Feysand Week - Family

This is my fourth fic for Feysand Week, and the prompt is ‘family.’



“Feyre. It’s going to be fine.”

I turn to look at Rhys, trying not to look as worried as I felt. “I know. But what if they don’t like me?” Hate me, in fact.

Rhys put his bag down on the front steps of the house and put his hands on my shoulders. “They’re going to love you, darling.”

I rested my forehead against his. “Really?”

He smiled, leaning down to snatch a kiss. “Really.” Rhys murmured against my lips before pulling away to knock on the door.

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It’s a Date!

Genre: Fuff, Dad!au, one shot

Group: BTS

Paring: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You and your daughter keep running into this father, is he stalking you, are you stalking him or is it fate?

Note: Sorry this took so long, hope you like it! And feel free to request!


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“So, who’s you kid?” A man sat next to me.

I was at my daughters first school play, they grow up so fast. Im sitting right up front, best spot for snapping a couple pictures.

“She’s playing Goldilocks, who’s your kid?” I asked

“My daughter is playing Baby Bear.” He said

“Im Jimin by the way.” He said

“Im Y/N, oh shh, its starting” I replied

All the previous chattering stopped and the room was silent. Then the music started, i pulled out my camera. My little Sam is up first! Im so excited.

The play ended and i went to my daughter to congratulate her. She did so well.

“There she is!! You were s good!!! maybe one day you’ll be a famous idol and be in dramas like mommy watches!” I praise her

She giggles and blushed, the runs up to me for a hug. I lift he off the ground in my arms and ambush herewith kisses. Then i feel another little hand tug at my jeans. I let down Sam to look at the other little girl.

“Hi, umm, Sam you were so cool.” The other little girl said.

Next to the little girl was Jimin, the guy from earlier. He pulled the little girl close to him and scooped her up in his arms.

“Yes, you did very well today.” He said to my daughter

He came in to high five Sam, she smiled and gave him the most aggressive high five i have ever seen. A lot of might in such a small person. Sam went over to Jimins daughter and they ran off to play together. So cute.

“Very strong girl, huh” He laughed

“Ya, she’s also quite clumsy, I’ve had to replace like 4 lamps this year.” I said

Jimin laughed.

“Whats your daughters name?” I asked once our laughter had died down

“Amy, and you daughter is Sam, yes?” He replied. I nod.

We continued to chat, not for too long but it was still enjoyable, he is very nice, and cute. Sam and I left and went home shortly after.

“Mommy?” She asked from the backseat of the car.

“Yes?” I said

“Do you have a crush on Mr. Jimin?” She asked. I blushed uncontrollably.

“No” I replied.


“No, i don’t like him that was, he i just a nice FRIEND” I tried to stop my blushing.

I turned up the radio, that’ll quiet her down, for a little bit anyways. ‘Fly’ By Got7 came on, Sam started jamming out, i did too. We did this thing where i took the vocal parts and she did all the rap lines. We should start our own little group Y/N and Sam, i like it.

We arrived at home, i helped Sam out of the car and into the house. I was already past her bedtime, so she went straight to her bedroom, she was so tiered. I go to my bedroom swell, she isn’t the only one thats tiered. I do my usual night time routine and crash.

The next morning i wake up and see Sam in my bed next to me. She is still asleep, so i decide to make breakfast on my own. Scrambled eggs and bacon, delicious. I start putting the bacon on the plated when i feel little arm wrap around my legs.

“What’s for breakfast mom?” Sam asks

“Scrambled eggs and bacon” I answer and bring the plates to the table.

We sit and enjoy our breakfast. We talk about music, tv and games as per usual.

“Hoshi is the best” Sam says to me

“Hoshi is cool, but Woozi tho” I say.

“They are all good, lets love every member” Sam say and i nod in agreement.

Thats kinda how most mornings were us debating who’s bias is better, but in the end we agree that they are all the best.

“What are we gonna do today?” Sam asks as I’m cleaning the dishes.

“How about, we go grocery shopping!” I say

“Thats boring.” Sam says

“We can get candy” I say

Sam jumps around and runs to her room to get dressed, i do the same. We both walk out of our rooms in cute outfits, looking fabulous as usual.

We drive to the store and go for the candy isle. We both go for the peanut butter cups first, great minds think alike. Now, we have to do real grocery shopping, ugh.

We got all the stuff we needed except, cereal. I go to get the marshmallow cereal but another hand grabs it at the same time. I turn to look at the person, Jimin?

“Oh, hi, fancy seeing you here, ha” He says. We both awkwardly laugh.

“Sorry, here you can have the cereal, bye” Jimin hands me the cereal and walks away.

We go through the check out and walk to the car.

“Whats next?” Sam asks

“Well, how about the park?” I rely

Sams face lit up, that must be a yes to the park.

We drive at the park and Sam immediately goes towards a little girl playing on the swings. It looks like Amy? Jimins daughter?

I hear laughter getting louder from behind me.

“I don’t know if were following you, if your following us or if this is fate” Jimin laughs

“Im gonna hope its fate, cause I’m not following you” We both laugh.

“Hey, um, this might weird but i really like you, even if we don’t really know each other yet, so, do you wanna go out some time? Without the kids” He asked, we both blushed.

“I mean if your married than forget i ever asked!” He says really fast, he seems very nervous.

“I would like that” I said.

“Ok, its a date!”

Chuuya just makes me smile when I am so sick of everything that has happened and everything that’s happening.

Chuuya makes me smile when I’m beginning to think of how much I hate myself.

Chuuya just makes me smile.

Tying His Tie

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*** Just a fair warning this contains strong language and some sexual themes! Thank you so much to whoever requested this! I had so much fun writing this, I hope you love it. Please feel free to send in more requests!***

Calum (AU)

You step out of your shower lightly, being careful not to drip anywhere but the fluffy green towel that lay below your feet. You grab a separate towel and wrap your hair up carefully inside it, letting the swirl sit on top of your head. Grabbing one more towel, you dry yourself off before wrapping it around yourself and walking into your bedroom.

“Good morning,” You greeted, throwing your dirty clothes in the hamper.

“Babe, I’m freaking out,” Calum whined, “I don’t even know how to use a copier. How am I ever going to do this? I’m just not ready.” He was half dressed in a starch white shirt, collar up, and no pants.

“Sweetie, you’re going to do great. My dad loves you, and he believes in you- just like I do.” You affirmed, gliding over and running your hand down his chest. Calum recently finished college, gaining his degree in communications. When your father offered him an interview at Verizon, Calum couldn’t thank him enough. Your father had the same degree, and ended up as one of the heads of the company.

Calum sat down on the edge of your bed, his pants clutched in his hands. His dark hair cascaded down the side of his face, the light from the window illuminating his profile as you sat next to him. You place your hand on his thigh, giving him your silent support.

“Y/N… I just don’t want to let you down. This is the best opportunity I’m going to get right now now,” He explains, turning to face you. You set your hand on his face, running your thumb over his cheek.

“You will not let me down if you don’t get this job,” You urge, looking straight into his eyes. He gives you a weak smile, taking your hand off his face and standing up to put his pants on.

You smile at him, finishing getting dressed yourself. You pull on a sweater, along with a pencil skirt and flats. You pulled up your hair and swiped on your makeup quickly.

“Kitten?” Calums soft voice echos, you look over your shoulder and see him adorned in his crisp white shirt tucked neatly into his black slacks, and his freshly buffed black shoes. “I uh- I don’t know how to tie this,” he admits sheepishly, holding up his dark grey tie you got him for his graduation present. You got him that along with the 50 Shades of Grey series, and this wasn’t the first time he used it.

“Don’t worry Mr. Grey,” You joked, walking over and setting the tie under his stiff collar. Your breath hitches in your throat as he grabs your hips and pulls your groin to his. You smirk up at him with shaky hands, trying to appear confident. You finish up the knot, pulling it straight for him smoothing out his shirt.

“We will finish this later.” He growls, kissing you hard and quick, before heading off.

“I love you!” He calls over his shoulder, while you sat breathlessly. I guess he found his confidence again


“God.. fuck-” Luke’s voice projects through the apartment. You set your tray cheese down on the kitchen counter quickly going to investigate.

“Luke?” You chimed, quickly turning into your bedroom to find in sat in front of your mirror, his phone in his large hand and a tie around his neck. He quickly paused his video upon hearing you enter, twisting his neck to look at you. “What’s going on?” You inquire, looking at his flushed cheeks and disheveled hair.

“Nothing,” He rumbled, “you can go back to the kitchen, I’ll be there in a second.” You notice how fake the smile he was giving you was, and decided to press further.

“Is this about meeting my parents?” You blurt out. Your eyes get big, trying to gage his reaction to your question. His shoulders slouched slightly while he let out a breath.

“Yes… And no,” He admits, giving a sheepish grin. You had noticed him acting a little weird ever since you made plans with your mom and dad to come over and have dinner with you and Luke.

“I-I can probably still cancel…” You stammered, looking down at your feet. You and him had only been dating a few months, maybe he just wasn’t ready yet.

“No! I want them to come,” He blustered, “Why would you think I didn’t?” He walked over to you, tipping your chin up to look him in the eye.

You take a deep breath in, chewing on your bottom lip.

“I mean, you’ve just been acting weird since I invited them. I thought maybe you would think it’s too soon,” you explain, shrugging your shoulders.

“What? No, I just… I want this to be perfect. I’m really nervous and-” He runs a hand through his hair, frustrated, “I don’t know how to tie a tie. My dad never taught me and my mom always did it and I just can’t figure it out.” He professed, watching your face carefully. You burst out laughing, looking at him like he’s an idiot.

“Seriously? This is what you’ve been stressing about?” You giggle, while he looks at you annoyed.

“Yeah, it’s a big deal.” He growls, sulking over to the mirror and trying to knot the damn thing himself.

“Luke, don’t be upset. I’ll help you.” You quickly sober up and walk over in front of him.

“It’s easy once you do it a few times,” You explain, grabbing his blue tie and start to knot it for him. He looks down and watched your delicate fingers move gracefully. You pull the knot up to his neck smiling up at him.

“You are amazing,” He states, looking down at you.
“I know, now you have to come help me in the kitchen. They’ll be here any minute.”  

Michael (AU)

You watched Michael lazily from your shared bed. The sun had just started coming through the blinds while the birds outside started singing good morning. Michel had just landed his first big boy job at a record label, mostly getting everyone coffee and making copies, but he was finally getting into his field. He was excruciatingly talented, but nobody wanted to give him a chance, until recently. You were beyond proud of him.

You on the other hand, had the day off, so you just watched him from the comfort of your warm blanket cocoon.

“What tie?” He asks, noticing you sitting up. He holds up two ties, trying to decide what would go best with his outfit.

“The green, I’ll bring out your eyes.” You choose, smiling warmly. You watch him nod i agreement, putting it around his neck and tiring it up.

“How do I look?” He asks nervously, spreading his arms out and turning slowly. He was wearing tan slacks with a navy shirt and, of course, his green tie. You look closely, noticing his tie was tied like a five year old did it,

“Oh honey, what is wrong with your tie?” You immediately crawl out of bed, looking at the abomination around his neck. You quickly untie it and start to work your fingers to redo it.

“Was it that bad?” He chortles, looking down at you.

“Probably the worst I’ve ever seen,” You admit, pulling it tight for him. You take a step back, admiring how sexy your boyfriend really is. Even dressed in a suit, he was still the hottest guy around.

“You look so sexy,” You admit, your cheeks flushing with your bold statement. His gaze turns to your barely clothed body, making your face turn even darker scarlet.

“You’re the sexy one. I better come home not you in less than this though.” He demands, giving you a wink.


You look around nervously, trying to catch a glimpse of Ashton anywhere. He had gone to the bathroom over 30 minutes ago and you were growing worried he had left you here to fend for yourself. Just as your reached the point of anger, your phone buzzes on the table.

‘Can you come to the bathroom?’  Your phone lit up with a text from Ashton. You were his date to the Grammys this year, and the boys were up for Song of the Year. It was huge deal, and Ashton hadn’t been sleeping right since it was announced. You knew he was nervous, you could feel his palms sweating all night.

All the boys were at the table with you, so you quickly made an excuse and got up to find Ashton. You walked briskly through the corridor, finding the men’s room at the back.

“Ashton?” You call, looking around and only seeing an older couple sitting on a bench.

‘I’m outside’ you shoot him a text, nervously tapping your stiletto clad foot on the floor.

“Y/N,” You see Ashton walking towards you, his hair disheveled and his bowtie undone.

“What’s going on?” You ask, alarmed. As he got closer you noticed his eyes were bloodshot and his nose a little red.

“I’m just… really nervous.” He admits, pulling you to his chest. You accept his hug, letting him hold you. Whenever he was really upset, he would just hold you until it passed. It was one of the best things in your relationship. He would always be calmed down with a hug.

“Sweetie, we have to go back, your category is coming up.” You pull back, looking up at him with concern. It was closing in on 12, and you knew it would be awful if he missed the announcement.

“I know… I just don’t know how to tie this thing.” He motions to his cherry red bow tie hanging around his neck. “I undid it to breath better and now I can’t figure it out.” He runs his hands through his blonde curls with a nervous sigh.

“I can do it, hold my purse.” You demand, giving him your small black clutch. He takes it gratefully while you go to work on his bow tie. “Now, you look handsome as ever.” You lean up to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you… I don’t know what I would do without you.” He gushed, grabbing your hand in his.

“You would probably die,” you joke, walking with him back to the ceremony.

Hey everyone! The first ever Tim Drake Positivity Week is officially kicking off on September 3, and running through September 9! This is a week to celebrate Tim as a character, and express all the reasons why we love him. All content you can think of to make is accepted, so please go crazy!

As I said, the point of this week is to spread positivity around Tim and why we each, personally, love him as a character, so this week is very loosely structured. Everyone is welcome to do their own thing and express themselves however they wish. 

That said, in case people want some inspiration, I’ve come up with a list of prompts to follow if you want:

Sunday, Day 1: loyal or resilient

Monday, Day 2: nerdy or sweet

Tuesday, Day 3: intelligent or badass

Wednesday, Day 4: funny or serious 

Thursday, Day 5: a favorite relationship

Friday, Day 6: a favorite moment/storyline

Saturday, Day 7: character growth

Please tag your posts with #timpweek or #welovetimedrake! If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Other than that, let’s have fun and spread the Tim love! :)

Batfam College Majors Headcannon

This is what I think the batfam’s majors would be in college if they went:

Dick: some time of criminal justice or forensic science
Jason: something along the lines of comparative literature
Tim: I can see Tim majoring in computer science then using his degree to create computer programs to track down criminals
Damian: I feel like he would definitely study business because he’s the type to want to take over the company

These are just a few thoughts! Do you agree or disagree?
Feel free to add your own thoughts or add the other batfamily members (I’m too lazy to type on my phone)

it’s me - deadBatter!

today I’m gonna show you a thing that I’ve made recently
It’s a Sans wood picture with some pretty lights
nice stuff to hang on a wall :D

I can make another one or smth different for you so feel free send me a pm to discuss)
(this one goes around 55usd coz material kinda expensive)

maybe I’ll make this kinda stuff from dota 2 logo next month)

It occurs to me that I haven’t posted anything like this recently, and I’ve gained a TON of followers the past few months, so here’s just a little introduction to me and this blog:

  • My name is Maggie, you can call me that if you like.
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  • I don’t use page breaks unless a piece is very long–this is because Dumblr mobile doesn’t work with page breaks 90% of the time and I have a lot of mobile followers.
  • I’m a full-time student and stage manager for my university’s theatre department. I also have clinical anxiety. In the summer, I babysit and teach daycare. All of these things can make it very difficult to respond to asks in a timely manner, or sometimes at all. I can’t guarantee a response to asks, but I do try very hard, and I read every ask I get. A better way to contact me is through Tumblr’s chat system–I almost always reply to instant messages.
  • Likewise, I can’t guarantee that your prompt will be filled, because it’s sometimes difficult for me to find inspiration, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your message–and that also doesn’t mean you should hesitate to send me a different prompt, because I value your ideas and chances are, something is going to click in my stupid brain sooner or later.
  • I have two dogs and a cat that I post about sometimes. Their names are Teddy, Luka and Hamish. Hamish is the cat.
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New Studios (2017-2018)

Okay so I see anons everyday asking if certain dancers are still at their studios or where they are dancing now. This list is to keep people updated on some of our favorite dancers. This is not intended to be negative AT ALL, just a guide. If I got someone wrong or if you know any others, feel free to reblog or message me. (:

List includes dancers who have switched between January 2017 and now. I will also be updating as the season goes on. 

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Hey! I'm a new anon friend! I really love your blog but I'm too shy to say hi, so just call me Anime Anon! I hope you have a wonderful day, Kylo! ~Anime Anon

no worries sweetheart, whatever makes you comfortable! feel absolutely free to come talk to me about whatever anytime! i hope you have a nice day as well! 💛

shatteredtellurium  asked:

Alphys + 2C


ooc//After 10,000 years I cleaned up my inbox from 500 to 112 messages. So many art requests not from memes and other memes I just lost or I can’t remember the icon/symbol from what meme. 

But I felt very bad cause this was the “last” one in my inbox or maybe one of the first messages I got here from a art icon meme so I just decided to still draw you Alphys! Feels free to used either one of the sketch hun!!

Thank you very much for you patience too!!

@shatteredtellurium is the only one allowed to use these sketches!

anonymous asked:

I'd like to ask, why do you believe in heaven? Feel free to not answer. I'm just curious? Do you think that there simply has to be an afterlife where the good people end up happy? Or are you afraid of becoming nothing? Or do you simply believe?

I’m not a big religious person. But I’d like to think that people can get peace when they leave us. People have their respected religions, and have their right to share and express their beliefs. There’s no right or wrong. I’d just like to know that my past friends and loved ones are in a better place now than when they were suffering. :)


🍳🌷josie {daughter of rapunzel and eugene} // oc created for @arianagrenades🌷🍳

{ @arianagrenades if you like her, feel free to keep her as your own! use her for requests and stories, anything you want! she’s yours! }

{ portrayed by lili reinhart }

josie is the 18 year old daughter of rapunzel and eugene fitzherbert // doesn’t quite process that she’s practically an adult, and would much rather live her free spirited life forever // shy thing, until you get her to open up to you // has stolen a frying pan from auradon prep’s kitchen for self defense // on the subject of stealing, she may be even better than jay at it, but no one suspects a thing from the poised princess // animal obsessed; will sneak away from outdoor p.e class to hang out with the birds and squirrels // additionally, she begs carlos to let her take care of dude some nights {“he’s the campus mutt, carlos, not just yours!”} // class clown and proud of it // more or less living in detention // braids her friends’s hair instead of doing her work; is particularly fond of jay’s hair // actually a great student; most subjects come pretty natural to her // brings pascal to school in her bag // fiesty, half bark and half bite, which may come as a surprise to strangers // strings lanterns in her dorm // extremely school spirited, definitely a cheerleader // friends with everyone, mostly because she’s persistant at getting people to like her {they do anyways} // a blonde that has more fun 🤷🏽‍♀️

- lana 🍳

James Potter imagines (femxreader)

Request: Hi! could you please do #1 and #18 pls! thank you! - anon

1) “I guess I fell for you”

18)”I just cant help myself when I’m around you”

Word count: 1463

a/n: Remember that you can request several prompts if you like, just to make the story more interesting, it also gives me more material to work with! Also feel free you add personal characteristics for the reader if you like!

Originally posted by maraudersimagines

You had always been good friends with the Marauders. Ever since you had met them on the platform before your first year at Hogwarts, you just clicked and bonded together like glue. Every year you would share the same compartment on the train and would raid the trolley whenever it rolled by. You were feisty and fearless, so it wasn’t a total surprise when you got sorted into Gryffindor with the rest of the boys. For six years you remained only friends, that is until James Potter had begun to grow feelings for you.

It wasn’t an immediate change, but he became very aware at how often guys would come up and want to talk to you. How he had not noticed this before was beyond him. The one time that bothered him the most was during dinner in the Great Hall. You sat across from him and Remus, with Sirius next to you. It irked him at how easily some random Slytherin guy would come and openly flirt with you, and he had to sit there and watch. He didn’t know why he was feeling this way, you were just his friend and nothing had changed. As usual he would forcefully try to remind himself of this. But no matter what he tried to think he always had the sudden urge to want to put his hand in yours whenever he saw you in the hallway, or how he had to restrain himself from staring at you in the middle of class. Any time you were studying in the common room, he started noticing how you would bite your lip when you were concentrating really hard, and it drove him crazy. He wanted to kiss you but he tried to think better of himself because he knew you only saw him as a friend.

“She’s my best friend!”

“But she’s stunning!”

“Shes still see’s me as just a friend though”

“What if I told her my feelings”

“But that could ruin everything”

“What if I don’t care?”

James’ change in attitude towards you did not go unnoticed, however. You picked up on how he didn’t talk very often with you anymore if you were alone together, and whenever you glanced at him in class you would find him already looking in your direction, but hastily turning away when your eyes met each other. For a few weeks this new behavior carried out but you brushed it off as just mere curiosity. Even after many attempts to get on his level, he would become all distracted and avoid you altogether. It was getting annoying.

You had to find a way to get him alone to talk to you, and so you snatched your next opportunity when everyone was heading down to the quidditch pitch for the game of Gryffindor against Slytherin. When you and the rest of the Marauders had found your seats in the stands, both teams were making there way onto the pitch and you glanced down to the Gryffindor team and found James with his signature smirk on his face. He was so in his element, and boy, did he love the attention. The crowd was cheering and majority were sporting the infamous red and gold colors to represent the Gryffindor house.

The quidditch referee finally called out to the players to mount their brooms.The whistle blew and they were off. The players were flying in every which way to catch up with the quaffle as it zoomed up and down the field. Until it was in the hands of a gryffindor girl who you did not recognize. She weaved in among the players trying to block her but triumphantly managed to score a goal, the cheers from the crowds became defining.

Then the quaffle finally fell into the hands of James. He was playing brilliantly, with multiple shots fired, the score came to 60-10. James was about to score another point when..

“Hey, baby. why don’t you come and sit on my lap tonight and I can show you what a real man can do with his broomstick.”  an arrogant boy from Slytherin had called in your direction. You felt disgusted and Sirius and Remus had come to your aid by yelling profanities back at him. “You foul git!” “Sod off will ya!” They cried in unison. But as you rolled your eyes, you found that the obnoxious sytherin was now rapidly falling towards the ground, hit by a flying quaffle.

“Foul, potter!” Roared the commentator “10 points from Gryffindor!”

When the game had drawn to a close, you excused yourself from the rest of the boys as you went to the Gryffindor changing room where James was most likely about to finish up. What were you thinking? Can’t this wait? Why were you so adamant on talking to him now? Was this really that important that it had to happen right now?

You pushed those thoughts aside as you entered the changing room. James was standing there with his exposed back towards you, facing the wall. You took a moment to admire how his muscles moved together in perfect sync. There was no one else in the room as far you could tell, so you felt safe enough to call out.


“What? Oh, (Y/N)? It’s you. What are you doing here?” A blush rising to his cheeks. “I thought you would be up at the castle with everyone else.” His voice became muffled from pulling his black school robes over his head, turning in your direction.  Your mouth suddenly clamped shut and you had to urge your self to speak as though your voice became lodge in your throat.

“I had to see you.” You racked your brain as to what to say. As of right now, you had no idea why he didn’t want anything to do with you. Was it something that you said? How would you be able to explain yourself if you didn’t even know you did. It crossed your mind how James would hardly ever get upset with anyone, unless it was at the expense of his ego. So what did you do then?

“I wanted to know what I did that’s making you avoid me all of a sudden” You breathed a sigh of relief, letting the words flow from your mouth. He looked up at you with a sodden expression.

“What? No I’m not avoiding you” He stated quickly, looking at the ground, making sure to not meet your stare.

“I’m not an idiot, James. I see the way you always avert you gaze when I look at you. You have barely said a word to me all week, you become all fidgety whenever it’s just us in a room together, and don’t think I haven’t noticed how you become all bad tempered during dinner sometimes. And what was that ]about on the pitch? Was that really necessary to knock that guy off his broom?” You gestured behind you towards the field.

“He was being a git, he deserved it”

“Even so, what did I do that got you all in a fuss? Whatever I did I’m sorry…”

“Oh, (Y/N).” he breathed through a laugh. He covered his mouth so to hide his growing grin. Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“I can’t believe that’s what you think” he grinned. “(Y/N)….I just can’t help myself when I’m around you.

“What are you talking about”

“I can’t explain it, you just…. Whenever you are around, the room just lights up” he started. “You know?”

“I get frustrated because I hate to see how people easily flirt with you when I can’t do anything about it. Out on the pitch just then. that annoyed the crap out of me, that piece of trash deserved to fall off his broom” He let out a laugh and continued.” I bet Godric Gryffindor is rolling in his grave because I’ve been such a coward, I should have told you sooner but I didn’t know how to, I kind of just thought that it was just a feeling…

“I guess what I’m trying to say is..Well I guess the thing is…” he stuttered

You raised your arms above your head in exasperation. “Oh for the love of Merlin, just spit it out James!.”

But you had been swiftly caught off guard as James moved forward and smashed his lips onto yours, knocking you both off balance. He kissed you with a deep passion, and it made you crave more of him. You had no idea how starving you were until you had tasted his lips. He held you everywhere from up your back and over your arms and suddenly he was kissing you harder, deeper, with a fervent urgent need you had never known before.

He pulled away slowly, still holding you in his embrace, Looking into your eyes he said “Well, I guess I fell for you…”

Hey there lovlies! Here’s another imagine for ya’ll. tell me what you thought of it I would LOVE your feed back! Fell free to request anything to me for an imagines or just a gif imagines. Hope you liked it!

Since it’s fanfic writer appreciation day I thought I’d actually make a short post and share some of my favs with you all. PLEASE feel free to add to this post some of your fav supernatural fanfics with trans/non binary/genderqueer Supernatural characters! Yes, this is a very destiel heavy list as I tend to lean more towards destiel in my fanfic preferences. I highly appreciate fanfic recs so please send them my way.

Orange You Glad by @shiphitsthefan
Rating: E
Ship: Dean/Castiel
Trans* Character: agender Castiel
Summary: Dean hates farmers markets and everything that they stand for.  However, following a conversation with a new friend, an aptly-timed epiphany, and some impromptu pie-sharing, Dean’s definitely rethinking that opinion.
My Comment: I live for agender!cas and boy does this deliver. It’s funny and cute and there’s sexual food sharing.

Hide Your Tender Hands by @almaasi
Rating: E
Ship: Dean/Castiel
trans* character: genderfluid Castiel
Summary: Human AU. Castiel is Dean’s new masseur. Their relationship is meant to be all business, but somehow their first session ends with a cuddle, and their second session leads Castiel to confess he enjoys watching Dean nap a little too much. Their third… well, their third session is especially intimate. After more than a year apart, Dean and Castiel meet on a train, having been invited to the same Independence Day gathering. Just like before, Castiel goes everywhere with his pet cat. But outside of work, he dresses and acts very differently to the polo-shirted smooth-talker of the massage room. Dean can only guess at how this snarky, tattooed, gender-bending sweetheart can render him such a wreck, all over again.
My Comment: This is one of the first fanfics I read that really portrayed Cas as non binary/genderqueer and OH BOY DID I LOVE IT. Well, I love all of almassi’s works but this one just holds a special place in my heart. This one I particularly love just because of how Dean and Cas come together. They’re so aware of their flaws and nearly self destruct everything so many times but eventually they get it all together and realise that someone imperfect is the perfect person to fit in their life.

A Princess By Any Other Name by @unforth-ninawaters
Rating: E
Ship: Dean/Castiel
Trans* Character: Dean (it’s complicated)
Additional Warnings: graphic depictions of violence. Seriously read the tags on this as there could be some triggering material.
Summary: Everything about this mission smacks of trouble. It’s not surprising that King John has set up an arranged marriage for Princess Deanna now that she has come of age, but why is he sending her to meet her betrothed with such a minimal escort? And why Castiel, who isn’t exactly known for his loyalty to the crown? And why are they stopping at the mage city of Ilchester on the way? Castiel doesn’t know and he doesn’t care, as long as the answers don’t get him killed.
My Comment: OH BOY. I sent so many messages to Unforth when I was reading this because IT IS SO GOOD. ALL THE DEAN WHUMP. I think i cried a stupid amount. Like she is so good at hitting me in every single one of my feels but this one just got me so much extra.

Made Manifest by @schmerzerling
Rating: M
Ship: Dean/Original Male Characters (pre Dean/Castiel)
Trans* Character: trans Dean
Summary: Wherein Castiel defied God for Dean before Dean even knew his name.
My Comment: I fucking cried ugly tears. So many ugly tears. This hit me in every one of my feels.