burningphoenixwings | yuuri talks about his gender presentation with victor.

✮salchow fury | pacific rim AU | T+ |  @winchilsea | yuri p. is victor’s co-pilot, for better or worse.

✮in this home we built | space/AI AU | NR | lovechiId on twitter!  | yuuri only has one companion in space.

good luck on watching and reading! lovely to meet you, jackie! ( ´ ♡  ` )ノ✧


Gerard Way jumping

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


he’s the prettiest boy at the party and he can prove it

Imagine a hug from Dazai.

I don’t know why but the thought of a hug from Dazai is one of my favourite things.

Just think about it, resting your head on his chest with your arms loosely wrapped around him as you listen to his steady heartbeat. Imagine his arms around you, one arm wrapped around your body and the other resting on your shoulder, his hand on your head and his fingers running through your hair.

I could really do with a hug like that sometimes.

Dearest Sherlock,

If you’re reading this, love, I must be dead. (That sounded cliché. I do hate clichés, but oh well.) I don’t know what happened to me, but I do know that it will be alright. You will be alright, Sher.

I want to thank you, love. You gave me everything and then some, and there are no words that can truly express my thanks for that. Sher, you gave me a home when no one else would, you stood up for me when I couldn’t for myself, you lent me your shoulder when I needed one to cry on, you gave me our children, you gave me your love. You gave me a chance all those years ago, and I think that did us both some good. Thank you for that.

Sherlock, I love you so, so much. I love you more than you could ever possibly know. You are my whole world, Sherlock Holmes. My whole freakin’ world.

I have one last request, one last thing for you to give me… Please tell Will and Mary Louise that I love them and am so, so proud of them. Tell John that he was the best friend a person could ask for, and tell Rosie that she will forever be the best niece in the world. Tell Mycroft that he seriously needs to get that stick out of his arse. Tell Mrs. Hudson that I’m still bitter she never let me drive her car but that I love her anyways. And finally, love, tell yourself that whatever happened to me was not, and never will be, your fault.

William Sherlock Scott Holmes, you are the light of my world. I will be waiting for you eagerly in whatever afterlife may exist, and if no afterlife exists, I will at least be waiting for you to be laid to rest beside me six feet under.

With love,
Y/N Holmes

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I don’t know how to say  G O O D  B Y E .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @oncepromised!


the only appropriate response when Shianni asks you this tbqh.

Forever Yours, Forever Mine (M)

SUMMARY: You’ve been with your fair share of guys, Yoongi’s been with his fair share of girls, but nothing can ever compare or come close to how good it feels when you’re together.

GENRE/WARNINGS: Smut, PWP; body worship, dirty talk, possessive themes. It’s incredibly intimate with a shit ton of filth mixed within.

WORDS: 4.5k.

A/N: I’m posting this from the grave. Seriously, I don’t think I’m alive lol. This killed me. Enjoy. xx.

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You gave me the key to all your love and pleasure, boy you’re my treasure.

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Tell me where we go from here

So long, and goodnight

We’ll carry on

Killjoys, make some noise

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Can you do one where Moriarty and Sherlock are out in love with you and play games trying to win you over?

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Reader x Sherlock, Reader x Moriarty

You opened your door, watching as Moriarty walked inside.

“Y/N.” He gave you a quick kiss on your cheek. “Did you miss me, love?”

“Jim, what are you doing here?” You closed the door and the two of you walked further into your apartment.

“Oh, you know.” He shrugged his shoulders and took a seat at the kitchen table. “Just wanted to see how my favorite girl is doing.”

“That’s it?” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“That’s it.” He confirmed.

“No games with Sherlock.” You pressed on.

Moriarty placed his hand on his heart and gasped, taken aback.

“Y/N, I would never.” He reassured you and stood up, putting his hands on your shoulders. Slowly, he began to turn you in place as the two of you walked to your living room.

You jumped at the sound of the doorbell.

“I wonder who that could be.” You shrugged Jim’s arms off and shot him a look before opening the door.


Sherlock cut you off, running right past you.

“No, please do come in.” You muttered out loud and shut the door behind you. With a sigh, you joined the two masterminds in your kitchen.

“Jim.” You began.

“Starting now I would never.” He told you. “I didn’t get to finish before.”

“You!” Sherlock pointed at Moriarty. “You tricked me!”

Jim rolled his eyes. “It was just a gaaaame, Sherlock. Calm down, you’re just not good enough.”

“What game?” You asked.

“Sherlock thought he deserved you, so we started a little game.” Jim winked at you.

“No.” You blurted out.

“But I-” Sherlock began but you cut him off.

“No, and sit down, Sherlock.” Leaning across the table, you glared at both of the boys. “No games. The last time you two played you little games, London was destroyed.”

“It’s just a little game, Y/N.” Moriarty told you. “Nothing to worry about.”

“If you play your little game, I will throw you a little funeral.” You told them both. “Got it?”

Jim grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on it. “Criminal looks good on you, Y/N.”

Sherlock stood up and wrapped his arm around your waist. “Y/N is not a criminal.”

Jim shot you a wink and mouthed, ‘pick you up at eight.’

“I saw that! I can see you!” Sherlock said, frantically.

“Oh what, did you deduce it?” Moriarty asked, sarcastically.

“Yes, yes I did.” Sherlock crossed his arms, growing more agitated with his nemesis.

“Yeah well deduce this!” Jim stuck his middle finger up at Sherlock, before walking over to you and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Dress warm, love. I’ll see you soon.”

“Y/N is not going!” Sherlock yelled after Moriarty. “This isn’t over!”

You closed the door behind the two idiots and sat at your kitchen table, wondering what would happen when eight o’clock rolled around.