so i was tagged by qveendragon so uh yeah okay

age: 16 (almost 17) 

biggest fear: bugs and germs 

current time: 8:39 pm

drink you last had: water 

easiest person to talk to: no one tbh (i actually dont have any friends)

favorite song: moonchild - m83, otherside - red hot chili peppers, your graduation - modern baseball, suicide season - bring me the horizon (theres more but im too lazy) 

grossest memory: one time i found an apple that fell under my bed like 5 months later and i cried when i picked it up even tho i had 2 pairs of gloves on and used paper towels as well i have like flashbacks to this day

home town: seattle

in love with: reading, music, my bed, cats, netflix

jealous of: people who dont have ocd, depression and anxiety like honestly i would do anything to just be normal 


longest relationship: 2 and a half years on and off 

middle name: kay 

number of siblings: one 

one wish: uhm that i find someone who will understand me and help me when im triggered/having an episode really just someone to love me for me. just someone to care about me 

person who you last called: my mom

question youre always asked: well when i was younger people used to be like “youre REALLY __ years old??? you look so much older” it was so annoying omg 

reason to smile: my 3 cats 

song you last sang: shes kinda hot - 5 seconds of summer 

time you woke up: like 7 or 8 am

underwear color: black yo

vacation destination: ireland/switzerland

worst habit: worrying too much, assuming everyone hates me

xrays youve had: right wrist, both collarbones, stomach and intestines 

your favorite food: pizza

zodiac sign: scorpio

uhhhh constanti-nipple dabusco7 shirawords fruitkink (kady u have to do this pls) i-cant-fix-that uh-lora