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Do you have a list on direct player involvement in the game?

(undertale spoilers)

Nearly every action in the game requires direct player involvement – inspecting items, using an item, performing an ACT, etc. It’s much easier to look at what is not direct player involvement – the actions independent from the player. Please check out the following posts for examples.

anonymous asked: would shipping two MEN make a girl realise she likes GIRLS??? im seeing zero correlation here

queerness is the correlation…….. the fact that they devote a lot of time thinking and reading about queer people in a community that is pretty queer and making them realize they Care a Lot for some reason

Forgot my credit card at home, car is near empty and might not make the ride home, and I have no food to sustain me for this 12 hour day.

But nothing is gonna get me down!

Only If For A Moment (1/3)

Pairing: Ten/Rose AU
Rating: M
Warnings: domestic abuse, non-explicit dub-con/non-con, adultery, professor/student 
Summary: It was then that Rose realized the full extent of the power she had over this man. All she had to do was say the word and he’d risk his job, his reputation, his everything for her. Because, dare she even think it, but he wasn’t just lusting after her. He was in love with her. 

Notes: There are some sensitive topics I’ve addressed in this fic (see warnings) so please read with caution! Enjoy~

Rose fiddled with the strap of her purse on her shoulder and nervously pushed a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. The door in front of her was closed and her stomach felt like it was doing somersaults as she stared at the nameplate attached to the dark wood. It took every ounce of her courage to gently rap twice with her knuckles.

“Come in!” a cheerful voice proclaimed from the other side. Rose about bolted then and there, forgetting all about this stupid idea at the sound of his voice. But then she remembered Jimmy’s words, his threats, and she couldn’t let him down. Not again.

So taking in a deep breath and ever so slightly readjusting the neckline of her dress, Rose entered Dr. John Noble’s office with the sole intention of seducing him.

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hmm zolu and spy au?


1) Luffy’s family is one with a lot of enemies and Zoro’s generally a closed off person so I’d think Zoro would spy on Luffy. Luffy trusts Zoro Immediately. Zoro takes advantage of this, of course. why wouldn’t he? this is his job after all: spy on Luffy, discover the weaknesses of him and his family, report them to his boss (Akainu maybe?) and then get away so they can be killed

2) Zoro gets attached to luffy in like. less than 48 hours. Luffy has that kind of effect of people. Zoro still plans on spying, but he’s starting to feel guilty about it

3) about a week goes by. Zoro hasn’t figured out everyone’s weaknesses yet and Luffy’s family is suspicious of him. Zoro’s feeling constant guilt about what he’s doing. every time Luffy smiles at him, he feels shitty about what he’s doing. he can’t continue.

4) Zoro confesses to Luffy and Luffy’s family what he’s here for. he knows Luffy’s going to hate him but he doesn’t care. he just wants Luffy to be safe. Luffy is upset, but he’s willing to forgive Zoro. Luffy’s brothers aren’t and Zoro is run out of the house to report back to his boss. when zoro heads back he’s nearly killed by his boss. after all, one of Luffy’s reported weaknesses? his loved ones. if Luffy wants to see Zoro alive, he has to hand himself over. Luffy does it, to Zoro’s dismay.

5) Zoro and Luffy’s brothers go back to the base to save Luffy. since Zoro knows the layout of the base and how everything works he becomes a spy for Luffy’s family. they save Luffy and the first thing Zoro does once Luffy’s free is apologize. Luffy forgives him

(bonus: after this Luffy starts to get to know the real Zoro, not the lies Zoro made up about his life) (Zoro feels guilty confessing his love to Luffy after what he’s done so he decides not to. when Luffy asks him on a date, though… Zoro of course is happy to go)

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why did you stop watching the show got?

I think I’ll have to make a faq about this because maybe it’s not so obvious to new followers. I haven’t stopped watching it, though. As I said in previous asks, I only watch the storylines I still care about and skim through the rest. But I still appreciate the visual aspect of it and haven’t given up completely - yet.

In short, it’s because I strongly disagree with the showrunners’ adaptation choices in terms of storylines and characters. Especially from season 5 onwards, they have either butchered the source material (e.g. show!Dorne) or, after running out of source material, created new plots that make zero sense (e.g. Sansa marrying Ramsay, Shireen’s sacrifice, Jaime going to Dorne, Jon becoming KitN etc.)

Also, I feel like nowadays the show only cares about shocking the viewers with more blood and unnecessary sexual violence, or making them go “oooh” at Daenerys’s latest recycled speech or Tyrion’s new joke, but most of the time the storylines have zero substance and fall flat. Because D&D don’t understand the characters and their motivations, but only see and care about the shocking moments that those motivations have led to. And let’s not forget the show’s problems with misogyny, ableism or racism (though ASOIAF has those too).

You can check my got negativity tag and my meta: show tag for more details and in-depth discussions.

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zolu with smth like zoro is a human and luffy is a merman?? pls

mer AUs are some of MY FUCKING FAVES you’re a blessing

1) Zoro’s on vacation to a beach side town. he rents a little sea side place alone and plans on staying the summer. the place is usually deserted. Luffy likes going there to people-watch and spots Zoro. he likes Zoro bc zoro has seaweed hair.

2) Zoro decides to take a walks one night and spots Luffy in shallow water. bc it’s dark Luffy isn’t very careful about being spotted until he hears someone walking up to him. it’s the seaweed guy!! luffy strikes up a conversation, forgetting that he is in fact a merperson who probably shouldn’t be talking to unknown humans.

3) Luffy befriends Zoro (once zoro gets over the shock of “holy fuck you have a tail”) and luffy starts stopping by the shallow water every day to meet with Zoro. they spend hours together and love every second

4) Zoro swims in the water a lot to spend time with Luffy, hanging onto Luffy’s back and sitting in shallow water w him. he even rents a little row boat that luffy pushes around (so luffy can show him cool islands nearby and stuff). they always have a lot of fun. it’s adorable

5) when summer ends, Luffy is devastated. Zoro immediately promises to come back the next year, since he knows he’ll miss his friend. over the following fall/winter/spring, Zoro realizes he misses Luffy terribly and thinks he might have fallen in love. Luffy’s come to the same realization elsewhere. when they reunite it’s the first thing they say to each other. Zoro pulls luffy out of the water to hug Luffy as tight as possible. its good

I love mer AUs

Lil heads up

This blog has changed A LOT since it started. It started out as an only anime blog and now I reblog from anime to movies, game, shows, etc. I’m aware that I have mutuals who aren’t really interested in seeing that kind of stuff on their dashes. So I just wanted to tell you all that you ARE allowed to unfollow me. I don’t want to have followers who don’t actually enjoy the content I post about. I won’t hate you, you’ll have a nicer cleaner dash for you and everyone will be happy lmao. 

So srsly, if you aren’t interested in what I post you know what to do ;)

So I am a nerd who either made or broke someone's weekend

I went to Universal Studios with my parents for the day, and it was my first time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which was amazing and obviously had people with all sorts of HP merchandise everywhere. I don’t have anything on me (we were running late for a lunch reservation and were shopping later) so I’m in a typical t-shirt and shorts.

We were in line for the Hogwarts express ride (if you have park-to-park tickets you can ride the train between the two Harry Potter lands and it does a simulated journey to or from Hogwarts) leaving from King’s Cross when I had an idea for a prank.

We’re still early in the queue (pretending to be King’s Cross station before you get to Platform 9 ¾) and of course a bunch of people are playing with their HP merchandise while waiting. I wait until I’m bending around next to a girl who’s probably 10-11 (not too young, I’m not a jerk) and waving her wand pretending to cast spells at her family when I lean forward and tap on her shoulder frantically.

She turns around looking confused, and her mother’s a foot away watching. I lean down close and whisper in her ear.

“Look Miss, I know you’re new to this and really excited, but you can’t just go around waving your wand all over the place here-”

Her eyes go wide, and her mother looks a bit concerned at who I am leaning over as a random stranger, so I let a conspiratorial chuckle sneak in.

“- you’re completely violating the Statute of Secrecy! The Hogwarts Express is right ahead and you can practice for the school year there.”

I give a little laugh and a pat on the shoulder as the line moves forward, and her family and mine’s both laughing. My mom’s a bit uncomfortable hoping I wasn’t rude, but she smiles when I confirm they were laughing. Idk it was a long line and I was bored and hope it was fun

TLDR: I told an older kid playing with her wand in the “muggle” part of Universal’s WWoHP that she was endangering the Statute of Secrecy as if I was an undercover auror. The whole experience was really well done and seeing that many fans in robes in the sweltering August heat was inspiring.

so im just gonna throw this out there but

hi im adopted (i’ve said it like 300 times in the past 3 days) and if you guys need any references on how adoption works/what its like i’m always open to help with these things. i’m adopted and i’ve seen all my siblings get adopted, as well as watch my mom become a foster parent to my sister’s friend. so i have a lot of experience with this stuff if you want any information on it!

░ ✩ ❝ GIF ICONS ❞

under the cut will be { ✩ THIRTY NINE | 100 x 100 } gif icons of MATTHEW NOSZKA in style THREE !! he’s famous for being a recently discovered male model. i’m taking full credit for these gifs because they’re all mine, so please do not EDIT or REPOST them. please like or reblog if it helps you, and requests can be sent in here !!

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For the AU ask: ZoLu AU where Luffy is an elf (whether it's a small elf/brownie or an LotR elf is up to you) and Zoro is a naiad (river spirit)

ooooh this is cool!! I’ve never heard something like this omg. I like it

1) they meet bc Luffy (I guess LotR elf?? bc he’s not Santa elf. he can be sort like a Santa elf tho lmao)(I know Jack Shit about elves other than that they’re tall and almost immortal. luffy is only one of these things) falls into Zoro’s river. of course the guy can’t swim so Zoro saves him.

2) Luffy’s never met a naiad before so his first question after being rescued is something like “do you poop?” which Zoro tells him is a ridiculous question. (Luffy also commented on how his hair looks like algae) (they’re off to a romantic start)

3) Luffy thinks Zoro’s really cool (even w his algae hair) so Luffy continues coming back to meet him. Luffy’s decided they’re BFFs and Zoro has decided to tolerate it. it soon stops being “Zoro tolerates it” and goes to “Zoro enjoys it” and then “Zoro looks forward to it” till eventually “it’s the highlight of Zoro’s day”

4) at some point Luffy’s visits become the only thing Zoro really thinks about (it’s not like he has much better to do other than like. nap) and it slowly dawns on Zoro that he miiiiiight be in love. Luffy comes to the same realization a bit later and confesses the next time he sees zoro (he’s a very straightforward guy) (maybe not the straight part tho). it goes over well of course.

5) despite being unable to swim, Luffy attempts to swim a lot to be closer to Zoro and almost drowns every time. he asks Zoro to teach him how to swim and almost drowns bc he can’t get the hang of it (good thing Zoro can control the river water to make him Not Drown). Zoro ends up just having to hold onto Luffy if Luffy wants to go into the water. this is the opposite of a problem for both of them

I love these they’re so fun