Just finished taking to some hella cool potential roommates in an affordable house within walking distance of my job and who would allow me to keep a pet, keep your fingers crossed for me that this works out please!

He’s still got Niall’s voice reverberating in his mind, a gruff curse drowning in that Irish lilt that makes him relive his shock every time the phantom pressure of it beats against his eardrums. It’s what keeps his heart beating too fast in his chest – the overwhelming sense of dread that came with the disruption of the silence keeping his blood rushing through his veins even now that his worries have been subdued, his anxiety settled by the confirmation that Niall is okay.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” he says, repeating the same words over and over again as if it will sedate his mind and mute it until the shock wears off. He brushes his thumb over Niall’s left eyebrow, follows the shape of it back and forth while he aims his gaze at the irritated skin that shows in his wake. “Guess you’re right about me not handling my liquor very well.”

The flat smells of burnt chicken, but all Harry can sense is his own guilt as he curls his fingers around Niall’s ear, flexing them carefully as if he needs a better grip of Niall’s head while he keeps brushing over the angry spot over Niall’s eye, ever so focused on it as if it will bloom into a bruise within seconds. A cork-shaped mark to show where he’s been – to tell of the fool who tried to be romantic but ended up ruining the evening instead.

The palm of his hand shifts on its own accord, Niall’s cheek rounding up under his touch before it moves – fits itself more carefully in Harry’s grip until it’s fully cradled there, Niall’s smile blinding him once he looks up. It makes the guilt fade a little, makes Niall’s skin taste even sweeter than usual when he presses another apology to the mark and breathes out against it.

Undercover Kiss

I was in a mood for fluff, and I’m too exhausted to finish this paper (which I will finish tomorrow), so I dug into my log of prompts for the kissing meme to come up with something suitably fluffy.

Or, well, it didn’t have to be fluffy, but I went with fluffy!

This one was prompted by Ecanus Gazadriel, who simply asked for an undercover kiss.


It wasn’t as if Steve had meant to get involved with anyone on this assignment. It had just…happened.

Of course, if he tried to tell anyone this, all he got was incredulous laughter, pats on the back, and Bucky’s pacifying “Sure, Steve.”

But things being as they were…

Steve was screwed. Royally screwed.

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Harry,” she said quietly then. “Do you want my trust?”
I nodded tightly, not trusting myself to speak.
“Then you’re going to have to give me some. I’m on your side. I’m trying to help you. Let it go.”
I shuddered.
“Okay,” I said.
Her hands felt small and warm in mine.
“I… we’ve been friends for a long time,” I said. “Since that troll on the bridge.”
My eyes blurred up, stupid things, and I closed them. “I know I’ve screwed up,” I said. “I’m going to have to live with that. But I don’t want to lose you.”
In answer, Murphy lifted my right hand and pressed it against her cheek. I didn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t hear it in her voice or her breathing, but I felt a slight dampness touch my hands.
“I don’t want to lose you either,” she said. “That scares me.”
I didn’t trust myself to speak for a long time.
She lowered my hands slowly, and very gently let me go. Then she turned to the door.
“Karrin,” I said. “What if you’re right? What if I change? I mean… go really bad.”
She looked back enough for me to see her profile, and a quiet, sad smile.
“I work with a lot of monsters these days.
—  Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy (Cold Days by Jim Butcher)

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How many siblings you have and what they're like????

I’m the oldest of seven, so I have six younger siblings. My brother is in the phase of life where he’s not pleasant to be around. He’s been there for something like three years. We’re all hoping the improvement he’s been showing will stick. My other brother is the sweetest kid you could imagine and he’s got sass but a whole mess more of adorable. Literally everyone loves him. My sister is super super nurturing and gentle and quiet. We joke that even when we hate people, to each other we don’t count as people. My other sisters are inseparable – one has no height and the sassy attitude to kill a horse in order to make up for it, and the other is growing too big for her body so she’s all elbows and knees and clumsy smiles to make up for it. And my baby baby sister was just born. She’s the cutest child yet.

Just imagine professor!Castiel having a Group-chat on Twitter with his high school students and saying stuff like “My husband and I decided to behave like responsible adults and cook pre made macaroni and cheese for dinner” and sending cute selfies and videos of him and Dean because his students ship them so much

growl. Like, no. I was treated like complete shit for years by someone I loved. Ichi is the one who managed to rescue me from that bullshit. Nobody ever stood up for me except him and now, I too refuse to stand by and let this abusive bullshit happen. I refuse to let you people who would rather stick your heads in the sand rather than band together and destroy this abuser, or any abuser for that matter, have their way. Does all of this make you feel like shit? Good. You should feel horrible for the way you’re behaving. Neutrality does nothing. Neutrality doesn’t stop abusers. It gives them the go ahead, it tells them that it’s okay to keep doing this shit when it’s not. I can’t believe those of you that won’t stand up with us. I just can’t. How could you? How dare you?

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I want to say that while I liked Tadashi Hamada a lot after I first saw the movie, coming across your blog and seeing how much you love him, makes me appreciate his character a lot more :) So thanks for making me love the big nerd too ;D


Wow, well I’m glad that I was able to do that! Thanks! 

I really don’t know what else to say other than WOW. :DDD

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OK but like, why do some “fans” and YG themselves seem to hate on Seungri a lot? He’s awesome and I love him and idk I mean, it’s okay to have favs and be biased but I don’t think you should really call yourself a fan of a group and then hate on one/more of the members.


family’s love and encouragement helped tao pass through the harsh training period

ok i desperately hope that fic exists where percy is a tired ministry of magic worker after the war and after his daughters go to hogwarts he has trouble seeing the point to it all anymore so he calls it quits and after idk visiting them or something he remembers the feeling he had going to hogwarts, making prefect, making head boy, having some small semblance of power and control and the ability to make a real difference, to be important again, and he’s suddenly blinded with desire, with the sense that maybe he was on the wrong path all along.

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joshua’s not on the photo bc he’s too busy scrolling down the seventeen tag on tumblr and witnessing our reactions aka the day we lost all our chills and the chills of our chills and just laughing at our posts because he’s just like that joshua u savage but @joshua follow me ily


Guitar Man’s self-introduction on King of Mask Singer

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heeey! i just found this video and hugh is so cute he killed me please can you gif the bit where he says "i love you" to both fans?? whY IS HE LIKE THIS WHY youtube com/watch?v=SGC7OiJx19E

here you go, have your cute cinammon roll


The Doctor and Clara both have difficulty, as characters, at saying ‘you are massively important to me, you’re the most important person in my life.’ They can’t actually say that.


I went [into the Arrested Development audition] thinking ‘I’m going to have fun with this and then try to just let it go.’ When they called me back, my mind was blown. Buster was sweet and made me laugh. The fact that he had panic attacks all the time and loved to massage people—that was just a great combination.

Tony Hale for Interview Magazine [x]

People who don’t respect Frodo Baggins are people that I don’t need in my life.

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Does mark still love us?

He clearly cares.

If he didn’t care he wouldn’t have said anything. The fact that he came here and spoke directly to us with such a sharp tone reminded me of a disapproving older brother. Yes, he still loves us and we’ve hurt him but he won’t leave us. He won’t abandon us. I was scared for a little while, but he’s renewed my faith and raised my hopes

He wouldn’t be so incensed if he didn’t care about us. He wants us to love and grow and build each other up. “Disappointment” means “I expected better of you.” 

“I expected better of you. I expect goodness and kindness from you. I did before and I still do and I will continue to expect these things from you because I love you and I believe in you.” 

Mark still cares about us. And I am brimming with hope.