big taz dump (theories and stuff)

so i recently caught up on the adventure zone and OH boy am i intrigued. griffin has woven SUCH an incredible story and i love it so much.

i have a lot of thoughts i wanna put out there, mostly about magnus, and in an attempt of some form of organization, i’ll be gathering them up into four categories: what is explicitly canon, what can be inferred to be canon, theories based off of canon, and headcanons–that is, things that have a loose base in canon.

huge spoilers for the adventure zone below! please, if you care about things like spoilers, catch up to at least episode 50 before reading ahead.

if you’re caught up, or if spoilers don’t bother you, come on down! this is my first post like this, so forgive me if this is a little wonky;;

i’ll try and update this post as new episodes come out and more theories are cooked up, just to have one collective place to store everything. anyone can ask to contribute to add something if they’d like!

last updated: december 10th

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He couldn’t resist attending the Christmas party, especially when he knew Harley intended to go - by herself, of all things! He’d hounded her about it while he’d watched her change clothes - seven times - and cackled about her attempt to fit in with the average citizens. But he was perturbed. He was used to her catering to his whims, there at every turn, and now she was breezing about her apartment as if she had her own agenda.

Having just escaped from Arkham, he knew better than to mingle freely with the crowd. He had a recognizable face. Star City knew him upon his transfer from Arkham, protested his arrival, actually, and he was being looked for.

His influence over dubious politicians still held strong. The room he had was open to few and heavily guarded. Those allowed to pass in and out were mobsters and shady public figures, but even the more dangerous were wise enough to give him a ten foot radius of space. At one point, he ordered them all out of the room, the guards with them, and threw himself into an armchair that overlooked the width of the party, his foot propped on the metal ledge. A wind-up snowman was in his hands and he turned the handle over and over, feeling the gears move.

There was someone at the door. His grip tightened on the toy and he snarled, “Get out.”

Hey guys its Vixen (again)

I dont want to clog the blog up even more than I already have with answering messages, so Ill just say a massive thank you for all the lovely asks you guys have sent in, I appreciate every single one. You guys are the best and Im so thankful for this blog, Ive made some really good friends from it and had some really great moments with some of you anons. Its been a difficult decision and Id be lying if all these messages didnt make me want to suddenly be like “IM BACK BITCHES” but for now, Id like to just focus on writing and maybe getting a thicker skin 😂
Always and forever,

Vixlyssa Edwards xo

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When you´re losing hope in everything, just watch skam

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I’m currently in a really stressed out phase of my life, mostly because of school. So I basically have a meltdown every week because I’m just all in all exhausted with life and school and stress myself out. 

So when I finally listened to some friends (especially @stilesslydiaa and @snowylightwoods) and started watching skam last Sunday I honestly got alightened… that might sound weird, but this show seriously brought me through this week happy

I finished it in 3 days (and rewatched it right after woooops) and every time I thought about the show, the characters, the couples I start smiling like a little dork cause they just made me so so happy. 

I told all my friends about it, even though they don’t even know the show or understood what i was talking about. 

so i just felt like sharing some reasons why:

(Warning: Some of the links might be slight spoilers, i tried to use gifs that aren´t big spoilers, but just forewarning; i just wanted to use some examples. Disclaimer: None of the GIF´s is mine!)

  • The characters are so so well written and portrait (by young actors who are actually about the same age as their character, and not 30 year olds playing highschoolers, some even still go to school) 
    • also smething yu shuld know that each season focuses n the pov of a differenet character from the group (s1: Eva; s2: Noora; s3: Isak)
  • Skam talks about topics that I noticed have been ignored a lot in other shows (eg. Muslims, refugees, being gay, feminism ) and they talk about it like the teenagers they are. They educate each other. They ask questions. And they grow. 
  • The characters support and stand up for each other, have fights, party, kiss, love and just live their lifes. But they are also depressed sometimes, scared, struggling and helping each other to get better. Just like normal people.
  • Seeing the way these characters develop through the seasons (or more through the episodes) made me so happy and seeing them happy is just putting a smile on my face that I didn’t knew was existing. 
  • Also the couples! I don´t want to go too deep into into this one because f spoilers, but i really really love them and seeing them happy made me so unbelievable happy too.
  • It´s really realistic, almost as if it would be really happening
    • The characters have actual social media accunts
    • there are clips and text messages posted through out the week to the “exact time its happening” –> x; translations can be find here (btw there´s also a spotify playlist with the whole soundtrack from season 1 to season 3)
    • and another thing that i find really great is, that the characters don´t look “perfect and flawless” 24/7 and have a billion different outfits- no. Their cloths are coming back in different combinatins etc. (I know this is a small thing, but it just makes the whole thing more realistic)
  • Besides all of this, it shows a different culture, a different language and the way people live in Norway; which I honestly find really interesting. 

So if you need anything to feel better- watch skam! It’ll work, I promise. 

i mean look at this sunshine (aka my wife):

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And my pure sons:

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hi everyone! it’s ryder! it’s only been one fckin week and i am just over 100 followers now! i appreciate everyone giving my take on this gay russian baby a chance! i’m still working on the aesthetic for my blog, so it means a lot that you’re all coming along on the ride with me!

here are a few people who are awesome and have inspired me to keep going with this blog just by being themselves! i also might look up to them, or i think think they’re prty fckin cool:

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this is absolutely not in any particular order, and do not feel offended if you’re not here! i’m only including rp blogs in this promo :). also it could mean that i’m forgetful or smthn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

again, THANK YOU ALL! i’m sure i’ll have a lot more people to thank/promo for the next milestone! ♥

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Do you know a cute Canadian merman ?

Matthew? He is the only that I know who is from Canada~ He is very quiet, but he looks a lot similar to Alfred. I’d like to talk to him sometime, but I’m a bit nervous to… He is very cute though, isn’t he?


Okay so I started a group chat for all of us wonderful rpers to get to know each other and chat ooc! Hopefully that will get us to be more comfortable with talking each other and get more rps going and find others with common interests, et cetera et cetera. More under the cut:

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I have way too many headcanons for this ship, so I tough that i could write this one here.. 

Baze is really organised, I mean like really REALLY organised whit all of his and Chirruts gear and what anything they carry along. Like rations, clothes and other nick knacks.

He hates it if anyone else other than the two of them touch any of their things and messes up the order where anything in their bags is, because it means that it’s a lot harder for Chirrut to find anything he might need.

They don’t carry along too much, they do not need anything extra in their travels and anything extra feels waist-full, just extra weight to carry along. But still there’s couple of little trinkets that Baze has collected to him self because they remind him of Chirrut. 

He is slightly embarrassed by his small collection of  long leather straps that Chirrut had once put on his hair. Baze really doesn’t wan’t Chirrut ever to find out that he carries them along. Cirrut definitely knows it and finds it all really endearing.

Hey everyone! We’re very sorry for the lack of posts as of late. Both mods are in highschool and usually busy. If you cool cats can send in suggestions (and pictures or drawings or anything of cats!) That would be great! Have a great day everyone.

Dear cis people, some words:

“menstrual hygiene” not “feminine hygiene”

“they” not “he or she” “he/she” “(s)he” etc

“different gender” not “opposite gender”

“what pronouns do you prefer?” not “so what are you?”
edit- “what pronouns do you use?” as they aren’t a preference, they just are

“this is my friend, they like star wars” not “this is my friend, they’re transgender” (seriously why the fuck do you keep doing this why)

friendly reminder that since a lot of people have decided xmas now starts right after halloween: not everyone celebrates xmas or wants to participate.  don’t shame people for not participating in xmas traditions or blacklisting xmas. if people ask to not be wished a merry xmas, don’t wish them a merry xmas. don’t get upset if people express their frustrations with how christian normativity makes it impossible to escape this non-secular holiday for almost two months. if people want nothing to do with xmas, please just let them be.