Fic: Not A We Thing

Title: Not A We Thing
Summary: Dan gives a talk at the YouTube “UK on Stage” event (December 5, 2017), and Phil stays home
Word Count: 1.3K
Primary Genre(s): Established Relationship, Fluff
Author’s Note: Just a little something inspired by the following: this video clip from Dan’s talk, this clip from Caspar’s livestream, and this tweet

Not A We Thing

It felt incredibly strange to be on the red carpet alone.

In the green room … alone.

Hovering near the snacks table … alone.

Wandering from one room to another, trying to look busy … alone.

Everywhere … alone … because Phil wasn’t here.

He’d asked Phil to come with him to the UK on Stage event, but at first Phil had made the excuse that he needed to be home for their Christmas tree delivery.

“You could have scheduled the delivery for another night, Phil,” Dan had replied, feeling a bit hurt that Phil didn’t consider Dan’s speech a higher priority. He was about to stand up in front of a live crowd and talk about his most difficult and personal issues … and Phil would rather stay home to wait for some festively kilted lumberjack? “You could still call to reschedule.”

Phil fiddled with his fringe a bit, trying to tuck the end behind his ear, though it was never quite long enough except when he really needed a haircut. “It’s cold out,” Phil complained. He pulled up the hood of his hoodie and wrapped his arms around himself as if braving the Arctic, rather than sitting on the sofa of their comfortably heated flat.

Dan stood and turned slowly, holding his arms out to model his outfit. “Look at me! I’m not even going to wear a coat! I’m just going to be out there in my Wimbledon jumper, with the cold wind getting my nipples all erect, right there in front of everyone, right there on the red carpet. You really want me getting erect without you, Phil?” He raised an eyebrow, watching Phil blush and giggle and push his hood back down, leaving his dark hair a tousled mess. Those pale eyes looked serious, though.

“Come on,” Dan begged. “Come with me. I never go to these things without you! I’m not sure it’s physically possible! Who’ll help me eat all the snacks?”

Phil bit his lip but didn’t say anything for a long moment. Dan’s spirits rose as he became increasingly certain that he’d won and Phil was going to agree to go put on something besides that ratty hoodie and come support the most important person in his life when he was most needed.

“If I come,” Phil began, and Dan did an internal dance of celebration. He’d definitely won. Phil’s reluctance, whatever its source, had been utterly defeated. It was better than beating him at Mario Kart! But Phil was shaking his head now. “Dan, I didn’t say I was going to come. Just … listen for a minute.”

Dan’s internal dance of celebration turned into a maudlin modern dance expressing the concept of disappointment.

“If I went,” Phil began again, “everyone would take pictures of us on the red carpet, and they would interview us, and … it would be all about us.”

Brows furrowed in confusion, Dan prompted, “And?”

Phil took Dan’s hand and pulled him down to sit beside him on the sofa. “Dan, tonight isn’t about us. Tonight is about you. It’s about what you have accomplished. What you’ve gone through. What you decided to do about it. What it has meant for you, and for your connection with your audience.” Dan was nodding. Of course he’d had Phil read the talk in advance to give feedback.

Sliding his other hand up to cradle Dan’s cheek, Phil said gently, “Tonight isn’t about us, Dan. It’s about you. And if I’m there, it’ll be about us. I want the spotlight to be on you, just you. You deserve it. I don’t want you to share it tonight. Not even with me. I want it to be all about you.”

“But what about the BONCAs?” Dan challenged. “You winning Creator of the Year and calling me up onstage to share it? Where was all this insistence on the individual spotlight then?”

Phil smiled softly and leaned forward to press just the hint of a kiss to Dan’s lips. “You know it’s not the same. This is your private story, Dan. The story you were afraid to share for years, the story you finally decided to tell, and the story about what that ended up meaning to you and to your audience. This is personal, Dan. This isn’t about making a movie or making some videos … this is about major personal life experiences.” Dan gulped. He knew Phil was right, but he didn’t want to face tonight alone. “You deserve to stand there on stage and be recognized for yourself, Daniel Howell … not half of Dan-and-Phil.”

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” Dan insisted, not going down without a fight.

“But you can do this without me,” Phil responded. “You can go and take the credit for all the hard work, all the hard decisions, all the chances you took, and all the wonderful things that happened as a result. I’m just the supporting cast on this one, Dan. The hard work was yours. I want to see you appreciated for it.” He leaned forward for another light, reassuring kiss.

Dan wrapped a hand around the back of Phil’s neck and pulled him in for a deeper kiss, licking into his mouth with obvious lascivious promise. When he finally pulled away, his lips were tingling from the pressure, and he whispered, “Okay. Fine. But only if you’re here to appreciate me and my hard nipples when I get home.”

So when Dan was hovering uncomfortably among a milling bunch of people he didn’t know and suddenly saw Caspar livestreaming, he immediately meandered over to say hello. He’d been spending most of his time thus far either lingering awkwardly in one place hoping not to be noticed or wandering from one place to another as if he had somewhere to go … which he didn’t. Normally, he would at least have a partner in awkwardness. Tonight he was on his own. It was immeasurably worse. So this was what life without Phil was like?

“What up?” he greeted Caspar’s camera with a smile. Trying to act normal when he felt like only half of a whole. He thought of Phil maybe watching this, right now. It was a livestream, after all. “I’m cold as heck. My nipples are so hard right now.” He cringed a little inside at the comment. Normally, it was something he would have just murmured to Phil where no one else could hear. But he just tried to imagine that Phil was watching, and he smiled and joked, and he bit his lip raw with nervousness about his talk … and he tried to be strong.

That’s what tonight was about: being strong. He was going to tell the story of how he found his strength, how he chose to go public, how he hoped it had helped others, and how it had turned out better than he ever could have dreamed. And he wouldn’t talk about the person who had been by his side the whole time, because that person wanted tonight to be Dan’s time to shine. So he would do his best to shine … for Phil. Because he knew it made Phil proud. He would do his best to tell his own personal story, to share with others the things he had learned from his own personal journey, and he would hold his head up high and try not to let anyone see how much he missed the ghost by his side while he did it.

And then he would go home to a spork in a ratty hoodie and demand a reward for being brave enough to do it on his own.

Mystic Messenger Imagine

Where would the members of the RFA take you on holiday?


  • Yoosung wouldn’t be able to afford an expensive trip like the rest of the RFA (he’s a student after all)
  • But he still wants to treat you to a break away
  • You end up going on a camping trip
  • And it rains loads
  • Yoosung gets really annoyed by the rain as he wanted to go to the beach and sit in the sun
  • He’d planned to go to arcades and eat fish and chips on the sea front
  • Now you were stuck in a tent together, with water leaking through one corner
  • There wasn’t even wifi
  • You were still determined to make the most of it
  • ‘Yoosung, come play cards.’
  • Yoosung agreed reluctantly but you both became more and more competitive until you were both completely invested in the game.
  • After that, Yoosung brightened up and you started to make the most of the holiday, despite the weather
  • You both bought matching wellies and raincoats and went out wearing them
  • You went to the seaside wearing them and ate soggy fish and chips in the rain
  • You went to the arcade and Yoosung spent ages trying to win you a toy on the claw machine(Damn it, he was getting his girl a pikachu soft toy)
  • He eventually managed to win it and gave it to you, proudly
  • There’s a game similar to LOLOL in the arcade and you have to stand and watch as Yoosung beats the high score (which takes a long time. You enjoy watching how excited he gets though when he eventually beats it)


  • Zen wants to take you on the trip of a life time so he plans it all behind your back and doesn’t tell you where you’re going.
  • You even fly without him telling you what airport you’re going to
  • He’s taken you to New York City :)
  • You stay at a 5* hotel overlooking Central Park because only the best will do for his girl
  • Zen takes you around all the tourist attractions of New York: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Met Museum, Central Park, Top of the Rock and Brooklyn Bridge
  • So many selfies sent to the other members of you at all the different attractions
  • And selfies all over social media
  • You get lost all the time as Zen isn’t very good with directions but he insists on guiding you around
  • ‘I’m sure it’s this way, MC. Just trust me.’
  • Half hour later you have to go back the way you came because you went in totally the wrong direction
  • On your final evening in NYC, Zen takes you to see a Broadway musical
  • As you’re watching the show, you can see that Zen is longing to be on the stage rather than in the audience
  • It makes you remember how much passion the boy you love has and how important acting is to him
  • Both of you are in tears by the end of the show as it’s so emotional and the actors are so good
  • 'I bet that one day you’ll be among those actors, Zen. You deserve to be on that stage.’


  • When Jaehee goes on holiday, she wants to relax completely
  • So, you plan a break away to a beach/island getaway for the two of you
  • You go to the most luxurious hotel you can afford and get a premium room overlooking the sea with a jacuzzi on the balcony
  • When Jaehee sees the hotel you’ve booked, she’s stunned
  • 'MC, you shouldn’t have booked such an extravagant hotel! We could have managed with a basic hotel as long as it had a coffee machine. Can we even afford this?’
  • Okay, so maybe you went a little over the top but you wanted to treat Jaehee and help her to unwind
  • You promised to work extra hard to make back the money that the holiday cost
  • When you arrive at the hotel, Jaehee has to admit that it was worth the price you paid
  • The atmosphere of the holiday is really light hearted and you’ve never seen Jaehee so relaxed
  • Jaehee and you spent a lot of time in the pool, swimming and splashing around together
  • You also went for romantic walks on the beach in the evening
  • Jaehee researched before going and found a historical building that she wanted to visit one day
  • Every morning started by visiting a different coffee shop in the nearby town and drinking unique coffee flavours
  • And eating pastries for breakfast
  • You don’t want to go back home when the holiday is over but Jaehee has so many ideas for her cafe and can’t wait to go home (even if it does mean working hard again)
  • She’s also really grateful to you for booking the really nice holiday, as it’s something she wouldn’t usually treat herself to (so you’re forgiven for overspending)


  • Jumin travels a lot, so a holiday doesn’t sound that appealing to him
  • But you’ve been begging him to take you somewhere exotic so he books a fancy trip around Europe as a Christmas present (he doesn’t trust his assistant to do it as it’s a gift for you and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong)
  • You’re really excited when he tells you and start to pack immediately
  • Jumin buys you new clothes for you holiday
  • Damn it, that man can’t help but spoil you
  • The vacation is definitely the best you’ve ever been on
  • You visit so many places in Europe
  • Jumin takes you to see the Acropolis in Athens and treats you like a modern day goddess (doesn’t he do that every day though?)
  • You eat calzone in Venice and ride in a gondola
  • You go skiing in the alps and drink hot chocolate at the ski lodge
  • You go to the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) in Germany and buy toasted almonds and traditional German cookies
  • In France, you obviously visit Paris and see the tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre
  • You go to Spain and visit Barcelona to see the La Sagrada Familia and drink sangria in the sun
  • Jumin finds himself enjoying the experience more and more as the holiday goes on
  • Sure, he’s seen most (if not all) of these generic tourist attractions before but he’s never seen them with you
  • Your enthusiasm and energy makes Jumin realise how he’d taken his life of travel for granted
  • It feels like he’s never seen these sights before and it’s the first time he’s seeing them because you’re making him view them differently
  • Bonus: Jumin ends up buying a tacky fridge magnet and postcard from every place you visit (the postcards he sends home to Elizabeth to show her where he is)


  • When Seven finds out that you’ve always wanted to visit Disney World, he books the holiday immediately
  • Because he’s secretly always wanted to go there too
  • He’s as excited as a five year old the day you travel
  • To be honest, you both act like children throughout the whole holiday
  • One of the highlights of the trip is when Seven meets Woody and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story is probably his favourite Disney film)
  • He really enjoys Epcot as Future World is so scientific and interesting to him (especially Test Track as it allows him to design his own car and drive it so you end up doing this ride about ten times)
  • You Disneybound together as Peter Pan and Wendy one day and get stopped by cast members who tell you how great your Disneybound is
  • Seven obviously goes over the top with the Disney bound as he loves to dress up anyway (It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s dressed as Wendy honestly)
  • Seven really gets into the character of Peter Pan that day (as if that boy needed another excuse to be mischievous and childlike)
  • You both share a mickey shaped ice cream and Seven ends up getting it all over your nose (of course you blame Seven but it was probably your fault really :p)
  • Seven teases you for crying at the fireworks but by the end of the show, he’s bawling his eyes out too
  • Both of you declaring it the best holiday ever, but that’s probably because you had each other)
  • You both promise to take your children there when you have them, as it’s the most magical place either of you has been to
Kissing Who? - Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 701 (Is that a one-shot or a drabble? I’m gonna call it a one-shot…)

Warnings: Kind of panic attack, language, slight angst at the beginning, fluff ensues.

A/N This is for @straightasdeanwinchester 2000 follower challenge. My prompts are bolded, also… Congrats! You deserve it. Hope you enjoy.

You were standing off stage at your first panel of your first convention, and you were a nervous wreck. Ever since you had started on Supernatural you chose to learn about the fandom and how so many characters were hated by them and you hoped, you weren’t one of them. That was the most terrifying thing for you at that moment, then it didn’t help your boyfriend, Jensen Ackles was late to show up and dating him meant some people hated you.

You were rolling the microphone in between your hands when all of a sudden you could feel someone grab your shoulders, you turned around swiftly ready to hit them in the face with the mic for startling you.

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Want to do better than the rest?

I know with your “limited time” due to studies/work, there’s only so much you can do but think about this - how much free time did you have in between things you did and you just wasted it by doing nothing / random useless stuff that doesn’t even improve your wellbeing in any way?

“The rich are richer because they have multiple streams of income.”

How do you have multiple streams of income? By diversifying your portfolio. Starting out, you might not have “extra cash” set aside, income is more direct, you have to spend time to work for it. For most of you would be sugaring, add on another stream of income while you’re at it (massaging, escorting, creating a business, waiting tables, whatever tickles your fancy). Always, always, set money aside - either earn more than you spend or spend less than you earn. Do NOT ever live by this motto “you deserve this” at this stage. You will go broke in 2 seconds. Spend wisely.

The next step would be looking into hedge funds, bonds, stocks, real estate ect. They’re the ones you want to be into for life, as money makes money in these, and you save time which you can allocate to do whatever you have dreamt of all these while without needing to worry about income. You’ve made it in this stage only when you’re earning more than you can spend.

All you need to do is fucking get through the first stage. 

All the best babes. xx

anonymous asked:

can you possibly do nct reacting to their s/o being in an underrated group (ex. topp dogg, berry good) i don't know why i came up with this idea but i think it's pretty cool

i hope this is alright anon i havent done one of these in a while so im a little rusty but here she is smooch smooch <3

here we see a wild taeil preparing to fight any bitch that smack talks ur group or dares call you untalented 

Originally posted by nakamotens

is your BIGGEST FAN BIH he has every album every single and every voice message youve ever sent him 

Originally posted by jonqins

tries his best to be backstage supporting you whenever he can, watches the entire show staring at you in awe thinking about how you deserve the whole damn universe  

Originally posted by zeusmayo

loves and supports you, also roasts you about it occasionally but knows when to stop (also makes sure you know hes joking and that he thinks you and your group deserve the world)

will not hesitate to fight those who call you untalented or undeserving

to fans: “yall know (insert group name here)? ya me neither lmao,, but really go get their new album its the best and also not optional”  

Originally posted by haenyan

such a supportive boyfriend can you imagine him boppin along to ur songs and telling fans how great your group is bless his heart 

Originally posted by lovingnct

*jaehyun showing the members a video of your group* “yall look at them GO look at my beautiful girlfriend who deserves the world and everything in it GO”

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

*watching your comeback performance and thinking about how much love you deserve*

Originally posted by artcyj

always speaks about you in interviews and urges people to support you because he sees how hard you work and knows you deserve the WORLD bih

Originally posted by nctinfo

*watching you on stage at your first award show and thinking about how hard youve worked for this and being emo as shit*

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dear joshua dun,

thank you joshua.

thank you for understanding what i’m going through. i have anxiety too, you’re not alone. nobody here back home understands because nobody but me has anxiety in this little town i live in. unless there’s like a person that i don’t know about. i’ll find you, person in the corner of michigan.

you get what it’s like to have that thought in the back of your head that whispers, “you’re not good enough. you’ll never be good enough. you’ll never be close to enough. everyone’s judging you. you don’t deserve all your friends. in fact, they’re not even your friends. they hate you. they just keep you around because they pity you. oh, and your best friend? he’s just using you. ever wonder why he always calls you his body guard and stopped saying ‘i love you’?”

you get that.

sometimes i feel alone in my problems, but i look at you. i REALLY look up to you. a lot. almost too much. you’re honestly my hero.

i could be calling anyone my hero. superman, john cena, my dad, my grandpa, my mom, one of my 47 cousins, i don’t know, anyone.

but i chose you, joshua william dun. you’ve really helped me through a lot. tyler does too, but right now, the focus isn’t on tyler, it’s on you for a change. now i’m gonna share a story if that’s okay with you.

a few years ago, i was called on stage with my friend. i hate being on stage. everyone’s always looking at me and stuff. so i got really, really anxious and i fainted. people didn’t understand how bad this awful monster in my head named anxiety is so they made fun of me for passing out. they started calling me goat. because when goats get scared, what do they do? pass out, flat down on their backs, legs in the air. well i didn’t have my legs in the air. but you get the idea.

anxiety eats you alive. and you understand that. you understand what i’m going through. THAT’S what i love about you. i know you prefer “respect” over “love” because “love” is more personal, but i do love you, but in a different way. there’s more than one kind of love, i do believe. i don’t love you because you’re “cute” or “hot” or whatever most of those girls nowadays call you (that isn’t even love, that’s lust. gross.), i love you because you understand. you understand, you listen, you care. i HATE that you get overlooked or taken advantage of sometimes, all because you’re very kind and trustworthy. people SHOULD NOT do that. you hear our stories too, you feel our pain too. and thank you for listening when we need it, and helping to build us up when we’re down, i really appreciate that.

i respect you with everything i have. you’re my role model, my idol, my hero, everything i aspire to be. i love you, i honestly do.

you’ll often find on my media platforms, i’ll call you my “superhero without a cape” – a lot. whenever i type “my”, my phone’s predictive thing always suggests “superhero” as the next word because i call you my superhero so much.

heck, i hardly refer to you as “josh”; i call you joshua. i guess it’s because i find it the most respectful way to address the man i look up to so much.

one of the major reasons i look up to and respect you so much, is because of the things you do almost every night. i’d imagine that preforming onstage in front of tens of thousands of people is pretty anxiety-triggering, i get uneasy just thinking about it. but you still overcome your anxiety and preform those shows with such a strong presence, and i find that so empowering. it motivates me to keep fighting my demons too, even when i feel like i’m not strong enough, or just not enough in general. sometimes even just thinking of you overpowering your anxiety – or just thinking of you – helps when i start to get a panic or anxiety attack. i couldn’t be more grateful that you strengthen and impact me in so many ways without even having a personal relationship with me. that’s pretty darn amazing, of you ask me.

now, one of the reasons why i love you. you’re human. you’re flawed. you’re not too different from me. you’re not a god. you’re a human. you’re not greater nor lesser than me, just like everybody else. and that’s one of the most lovable things about you; you’re human. you make mistakes. you’re not a perfect person. you’re not flawless. but you’re still amazing.

you’re talented and introspective and you have an artist’s mind, you’re amazing at what you do and i couldn’t imagine anyone else doing what you do. you see the world in a splash of color, you don’t see the night sky as black, but as blue with swirls of purple and red. you’re open-minded and intelligent in more ways than one. you inspire me, and so many other people.

you’re an amazing person. you are incredible, and you’re worth every fan you have. you deserve every second you spend on stage, every song played on the radio. don’t stop doing what you’re doing, don’t stop fighting. you’re good enough – you’re more than enough, joshua. i respect you and i love you, and don’t you forget it. keep it up, superhero.

thank you for taking the time to read this, i know it’s long, i’m very sorry. but thank you for saving so many lives and impacting so many people.

eve, from michigan

Happy National Stage Manager day!

To my fellow SMs/SMAs: You are doing great! I hope all of your shows are going well and that your actors aren’t causing to much trouble~ Go get some Starbucks you deserve it!

To the actors: Please respect your Stage Managers, we are working our butts off with the rest of the crew, design team, and the directors trying to make you look good on stage. You would not be able to function without us and you know it. A little application (and a Starbucks gift card) goes a long way.

A Drabble (Am I Doing This Right?)

(Okay, this all kinda popped into my head, and then I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I started to write it down, and then I couldn’t stop. So I thought I’d share this with you, cause I think it’s fairly decent. It might be a little OOC, but I feel like that can be forgiven cause emotions. Anyway, yeah. Love the fic, actually obsessed with it. So here you go. A SMA Bamon Drabble, post blizzard.)

January 7th, nearly two weeks after the blizzard from hell, Damon pulled up into the parking garage of his lavish apartment building. Putting the car in park and killing the engine, he locked the doors and walked away. He loosened his tie as he walked through the door held by the doorman. “Thanks, Stanley,” he said as walked into the building.

It’d been a long day, and he finally got a chance to turn his phone’s ringer back on. That’s when he saw his home screen for the first time that day.

The texts.

The missed calls.

The voicemails.

All from one little woman that he had a soft spot for.

2:28pm BonBon: Are you busy?
2:34pm BonBon: I really need to talk to you.
2:42pm BonBon: Damon please. This is really important.
2:43pm BonBon: I don’t know who else to talk to about this.
2:45pm Missed Call from BonBon
2:46pm Voicemail from BonBon
3:07pm BonBon: Please, please answer me.
3:10pm Missed Call from BonBon
3:13pm Voicemail from BonBon
3:24pm BonBon: Damon please, just call me back when you get these.
4:14pm Missed Call from BonBon
4:15pm Missed Call from BonBon
4:16pm Missed Call from BonBon
4:17pm Missed Call from BonBon
4:23pm Missed Call from BonBon
4:25pm Voicemail from BonBon
4:34pm BonBon: Damon please, I need you right now.

Damon scrolled through the home screen filled with the text messages, the missed calls, and voicemail alerts. How did he miss these all day? He looked at the time: 5:16pm, nearly an hour since Bonnie’s last message. He couldn’t help but worry about what could have happened in that time to make her stop messaging.

And then he opened his door and stopped dead in his tracks. There, in the middle of his living room, stood Bonnie. A frantic mess. Brown curls frizzed out, messy, her green eyes filled with tears. Shaking like a leaf on a windy day.

“The door guy let me in. I’m sorry, I just really needed to talk to you,” Bonnie said, between shaky breaths and sobs.

It took Damon all of a second to drop his briefcase and get to her. His arms enveloped her, one hand in her hair, the other around her waist, trying to soothe her as she broke down. Bonnie wrapped her arms around him and sobbed into his shirt, and at that moment he didn’t care if the dry cleaner guy would kill him because all that mattered was her. What had happened to make the strongest woman he knew break so easily?

“What happened, kid?” Damon whispered after a minute, pulling back from her enough to look down at her face, arms still wound around her.

Bonnie moved her hands from his back and showed him a folded up piece of paper. “I got this in the mail today.” She held the paper between them, her hand visibly shaking. “It’s from my Mom.”

Damon’s eyes moved from the paper to her face.

“I didn’t know who else to talk to about this,” she whispered, still looking at the paper. She tilted the paper towards him, signaling for him to take it.

Damon hastily moved one of his arms, keeping the other one firmly planted on her back, and took the paper. He looked at her for a moment, and she nodded. He opened the paper and began to read.

“Dear Bonnie,

I know that I am the last person you want to hear from, and I understand completely if you never want to see, or speak to me again. But this is something that you deserve to know.

I am dying.

I have stage four ovarian cancer. I have been fighting off this disease for the past year and a half of my life in hopes that when I was better, I would be strong enough to be the mother that you deserved your entire life. I wanted to come back to you, and hoped that you could find it in your heart to forgive me. But it looks like that is not going to happen.

My doctors have told me that I have possibly the next six months to live.

I have but one wish, and I am fighting for the chance to look into the eyes of my beautiful daughter one more time before I go.

Please. Let me have that.

I apologize


It took all of Damon’s strength not to crumple up the bullshit letter and throw it in the garbage disposal. “Damn near ten years she’s gone, and then she drops this onto you?” He looked down at the small figure, who had now wrapped herself around him, head leaning against his chest.

She let out a shaky breath, “Yeah.” Bonnie lifted her head off of Damon’s chest. “What should I do?” she asked earnestly.

Damon scoffed reflexively, “Kid, you’re asking me this? I don’t exactly have a great track record with my mother.”

“Why do you think I came here?” she said, stepping back from him, and she immediately missed the comforting warmth of his arms. “Stef and Care both have fantastic relationships with their mom,” she began to pace, “so they would tell me to go in a heartbeat.” She gestured to Damon. “You however, get it.”

“Get what?”

“Get what it feels like to hate your mom, but still feel drawn to her.” She stopped and turned towards him. “It’s why you went to Chicago. This,” she pointed at the letter, “this is my Chicago.” Her eyes started to fill with tears again. “And I feel like if I go, I’m giving her that power over me, and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. But if I don’t go…”

“Then you’ll never get the chance to show her who you became without her, and then you’ll regret that for the rest of your life,” Damon said, finishing her sentence. “Yeah, I get it.”

“Please, just tell me that I’m not crazy.” She began to cry again. Damon was at her side in an instant, and they were back where they were when he first walked in.

“Shhhh, shhhh, you’re not crazy Bonnie,” he whispered into her hair. “Believe me, you are not crazy.” He ran his fingers through her hair slowly, detangling some of the messy curls. “I went over and over in my head whether or not I should’ve gone to my mother’s hearing. For weeks. I was losing my mind, I didn’t have anyone to talk to about this crap, except for Ty, and even then he didn’t really get it.” He rubbed her back gently, keeping his voice low. “To be honest with you, my decision was finally made on the steps of the courthouse. Even as I was driving to Chicago I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do.”

“So what should I do?” she whispered into his chest.

“Frankly, I think you should go.” He looked down onto her tearful face. “Show that woman what she missed out on. Show her what she didn’t get to raise. Show her that her mistakes only made you stronger, and better. Show her the fantastic, kind-hearted, bravest, strongest, most bad ass woman I have ever met. Show her Bonnie motherfucking Bennet.” He pushed a stray curl off her face and let his hand linger on her cheek. “And maybe, if you feel so inclined, you can forgive her, but more importantly you can forgive yourself. Because I know you still blame yourself for her leaving. Don’t try and deny it, Bon.” He rubbed a tear away with his thumb, and Bonnie closed her eyes and hummed. “Show her who you became, not because, but in spite of her.”

Bonnie nodded, eyes still closed. “I just don’t want to do it alone,” she whispered.

“So don’t.”

Bonnie laughed, and looked up at him. “Are you kidding, Stefan might just pull the plugs on her life support because he could, and Care, god only knows what she would do.” She shook her head and stared out the window.

“So don’t take Care, or Steffy Bear. I’ll go with you.”

Bonnie whipped around to look at him. “Damon, I could never ask you t-”

“Well you’re not asking me. I’m saying that I will go with you, if you choose to go. I would’ve killed to have someone beside me the day I saw my mother. Someone who understood. You’re right, Bon,” he thumbed away another tear, “I do get it. Hating the woman who was supposed to love you the most, and yet still wanting her approval in a sense. I get it. So,” he paused and looked her dead in the eyes, making sure she understood every word was true, “if you choose to go, I will drive you to whatever hospital she is in, I will go with you into her room, I will hold your hand if you want me to. I will be by your small side, every step of the way, and if need be, I will piggy back you there, too.” Bonnie cracked a smile at the last comment and put her head on his chest. “Ah, there she is. There’s that smile that makes my whole day better.”

She looked up and smiled at him, and he smiled back. “Thank you, Damon,” she whispered softly enough for just him to hear before burying her head back into his chest.

He placed a quick kiss into her hair and laid his cheek on top of her head. “Anytime, kid.”

Girl, you are absolutely doing this right! Look at this emotional gut-punch of a drabble! Honestly, reading this was so wonderful because I absolutely see Damon and Bonnie as being the type of couple who goes from frothy banter and competitive five-year-old nonsense to melting into each other in 0.5 flat, and while I’ve gotten the chance to show a bit of the former, I feel like I’m still earning my way up to the latter, so it’s amaaaazing that drabbles like this exist and show a glimpse of what’s to come! I think you’re totally right that it’s an emotional moment and that justifies softer, more vulnerable behavior from both of them, so don’t even worry about OOC-ness! It’s funny because this is absolutely a scene I envisioned happening if I ever did a sequel (not necessarily the ‘I’m dying part’ which was a nice twist, but some kind of outreach from Abby that flips Bonnie’s world a bit), so it’s so, so rad to see it written out. This was lovely and such a soft side of both of them and I think you really captured just how drop-it-all-in-a-heartbeat Damon’s going to be about Bonnie in the future. Like he sees sad Pixar eyes and he’s done for. He’ll bulldoze over anything. That’s his fluffy-slipper-wearing, pancake-burning, fights dirty, hopeful ray of brave badass sunshine and seeing her wrecked like that just makes all the bright colors she’s added to his world go gray. So yeah, needless to say, I think this is so, so great (especially loved the throwback to Chicago!) and I’m so excited to share it with everyone! Thanks so much for writing this! Everyone, please give this and @canadianfangirl some much deserved love!

Ok, now that the Rival Introduction video has been released, time to write this important list…

“How would I get rid of these girls”

  • Osana Najimi: Expulsion.

Never been fond to many female tsundere characters, and she’s tutorial level so it should be easy enough.

  • Amai Odayaka: Framing.

I’d love to be able to poison her food and see what face she makes…

  • Kizana Sunobu: Crushing.

You wanna be Juliet? With that attitude, you deserve to be “Captain Crunch” instead. On stage, if possible.

  • Oka Ruto: Murder-Suicide.

By using one of her own club members. At least she’ll go to hell thinking an actual demon possessed them.

  • Asu Rito: Burning.

Oh, you were the Swim Team’s captain? Joke’s on you, girl.

  • Muja Kina: Electrocution.

“An accident?” Yep, she was clumsy anyways.

  • Mida Rana: Rejection.

Think big front and rear bumpers will help you? Not if I can make you look bad, in other ways.

  • Osoro Shidesu: Match-making.

Brain beats brawn, so let’s make this awkward for her.

  • Hanako Yamada: Suicide.

Brother doesn’t need a girlfriend”? You just signed your death sentence. Fake or real… doesn’t matter to me.

  • Megami Saiko: Murder.




We are proud of you and we wish we had seen you receive the award. You guys deserved to step on that stage.

( @nightfallgoddess thank you! x )

so I saw the Cursed Child today and here are my notes on it

There will be spoilers in this and when we left they even gave us this messages urging us not to share what the play was like but fuck it you all deserve to know 

  • The stage effects were outstanding. If theatre is your passion and you love the technical aspects of it you need to see this. Even if you aren’t interested or don’t like Harry Potter, the effects are worth the ticket price alone 
  • The stage effects were easily the best part of the play 
  • Albus and Scorpius was the second best part of the play
  • But the queerbaiting between the two of them was awful. Like if you thought there was heavy subtext in the screenplay wait until you see how it’s acted jesus christ one day they will end up being a bickering lovely old couple in a house together  
  • They basically sounded and acted like a couple
  • There was a point where Harry forbid Albus from seeing Scorpius and it really just sounded like Harry was just being a homophobic parent 
  • But of course it’s just the fans reading too much into it and not everything needs to be gay and they both have female love interests disgusting
  • Speaking of Harry being an asshole, he is so out of character for this entire play. 
  • I never felt as if I was watching Harry Potter on stage but rather another’s character with the same name 
  • CC!Harry was an asshole and an abusive parent. It got to the point where he was so desperate for Albus not to hang out with Scorpius (aka his only friend aka his boyfriend) then he pulled an Umbridge and used his power at the Ministry interfere with Hogwarts to spy on his child at all times 24/7 so he never went near Scorpius
  • Also in the timeline where Herminone and Ron never got together (because apparently a school dance you went to when you were 14 shapes your entire life), Herminone stayed on to teach DADA (her worst subject btw for some reason) at Hogwarts and basically became snape
  • Delphi was a joke. 
  • I know she’s been compared to a fan-fic cliche but holy fuck she really, really is 
  • She has dyed blue-blonde hair and dresses like a hipster 
  • She’s also Albus’s heterononsense love interest 
  • And she’s very, very mysterious but she’s such a caring niece to Amos and will do anything to bring back Cedric I wonder where her character is going?! 
  • She may as well have walked onto the stage with a “I’m the secret bad guy” banner 
  • Her character is just ridiculous. Have fun watching her and every mediocre fan fic you ever read come to life on stage   
  • Other character’s…
  • Ron was certainly the best Ron I’ve seen in quite a while. He’s very much more like book!Ron then film!Ron. He’s exactly how you’d imagine an older Ron just settling into a comfortable early middle-age
  • I think the writers had seen the films and thought that it was a waste that they had portrayed Ginny without her fiery personally and tried to correct that 
  • Unfortunately they did this by making her yell out every single line 
  • She yelled a lot. It wasn’t fiery or passionate, it was just loud and annoying. 
  • Rose was kind of awful. She had basically just inherited the worst aspects of her parents personally and that was her personally. But she was also super popular I’m not sure how that worked    
  • The other children had next to no impact whatsoever. Like there were a few lines here or there but otherwise you may have missed that Albus and Rose at siblings.
  • I loved how even more sexually confidence Moaning Myrtle had become. 
  • At one point Harry had a nightmare but how he acted was so hilirious. 
  • He was basically throwing a fit but at one point he had his arm outstretched and smacked it a few times and it like of looked like he was shooting up while fitting and I just couldn’t take it seriously 
  • The writing made no sense at all and the actual plot itself was kind of awful and very random. It really was like a ban fan-fic but everyone knows that already 
  • But there was a lot of humour in the play and it worked very well. There were quite a few parts which I found genuinely hilirious.  
  • But whenever it tried to hit an emotional note it was completely missed and just felt kind of tired and overacted. 
  • Also who splits a play in two parts? I’m now waiting until March to see Part 2 who the fuck does that? Assholes. That’s who does that. 

But yeah, thats my experience of the Cursed Child. An outstanding production behind a not so good screenplay. I had fun watching it but I don’t think the play itself will be remembered as anything special.  

Part Two 

Instinct Part Six

Summary: A lost child appears into your life only to bring you closer Jimin–a man that you’d thought you’d hated once upon a time. Now all you want is to be there for the child, and maybe his father–but only if his mother gets the hell out of the way.

Warnings: Sadness, angst, past shit, drunkness, TRIGGERING SUBJECTS DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED EASILY. kay. 

Parts: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Seven /  Eight /  Nine

You ran straight into Jimin’s arms, leaving your bag a few feet away from you in favor of burying your face into his shoulder. He could swung you around in a circle, relishing the feel of you in his arms once again. It was one of those moments where the entire world whispered Finally, one of those moments where the emptiness in his chest filled to contentment.

You were there, you were with him, and he couldn’t be more ecstatic–finally, you had come to Seoul; not just to see him for a short while, but to stay. He was scheduled to debut soon, and since he was going to make a permanent stay, so were you.  Now he could see you off a computer screen, now he could sleep well knowing that you were close, safe, a walk away from him at any time. You’d even managed to snag an apartment nearby his company and a job not too far away from your new place. Life was finally giving him a moment to breathe, and you couldn’t look happier to see him reach out to grasp his dreams with both hands.

“I’m so proud of you.” You tilted your body back in his arms to grasp his face in both of your hands, pulling him down for a quick, chaste kiss.

God, how he missed your kisses.

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On this day, 22 years ago, an artist was born. People may often question your ability, even your company probably doubts you, but know this - in our eyes, you deserve to be on that stage, you deserve to be a part of EXO. And we will forever be grateful for that SM Ent agent who chased after you for 30 mins because if not for her, we never would have met you. Your hard work and passion have inspired so many people. Thank you for being born. Happiest birthday, EXO’s maknae, Oh Sehun! We will always love you.

anonymous asked:

Imagine y/n being stressed out with school and sugardaddy!Jimin triesto relief her stress (and his if you know what I'm saying)

jimin hates to see you like this.

all crammed up by the table with your things barely making the surface visible. books and papers, highlighters and pens, laptop and wires at every nook and corner he could see from the bed. you had warned him that you wouldn’t be much of any fun, considering you’re so into your finals week and jimin said he’d understand. he just wanted a place to sleep where he doesn’t feel alone. 

so for the past three hours, jimin’s been watching the things he hates a lot. the way you’d cry out of frustration when you can’t get a statement or understand the question right. or when your document is being a bitch and you can’t scan it because it’s the wrong format. or just everything else that makes you stressed and uncomfortable that jimin decides it’s time for a break.

carefully, he slips out of your bed meant for one, now forced into two as he walks towards you. he’s slow and soft, perfect to catch you off guard when he stands behind your chair and rests his hands on your shoulder. you don’t react much apart from a gasp and jimin slides his hands forward, over your arms, down to your torso before he wraps them around your waist, hooking his chin on your shoulder, “you should take a break, y/n…”

whining, you let go of one of your papers, reaching to rub his forearms tight around you, “i can’t… there’s so much left to do…”

you hear jimin sighing but he doesn’t let you go, kissing your cheek before he murmurs, “an hour or two couldn’t hurt, right? after all you’ve done, you deserve it,” he sees you growing into a stage where you’re thinking about it, reluctant to indulge that you stubbornly stare at the words taunting you to read further. jimin smirks and leans back, but not too much. just enough for him to press kisses to your skin.

he feels your tensed muscles relax under his lips. when your body glues to the back of the chair, jimin finds this moment to attach his lips to your neck and he begins on mouthing on your flesh. something he does that you like comes to play: nipping and biting until you’re whining and jimin chuckles, never stopping as he maneuvers around your chair to get a good look at you.

dazed eyes filled with tipping arousal, jimin smiles before dipping down to kiss your lips and that’s when you let the paper go.

a break couldn’t hurt.

(( jimin almost feels bad when you’re dozing off, tired eyes finally getting their rest and the feeling of your skin brushing against his is a reminder that this is all his doing. hey, is it that bad that all he wanted was for you to get proper rest?

he’ll probably need to answer that tomorrow but for now, he’ll enjoy this.

he gets up quietly to put your things back nicely. closing your books, switching off your laptop, arranging your desk back to its neatly state before flicking the dim lights off. he returns to you just in time when you curl into his chest. ))

James McAvoy pretended to be posh to get ahead in Hollywood

James McAvoy faked being posh to make it in Hollywood.

The Scottish star first came to the British public’s attention as a TV actor, featuring in shows like Shameless, before becoming a bonafide movie star.

While he has used his real voice on camera before, he often masks his Glaswegian accent with a well spoken English lilt. The 37-year-old even fooled director M. Night Shyamalan, who recently cast him in new film Split thinking he was English.

“I’m from a council estate where people get stabbed all the time,” James told Total Film magazine. “I made a career out of pretending to be posh English and it worked for me. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. As long as you can play that archetype, then you’re in. Maybe.

“America is not interested in kitchen sink dramas on council estates. America wants to see Downton f**king Abbey. So it’s like, yeah, we’re going to fill that up with posh actors because it’s what sells.”

James also spoke about how the British class system can impact young working class actors. Much has been made over privately educated stars like Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston, the latter two who attended Eton College where Prince William was educated, quickly rising to the top of Hollywood.

The X-Men star has previously criticised the lack of help for underprivileged children who want to get into the arts, and he has again reiterated his sentiments.

“With the way the government does things, art in education isn’t prioritised and, therefore, unless you got to private school you don’t really have the facilities to experience drama or music or art or any of those things. Or maybe even f**king sport at times,” he sighed.

“(Rich kids) are taught all your life you deserve this, you walk on to a stage going, ‘Yeah I f**king deserve to be here.’”

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You never know what life might throw at you.


They say that there are 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think that when you lose something or someone you never expected to lose, the same 5 stages hit you – gradually at first, then all at once. Break-ups, no matter how long you’ve been together, take time to overcome.

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[160507 HYYH on stage: Epilogue] MENT

Taehyung: I hear our songs at many places, the fanchants and good responses from many areas. I really feel, is it really okay for us to receive so much love? I often feel insecure and sorry when I can’t take care of every fan. And to cry infront of our fans is very… uhhh… so I won’t cry! Please give us a lot of love in the future too! To all 7 members of us! A lotttt of love!!