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Do you have any tips on how to draw?

you just gotta do it tbh cuz the only way to get good at drawing is to keep drawing yknow. it also helps to draw real stuff? like go outside and watch people and animals and draw trees and shit. or like ask your friends to pose for you. or i guess you could just google pics of stuff. i like to read tutorials too just cuz half the time it’ll point out a little detail i never thought of before and then change my entire life haha

that was a rather… lacklustre episode.

rant???? sorta in the tags

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why haven't you been posting new gif sets lately?

Honestly I’m just not motivated. I’ve been feeling extremely self-conscious about my gifs lately and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I don’t get the kind of feedback i used to anymore or maybe my gifsets just aren’t as creative and interesting as they used to be but I don’t feel proud of them anymore. I don’t know, but it’s been happening for a while and for the last couple of weeks I just haven’t made anything I like enough to post. I’ve made a bunch of gifs but I don’t feel like they’re good so I didn’t want to post them. I really hope that it’s a phase or something because I really love giffing but I honestly don’t know. 


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful


THE 100 HP AU: Bits and bobs.


The Blakes are both nerds, Lincoln is too pure, Monty has to deal with Octavia & Lincoln’s awkwardness, Raven goes to the infirmary a little too often, Clarke & Lexa are gross in every universes, and the Gryffindor’s 7th year class might be the worst that Hogwarts has ever seen.

Other students existing in this AU: Maya, Murphy, Emori. Edit: cute tiny second year Aden.

>> More of this AU <<

(IMPORTANT: I can’t please everyone with the sorting of their houses, this isn’t open for debate anymore. Sorry if you don’t like it. ♥)

Please help my mom

Hey guys, I’ve given this a lot of thought, but I don’t know what else to do. So, I’m here to ask for some help.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Heather, and I have a pretty great mom who taught me how to love the world and give great hugs and always tell the ones you care about you love them because you never know what may happen the next day.

That mom is in serious and dire trouble right now. My mom is a great 51 year old women, who has gone through so many jobs over the years. A few she had to walk away from to make sure me and my sister had the care and love we needed through each storm of bad luck that came our way. From my depression and being sick in bed for almost an entire year, to my sister being diagnosed with diabetes and ending up in the hospital a few times, to my sister having a baby and my mom helping raise the kid. Not all big things, but things, at the time, we were scared and uninformed about. And she’d research and care for us. Even as she came down with depression, dealing with my dad’s suicide attempts and break downs, to her own thoughts and feelings of suicide, she’s stuck it out.

She’s struggled so hard to swim up river, and has applied for thousands of jobs. She’s gone to so many job fairs and interviews I can’t even count them all. She has so much experience from being a waitress(on roller skates at a time) to working on computers(she can type faster than anyone I’ve ever seen and takes the most diligent notes and is always organized), and is the biggest people person. But she can never land a job, for whatever reason. (I personally suspect age, because lets face it, who easier to pay tiny wages to than young people.)

Even when she gets a job, everything comes crashing down, and she has no money left to her name. Now she’s at a point where she can’t afford their rent anymore, nor gas, or food, or bills. She was just laid off(her job claimed being overstaffed) my sister is leaving to move in with her new boyfriend, and my grandparents refuse to help her or let her move in with them.

I lived in my car, on friends couches, and jumped hotels for a little over 2 months, so I can imagine what it’s like to have no where to go. But to have no one who wants you on top of that, while still having to care for pets no less, is something I never wanted my mom to be in. I’ve tried so hard to keep her afloat, but now I’m in a position where I can’t help her on my own. I can’t pay her rent and bills, no matter how much I want to.

I’d like to earn enough money for her to afford someplace to stay until she can find a job again. I think if she can have a good starting amount of money to keep her going, she won’t have to be forced to do anything drastic.

This is my mom, guys. A mom who has been trying to damn hard to do everything she can but the world keeps pushing her down and holding her underwater, wanting her to drown. It’s not fair, and the fact her family won’t help her because she can’t get out of the situation by herself is even worse. She’s TRIED. She doesn’t want this, she LOVES working, she loves being able to take care of people, I just can’t understand how someone who tries harder than anyone has to be forced into being homeless and alone.

I’m really, really, REALLY hoping to raise anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, if at all possible. I know it’s a lot, and probably impossible, but sadly it’s not a lot or enough for someone to live on for long. But it should be enough to help my mom at least pay another few month’s rent and bills and buy her more time to hear back from another job. But honestly, anything helps at this point.

If you guys can help my mom out, I’d be indebted to you forever. If you want a drawing, or a day to hang out at Disneyland, or a cookie I can bake and send to you, or something, you got it. Just please, please help me keep my mom off the streets. She’s almost been there before, and now that she’s alone it’s even more likely. And she loves our pets to death and they’re the only real comfort she has, I don’t want anything to happen to her and all of them.

If you can’t donate, please spread this around for me. I’m really hoping to save up any money for her before the month is up.

Thank you for your time and kindness.
Here’s a more direct link to where you can send donations if you choose:


And you’ve seen me do that more often than most. Isn’t that right, Clara?

If you could save a cat’s life, would you?

Hi everyone. As the title suggests, a cat in my life needs help. His name is Enrique and due to heart problems, he needs a pacemaker. Unfortunately, this type of thing is expensive and his owner can’t afford it.

I know this type of post is a pain, but Enrique’s owner is someone who means the world to me and I told him I’d do whatever I could to help, including this. I’m asking you all to please consider making a donation to save Enrique’s life. I’m sure many of you are animal lovers and can imagine how awful it would be to lose a pet because the vet bills were too high.

I’m not posting this because I want to empty your wallets, I’m posting it because I know that if everyone with the ability to donate gave a few dollars, the fundraiser would be over in no time.

I know how I usually react when I see these posts. I scroll past them, or maybe like them with the half-hearted intention of donating later. I’m asking you now: don’t be like me. Don’t wait. Don’t expect everyone else to help if you won’t. What would Steven do if he were reading this right now?

Here is the link again. Anything you can give counts. I know that through our compassion and generosity, we can do this. Thank you.