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How many blogs do you actually have? (Were you around in the time of the livejournal/somethingsomethingjournal craze? I thought I needed to collect them all.) ( Not that I think you have too many blogs. Ugh. I am aware they serve different purposes.) <3

I have a bazillion.

Some will always stay private, and some not so much. I was around during the Livejournal craze (I have an account from 2005, and it’s a permanent account too, though I don’t update there anymore. I ported over to Dreamwidth when Livejournal went through multiple bouts of ‘fuck user-friendliness! HAHAHA!’ oh also Strikethrough, I was one of the many pretty fucking pissed about that and in the original exodus). It’s just occurred to me that some of the online friends I’ve had, I’ve had for over 15 years. The internet is really cool you guys. :)

I have a few different Tumblrs, some of them are:

piafoxhall (official writerly journal)
artforartists (my first Tumblr - an art rec blog)
myawesomespace (just cats and stuff)
capillata (fandom and writing quotes)
fornatureiseverywhere (my photography and sometimes other photography)
faetalesresearch (fae tales visual reference arena)

And on Dreamwidth I’m: moonvoice (it’s not a fandom journal - though I do sometimes discuss fandom and meta) (most of my posts are friends-locked and often filtered too)

And on DeviantArt and most other places like Last.FM, wordpress, Twitter, Instagram and like 20,000 pagan forums I’m: Ravenari

I also host a free animal guide dictionary that specialises in rare animals because that was what I used to do a long time ago.

I’ve been on the internet for a fairly long time, so I’m all over. Like I even had a Xanga journal at one time. I had my own geocities website. I’ve been an avid journaller for over 20 years, and so my epic rambling has sprawled all over. These days I’m more private than I used to be. So personal stuff goes onto paper, or into my Dreamwidth account. I also use Skype a bit, since I’ve always loved IM chat when I have time. Before that I used hmm, IRC, mIRC, ICQ, MSN amd gmail chat lol.

The places I’m most active are here, Instagram, myawesomespace/capillata (for reblogs), and then probably my Dreamwidth account. Most of the others are dead or just very inactive these days. They took a lot of time, and it started to feel not so fun. I go through phases where I regularly swear off Facebook for months.

It’s not so much that I have too many (I’m not active on most of them), it’s just a natural by-product of being active in all kinds of social media for over 20 years. One day you look back and you’re just like ‘oh…my god.’

Michael Clifford is perfect. His smile can make anybody smile with him. He deserves everything good on this world. That silly boy with his eyebrow piercing, and his colored hair saved me the moment I saw him. I owe him my life.

Rusty is really making me upset. Like I’ve seen him grow up so much over the seasons and to see him snub Andy like this makes me feel sorry for the way he has changed. Like come on kiddo! Everything Sharon has ever sacrificed to make you happy and you can’t even let her have an ounce of happiness. I get that he’s being protective but support her for Christ sake. And if it doesn’t work out then be there for her! Don’t act like a freaking priss and get over yourself boyo.



To Whom It May Concern - I Found Love

Here’s that music video I have probably spent an entire 2 days of my life working on. I think it turned out very beautifully, considering I have only iMovie 10.0.9 to work with. I hope you enjoy. 

A music video to the song I Found Love by Owl City with clips from the original short play To Whom It May Concern by Clare Marie Speltz.

Ted and Penny Merriwether are newly married and moving into their first house. While unpacking, Penny finds some forgotten letters for Ted - written by her deceased first husband, Howard Harding. The letters reveal the love story and the tragedy that changed Penny forever.

Filming: Joel Kuhlmann
To Whom It May Concern: Written and directed by Clare Speltz as part of the 10th Annual Thornton Wilder Short Play Festival at the Words Players Theatre in Rochester, MN.
Starring: Colum Driscoll (Ted), Aidan Driscoll (Howard), Sophie Beyer (Penny)
Editing: Clare Speltz
Music: I Found Love - Owl City, Married Life - UP

“Maybe we’re not supposed to be the same person our whole lives. We’re supposed to be someone new, all the time.” - Penny Merriwether

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1) Name: Rebecca
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3) Birthday: June 26th
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5) Gender: Female
6) Height: 5′6"
7) Favourite Colour: teal
8) Time right now: 12:10 a.m.
9) Average hours of sleep: 6-7 on a good day
10) Last thing i googled: movie times
11) Number of blankets I sleep with: one, I like it to be cold
12) Favourite Fictional Character: Kate Beckett, Andy McNally Olivia Benson, and Meredith Grey
13) Favourite Famous Person: Obviously Taylor Swift!
14) Favourite Book: OMG this is so hard… Right now I am really into John Green’s books.
15) Favourite Singer or Band: Taylor Swift, Lindsey Stirling, John Newman, Sam Hunt, I listen to a wide range of music.
16) Last movie i saw: Twister (classic)
17) Dream Trip: Anywhere that has a beach! I love the water!
18) Dream Job: working in the marketing department for a non profit to help raise money for a good cause/ an accountant.

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I was watching the rom-com “Chasing Liberty” - 2004 while rotten sick in my bed and look who suddenly appears as the heart-warming Italian mother? I’m only just recognising her everywhere, so I’m starting #foundyoumiriam , if anyone sees her in a film or whatnot, tag it!
She’s like a stealthy mastermind sneaking her way into everything