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I had such a good day yesterday. Stomach was feeling well so I dared to get myself Ben&Jerry’s ice cream (I try to eat as naturally as possible to stay healthy so B&J is great for that). Then I sat in front of my laptop, decided to play a game “I’ve got 87 millions” and went to look for houses and apartments I’d buy for myself and for my loved ones. 

I spend hours playing that game whilst eating the ice cream and it was so much fun! It felt so great to actually feel that I can afford any of the houses I stumble across. Whenever I found a house or apartment I liked, I looked at the photo of the real estate agent and pretended to make them a call stating that I’m interested in this estate and planned an appointment with them. Then I imagined going through the house with them and if I liked the house, then buying it and making their jaw drop when I’d pay it immediately without a mortgage. I thought how I’d decorate the houses and what renovations I’d do in them. I thought the best locations for my needs, what views I’d want from my living room’s windows, the best value-price range balance, and where should I buy extra houses for rental apartments. I calculated would this estate be a good one or should I invest to abroad and buy a house there.

That was so great I’m going to play it again today! 

modeststroke  asked:

For the opinion thing (not sure if this counts) I would kind of like to hear more about what you think of Manon having learning disabilities and maybe how it affects her relationship with Alain or her own journey? In my opinion it might be a big reason of why she's so stubborn. Maybe it makes her want to be able to do things herself and prove she doesn't need others to help her, so she doesn't listen when Alain tells her something won't work or she should do something differently? Long ask oops

Ah I love answering these things! 

“what (do) you think of Manon having learning disabilities?” 

I’m not 100% sure what exactly you mean with this question because I have already told you that I headcanon Mairin having learning disabilities and concentration problems, and I’m not sure how much I can add (edit: apparently a lot) but I’m trying my best. 

So, she has dyslexia, which obviously makes reading really hard for her, and she can’t understand why the letters and words keep changing places, and why she often notices that she has accidentally skipped a word or even a full sentence when she’s reading. She was never officially diagnosed with dyslexia (nor did she know what it is), until she met Alain; I liked your fic about Mairin having problems with reading so much that I totally took that headcanon to myself, and I imagine that Alain encourages Mairin to talk about her learning disabilities with professionals. 

At first she’s a bit on denial, not wanting to accept that she has a disability, and she might even be a bit angry at Alain for suggesting such a thing, but eventually she does talk about it with someone, and after learning more about dyslexia she starts reading books with bigger fonts, and if available, uses audiobooks too. With Alain they practice reading out loud every now and then, but Alain tries to make her as comfortable as possible; letting Mairin for example pet Chespie while reading, and telling her to stop if she starts feeling anxious (if she slams the book on the wall, Alain knows it’s definitely time to stop). Professor Sycamore also lets them use some picture cards and games he uses with his younger students (I’m sure that as a professor he has to do some teaching every now and then too) to help those who aren’t that good at reading. 

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Dark Space Elf Naming Help

In trying to come up with a name for my Dark Eldar warband, I have reached something of a mental block on what the hell to call ‘em. I know I want a pattern of “The Blah-Blah [some kind of pirate]s;” at least that seems like what would sound best. But I came up with a list of suitable words and am just coming up.. empty. 

Group One: (pick two, mash ‘em up)

Acrid, Bitter, Black, Blade, Claw, Cold, Doom, Emerald, Eye, Glare, Poison, Quick, Rending, Rent, Sail, Sky, Splinter, Star, Talon, Tide, Venom, Vitriol, Void, Wave

Group Two: (pick one)

Corsairs, Hunters, Raiders, Reavers, Vandals

Resulting in something like: 

Poison-Sail Corsairs (hyarr), Voidsplinter Vandals, etc.

I just… can’t seem to pick.

(Also I should probably come up with the names of the Archon and/or Succubus leading them, but mostly I just want to nail down the name of the warband.)

Anything jump out to anybody else?

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“Favorite Klaine Fanfics: a cover art series” (2/?)

tagged by @amandakitswell and @jarebear20 to do the mutuals meme :D (edited because i realized i didn’t finish the whole thing :T)

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Top three ships: Genevieve Trevelyan/Krem Aclassi, any of my otps with @jarebear20, Shepard/Kaidan Alenko

Books I’m currently reading: this is gonna be a list of school books, but you asked for it, and they’re all pretty great, so read them!

Who owns culture? by Susan Scafidi
Cultural appropriation and the arts by James O. Young
Bad feminist by Roxanne Gay
Vithetens hegemoni by Sara Ahmed (directly translated asThe hegemony of whiteness(or the white body), which is a collection of Ahmed’s works in swedish)

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So here’s a top knotch hair for you! If there are any issues let me know. Download is under the cut. (Also I’m sorry for the horrible pun ._.) 

  • Teen - Elder
  • 18 Original Colors
  • Works with base game
  • Not hat compatible
  • Male and Female
  • Please don’t upload anywhere else. Recolors are fine as long as you credit me. 
  • Feel free to tag me if you use
  • Enjoy!

Download here!

Only taking 5 people so hop on before they’re all gone! 
- Paypal only. I will invoice you.
- Priced $15 per character.
- Fanart and OC’s okay! MUST have at least 3 picture references.
- These will be bust sketches only.
- If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message via IM on tumblr! :)  

tips for writing bilingual characters
  • there are different types of bilinguals
    • the All Around: speaks, reads, and writes both languages pretty well
    • the Conversational: one language is stronger than the other; can speak the other language a lot better than they read/write it (a lot of kids of immigrants are this type)
    • the High Schooler: understands what’s being said to them in the other language, can’t really speak it
  • don’t have your characters randomly drop words from their other language mid-sentence around people who don’t speak it lol
    • languages are a mindset thing. like personally if i’m around english-speakers, i’m speaking english and i don’t really switch to my other language (which is portuguese)
    • so like if you’re writing a bilingual character who speaks spanish and have them say something like “hey chad let’s go to the biblioteca” to an english speaker i’ll probably spend 5 minutes laughing and then close your story lmao
  • exception: the character is speaking in their weaker language and forgot a word (”where are the…? uh… llaves…. keys! keys, where are they?”)
  • otherwise really the only time your character should be randomly switching languages mid-sentence is if they’re talking to another bilingual
  • like i don’t speak spanish but i’ve legit never heard a spanish speaker say “ay dios mio” to gringos lmao
  • conversations between two bilingual people can take a few different forms:
    • Pick One: they pick one language and kinda stick with it for the whole conversation (a conversation i might have with my portuguese-speaking mom: ”you okay?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “i’m fine, but your dad-”)
    • Back-and-Forth: someone says something in one language, the other person replies in the other (”tudo bem?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “tou bem, mas o seu pai-”)
    • Combo: they speak a combo of the two languages, a popular example being spanglish, though basically every bilingual has their own combo language (”tudo bem?” “sim, tou bem. how’re you?” “i’m fine, mas o seu pai-”)
  • when in doubt: just ask a bilingual to look at your stuff and tell you if anything sounds weird

Jace and Simon in the Season 2B trailer


some fae facts from lore

  • ‘fae’ range from anything like goblins and imps to the little pixies with the wings that everyone associated with fairies to the seven-foot tall members of the royal courts. some even consider the banshee to be fae. (also trolls, gnomes, elves, djinn, dwarves, leprechauns, will-o-wisps, etc.)
  • some think the fae are evil, some think they are fallen angels, but most are considered to be a chaotic neutral force. some might call this ‘whimsically evil.’
  • honey makes them drunk.
  • iron poisons them, as it does many magical beings.
  • some were-creatures were probably just fae in disguise, since fae can assume any form.
  • they sometimes lure humans with music that makes them want to follow and dance. they have to dance for what feels like a year and a day but it actually only seconds.
  • true names of the fae have power over them. they often use aliases when dealing with non-fae.
  • some people are gifted with fae sight, which allows them to see the fae and also sometimes peeks into the future through their dreams.
  • cats hate the fae, and the fae hate them back. 
  • iron horseshoes over the door can act as a fae deterrent.
  • they sometimes kidnap human children and leave their own children or elderly behind. these are called changelings.
  • fae are generous with gifts, especially for polite people, but prefer gifts in return.
  • that being said, better to avoid accepting gifts. you probably don’t have enough to pay them back. by saying ‘thank you,’ you acknowledge that a gift was given and that you now owe something in return. being indebted to the fae = bad time
  • fae can’t lie, but truth and honesty aren’t always the same.
  • asking for a favor will cause offense. make it seem like it’s their idea to help you.
  • most things offend them, actually.
  • some fae can smell a lie. there’s no way of knowing which ones unless they tell you.
  • fae use ‘glamour’ to hide their appearance or habitations around humans. ‘glamour’ can be gifted for use by humans.
  • it’s better for fae to have half-breed children than no children at all, so relationshops with humans are fine. it just rarely works out fine for the human.