guys look, i get that antoine probably wont get the award, but i think thats fucking unfair.

why? because in my opinion, if it’s an individual award then why do you count in the trophies won? because we all saw ronaldo’s performance on the euros - be honest, he can play at least 11 times better than that (la u11decima) - and yet he’ll get the award, even though its said that this was his worst season ever

they’ll probably count in the trophies, when they should be counting the player’s impact on the team - only that is logical if we’re talking about individual awards here

and all of you know how crucial antoine was both to atleti and france nt (istg if he weren’t on the team we would probs lose to ireland) - hell, he scored 6 goals - twice as much as ronaldo, and yet we all assume ronaldo will win the award tomorrow (no hate btw - this time)

so yeah, call me a fangirl idgaf, i just think he’s the one that should get it and that he’s the one that deserves it.


Sherlock looking at the one who matters the most.

If there’s something I learned from Sherlock...

I started watching this show because everyone was freaking out about how good it was and, again, tumblr was right. I loved this show after the first 5 minutes, it’s amazing! And I never stopped to think about what they say or what they do until the hiatus appeared and there’s a lot of things I learned from this show I wanted to share with you.

First: Alone DOES protect you.

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But the thing is, you need to know that to prefer to be alone is not the same as thinking you are actually alone. If you like being in your own world, talking to no one and staying at home reading a book, go for it. But don’t think for one second no one cares about you, because they do. There’s always someone. A relative, a friend, a colleague, a teacher, your followers. They know who you are and they would be there for you when you need them, even if you don’t think they will.

Second: Caring is definitely not and advantage.

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People will hurt you, disappoint you, damage you and break you. They would be mean and that is because we are humans. Quoting one of my favorite books, “We’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self-destruction”. But there comes a time when someone appears into your life, someone will be worth to care about. Just know who will care about you too.

Third: Not matter how bad you think you are, no matter how terrible you think you could be, there’s always going to be someone who would remind you that for them, you are the best.

We can point all of our flaws in 10 seconds without hesitating, that’s because most of the time we only see the bad things about ourselves. But remember you are not that bad, you’re not a terrible human being and you can be better. Remember the good things people have said about you when you’re feeling down and it will help you. Changing the perspective helps a lot.

Fourth: It’s okay to think you are the best, if you don’t believe in yourself then who else will?

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Well, Anderson will. And this takes me to the last thing.

Fifth: We all count.

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If you think you’re useless, a mess, an idiot who can do nothing, then think again. We are ALL important. Just think about a house of cards, what if you took one off? Everything will fall apart and you won’t be able to build it again. Now think that card is you and the house is the world. If Martin Luther King or Mandela gave up thinking they couldn’t change the world, where do you think we will all be now? If women didn’t fought for their right to vote, how will that affect us now? There’s a lot of things that have changed due to one person with a vision and conviction. Never stop believing in yourself, you are important.

Now go and live your life on your own terms, I believe in you.


Guys, I really need your help.
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*sobs uncontrollably*