Tagged by @emery-dragonfly, thank you kindly my friend! (ノ´∀`)ノ  To choose one over all my favorite fictional babies is like going to war but I try to do my best, hahah.

1. Mephisto Pheles (Ao no Exorcist)

2. Nura Rihan (Nurarihyon no Mago)

3. Sugata Shindou (Star Driver)

4. Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass)  I am so sorry,Shin.

5. Kumo Tenka (Donten ni Warau) Even though Shirasu is always crawling near.

6. Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts) No comments, Jack. THIS WAS THE HARDEST ONE BECAUSE I LIKE THEM BOTH SO MUCH.

7. Keith Anyan (Terra E)

8. Koujaku (Dramatical Murder)

9. Kuroh Yatogami (K project)

10. Mikleo (Tales of)

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s1mxne asked:

(if you're ok w/ makeup questions rn) i'm using maybelline fit me (matte) 110, & its a little too light for me, & after a few minutes i have dry patches even after exfoliating and moisturizing. i thought i had oily acne prone skin but i guess its combination? it tends to look strange/cakey/ashy/yellow on me, & when i look for foundation i'm not sure what undertone to choose or what skin type to look for. is there anything you'd recommend that wont harm my skin?

I used to use Fit Me before I found out that Maybelline is a L’0real subsidiary/pro-IDF, and I found that it set to a matte and dry finish REALLY quickly, which often means it will oxidize and flake on imperfect skin texture.

Using an exfoliating scrub and moisturizing skin does not guarantee smooth skin. Something you can try is the Cover FX anti-acne primer (which helps exfoliate and control oil), then smoothing the CFX Natural Finish Foundation over top and setting with their illuminating loose powder for radiance.

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I'm so sick of the hate you @aubernutter & @fitnika get. You girls have amazing, beautiful, healthy bodies- but are all so different too. Each in your own area of the fitness/recovery spectrum. You guys have taught me more about loving yourself than any doctor, nutritionist, book etc. just by sharing ur struggles & triumphs. I am 5 or so years younger than u all & u guys feel like big sisters to me. Teaching me all that it means to be a healthy woman-body & mind ❤️ remember this when u get hate

Omg yes we will be your big sisters!!!! So much love for you!!!! Let’s all just have a big hug ok


Sup, I’m Mike. And I couldn’t find a good pic so here’s three cool ones. The dude in the back behind the drum set that makes faces all the time. People don’t believe when I say I’m the younger Fuentes because my brother looks 16. I’m a hp nerd and I pretty much fit the stereo type of a Mexican when you give me food. Anyway, I’m on AIM if you need me - mike_whiskeyhandz

  • Me:man im feeling like shit i should just browse tumblr
  • Tumblr:omg, who would be attracted to boys
  • Me:......
  • Tumblr:girls are so perfect in every way
  • me:........
  • Tumblr:Hey guys don't listen to're okay i guess as long as you fit the 'cute disability' or minority type of boy.
  • me:............fuck this site and fuck this world

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I recently watched "Full Disclosure" for the first time in Steven Universe, and for some reason the song gives me a big PearlAuthor feel. Like, Ford is singing his version of it and feeling like he shouldn't tell Pearl about all the things he's gone through (re: Bill and stuff)

oh yeeeaahhh!! it definitely fits for ford in that kind of situation !! :D :D there’s even an amv with that song (although its about ford and stan) !!!

(it fits so well omg this punches me right in the heart ;____;))

ummmm so i’ve always wanted to do a makeup post and i took a decent selfie before work today so here it is and if this is stupid i’ll delete it or if you wanna see more just holla.

face: maybelline fit me dewy + smooth in ivory, covergirl clean pressed powder in translucent, covergirl clean concealer in fair, too faced selfie powders in sunrise.

highlight/contour/blush: elf cosmetics total face palette in soft and subtle.

eyes: urban decay primer potion. too faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette; crease: mousse. inner corner/lid: butter pecan. lid: rum raisin. outer corner/upper and lower lash lines: truffled.

brows: anastasia beverly hills brow wiz in taupe, benefit cosmetics gimme brow gel in light/medium.

lashes: too faced better than sex on upper lashes, urban decay perversion on lower.

lips: elf cosmetics matte lip color in natural.

all set with urban decay all nighter setting spray.