Jack: So it’s true. I’ve been trying to make you think you didn’t wanna run Kabletown while you were doing the same thing to me.
Kaylie: What a super sleuth. You’re just like Vanessa from “The Vampire Detective Mysteries”!
Jack: I’m not familiar with that reference but I assume that Vanessa is some kind of cool genius. You don’t even like the ocean, do you?
Kaylie: I hate the ocean. It’s for tools.
Jack: The ocean’s awesome and for winners. You are for tools!
Kaylie: You can’t beat me, Mr. Donaghy! You worked your way into this world, but I… I was born into it. I breathe it. So watch your step. ‘Cause I can always tell papa you gave me alcohol.
Jack: And I can always seduce one of your teachers and get her to fail you.
Woman: I’d be into that.
Guy: Me too.
Jack: Better pick up your books or you’ll be late for class.
Kaylie: This is my free period.
Jack: Well played.

- 30 Rock, 3x16 TGS Hates Women