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I knew you were trouble

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Sweet pea x reader

Summary; You’re a northsider on southside territory and get yourself in ‘trouble’

Warnings; choking, anal, spanking, dirty talk, slightly dub-con, very dominant Sweet Pea

A/N; an anon requested some rough Sweet Pea and that’s exactly what you got so say your prayers and prepare for this unholiness 😏 (honestly, this could’ve been more rough but I’m happy with this so maybe a second part that’s even filthier?)

Going to a bar alone at night on the southside of Riverdale was not such a good idea. Especially when you’re a northsider.

Everything happening in Riverdale right now was just too much to handle so a moment alone with a drink sounded perfect. Even if the only place you could get a drink was the Whyte Wyrm.

The bar was kinda crowded but fortunately, you had found a table in a secluded corner and no one paid attention to you. Or so you thought.

After your second drink, you weren’t drunk but the strong alcohol was starting to create a small buzz so you didn’t notice the tall boy approaching you.

“Now is not the best time for a northsider to be in the southside, Y/N, is it?”, a deep voice came from behind you and you turned in surprise to see Jughead’s friend, Sweet Pea and a couple of his minion friends. You had met him a few times and he was good looking but that was about it.

“And why is that?”, you asked, trying to keep your voice steady under the boys intense stare.

“Just because your boy declared war between us”, he explained with an emotionless face.

“The mayor’s not a boy and I wouldn’t call this situation a war”, you told him, trying to focus back on your drink.

“Oh, so you don’t know?”, Sweet pea chuckled a little and your face twisted in confusion.

“I’m not talking about the mayor. I’m talking about the red headed football player who just pulled a gun on us”, he said and your mouth fell a little open.

“Archie did what?”, you asked in total confusion. That didn’t sound like the boy you had known for years but there’s wasn’t another red haired boy in the football team.

“Believe it or not, I don’t care, but I do think it’s best for you to leave”, he said and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Why should I? I didn’t pull a gun on anyone and I don’t have anything against the southside”, you told him, trying to seem as confident as you could but paranoia hit you and you felt like everyone in the bar was after you. Maybe it was his words or maybe the alcohol, or both?

“The southside doesn’t care. Cmon now, we’ll escort you out”, Sweet Pea offered a hand to you.

“Thanks but no thanks. I came here to get drinks and I’m not finished with this one yet”, you said and refused his hand with a small smirk. This made him smirk also as he leaned towards you, his other hand on the table and the other on the chairs back, trapping you in your spot.

“I’d come with us now, the others here aren’t so understanding. Besides, I bet your ginger boy is missing you so you better run back to him before someone else decides to have a little fun with you”, he told you in a low voice and you shuddered. His closeness and voice were intimidating but at the same time arousing and he was sexy as hell. You had to take a few deep breaths before speaking.

“I just told you that I’m not leaving. And if you’re referring to yourself with this fun, I’d rather go with my ginger”, you said with smirk of your own. You didn’t have anything going on with Archie but he didn’t have to know that. The two minions behind Sweet Pea were trying to hold back their laughter and you waited for Sweet Pea to make you leave instantly but he only smirked at you with a devilish glint his eyes.

“Oh baby, you have no idea what fun is before you experience it with me”, he whispered into your ear and you felt a chill go down your spine and the wetness between your legs was undeniable.

“Im sure the fun you have with yourself in your dark bedroom is the highlight of your day but now that I think of it, I think I will leave to go have some fun with an actual person”, you said and stood up. At this point, the boys behind Sweet Pea were holding their stomachs for laughing so hard. You didn’t know where all of this was coming from and it might have been stupid to throw some shade on a gang member but you couldn’t stop yourself as you felt horny about his dominant attitude. A little flirting wouldn’t hurt, right?

You couldn’t even take a step from the chair as Sweet Pea hadn’t moved and he was roughly pushing you against the wall behind you with his body, bringing his face so close to your face that you could feel his breath against your lips and you wanted so bad to kiss him. The boys behind him had stopped laughing and it caused a tiny fear in you as they knew he wasn’t playing anymore.

“You just made a big mistake”, he said, looking down at your lips as you dragged your lower lip between your teeth, masking your fear as you felt the wetness between your legs growing.

“I was hoping you’d be my next big mistake”, you flirted and a huge smirk spread on his face. He didn’t say anything, just stared at you with lust in his eyes and after a long moment, he finally spoke.

“Come with me”, he simply said after touching the exposed skin on your chest, dragging down to slightly brush over you nipple, making it instantly harden as you weren’t wearing a bra and then he started to walk up a near staircase. You didn’t even hesitate to follow as the two boys cleared a path for you.

Sweet Pea lead you to a door that he opened and waited for you to step in before he did too and closed the door behind you. You eyed the room and it was simple, just a bed, an old cabinet and a table, aside from some led lights here and there on the walls, making the room glow in red and purple colors.

“So this is where you play with yourself?”, you said and couldn’t hold back the smirk.

“I think it’s time for us to put that smart mouth of yours to better use”, he said, ignoring your little comment. You started to walk towards him and when you reached him, you dragged your fingers lightly from his wrist up to his neck and then to his lips. Sweet Pea was starting to breath heavily as your lips started to near his but you stopped right before they could make contact and then turned around with a light giggle. But he stopped you from walking away by grabbing your wrist tightly.

“Oh no, babygirl, I think you’ve got it wrong. It’s actually cute that you think you’re in charge”, he told chuckled lightly, making you even more excited. He then lifted you up by your ass and you wrapped your legs around his body and he pushed your back against the wall and brought his face close to your again, but still not making contact.

“You sure you wanna do this? Betray your northside friends by being with a southsider and a Serpent?”, he asked, but it wasn’t really a question, more of a tease.

“I said I wanted you to be my next mistake. I’m still hoping for the big part to be true”, you told him with a smirk as you finally connected your lips and he instantly kissed you back. His tongue battled with yours for dominance but you knew he’d win so you gave up and he hummed in satisfaction. Then he bit your lip, not hard but hard enough for you to gasp silently as he drew it back before releasing. After your little make out, he stepped back from the wall, turned around and threw you on the bed. Another gasp escaped from you at his roughness but it was just making you even more turned on.

“Ready for the fun to start?”, he asked with a smirk after removing his shirt. You couldn’t keep your eyes from his gorgeous upper body.

“Oh, it’s not over? I thought that was the best you got”, you said referring to the heated kissing as couldn’t help yourself with your comments, they were clearly getting to him and you wanted some rough sex and your words were your way of getting just that.

“You’re just making this worse for yourself, baby”, he told you and you knew he was doing exactly what you wanted, a little provoking was doing the trick. But you didn’t know that your words were unnecessary as you had no idea what kind of a person you were actually dealing with.

“Hit me with your best shot”, you provoked him just a little more and he lost it.

“Just remember, you chose this mistake”, he said with an evil glint in his eyes and there was a small flash of fear in you. Maybe this really was a mistake? But you didn’t have any time to think about it as Sweet Pea was pulling his pants down along with his boxers, revealing his already hard cock to you. And you had gotten exact what you wished for. He wasn’t big, he was huge. You weren’t new to big dicks but this was the next level. It was thick but not too thick but the length was amazing.

“That’s not gonna fit”, the words slipped from your mouth before your brains registered them.

“Scared? I thought you wanted something big, but don’t worry, I’ll make it fit”, he smirked and stood next to the bed, forcing you to lay on your stomach on the edge.

“Open wide”, he commanded and you gulped before doing so. You flattened you tongue as he pushed his cock in your mouth as deep as he could and it wasn’t even halfway in before you gagged.

“Cmon babe, you can take it”, he cooed and gripped your hair to push in deeper as you started to choke, tears starting to roll from your eyes. You were trying to balance yourself on the edge of the bed and trying to focus on pleasing him but you were struggling.

“You like choking on my cock? This is what you get for not controlling what comes out of your mouth”, he laughed darkly as he slapped your cheek not-so-lightly, making his cock twitch. There was no possibility to answer him and drool was starting to drip from your mouth as he thrusted into your throat. It started to get to the point where you had to push him away so you wouldn’t vomit and luckily, he let you. You had to take a moment to breathe.

“I like it rough but I’m not gonna hurt you”, Sweet Pea said.

“What if I want it to hurt?”, you questioned silently but he heard you as he had a sinister smirk on his face.

“Damn, you’re my kinda girl, I can’t believe we haven’t met before”, he replied and you smiled at his small talk in this situation.

“Don’t be gentle”, you encouraged him as you pulled your shirt off to reveal your naked chest.

“Trust me, I won’t be”, he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes as he started to pull your pants off.

“Come lay on my lap”, he ordered as he sat at the edge of the bed. You did as told and your hands were resting against his thighs and your knees almost touching the floor as you were positioned like a child about to get spanked for misbehaving, and you were, but not in a childish way. He caressed your ass with his big hand a few times before spanking it, hard.

“Bad girls get spanked”, he simply said and repeated his actions again and again and again until your ass was definitely gonna have a bruise on it. He slapped you one last time before pressing his fingers at you covered entrance.

“God, you’re soaking through your panties”, he chuckled as he pulled the fabric aside and pushed his thumb in, pressing your g-spot and his index and middle finger went to rub on your clit as you moaned in pleasure. He fingered you for a moment and you were starting to feel your orgasm forming but he pulled out.

“Oh no, you’re not cumming before me”, he said and pushed you up and back to lay on the bed on you back. He then removed your panties and spread your legs and lowered himself between them. He licked your clit a few times before getting up and positioning himself with your entrance. You huffed out in annoyance at his little tease.

“Patience”, he smirked before starting to push in. His hands were on either side of your torso and you gripped his biceps to brace for his huge cock. He kept pushing and you started to feel a little pain, but not enough to hurt, just to make things exciting. As he still kept pushing, you started to move around, trying to adjust to his length.

“It’s not even in and you’re already squirming like the devil is in you”, Sweet Pea laughed at you and you hoped the color didn’t drain from your face.

“It’s not even in?!”, you almost yelled.

“No, but now it is”, he smirked evilly as he pushed himself in fully and a small scream escaped your mouth.

“Good girl, take my cock”, he said lowly and you enjoyed his roughness and dirty talk. He didn’t give you any time to adjust as he started to fuck you with force, pushing deep with every thrust. Moans filled the room and you were again starting to reach your peak and that’s when a hand snaked around your throat and squeezed.

“Remember, don’t cum before me”, he reminded and started to pound into you without mercy as he kept his grip around your throat.

In the middle of the relentless pounding, he suddenly pulled out and flipped you over on your knees and hands and without a word, continued to push into your already used pussy. He gripped your hair and pulled your head back as lowered himself a little to speak into your ear.

“I’m gonna ruin you”, he said and got back up, deepening his thrusts even more and slapped your already sore ass.

Once again, you were close to cumming but remembered his words and tried to control yourself but failed. Sweet Pea chuckled after you finished and pulled out.

“You got only yourself to blame for this”, he said and you frowned at him in confusion. But you knew what he meant when you felt his cock at your asshole.

“No, don’t, I’ll break”, you said with a little panic in your voice.

“Scream for me”, he whispered as he pushed in. And you screamed.

Your pussy juices on his cock made it easier to slide in but the stretch was causing pain and you tried to take it but you could only scream as he kept pushing and pushing until he was finally in and he didn’t give you any time to adjust with your ass either as he started to thrust into you.

Your screams slowly turned into moans and another orgasm was forming when he bent to pinch your nipples.

“Cum”, Sweet Pea demanded right before you did exactly that and he released himself inside your ass. You hissed a little when he pulled himself out of you and you both fell onto the bed.

“Was that fun enough for you?”, he questioned with a smile, the first actual smile you had seen on him.

“Well, I think Archie could’ve done better”, you lied, wanting to tease him.

“Liar, liar, pants on fire”, he chuckled as he pulled you into his side and kissed your temple. You were slightly surprised about his affections but in a positive way.

“You’re not a big mistake, I mean, big, yes but, mistake, no”, you said, feeling extremely drawn to the boy.

“So you’ll switch your Weasley to me?”, he asked and now you were really surprised. You didn’t get to answer when you heard your phone ringing. You quickly picked it up from your pants pocket from the floor and saw Archie’s name on the screen. Hesitating a little before answering, you saw Sweet Pea glance at your phone but he didn’t say anything.

“Hey, Arch, what’s up?”, you said, trying to sound casual. Archie asked you where you were but you didn’t wanna tell him, he was just gonna yell at you. But you didn’t have to say anything as Sweet Pea took the phone from you.

“Hey, Arch”, he mimicked your words but ended them with a chuckle.

“Listen, we just had the most amazing sex with Y/N here, so she’s gonna have to call you back later ‘cause you’re kinda ruining the moment”, he said and hung up the phone and your mouth fell open at his bluntness.

“You did not just…”, you started but couldn’t finish as Sweet Pea started to laugh.

“I definitely did”, he laughed and soon, you joined him. After a long laugh, you finally decided to reveal Sweet Pea your little secret.

“By the way, I never had anything with Archie so I’m all yours”, you said and waited for him to say something but he only kissed you.

“I know”, he whispered.

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is there any random fact about the boys that you found out recently and want to share?

plot twist: jin is one of the most perverted members. his mind (mercury) literally lies in the house of sex (8th house) and it’s conjunct pluto so he’s really good at hiding it 💀 

She’s in Parties | Sweet Pea x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Rating: T

Words: 1320

Summary: Reader and Sweet Pea meet at a party in the Southside. (Crappy summary, hopefully the story is better!)

A/N: Fic title is based on Bauhaus’ She’s in Parties. I am absolutely in love with the band and the genius that is Peter Murphy.


A CHILL crept down your spine as you stood in the corner of a room, silhouettes of bodies moving in sync on the dance floor the only thing visible under the dim lighting as pulsating music filled the club.

To be fair, you had no idea what was in store when Veronica dragged you to this party, refusing to divulge any information other than “there are bound to be plenty of single men there for you to pick from”.

What the Lodge heiress forgot to mention was that the party would be held on the Southside, hosted by the Serpents and since your close friend Betty was dating a Serpent, the entire inner circle was considered family.

Speaking of family, you scanned the room once more to catch a glimpse of Ronnie and you sighed when you saw her locked in an embrace with Archie.  Betty was also near the couple with her beau, Jughead, looking decidedly content.

For all the animosity, there was a lot of intermingling between the kids from the Northside and Southside. As one of the only sober people in the room, you took the opportunity to see what exactly was happening. People watching was your favourite hobby during any outing.

Letting your eyes wander, you saw Josie and Reggie as they made out on the dance floor while Cheryl danced animatedly with a pink-haired girl wearing a Southside Serpents jacket.

Your eyes finally landed on a tall, lithe figure who had all but painted himself on the wall. He looked irritated, nursing a beer in one hand while the other ran through his raven locks. He was wearing the trademark Serpents jacket over a white t-shirt. His jeans and combat boots completed the attire.

He was one of the hottest guys you had laid eyes on. Your heart started to race even more when he lifted the bottle to his lips and took a sip and at that same time, caught your eye with his.

It was as though time stood still. Neither of you made an attempt to break off eye contact. Your eyes widened as he drank the bottle dry, licked his lower lip and smirked.

You weren’t prepared when he started to make his way over to you, eyes wandering over your form as you squirmed. Before leaving home, Ronnie had made you try on a red off-the-shoulder crop top, jeans and a pair of Louboutin heels (which you could barely walk in). She had loved the ensemble so much that you were stuck in it for the rest of the night.

Despite the knot in your stomach, you maintained visual contact with the dark-eyed stranger as he drew nearer and stopped in front of you, hands in his pockets as he spoke over the loud music.


You were apprehensive at first, mainly because he was a stranger. Biting your lip, you looked away nervously as he caught on.

He leant in. “Just to talk, Princess, nothing else. I promise on my honour as a Serpent.”

Knowing it was quieter outside, you nodded your assent as you followed him out on the balcony. As the door closed behind you, the music had considerably toned down.

You stood against the railing and gazed out at the gritty view of the Southside industrial area when he came to a standstill next to you, his hand extended forward.

“Hey. I’m Sweet Pea,” he said.

You moved to take his hand in yours and you were pleasantly surprised when he brought your hand to his lips and kissed each of your knuckles.

“I’m Y/N.”

“What were you doing hiding in the shadows, Y/N?”

You scoffed. “You’re one to talk, Mr I’m-the-Prince-of-the-Dark. Why were you sulking in the corner?”

He glanced at you. “I don’t sulk.”

“Yes, you do. Has anyone ever told you how adorable your pout is?”

Sweet Pea’s eyes narrowed. “Princess, how am I supposed to keep my bad boy image if you say things like that?”

You took a moment to study his features, the Serpent tattoo on his neck, his muscular arms and torso encased in leather before looking into his eyes.

“Do you know what I think?” you asked him.

“No, what do you think, Princess?”

“I think, under your bad boy persona, you are actually quite sweet. Hence the name, since you really are just a sweet pea.”

He laughed. “Yep, you are definitely bad for my image.”

“Oh? I figured I was bad for you because I’m from the Northside.”

His smile fell from his face as he looked at her pensively. “Y/N, I don’t hate Northsiders. Well, I hate Northsiders who feel they are better than us and who see us as scum and see the Southside as nothing more than a breeding ground for crime.”

You frowned. “People often seem to forget that the Northside and Southside are two sides of the same coin.”

A heavy silence fell between you just as a chilly breeze wafted through the balcony. You shivered and wrapped your arms around yourself, cursing yourself inwardly for not bringing a jacket.

Warmth spread through you as a weight settled over your upper body and you looked up to see his Serpents jacket on your frame.

Puzzled, you looked at Sweet Pea and he smiled, albeit nervously.

“The conversation got a little heavy, didn’t it?” he said, sighing.

“You’re telling me,” you said before falling silent.

“So, Y/N, what brings you to the Southside today?”

“Ronnie,” you replied. “She thinks I’ve been single too long and in need of a hook-up.”

“And have you found someone worthy?”

“Hmmm, well, there is this one guy…” you trailed off, wicked gleam in your eye.

“Lucky bastard.” Sweet Pea murmured, before clenching his jaw.

You felt like torturing him some more but you caught a glimpse of the time and your heart nearly stopped. It was nearly curfew and if you failed to reach home within the next 15 minutes, you would be grounded.

“Crap. I’m so sorry, Sweet Pea. I need to go home before I miss curfew.”

You stood there with a forlorn expression because you didn’t want to go. He slowly lifted your chin to face him and gave you a gentle smile.

“It’s okay. Do you have a ride home?”

“I can ask Ronnie or Kev but I don’t want to drag them away from here while they’re enjoying themselves–”

“Come on, Princess. I’ll take you home.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to,” he replied with a gentle smile.

You were led away with your hand in his, out of the club where the party was in full swing, to his motorcycle parked outside the club.

He handed you the lone helmet, waving off your concerns about him, before he mounted the bike with you behind him as he sped away.

Terrified, you held on to him as tightly as you could. Occasionally, you shouted directions and before you knew it, you had reached your house.

As you dismounted, you removed the helmet to hand it to Sweet Pea. He was still looking at you.

“Guess you forgot to get the lucky man’s number?”

You suppressed your laughter. “Well, I was going to but then he offered a ride. I figured I’d get it once he got me home safely.”

His expression changed as the words sunk in. Sweet Pea smirked before taking the offered phone and typing in his number quickly.

“Call me,” he said, before kissing your cheek and riding away.

Three things became clear as you trudged up to your home.

One, Sweet Pea had saved his contact under “Baddest Boy Alive.” You rolled your eyes affectionately at that one.

Two, you still wore his jacket, a heady scent of pine and cigarettes filling your senses.

Three, you had to send a thank-you card to Veronica because it seemed you finally found a guy worth your affection.

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I love your writing so much!! I've read like, every single thing that you've posted here and it's all fantastic. I was wondering if you've seen that prompt with the "awake bug" with Lance? Every time i see it on my dash I just crave ur writing for it tbh.

omg, I have not seen this prompt, but flattery will get you everywhere, so please have a fic! (PS: I wrote like 500 words of this last night and then my computer restarted and lost all my progress T^T)

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Meeting cute!

The bowling alley was crowded. You and your friends had gotten one of the last lanes and were now trying to borrow some shoes. The line was moving terribly slowly.

“Alright, let’s split up. Two of us go to the booth to set everything up. Two go to the bar and order drinks and food and the other three stay here and get the shoes, okay?”, you delegated.

Your friends nodded and split up. You went to the bar with your bestie. Thankfully she was tall, blonde and absolutely stunning, which was why you got the waiter’s attention pretty quickly.

“Hey girls, what can I do for you?”, the guy asked, eyes only on your best friend.

You didn’t mind though, you were used to it. So she ordered, while you looked around, checking out the other people. A family of seven, five children, was trying to order food for everyone, but no one from the wait staff was paying attention to them. The dad looked ready to punch someone, the mother seemed exhausted. With a smile you went over to them.

“Hi, I couldn’t help but notice that you might need some help. May I?”, you asked, gesturing towards one of the waiters behind the bar.

The dad scoffed, but the mother gave you a grateful look.

“Yes please.”, she said, trying to tame her youngest, who was pulling at her pant leg.

You elbowed past two guys, seemingly just hanging out by the bar, and then yelled for the waiter, who was standing two feet away.

“Hey, there’s a family over here who would like to order. If you take their order RIGHT NOW, you’ll get a nice tip from me.”

The waiter’s head whipped around at the word ‘tip’. Meanwhile the entire mob of people around you stared at you. You gave an awkward smile.

There was a guy at the end of the bar, who had been talking to his friend, but now his eyes were on you, looking curious. He scratched his arm absentmindedly as he watched you. He was incredibly handsome and, judging by his expensive looking jumper, from out of town. For a moment you stared back, then you felt someone’s presence next to you. The waiter had walked over with the biggest smile on his face.

“You called.”, he said simply.

You barely kept from rolling your eyes. Instead you waved the mother over so she could order. You didn’t dare look back towards Mr. Handsome.

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City Love (Part 10)

summary: You attend one of Natasha’s office parties against your will and end up meeting a charming stranger who turns out to be the person who runs the company. (AU; CEO!Bucky)

characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (F), Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, mentions of Tony Stark
word count: 1650
warnings: none
A/N: Epilogue


Originally posted by lavishlawyer

You found yourself at a familiar situation–Standing in the middle of a grand ballroom in a tight body fitting burgundy dress that stopped just a little bit above your knees and uncomfortable pointed heels to match.

It was the night of Bucky’s annual office party, and though the surroundings were all the usual, you were no longer present against your will. Being Bucky’s girlfriend, you attended as his date and one of his exclusive guests.

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look I’ll be honest

papatulus or whatever string of numbers you’re calling yourself now

people don’t hate you cause you’re in a same sex relationship. that’s pretty damn common on tumblr, be real.

people don’t hate you cause you’re a weirdly contrarian dude about shit like video games. though that’s pretty annoying and you’re extremely weirdly overcompensatorily pigheaded and never want to admit you’re wrong unless dumbfucks like targuzzler or wherever that mspaint goku fucker is now put you blast.

people don’t hate you because of your jokes (as unfunny as they are)

people hate your guts because you’re a passive aggressive chump that sics your dumbshit followers to go harass people you don’t like or that tell you you’re being dumb, or being wrongheaded, or that just say you’re not funny.

the pee your pants shit is unfunny and data plan obliterating if you’re on mobile, but whatever, it’s dumb. what’s far worse than that is the implication behind it.

pee your pants is a direct substitute for “kill yourself” or “choke” or “die”

so i got literally hundreds of asks from your teenager followers that didn’t want to seem like bad people by saying “kill yourself”, but the intention’s the same. to shame and attack someone. to try to bully someone.

didn’t really bother me too much personally cause i’ve been in nasty parts of the internet before and that shit ain’t anything to me

you put people on shitlists purely just because they told you they’re unfunny because you’re a petty, thin skinned chump.

though you’ve said you were bi you also indulge often in the bisexual shaming and erasure endemic on this website so I have no idea if you’re gay or some extremely self hating bisexual and that’s really none of my affair

but what is my business is your shit ass going after people for nothing.

you’ve spread bullshit about tumblr users you ain’t bothered to look into yourself at all. you’ve gone halfcocked spreading misinformation about tumblr users.

you deadass reblogged a callout for someone that was obvious bunk and tried to shit on someone for being “attracted to minors” when at the time of the callout, they turned 18 the week before!

you may not have doxed that one guy, sure, but you left dox on porky up on a sideblog that was a former url for months, and you told people where his girlfriend stayed

you apparently got the dox on someone, but then didn’t do anything with it cause you found out he was actually a minor

you’ve put people on shitlists with actual neonazis for the crimes of liking anime or the wrong type of shit as well people that were put there purely because they mocked you or made fun of you for your thin skinned reaction to people shitting on your dumbfuck nintendo switch joke

and then you sent people accusing a fucking CSA survivor of being a pedophile? that’s fucking disgusting and actually legitimately triggering

you’re fucking 20 man, what the hell.

you’ve been on this site for years, and you should know better

yet you act in ways that a 15 year old would be ashamed of, and I’ve seen younger teens conduct themselves with far more dignity and respect on this website than you ever did

I’ll reiterate

people hate your guts because you’re a toxic asshole that sics people on anyone that criticizes you and blocks like a coward when they dare to give you shit back

you dox people and only stop when they’re minors, and not because doxing is fucking wrong

people you think of as friends think you’re an unpredictable and abusive son of a bitch

you know what, I don’t feel sorry for you now.

you’re fucking scum and you should delete your account and go talk to a mental health professional to deal with whatever shithead or borderline narcissistic personality disorder you’ve got

Grieve and Receive

Originally posted by lokitty

Anonymous Requested: Can I have a Loki one shot where you are one of the only ones that can defeat Hela but you would have to give up your life for it. So you sacrifice yourself for Loki and your people. But somehow you make it out alive while everyone is grieving over you? Btw I really love your writing. 💕💕

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: none.


“What’s all the fuss about?”

Your voice brought upon the attention of the sole person in the room. With a small light smile, you watched Loki turn around with a stiff form and his surprised eyes fall upon you. You didn’t blame him, considering that by all right means you should be dead now.

You’d sacrificed yourself for the sake of your people and being the only able to defeat Hela, you’d been sure you’d die. But things had changed and you found yourself back in the presence of the one you loved instead. Now, Loki had never been the best at expressing his emotions and often you were one of the only ones Loki trusted to be show his vulnerability to but even then he kept himself closed off.

The expression you found now was one you’d thought you’d never see.

“Y/N…” Loki’s voice came out soft, and you almost hadn’t heard it but you saw his lips move and Loki had uttered your name often enough to know what it looked like. Your body hurt like hell and you were undeniably filthy, but you took another daring step towards the long-haired man and let the small smile grow wider. 

You and Loki had known each other for a long time, and Loki often found that you were the only one he completely trusted. Your strong friendship had grown into something deeper and when you’d said you had to sacrifice yourself for the people of Asgard, he’d fought you but you’d won. And Loki had to watch you throw yourself at death doors while he escaped - it had been the most painful thing he’d ever had to do.

Yet, here you were, right before him.

“I thought you…”

“Things change.” You shrugged, finally meeting him in the middle. Loki hesitated a moment longer before he could no longer keep his arms off of you and reaching up, he grasped your face. You leant into the warmth and while it had only been a short while, you’d missed his touch. You’d thought you’d die but it seemed that life had given you a second chance and maybe this time you could make it right. 

“Don’t ever- don’t ever do that to me again.” Loki whispered, pressing his forehead against your own. You shook your head, you’d faced death head on and it made you realize everything you’d taken for granted. Loki had his troubles but so did you, and you’d never abandon his love like that again now that you’d been given a second chance.


BTS Reaction: Their Little Sister Gets in a Fight Over Them

Anonymous said:

“Hm… as a request, could you please do BTS reacting to their little sister getting into a fight at school and refusing to tell their brother why, but then their brother overhearing her telling another member they only got into the fight and sustained injuries because someone insulted her brother’s and the groups hard work? This sister being like… elementary/middle school, maybe even highschool?”

Here you are. Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy! 😘

He panics when the school calls him to pick you up, stating you had been in a fight. When he pulls into the almost empty lot and sees you sitting on the steps of your school, head bowed and foot kicking at the ground, his heart breaks a little.

He honks the horn and watches as you hoist your backpack over your shoulder and limp to the car. The bruise on your cheek and your split lip bring out the protective older brother in him, but he bears down hard on it, knowing it will only make the situation worse. He doesn’t say anything for awhile. The silence is filled only by quiet music playing from the radio as you glare out the window.

“What happened?” He ventures.

You refuse to look at him as you shake your head. He sighs, drumming his fingers on the wheel as he contemplates what to do.


You walk through the door of his dorm and struggle to slip your shoes off. Your ankle is a little sore and swollen. Jin takes your elbow to help you to the couch, where he gently presses you to sit. He heads to the kitchen in search of an ice pack and first-aid kit. A few minutes later, when he’s finally found what you need, he pauses just outside the doorway to the livingroom.

“She just wouldn’t shut up,” you’re telling Yoongi in a teary voice. “She kept saying mean things about Jin oppa. That he wasn’t good enough, he should just quit. And I just… snapped.”

He feels his heart break for you. His little sister feeling like she needs to protect him from his haters. He steps into the room to see Yoongi holding your hand as you cry your frustration out.

“Y/n-ah,” he says gently. You gaze up at him through your tears. “You don’t need to protect oppa. I don’t care about what those kids at your school says, and neither should you. Your brother is Mr. Worldwide Handsome.”

You let out a watery laugh at that as Jin wipes your tears away.

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[The Addams Family AU]

Shiro and Keith were married for five years now. No children, whatsoever. Both too busy with other things. Shiro being an attorney and Keith being the heir of his father’s business empire.  

Tonight marked their 5th wedding anniversary so they did the usual. They would meet up at the place where they first met—at the graveyard, under a full moon. It was Keith’s great grandfather’s funeral back then. The Shirogane’s were invited because they were the Kogane’s lawyers. 

Shiro: *takes Keith’s hand and kisses it* Do you remember?
Keith: My first funeral. I was at the mere age of 10, you were 12. 
Shiro: You were so beautiful, pale and mysterious. I didn’t even look at the corpse. *caresses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: We were just kids but we were so in love.
Shiro: Oh darling, it was love at first sight.
Keith: As well I.
Shiro: You glared at me the whole time. *muses*
Keith: You were staring at me for five hours. *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: Oh, mon amour. Five hours was not enough for me. I was mad. Mad at the time I had. I wanted to look at you until my dying breath.
Keith: *leans into kiss* You can now. *smiles*

They were interrupted when they heard cries. Keith was a little annoyed that they had to stop to check out what it was. They walked towards the sound and found themselves in front of Sir. Alfor’s grave. 

There was a huge box and the couple couldn’t figure out why there was a box in the graveyard at two in the morning.

The box moved which startled both men, jumping in their place. 

Keith: *grabs Shiro’s arm* What is it, my love?
Shiro: I don’t know. *squeezes Keith’s hand*

Shiro bent down to open the box and it revealed two babies. One was fast asleep, sucking their thumb while the other was looking at them, wide-eyed, as if confused whether she should cry or not.

Keith: What are… those? *steps back*
Shiro: *tilts head* They’re… babies.
Baby Pidge: *cries* 
Keith: Hideous. *disgusted* Put it away. 
Shiro: *squats down* Hello, little devil.
Keith: Takashi, stop it. She’s going to imprint on you and—
Baby Pidge: *stops crying* *chuckles* Da-da!
Shiro: *shock* Oh my. *melts* Keith, come here. 

Shiro found a note inside the box and opened it.

Keith: *reads* Please take care of us. Pidge and Lance.
Shiro: Pidge and Lance. You must be Pidge. *caresses baby* Lance must be the sleeping one.
Keith: Where are their parents? *joins Shiro* 

Shiro picks up baby Pidge who instantly wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his neck.

Shiro: Here. *turns around and smiles at Keith*  We are their parents. 

[Present Day]

Lance: You’re lying!
Keith: I am not, mijo. We found you at the graveyard. *winks*
Lance: FATHEERRRRR!!!! *stomps away to find Shiro*


“we werent sure who would want to share houses-” Aaron said awkwardly, “anyways, both of these houses are available”

Aaron left and you and Daryl approached the first house, entering it and looking around. you both found the main bedroom, “looks decent enough.” Daryl said, “you take the bed, i can take the floor.”

you both got set up and tried to sleep. an hour went past. you werent sleeping and you knew Daryl so well that from the sound of his breathing you knew he wasnt either. you sat up and moved to one side of the bed, “Daryl come on. get up here. you can’t just sleep on the floor.” 

it took a moment but he stood up and got into the bed next to you. however he was on the very edge of the bed and you laughed, “Daryl, im not going to hate you if we end up slightly touching during our sleep. would if make you feel better if i made a pillow wall between us or something?”

“Nah.” he laughed, “just as long as we’re both good on that.”

and like that, you both fell asleep. only to wake up in the morning completely intertwined. 

You’re Gonna Love It

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Your attempts at studying surprise you with a new distraction that you can’t help but love

Word Count: 2,005

By: Admin Tokki

The end of the semester was coming all too fast in your opinion. Projects were starting to pile up and the time you had to complete them was running shorter and shorter. You sat at your desk, pencil tapping, feet swinging and papers blank while your roommate was going on about her coworkers at the university shop.

“So then I asked him if he wanted go commit murder with me next -.”

“What did you just say?” you asked, head whipping around to face her.

She chuckled to herself, shaking her head. “I knew you weren’t paying attention. I think you may need to get out of the dorms if you want to focus on your projects.“ 

In any other case this would sound like she’s banning you from the room, but she knew you too well. It was just impossible for you to focus on your work when there was so much around you in your dorm to offset your attention from where you really needed it. It seemed like the only things you wanted to do at the moment were anything, with the exception of school work.

 "Where would I even go if I wanted to get this crap done? The library is always crowded at this time of the semester and the boys are always watching T.V in the lounge,” you counter with a sigh. 

You watched as Y/F seemed to ponder for a second, clearly struggling as much as you were to find an alternative to the convenient places located on campus.

“Well there is that new café that just opened at the old town center. I heard it’s nice and relaxing. Maybe that’s just what you need, ya know, plug in some music, block out everything else, the smell of coffee filling the place,” she said, inhaling as if she could actually smell it. What a coffee-holic you thought to yourself as you contemplated the idea. You weren’t the biggest fan of coffee, but at this point you were desperate to find a quiet area where you could get everything done before it really turned into a problem.

“I guess I’m headed to the café then. No harm in trying, right?”

The café was not what you expected, not even in the slightest. Judging by the modern style of the surrounding shops and restaurants, you were perplexed upon spotting the entrance. It wasn’t all that hard to find, seeing as how the accumulation of flowers and some chairs and tables made the previously vacant space stick out like a sore thumb. As you entered the establishment you were greeted with what Y/F might describe as a smell that transcended all other coffee. Although there were many vacant seats open by the front windows, you made your way towards the back area where there were booths next to several shelves of books. As you settled down and began to unpack your laptop and notes, you decided that the ambiance of this place might just be exactly what you needed.

As you began to work on one of your assignments, the feeling of being watched has you pausing to scan your surrounding a bit more thoroughly. A couple by the far front of the shop were laughing loudly over their lunch, while a few people sat alone, much like you but seemed completely focused in what they were working on. Finally, your sight landed on a pair of brown eyes that quickly broke contact with your gaze. It was the barista, currently cleaning off a booth across the room from you. He was rather tall and lean, dark brown hair complimenting his tan complexion. He was currently facing away from you, standing with a small towel in hand, being wrung as though he were nervous about something. Before you could think too much of it, he looked over and turned to you before making his way over to you, causing you to suddenly become extremely interested in the long and daunting article laid before you.

“Um, excuse me,” a quiet voice sounded, causing you too look up. Within a second you went from moderately shy and reserved to straight up bashful as you saw the face of the barista. Looking at his face alone you might have guessed he was younger than you, but the way his black long sleeve shirt clung to his figure had you guessing he was more or less your age, probably in his first or second year of college. You were still in awe looking at his warm brown eyes when he cleared his throat before going on with what he was trying to say.

“I don’t want to come off as rude, but well… sorry I’m new at working here, and as awkward as it feels to say this, you really do need to order something to stay in here,” he said quietly, quickly averting his eyes from your own as you processed what he said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” you quickly apologized. “It didn’t even cross my mind!” However, now you had a dilemma. You quickly glanced at the large chalk board hung above the counter that stood behind him, but that didn’t help your decision as much as it did complicate the situation.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m not much of a coffee person, so I’m not entirely sure what I should order,” you said slowly, leaning forward, trying to catch his gaze.

At that he looked back up at you, contemplating with pursed lips.

“Well, there are a couple of popular drinks that I could recommend,” he stated before beginning to list off a few. To be quite honest they all sounded really good, and you weren’t exactly the best at making quick decisions. Maybe it was due to the apprehension on your face or the amount of time you were contemplating that prompted him to ask, “How about, I surprise you and if you don’t like it, I’ll pay for your drink?”

You studied his inquisitive gaze before resigning to the fact that actually deciding on a drink could take you eons, and gently nodded in agreement.

He gave you a big smile, that left you staring, star struck, as he turned and made his way back behind the counter quickly working on a concoction of who-knows-what.

A few minutes passed of you trying to concentrate on your work before you heard footsteps approach once again. As you looked up, a hot drink was set in front of you, carefully placed away from your papers. He had that same bunny smile stuck on his face, as he watched you expectantly. You took the cup and before taking a sip you sent him a questioning glance, as if contemplating if it was poisoned with something that would magically knock you out until after all your projects were past due.

He simply chuckled to himself before egging you on, “I promise, you’re gonna love it.”

Ever since that day that first day at the coffee shop, you couldn’t stop visiting. You told your roommate and yourself it was because of how productive the atmosphere made you. Simply studying at your desk didn’t cut it for you anymore, no matter how much you cleared your surroundings of all distractions. Your trips to the café became a regular occurrence, so much so that the barista, who you later learned to be named Jungkook, would automatically look up a crazy recipe to try and serve it to you, a smile always on his face. A couple of times when the café wasn’t too crowded he would come and join you at your now favorite booth and you two would talk about college and your interests until customers started to trickle in again. You learned that although he was in college as well, he wasn’t too sure about what he wanted to. At this point, he wanted try a little bit of everything since, as he put it so humbly, he was “good at everything, but not exceptionally great at one thing.” Occasionally you would exchange music playlists for studying, or revise material by explaining it to one another. In a way, a friendship of sorts began to bud through these study sessions.

All of this continued on until finals week came, and you found yourself too busy with the extended class periods and exam schedules. There were only two days of exams left, and you desperately needed to take a break from studying so hard, and so you retreated to your newfound haven. The walk to the café was cold and rainy, so as you closed your umbrella and entered the building, the warmth permeated you on a physical level but also brought upon instant soothing to your mind. Unfortunately, as you made your way to your booth, you realized that Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. Setting your stuff down, you walked up to the counter to order your drink. The pink haired barista who was eagerly concentrated typing on his phone shot his head up to look at you before tucking his phone away and asking what he could get you. It took you a while to decide, as you realized you had never had to order for yourself here before, always being served with one of Jungkook’s ‘masterpieces’ as he liked to call them. After choosing a drink you thought might be similar to what you would normally get, you sat back down and started to read a book from the shelf behind your seat. It was one that Jungkook had pointed out and suggested as a nice read for stressful days.

Quite a while had passed and the sun had begun to go down before you heard someone rush through the door, a gust of cold air following them in. When you looked up you were met with the sight of Jungkook, mouth agape and hair a little misplaced as though he had just ran a mile or two. As his bright and searching eyes settled on you, he smiled and walked up to you.

“Hey, Y/N! I was worried I wouldn’t catch you before you left.”

“Oh, how did you know I was here?” you asked, head tilting in confusion. Jungkook’s big smile quickly shrunk as a bashful look crossed his face.

“Jimin texted me you were here, but I just got done with taking one of my exams. I’m sorry I couldn’t serve you one of my masterpieces today. It’s a real shame too since you’ll be gone for winter break.”

At the mention of your leaving campus and visits with Jungkook being put on hold, the air between the two of you went awkwardly silent for a bit. You avoided his gaze as you voiced what the both of you were thinking.

“I’m going to miss our talks… and the drinks you make me,” you mutter, ending with a small chuckle.

When you look up, Jungkook is looking at you – no. It’s as if he’s looking through you, obviously thinking hard about something, before his gaze snaps back to meet yours.

“About that, I was wondering,” he spoke, confidence trailing off with each passing word. He let his gaze fall to the ground between where the two of you stood before continuing.

“I was wondering if, perhaps, when you come back for next semester, if you would like to go out? Like… on a date… with me.”

You stood a bit shocked but not entirely surprised at his words but more by his actions. His attitude and posture seemed so meek compared to the confident and high-spirited boy you had befriended these past few weeks.

“That sounds lovely,” you said quickly, not wanting to prolong his nerves.

“Really?” he questioned smiling at you, eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Really,” you said beaming back at him. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

At that he flashed you a mischievous smile, before leaning in to hug you tightly as he responded, “It’s a surprise, but I know you’re gonna love it.”

A/N: AAhhhhh!!! The feels *dies*. I killed myself with feels THAT I MYSELF CREATED ( •᷄⌓•᷅ ) the betrayal sorry we haven’t posted much since the initial ones. College is currently kicking our butts and we’ve been karate chopping right back at it, however it has left us a bit behind schedule. I’ve mentioned to admin Nabi a possible challenge we may be doing during winter holidays but we’ll let you know when that is 100% for sure. I hope you guys really like this!! Sending good vibes and good luck to everyone out there trying to get their grades up as finals week is starting to close in on us! Fighting!!

-         Admin Tokki


good weather between showers; a break in the rain

Off the coast in the off-season, peace.

“It floods a few times each winter,” the woman had warned Scully, pressing the keys into her hand. “Doesn’t cause too many problems so long as someone’s here to keep an eye on the place.”

Scully’s credentials for house-sitting are limited to having lived in a house, but the woman doesn’t seem to mind. “Not too many folks willing to spend the winter out here,” she’d remarked. “Lucky I found you two.”

The house overlooks the water. It’s quiet. Every few days she drives back over the bridge to buy groceries, Ambien, condoms. During the day they sit in the same room, mostly unspeaking. Scully watches the sea out the window and thinks about what the tide will carry in. At night they huddle together in the full-size bed upstairs. He whispers to her and she barely hears, but she knows all his secrets already.

The peace they’ve reached is hard-earned and she will not squander it. They’ve spent too long watching each other across some impossible distance; she needs this closeness now.

Every day for a week it storms. Thunder rolls in off the water; rain splashes against the windows. “It feels like we’re in a submarine,” Mulder says, staring out into the gale. When the power goes out they light candles in the main room. They fall asleep there, on a pile of blankets on the floor, some time before the last one burns out. In the middle of the night she wakes up and new candles are lit. Mulder sits at the desk in the corner, his pen scratching furiously across the paper.

Mulder is writing a book: so he tells her. While she spends her days and nights puttering around the house, or out walking along the perpetually wet sand, he writes and writes and writes. She doesn’t ask to read it. She’s not sure she wants to. Is he up like this every night?

When she wakes up again in the morning she thinks she might have dreamed it, but Mulder touches her with ink-smudged fingers, and anyway when was the last time she had a dream where no one died?

The power doesn’t come back. They carry wood in from the shed and light a fire for warmth. Once the phone rings and Scully picks up, but the connection is bad and she can’t make out who’s calling. She tells herself: No one knows we’re here. No one will find us.

On the seventh night the hand-crank radio warns them of a stronger storm, incoming, high winds and lightning. They close all the shutters and wait together in the darkness. They haven’t seen the sun in what feels like half a lifetime. How much of her life she’s spent in the shadows.

While the rain continues unabated Mulder writes. His pen makes shadows across his face, the candlelight flickering around the edges, and she watches for a while. When the storm settles right over their house, shaking it down to the foundation, she leaves him and goes upstairs. Into the bedroom, out onto the balcony. A widow’s walk, her memory corrects. Her hands gripping the railing, she stares into the squall.

The rain lashes against her face. In an instant she’s soaked. Cold to the bone, but she’s been that way for months now.

She thinks of her father commanding his ship, facing down the ocean swells, the tropical storms. He would’ve steered his boat straight into a hurricane if that’s what he was told to do. They have that in common, at least.

A voice yells her name. It’s Mulder, standing below her in the yard, his clothes already drenched. “Up here,” she calls down, and he shades his eyes against the wind and rain. Moments later he’s upstairs on the walk with her. The wind catches the door and it slams behind him.

“Come inside,” he says, and the command in his voice makes her shiver. No, she thinks. Not from you.

Down the island a paddle boat is moored to the end of a short pier. The owners must have forgotten to bring it in. In the wind it beats itself ceaselessly against the dock. If she were a more whimsical woman, she’d swear she could hear it splinter.

“Women would stand out here, waiting for their husbands,” she says. She’s not raising her voice on purpose, not doing anything to compensate for the roar of the wind, the battering ram of the rain against the wood. Still, he hears her.

“I know.” His voice, too, sounds softer than it should. She can hear him, so he must be yelling. “I grew up on an island.”

She ignores him. “Sometimes they didn’t come back.” Her own mother, waiting for Ahab. Keeping watch in her own way, quiet. Maggie never complained, never longed for some other kind of life, for a man who stayed. A man who wanted her more than the mission.

Her father’s heart beating faster as he called out commands. All of those lives in his hands. His heart, beating.

Sometimes they don’t come back.

Mulder comes up next to her, blinking the rain from his eyes. He sets his hands on the railing, his left hand just brushing her right. He says, “I came back.”

Did you, she thinks.

He says, throatily: “I’m here.”

In the rain the ink runs off his hands, black smudges on the white paint. Lightning strikes a tree down the strand and for a moment the entire sky lights up, electric. This is not the worst storm they’ve faced.

She takes his hand and brings him inside, the ink seeping into her skin, too.

By the morning the rain has stopped. She wakes up wrapped in a blanket with no clothes on, her hair still damp. Mulder is next to her, fast asleep. The sun is back, however reluctant. It paints his shadow long and dark on the weathered floor.

Silently she pads down the stairs. She flips the switch on the coffee maker and it doesn’t respond: still no power. On the counter Mulder’s notebook lays open, an uncapped ballpoint pen lying perpendicular to the lines on the page.

She turns the pages back to the beginning, leaving her damp fingerprints on the corners. She starts to read.

Photographs|| Peter Parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1566

Summary: You and Peter are close (you know he’s spider-man). Late one night you are looking at old pictures when Peter makes a surprise visit.

Warnings: sentimentalness, fluff

Note: I am writing for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) now! This is really exciting for me because I absolutely love the MCU and I haven’t been quite caught up until recently. Now that I am (aside from any and all Thors, and the last Iron man oops), I am excited to jump down this beautiful Tom Holland filled rabbit hole.


You looked at the polaroid picture of you and your best friend, Peter, sitting across from one another with smiles on both your faces. The two of you were laughing about something that didn’t matter now, but the smile etched on his face had meant the world to you. Your other best friend, Ned, had taken the picture and had let his thumb slip into frame at the corner reminding you of his teasing that followed the taking of the picture.

The picture was taken almost two years ago, but it was one of your favorite pictures of you and Peter. You would never tell anyone that, but your love for it might have been obvious. The picture had worn edges showing its use.

Letting out a deep sigh, you fell back onto your bed and let the picture come to rest beside you. You stared at the stars on your bedroom ceiling. When you were five, your dad had made ceiling panels with actual constellations for your room, and you had never taken them down. You thought back to all the times where you and Peter would lay on your bed staring at the stars you wouldn’t see otherwise unless you were out of the city.

You tilted your head back farther to look at the wall behind you that your bed was up against. The wall was covered completely in picture you and your friends had taken over the years. Peter was in nearly all of them. Ned and MJ were in most of them too, but Peter was in all but like five of them. Sitting back up, you looked back to the picture that you had just been playing with. You tucked it back into the corner of the picture frame that held a photo of you and your friends from your 8th grade graduation.

You laid back on your bed turning to look out your bedroom window. The head of your bed rested under then window giving you the perfect view of part of the starless sky and the apartment building across the street. Your window was open a little letting some of the night sounds of Queens drift in.

You hopped off your bed to change into your pajamas quickly and to brush your teeth. You looked over yourself in the mirror on the back of your bedroom door. Your hair stuck out in all directions from underneath a slouchy beanie. The black tank top and pajama shorts hung off your body comfortably. You had also pulled on comfy slipper socks so you could bare the cold wooden floors.  You were comfortable and that was just how you liked it.

Silently shuffling back to your bed, you plopped back down into the soft mess of blankets and pillows. You reached over to your night stand to retrieve the book that you had placed there earlier and flick on the light that rested there. You leaned against the photo covered wall to read well into the night.

It had been about an hour and you were getting really tired. Your eyes had started to droop as you fought off the sleep that was beaconing you. You slipped your bookmark which was a photo booth picture strip of you and Michelle in between the worn pages of your copy of your favorite book. You set the book on your night stand and turned the light off climbing underneath your blankets and laying down.

You laid there staring up at the lights on your ceiling once again letting your thoughts run rampant. The only sounds you could hear were cars and an occasional siren. Every siren you heard brought thoughts of Peter and his extracurricular activities. You thought of your friend swinging from webs across Queens and saving people. The thoughts took shape behind your closed eyelids and brought a smile to your face.  

There was a small tapping on the window behind your head. You shot up startled from your sleep. You turned to the window the red and blue suited superhero take off his mask to reveal the handsome face of your best friend. He saw you looking at him and gestured to ask if he could come in.

You opened your window more to let your friendly neighborhood spider-man in. He crawled past you, and you closed the window behind him.

“What are you doing up this late?” Peter said as he walked over to your closet.

You watched him from your spot on your bed. You were sitting with your legs tucked under yourself. Peter pressed the button on his suit to let it fall off his muscular frame. The muscles in his back moved as he shuffled your clothes around looking for something. You tensed as you watched him in admiration.

You would be lying to yourself if you said that you didn’t have a minor crush on Peter. When you first befriended Ned and Peter in fourth grade, you did it because you thought that Peter was cute. That never went away. Over the years, the purely physical attraction you felt towards Peter had evolved into a full-blown crush.

There was a time when Peter first got his powers that the two of you grew apart, but you had accidently found out one night about his spidey ways when he snuck into your room in his suit without even thinking. You woke up the next morning in his still suited up arms. That was the day you realized you might actually love Peter. So maybe the minor crush wasn’t actually so minor.

Peter made a sound as he pulled out a sweatshirt that you had stolen from him a while ago. He pulled it over his head shielding his back from your view. You furrowed your eyebrows and couldn’t help the feeling of disappointment that filled you. He then walked over to your dresser and opened your pajama drawer. You knew exactly what he was looking for this time.

The pink hello kitty pajama pants that he had acquired after losing his suit were pulled out. Peter had left them at your place for nights like these. He pulled the pink pajama pants over his boxers before turning back to you.

“Are you going to answer me or just stare?” Peter said as he approached your bed. He put his fists down on the bed and leaned forward. His face was about a foot away from yours. You could smell the sandwich he ate recently pickles and all on his breath.

“I was reading, pickle breath,” you said laughing and pushing his shoulder away from you. He chuckled as well moving dramatically to your push.

“Ouch, bug,” Peter said falling onto his side next to you leaning on his one elbow. “When did you get so strong? Did you also get bit by a radioactive spider?”

The statement lead Peter to start cracking up. You just stared down at him and rolled your eyes. His head was pressed to your side. When his laughing had subsided, Peter looked up at you with big puppy dog eyes.

“Ha. Ha,” You said shrugging the boy off you. He watched you with kind eyes. He pulled his legs up onto your bed and sat up. You took a second and leaned your head onto his shoulder. He moved his arm to wrap around your waist as the two of you just sat together in silence. The sounds of Queens now muted by your closed window were the only sounds to be heard aside from your parents gentle snoring a room over.

Your eyes were growing heavy, and it was getting harder and harder to keep them open. You felt Peter shift a little, but you had closed your eyes and didn’t plan on reopening them anytime soon.

“I can’t believe you kept this picture,” Peter said. Slowly, you opened your eyes. You were annoyed that you had to.

The picture that you had been looking at earlier was now in Peter’s hand. He was looking at it fondly with a small smile growing on his lips.

“Yeah,” you said sleepily. “that was a good day.”

“Yeah, it was,” he said softly.

There was a long moment of silence. Sleep had almost consumed your mind. Your head was still on Peter’s shoulder, and your back was still to the wall. You knew if you slept in this position you would be sore in the morning, but then as you sat with Peter’s arm around your waist cuddled up to his side, you didn’t care.

“This was the moment I realized I was in love with you,” Peter said. You were almost too far gone to hear it, but there was no mistaking those words.

“You know if you weren’t asleep right now I wouldn’t be saying this,” Peter let out a short soft chuckle. “Ned had no idea what he had just taken a picture of. He and MJ teased me about this moment for months, but I didn’t care because I knew how I felt about you. Man, who knew that I’d still be too chicken to tell you how I feel for you even after two years. I love you bug.”

Peter’s lips pressed gently to the top of your head. You let a small smile dance across your lips lazily as you finally let sleep overtake you.


Three Series Assembling! (Complete Translation)

Side-story from the KyoAni & Do Fan Days event involving Free!, Hibike! and Violet Evergarden. Another translation by @ultimatemegax can be found here.

The place was a certain concert hall in Kyouto. Starting from today, an event titled “KyoAni & Do Fan Days 2017: Sound! From Kyouto to the World” would be held there. In the performers’ waiting room, Oumae Kumiko, Nanase Haruka and Violet Evergarden were having their first exchange with one another.

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