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do you think you could give us some beautiful upd8 eridans? ;;;___; AHHH such a good upd8, i hope youre doin good

I can try! I was so happy about seeing the lil fishnerd again!
At first I planned to leave it at one picture, but then my drawing mojo sorta came back and I wondered: isn’t the last thing he would remember being chainsawed in half? So what if: 


↳ Kaneki Ken & Yamori + Finger Cracking 

for thejacketslut


Fandom often likes to put him in ANBU but please also consider: jounin-sensei Shino.

Kids are calling him “sensei” and uphold him as some sort of fearless adult figure, but Shino does not lie to them nor does he instinctively try to assuage their worry. He’s scared. He’s human, like anyone else. But later in a manner very characteristic of him, Shino also says “there is no need to fear battle”. Because he truly believes good friends will always have your back. He’s teaching them they don’t need to run from fear and emphasises the importance of bonds. 

He’s not even a jounin yet, but tell me he wouldn’t make an excellent teacher.


so the comic


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”


worst part of TFA shooting according to Adam Driver


25 Days of Zarry

25/25- Kisses