I dunno give me something a long text telling me how you feel or what you want. Give me something to fight for instead of these imaginary fantasies I alway think about. I’m the one who has to deal with out you saying “I love you” or “ I miss you” everyday when I really need to hear it. Everytime I go through all these baby clothes I have to do it by myself cause I have no one. You just don’t hurt someone you loved like this. This is cruel. I alway wake up and numb myself from the pain you cause but I become weak and I end up opening up and I hate making you feel bad but it’s true your a jerk, an ass, and no some people wouldn’t think your worth my time but for some reason I’m holding on. I really can’t trust what you say anymore but I really want to. But you break even the littlest promises like skyping all day or whag not. And it just makes me thing if you can break the small ones that mean something to me what are you going to do when I give myself to you again and begin to trust you with those promises. But now I just don’t know what I’m holding on to anymore. Memories maybe :“(