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jungkook x reader slight angst, smut

12,820 words

a/n: remember that time i posted a long list of fic ideas n stuff i was writing and this wasn’t on it? oops! this was originally gonna be a oneshot but things got way out of hand so, please forgive me for taking two months to write a 12K part one, i know i’m garbage. the next part will have a lot more angst so prepare yourselves, and once again thx @mysoftae this would never have come to fruition without you ;(

~ in which your ridiculously hot, annoying brat of a roommate keeps you up at all hours of the night, takes up all your space, is essentially trying to ruin your life, and is intent on sticking his dick in you

     You had always liked living alone.

     There were no one’s dishes to wash but your own, you could play your music as loud as you wanted, the only person you had to worry about your cat liking was yourself, nobody could complain about what spices you stunk up the place with, and most importantly, you never had to wear pants.

     You would have been content to live alone for the rest of your sad, lonely life enjoying nothing but those small pleasures.

     Then one day there was Jeon Jungkook, on his knees, hands clasped beneath his chin, looking up at you with those wide, glittering brown eyes of his. Maybe you would have said no if he hadn’t been blocking you up against the door to the library, if there hadn’t been a line of people building up behind him complaining about the two of you being in their way, if he actually would have moved when you grabbed his shoulder and tried to shove him to the side with all of your strength. That kid had been working out a little too much.

     Also, he was begging. That might have had something to do with it.

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Some things about deh

I’m on the drive home from the train station and I’m emotional so here goes.
-the text message tones and social media pre show. I actually found this very grating and unpleasant, which tbh made me love it more.
-Ben platt’s 900 wps performance which was so familiar and real.
-Michael park who was so unexpected. I couldn’t imagine caring about Larry. His break down in you will be found was so raw and physical. It was so amazing.
-Heidi’s tenderness and gentleness.
-Jared kleinman’s aggressive words and insecurity. He’s so unsure and so so desperate it was amazing to watch and will Roland is outstanding.
-mike faist is so beautiful and Connor was just stone cold. He’s so clearly depressed and unfeeling at certain parts in the show and it was so chilling. It’s such a familiar feeling, and it was unsettling and greatly appreciated to see that:
-the letter. Everywhere. But especially in the scene where Connor is talking to Evan before words fail, etc. the words “would anybody notice if I just disappeared tomorrow?” Are plastered on stage.
-Ben platt, who was clearly working hard and I suspect had a sore throat, his voice is so beautiful and I am so honored to have seen him.
-Olivia as Alana. So intense and driven, so clearly hurting, so angry and ready to speak her mind. Wonderful.
-Laura’s voice and body language.
-just the moms together. That scene has so much tension and it’s very stirring.
-spit and snot flying out of Ben platt.
-the line “all I ever do is run” and the panting, horrified, alarmed breaths that follow.
-the real shaking before you will be found.
-jared’s fury at being betrayed. The gentleness when he asks Evan to hang out and drink with him is replaced by this fury and it’s incredible.
It was so wonderful and I wanna cry all the time.

IMAGINE: (summer traveling edition)

Elisa was pretty sure she and her husband were the exact representation of stressed parents in the airport. Their set up was as follows:

Mommy: Little Brother in kangaroo carrier on the front. Diaper backpack on the back. Rolly bag on the right hand. Declan’s hand on the left. Unruly curls conveniently pulled up in a bun.

And then Daddy: Two massive luggages on both hands. Baby’s carseat on hanging on one shoulder. An additional backpack on the other – pulling on his gray dad cardigan that complemented his dad hat and dad glasses.

Whew. Was that all?

And what’s worse…the flight was delayed, which meant keeping a 2-year-old and 1-year-old entertained for the next hour. Thankfully, a couple luggages were checked in, which freed Patrick a couple hands.

They stopped at an airport gift shop, browsing the items. Patrick found a set of AP magazines (whose cover looked uncomfortably familiar) and turned each of them over so no one would see.

Meanwhile, Elisa held the baby in the carrier, following Declan as he waddled around the toy shelves. He quickly spotted one of his favorites.

“Mashow!” he exclaimed, picking up a tiny, Beanie Buddy version of a stuffed Dalmatian dog dressed in a red fireman’s hat and jacket.

“That’s right! That is Marshall,” Elisa smiled. Suddenly, the baby sneezed. “Daddy,” Elisa called Patrick away from the magazines, “can you open the backpack and get a wipe?”

And he obeyed, like a good dad, wiping his baby’s nose. Soon, they made their way out of the shop to wait at the gate. Finally – a chance to sit down.

They settled their bags on the floor, and Patrick plunked down onto the seat, exhausted. Elisa unbuckled the carrier to free the baby for a bit. Declan bounced around a small toy from his mommy’s lap to his daddy’s, before landing the toy on Daddy’s tummy.

“Woof! Woof!” Declan said.

Patrick looked down at the tiny Dalmatian dog perched atop his stomach. Something seemed strange. Very strange.

“Mommy,” Patrick asked Elisa, “has Declan always had this toy?”

Elisa took a look and gasped. “Declan! You stole that Marshall!” Declan’s eyes grew wide and mouth shrunk small at the gravity of his mother’s voice, unknowing of what he had just done. He had never stolen anything before. He didn’t know what stealing was.

Elisa tried to keep a condescending look but eventually broke, bursting into laughter.

“Declan!” she went on. “You’re not supposed to take things from a store without paying for them!” She turned to Patrick. “Daddy, you need to take him back to the store and pay for this.”

“So we’re actually gonna buy it?” Patrick asked.

“Might as well,” Elisa laughed.

“Ughhh c'mon, buddy,” Patrick groaned, taking the toy off his belly and picking up his older son. “Don’t do this again, okay? You could go to jail.”

Declan nodded, eyes beginning to fill with tears. He wrapped his chubby arms around his father’s neck while they walked back to the store. “Am I in twubble, Daddy?”

“Yes,” Patrick said. “But we’re gonna go pay for it now.”

The father and son arrived back at the shop, the cashier already giving them a dirty look. Patrick grinned. “We, uh, we accidentally stole this…” he said, placing the stuffed animal on the counter.

“Yeah,” the cashier replied, scanning it. “And you messed up my magazines too.”

Patrick blushed, then shrugged. “Ehh, that band Fall Out Boy. I can’t stand their singer’s face.”


Prompt: How about a fic where long ago s/o was saved by Klaus and she fell in love with him from there on until present time and so she finally tells him that she wasn’t loyal to him because he saved her and turned her but because she was in love with him?

Requested by: ANON

Fandom: The Originals

Niklaus Mikaelson had found you nearly dead in the massacre of Balgera. You’d been doing your best to protect your little sister from the invading forces when he had shown up and snapped your attacker’s neck. Your transition to vampire had led to nearly nine hundred years of friendship with Nikki. And a longing love that had forced you to leave his side when you realized it would never be returned. Except you’d never been able to say no to him. Which was why you were here now… listening to him bitch.

    “What ever happened to loyalty? Love? Family?” You watch him pace around the room, and when he tosses a table through a window you don’t even flinch. “They put a dagger through my heart!” You take a sip of wine, and you wait. Sure enough, he stops to stare at you. “Are you really just going to sit there sipping wine?”

    You give a lazy smile, “Oh, how I’ve missed the Mikaelson family drama. It’s ten times better than those soaps on T.V. You’ve got witches and vampires, long lost sisters, and parents rising from the dead. It’s amazing, really.”

    Klaus’ face deadpans, “Have you come here to taunt me? Are you siding with the others now?”

    You’re off the couch and in his face in under a second, “If I was siding with your family, you’d still be in that coffin with a dagger in your heart. Instead, I hauled my ass all the way from my lovely vineyard in Italy to save your ass.”

    A smile quirks on his lips, “I knew that connection spell would come in handy.”

    You roll your eyes and make your way back to your glass of wine, “Nine hundred years, and I just can’t shake you Nikki.”

    He smiles, before sauntering over to you, and throwing an arm around your shoulders, “Come now, love; death, destruction, mayhem. This is what epics are made of.”

    You shrug his arm off, “You use me for your own means Nikki. Don’t pretend otherwise.”

    “Oh please. You’re my best friend Y/N. You’re the one I went to when I needed to disappear. You’re the one that hid me when Mikael nearly caught me. You protected my siblings when I had to lead my father away.”

    You look him in the eye, “I’m also the one who will tell you the truth, no matter what. You follow through with this plan to win your aunt’s trust and you will LOSE your family Nikki.”

    He stares at you, “Then, what do you suggest?”

    You down the rest of your wine, “Let your baby mama keep your daughter safe. Dahlia won’t be able to find her easily. Cut out the dramatic revenge bits, and still hijack the little witch’s spell.”

    “And my siblings? What do they get for their betrayal? Should I just give them a free pass?”

    You stare at him, “Considering how many times you’ve daggered them, I’d have to say yes. They owed you one, Klaus. Now, come on, we have things to do.”

    He smirks, “You’re a bossy little thing.”

    You look him dead in the eye, “I’ve been this way for nearly nine hundred years, Nikki. I’m not going to change now.”

    “And always there to put me in my place.”

    You shrug, “Elijah is too kind, Rebekah does as she’s told, and your other brothers are dead. Someone has to do it.”

    He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, “My fierce protector.” He places a kiss on your forehead, “My best friend. And the only one allowed to call me Nikki. Shall we go reign down havoc?” You nod and without another word he leaves the room. And knowing you’re going to regret it, you follow him out into New Orleans.

Worst Behavior

length: 1,882 words

genre: smut

a/n: I don’t know what this is, I suck at writing smut, why do I even try. But Yuta has been killing me lately (I watch the Cherry Bomb mv 20 times a day at least just for Yuta). I did not proofread this…honestly this probably isn’t that great, but I told Kayla I’d get this up tonight, and we were so excited about this so haha

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Sana asks about the Even vs Yousef picture (that sadly was never shown) and they end up recreating the most (well according to them) epic dance battle while they both are being the very extra selves they are

“What was the deal with that picture on your Facebook?” Sana asks.

“Hmm? Which one?” Yousef says looking over at her.

“The one where it looked like you and Even were joining some type of fight club?”

“You found that?”

“Of course I did. I was stalking you. I obviously found it.”

“That…that is all that remains of the best dance battle known to humankind. Even vs. Yousef.”

“That seems a little…self-congratulatory?”

“You had to be there…maybe…”


“Maybe getting the squad together for a redo?”

“Fine. You better bring it though.”

The next day the group gathers at the park which is (mostly) equidistant to all of the locations they’d be coming from.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Even asks after their ‘ultimate bro hug™’. Yousef nods.

“This time…I’m ready to bring it.”

The battle starts off fairly standard. They do some top-rocking and classic b-boy moves. They’re both fairly good. Nothing spectacular, but definitely above average. Then…it takes a turn.

“This is where it gets good!” Mutta says, leaning over to Sana. “This is where they bring out the real stuff. The real dancing.”

Even and Yousef are engaged in what can only be described as the epitome of drunken wedding dancing mixed with…dad dance? It’s difficult to describe and definitely unexpected.

“Last time Yousef had to tap out when he cramped up doing the running man,” Mutta explains. “This time I think he’s back for the blood.”

“This will end badly,” Sana says.

“Yeah,” Isak says walking over. “But look at my boyfriend winning.”

“Don’t start this shit. Not today Valtersen.”

Forever | 23: Ecstatic

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 2569

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language - floof from now on

A/N: Only 2 chapters left!!!! I’m gonna cry when this fic ends, but I hope y’all enjoy!!! this one is a long one, sorry about that!! hope y’all are excited and enjoy :) ***TAGS CLOSED***

Forever | 22 // Forever | 24

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so tumblr musta eaten my ask but Im looking for a fic on ao3 where dan develops anorexia and its got something to do with phil saying he was gonna dan off the couch where he fell asleep but he was too heavy? and they go to a new years party or somethin, and dan cuts and has to get new sheets cause of it. I think the title was in french, and the author had netflix in their name?

Make sure you check the found tag, we did find this ask two weeks ago and published it. 

J'ai déjà mangé

Daniel James Howell was not beautiful. He never was and never will be. He was too bloody tall and had enough fat on his bones to feed a starving family.

He often ignores this fact, but the longer you bury something, the bigger a problem it will be in the future.

As of right now, Daniel Howell does not know how much trouble he is in, or what a problem he has. But as of right now Daniel James Howell is happy. And as we all know, with happiness comes the snaking claws of an unnerving agony that is sadness.

There is no way to have an ounce of happy in your life with out a gallon of sad.

After all, how does the word happy have any meaning without the meaning sad behind it?

- Eliza

LaSalle & Height Difference

This was requested by @angel167! I hope you all enjoy!

Word count: 318

Warnings: fluff

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Sometimes being short had its advantages, but when it came to being LaSalle’s girlfriend your height became more of a disadvantage.  Especially since you were only 5’2”, and LaSalle was 5’10”.  He took advantage of your height more often than not.

You were ready to walk away from the plasma screen, but before you could walk away, you found yourself being used as an armrest.  When you saw LaSalle standing next to you, you weren’t shocked.  If today were any other day you would laugh it off, but things were tense in the office.

“What’s up short stuff,” LaSalle quipped, a wide grin on his lips.  “Got an update for me?”

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Hotline | Junmyeon

Genre: Humor (i tried) ; Fluff

Description: It wasn’t exactly a surprise for you when you heard Kim Junmyeon behind the other end of the line.

Word Count: 2095

Warning: Could at some point touch sexual themes but not go as far as that.

Author’s Note: Yes, this simply came out of nowhere and could be sh!t, who knows, mostly dialogue too,, e n j o y ^^

You uttered a silent curse for around the tenth time, turning and tossing on your bed in an exasperated attempt at falling asleep. It wasn’t that late at night, 8:00 p.m. at most, but your plans for that day had been cancelled when your best friend explained she’d ought to take care of her little cousins– a quirky pair of twins that would sometimes freak you out with their twin-ish antics, and you’d already depleted every other source of diversion you’d found within the confinement of your room.

Your parents weren’t at home either as they both worked up to late hours at night. So, finding not a reason why not to, you found yourself driven to something you’d been meaning to do for quite a while. Dialing a hotline. Well, really, it was just your school hotline but you found it hilarious nonetheless. Just how had that rickety old principal come up with that idea, it amused you.

A hotline for mathematics can solve all your problematics. It never failed to make you burst with laughter, his witty motto. More when you thought of how much all of you had to suck at academics for him to even have to go through those troubles. Either way, you had to agree the other hotlines he’d set up had definitely been a great investment. They could help people, and you liked that. Though for now you could only think of those seating behind the other end of the mathematics line. Surely, they were desperate for calls, you bet they’d never actually had any people really interested in seeking academic help– yeah, you’d heard some acquaintances talking about it, but no doubt they’d only ever used it for their own amusement.

Now you were soon to find out.

[phone dialing]

XXXXXXXX: A hotline for mathematics can solve all your problematics! How can I–

Your smile outstretched to the far ends of your cheeks and you resisted the sudden urge to laugh. Of course, it had to be him.

Y/N: Kim Junmyeon, I am appalled.

You couldn’t keep the sarcasm out of your voice and you could virtually see his brows knitted together into a frown.

Junmyeon: Excuse me, but, who are you?

You felt a bit disappointed, yes, but couldn’t deny you were a bit glad he didn’t recognize you. You could tease him plenty.

Y/N: Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me~ I thought our time in the janitor’s closet had been unforgettable.

Yes, that would do.

Junmyeon: Y-You! Do you have any idea how much trouble you got me into?!

Y/N: Ow, don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it?

Junmyeon: What the– Nothing happened between us!

Junmyeon sounded genuinely agitated and you just hoped he was blushing beneath that seeming aggressiveness as you maintained your good-girl-bad-girl act.

Y/N: But it could have, baby boy.

Junmyeon: Oh my God, if you don’t have any real questions to ask then I’ll go ahead and haang up.

Y/N: Okay, okay! Jeez, can’t handle a small joke, eh, baby–

Junmyeon: Don’t call me that.

Y/N: Alright, alright. Let me ask you a real question, then. What are you wearing?

Junmyeon: What?

Y/N: Boxers or briefs? I’m wearing a white nightgown myself and imagining your hand trailing up my–

Junmyeon: WAIT. What the hell Y/N?!

Y/N: Isn’t this a hotline~?

You could feel it. You were grinding his gears and for some inexplicable reason you were enjoying it. Quite much, in fact.

Junmyeon: Alright, I see you are nothing but a waste of time, I will hang up now.

Y/N: Wait, wait, wait! I’m kidding, alright. I’ll behave now.

You were laughing now and somehow couldn’t stop. You could simply hear him sigh.

Junmyeon: I hope so. Otherwise…

Y/N: Oh, how menacing~ Should I feel threatened?

Junmyeon: You very much should.

You smiled. At least he followed your pace now.

Y/N: Well then, it might bring you some pleasure knowing, I am hiding under my bed right now.

Junmyeon: Are you always this childish?

Y/N: Maybe… If you count the fact that I lied to you.

Junmyeon: Lied?

Y/N: I’m actually wearing black laced lingerie.


Y/N: You imagined it, didn’t you?

Junmyeon: I will hang up.

Y/N: OKAY, you got me, it’s actually my My Little Pony undies.

Junmyeon: Y/N…

You chuckled, finding it was time to stop messing with him so much.

Y/N: Say, Junmyeon… How much trouble I actually did get you into?

Junmyeon: Are you kidding me? They wouldn’t believe what I told them. Apparently they’ve got a blacklist in the records and guess who’s in the top spot?

Y/N: Yours truly.

Junmyeon: Exactly. And it seems your shameless acts have far more weight than the top student’s words.

Y/N: “Shameless acts”, you make me feel like a sinner, baby boy.

Junmyeon: Stop saying that.

Y/N: What? Baby b–

Junmyeon: YES. And you are sinful, that’s why you got me into so much trouble.

Y/N: Wah, look at this church oppa over here pretending to be the purest living soul.

Junmyeon: That’s not it, I’m just better than you.

Y/N: Wow. Right. Cause I was the one who gagged you while we were up in there. And if you ask me, YEAH THAT’S NOT KINKY AT ALL.

He gasped. And his genuinely pure response made you want to chuckle.

Junmyeon: I-I did not! Covering your mouth with my hand so that you keep quiet does not mean gagging in any way. Besides, you were the one that pulled me in in the first place!

Y/N: Yeah, because it was a bet! I didn’t expect you to casually stroll down my way when I had to lock myself up with the first person I saw!

And that had been it. A simple bet that had gotten you two in quite some trouble. Your best friend, being perhaps the true reason behind all your detentions and quarrels, had had the guts to bet you wouldn’t dare lock yourself up with a “stranger” in the janitor’s room for more than a minute. You found it appealing, her challenge, knowing there could be no way you wouldn’t win– you knew at least half of the school and acquainted quite some more and you hadn’t earned the title of the school’s daredevil for nothing. Besides, you really wanted the ice cream she was offering.

But just how would you know the one person to cross your path would be responsible-nothing-but-tedious-and-academics Kim Junmyeon. One of the only persons whom you not at all talked to.

And when you pulled him into you in that closet– there, you knew just how much you fucked up.

Junmyeon: So, I was chosen at random, I see. But that doesn’t make this any less fucked up!

You could not comprehend. Was that disappointment you heard in his voice? And did he just curse? You’d never heard church oppa Junmyeon curse. However, you did not fret.

Y/N: Well, it was your fault we got figured out. Anyone would have practically heard how your teeth chattered against each other.

Junmyeon: I panicked, okay?!

At that, you did feel bad. Perhaps you’d never had an incline to hearing his side of the story, and perhaps him getting punished was truly your fault.

Y/N: Listen, I’m sorry– about that, you were right, I shouldn’t have done that, and I should have known better than to get you in trouble. I’m sorry you have to be in this stupid hotline because of that.

Junmyeon: What? No. This is not the punishment.

Y/N: Oh… Is… it not?

Junmyeon: Yes, I’m not here against my will.

Y/N: Damn. What did they do then? Forbid you from completing assignments, gave you a longer lunch break… OH, don’t tell me they stripped your good-boy-star mark away from you–!

Junmyeon: You really can’t take anything seriously, can you?

Y/N: Oh, I beg your pardon, me trying to brighten up your mood is simply unforgivable.

Junmyeon: Brighten up– and you think mocking a person is the way to do it?

Y/N: I wasn’t mocking you~ There’s a difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone.

Junmyeon: I have not laughed once.

Y/N: Yet.


Seconds passed by in silence and you wondered if the call had been cut off before he replied.

Junmyeon: I think I’ll go ahead and hang up now.

He sounded genuinely tired and suddenly, quite unexpectedly, your heart ached a bit. Had you pushed it too far? Now him hanging up didn’t seem like a funny option to you anymore. And quite frankly, you didn’t want that.

Y/N: WAIT! Jeez, just how many times have I said that tonight… Look, I’m sorry. Let me make it up for you. I said you will laugh, and you will. If not with me, at me. Now go ahead, mock me any way you want.

Junmyeon: What, I can’t do that.

Y/N: Afraid, baby boy? Shit, sorry, sorry, it got stuck.

Junmyeon: No. Because I’m not like you.

Y/N: Ouch. Close but not quite. You’re missing out the part where you laugh.

Junmyeon: Hahahahaha. Was that enough?

Y/N: Junmyeooon, where’s the enthusiasm?

Junmyeon: Look, do you have a math problem or no–

Y/N: Pi.

Junmyeon: What?

Y/N: The value of pi.

Junmyeon: Great, now we’re talking. It would be 3.14.

Y/N: Close, but not quite. 3.14159265.

Junmyeon: How did you–

Y/N: But how would I know? I’ve failed the mathematics test so many times I lost count.

You knew that had to be the lamest pun you could ever come up with, but apparently… it worked. Your efforts were rewarded with the most beautiful form of laughter you’d ever heard before. Now, why were you blushing. Shit, how could this little nerdy laugh have such an effect on you. How could it make your cheeks warm up, how could it make you smile. How could it make you want to hear it again and again.

Y/N: Junmyeon? I’m actually concerned.

Junmyeon: Okay, I have to admit that was funny.

Y/N: Holy shit– I didn’t know. Where are your kids, DAD.

Junmyeon: Oh, come on, it was hilarious.

Y/N: Whatever you say, DAD.

Junmyeon: Stop it, now.

Y/N: Wow. I am torn. Baby boy or Daddy–


Y/N: Oh, but you love them, wink, wink.

Junmyeon: Did you just say “wink, wink”?

Y/N: Well, you can’t see me right? Now you get the idea.

Junmyeon: You really are insane.

There it was again. That laughter. And now it didn’t take too long. You felt pride, but more so you felt bliss. As bizarre as it was, you did, and saying you liked it was an understatement.

You heard movement at the other end of the line, a muffled voice that you could only guess belonged to that of his parents. A door closed.

Junmyeon: Ah, Y/N, I’ve got to go now, so if you have any other questions…

Y/N: Is this your phone number?

So sudden, you dreaded the idea of him being gone– well, his voice. You liked it, you realized. It’s soothing melody, the strictness he often had despite the tenderness it held. Like his laughter, you did not want it to stop, and it struck you like a cold blow how you thought so.

Junmyeon: Yes… Why?

Y/N: Well, consider me a contact, no need to thank me~

Junmyeon: Sure…

He chuckled. He just did and it was beautiful and you were blushing and your heart fluttered, and, oh what in the world was happening to you.

Y/N: Did you do it? Save me, I mean.

Junmyeon: Yeah, I did.

Y/N: What’s my contact name?

Junmyeon: The Nuisance.

Y/N: Ow, I’m hurt, baby– OH. Guess what your contact name is~?

Junmyeon: NO. NO. NO.

Y/N: Oh no, don’t worry that’s not it.

Junmyeon: Thank God–

Y/N: It’s Daddy.

Junmyeon: Y/N!

Y/N: Kidding. Tedious-Myeon.

Junmyeon: Tedious, me?

Y/N: OH NO, definitely not you.

Junmyeon: Tsk, whatever. Gotta go.

Y/N: Don’t tsk me.

Again. He chuckled. You could get used to that.

Junmyeon: Alright. Good night, Y/N.

Y/N: Night, hope you dream of me~

Junmyeon: Hope not to~

Y/N: You will~

Junmyeon: I won’t~

It was your turn to laugh, and it felt amazing. Perhaps because you knew you were now doing it with him. With him. Suddenly that sounded nice.

Junmyeon: O-Okay, good bye.

Y/N: Did you stutter? Cute.

Junmyeon: Did not. Good bye.

Y/N: Did too. Good bye.

And he just had to laugh once again before finally hanging up, leaving you somehow breathless. How did he manage to do that? That tedious boy that at first seemed to loathe your sight– or rather, your voice– but now laughed so freely with you. You did not know, yes, but you were set to find out.

You would do it, and that hotline might just as well be your savior.