Okay but like,

out of ATL, 5Sec, 1975, Panic!, FOB, AND Twenty One Pilots you choose


WHat the SHIT 
like alright who actually likes 5 seconds of summer AND is on tumblr. Im just dissapointed to see out of all of these huge fandoms on here you pick the fuckboy band. So many other more deserving fandoms have been so devoted and you pick 5 sec…


Updated! Now with one new award, and International Korean Music Awards, and SBS Pop Asia were removed because the voting period has ended. We won SBS, and IKMA has not revealed polls yet.

Okay guys, so we lost MAMA but that does not mean our boys don’t deserve an award, and there are multiple more end of the year awards they are nominated for. Winning or even getting second or third place will give them some more recognition on both a local and international scale. Here are some I know about, and if you know of any more please add! Let’s give our boys some more publicity, and well deserves recognition! Seventeen Fighting!

  • Kpopstarz has their end of the year awards, and Seventeen is included in the Best Rookie Group line up. You can vote once a day (from the same IP address) at under rookie groups. Twice is WAY in the lead but I know not many people know about these so if we get the whole fandom involved we can do it!
  • Seoul Music Awards has nominated Seventeen for four awards, Bonsang Award (Main Prize), High1 Korean Popularity Award, Hallyu Special Award & Rookie Award, this has mobile voting for Android and iOS.Voting on mobile accounts for these awards accounts for:
    • Bonsang (main prize): 30%
    • Mobile Popularity Award: 100%
    • Rookie Award: 30%
    • Mallyu Special Award (global mobile voting only): 100%
    The rest of voting requirements are not yet Voting ends January 14th 2016. Here is a complete tutorial for voting (so far) user @rasenseokmin made a post [link] about how to download the app using google play! Thank you!
  • Korean Updates Awards nominated Seventeen for Rookie of the Year, and Best Dance. So far we’re winning Rookie, but losing dance, this one you can VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, voting last until 20th December 2015 and results will be posted by 1st January 2016.
  • NEW! K-Ville Music Awards is SUPER easy to vote, seriously just go to the website. Seventeen is nominated for Sonf of the Year, Best Choreography, Best Male Group, and Best Debut Male Group. Go vote! You can vote only once!

As I said before if you know of any more awards Seventeen is nominated for please add them below, and feel free to message me any more information! Remember that even though they come from a small company, and we aren’t nearly as popular as some groups, we still have some of the sweetest, and hardworking boys out there! These awards aren’t nearly as notable as the MAMAs and not as many fans are aware of them, so Seventeen has more of a chance IF WE VOTE. Let’s show how much we love them, and give them some awards!


Most Valuable Male Star //  Most Popular Asian Idol //  Artist of the Year //  Weibo King // Weibo Male God of the Year // Movie Newcomer of the Year // see caps for more details

6 awards in 6 months, with many more to come. You’ve just started your career, and yet you have already achieved so much. You deserve each and every one of these awards, and more, because they are tokens of my, and all of 鹿饭’s, love and support for you. Keep working hard, stay healthy, and stand proudly on stage while accepting all the awards in the future. 鹿晗,加油♥ 



It doesn’t have to be all in one block you can spread your votes out by 100 votes per day or really go for it this weekend and get it over with but it would be great to keep a tally so please set a target of 1000 or more votes.

The competition is so tight but 1000 fans voting 1000 times is 1MIL so please reblog and spread the word so as many as possible can join in and make the same commitment.

For 10 years Jensen Ackles has deserved an award for his acting on Supernatural and it hasn’t happened but we can do something about that NOW, so if you respect and admire Jensen’s work over a decade of Supernatural, regardless of whether you like his character or not now is the time to let him know.

Misha won PCA last time, Jared won TCA this year.

This time LETS WIN IT FOR JENSEN! because he doesn’t deserve to be the only main cast member empty handed and he doesn’t deserve to be only recognized as half of a fandom ship.

Jensen is amazing in his own right so if you feel the same way please put fandom wars aside, think of Jensen and help show him his work and talent has been appreciated.

I know 1000 sounds like a lot and it might be boring but listen to some tunes or watch some netflix while leaving the voting tab open, or download the app to vote on your way to work/college etc, it doesn’t take long and the reward will be getting to reblog Jensen’s happy face if he wins and knowing you helped reward him for all his hard work. It’s important not to assume others will be voting because Jensen hasn’t won before so please reblog but more importantly commit and VOTE to make the difference.

Quick to vote from the android app or the iphone app


EDIT - Tips to vote fast


  So, 3 years ago today, these 4 boys decided to form a band together because music is what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. Little did they know, 3 years later, these 4 boys would be a worldwide known, successful band, with millions of fans and 10 awards that they have well deserved. 
  I don’t know where I’d be now, if these boys hadn’t decided to be a band. They literally changed my life, become the reason for me to be stronger, made me a better person and many more things. I just want to thank them for being a band and doing what they love and by doing it saving millions of lives. I know most of us would not be here without these boys so I want to thank them on behalf of the 5SOSFam.
  Thank you for being a band. Thank you for doing what you love. Thank you for all those beautiful, amazing songs you have written. Thank you for the extremely great energy you have while performing. Thank you for making us proud. Thank you for winning all those awards that you have deserved truly. But mostly, thank you for not losing yourselves; thank you for not letting the fame get over your heads; thank you for making us believe that being ourselves is the most important and amazing thing; thank you for seeing and treating us as a family and not random fans. And lastly, thank you for being you and appreciating everything you have earned/gained throughout these 3 years. Thank you for being 5 Seconds of Summer, thank you for everything.
  No matter how many years pass, no 
matter what happens, we will always be proud of you and we will always thank you for everything you have ever done.
  Thank you boys, you mean the world to us. 

  Let’s make 2015 even better than 2014, together, as a family.

- 5SOSFam


You know what fucking bothers me? is that Dylan o'brien doesn’t always get the recognition he deserves and when he does he questions it? Like no bro you’re fucking talented this isn’t a joke ,you deserve that award and many more , you deserve Oscars, tonys, Emmys, hell I would even give you my 3rd grade cricket participation award just so you know how amazing you are.

good byee don lockwood…or should i say baek lockwood ;–) 

congratulations on your first ever completed musical♡~!! i’m so proud of you. your musical was a huge hit with sold out tickets throughout every performance! even though there were so much harsh comments being thrown at you here and there,you still stood on stage so brightly with your huge dumb smile reassuring us that everything would be okay ^^~ even though this was your last performance, i hope you get many more offers from directors and if the rookie musical award exists, i hope you get it because you definitely deserve it~ don’t cry baek o: you’re the one whose always suppose to sing “baby don’t cry” but now i think it’s time for me to sing it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ even though this was baek lockwood’s last performance, everyone will remember your outstanding performance you put on at every show *u*. good byee baek lockwood and baby don’t cry♡



Phil Lester is probably the best human to ever exist and is such a light and happy person and he takes it everywhere he goes. So many people often know him for his best friend who he actually inspired to be a part of the Youtube community. But his achievements and strong qualities go so much farther than this. He started on his little youtube channel in 2006 and from there, he has a monthly radio show on BBC 1, has hosted the Brit Awards, is living with his best friend, invented so many things and inspired so many people. Phil Lester is so highly underrated. He is creative, kind, smart, funny, considerate and everything that a lot of people forgot was still possible. He is such a positive influence in so many peoples lives and has saved so many people. So, yes, Phil, you have changed the world in ways you wouldn’t believe. And I can’t think of anyone else who deserves the name of Amazing more than Amazing Phil himself.

more than being proud of the fact that bigbang won so many awards… i’m so happy that people love them. the general public love them. no matter where they are, there are people who support them of all age groups. these fans rn chanting “bigbang bigbang” in the award show, i’m so grateful to all of you. thank you for loving bigbang and showing endless support. they deserve it so much. 


We visited Nashville today and stopped by some of your fav places so Ashlyn could see it through your eyes. When we went to your Education Center, she sat down to write what inspired her. This is what she wrote…. So, tonight you deserve so much respect for the amazing awards you won, there will be so many amazing GIF’s, posts and tweets online I’m sure. But, this I really hope you see. You have helped us shape a little girl into a beautiful teenager. We haven’t done it alone. Every second she watched you, respected you, learned from you. Even when you made mistakes. You taught her self-acceptance and courage and for that I’m truly grateful. We miss you and love you more than you know. You will always be a part of our family. I hope you stay posted on Ashlyn’s @myherotaylor life as she grows up. She writes you letters each week that I hope you still receive. And, if you only have time to see a few posts tonight, I hope you see this one and read how you make her feel. I just thought you should know…. All our love on a much-deserved night ♡♡ You are an amazing person @taylorswift

Jenny and Ashlyn’s fam :)

once upon a time, there was a group called seventeen. it consisted of 13 boys who were very talented. there was s.coups, jeonghan, joshua, jun, hoshi, wonwoo, woozi, dk, mingyu, the8, seungkwan, vernon, and dino. one day, they were nominated for an award. they’ve been nominated multiple times before, but they haven’t won. but this time, their fans wanted to change that. so, they began streaming, and tweeting. A LOT. seventeen knew about how much their fans were working on this, but somehow they still were dropping in rank. so more people wanted make it known. they told people to stream and tweet more. many people have streamed it with multiple tabs open. others tweeted many nonsense sentences just to get their vote in. hopefully they were able to get seventeen the award they truly deserved. so you, yes you! why aren’t you streaming???

some really good girl group/solo songs that never got the awards they deserved part 2! (aka a continuation of this post because there are so many more flawless songs that didn’t get #1 and im a lil mad abt that)

Congratulations to Leo Messi who won ‘Best Forward’ and ‘Best Player’ of La Liga 2014/15.

On winning best forward: “Hello, good evening. I would like to thank the league for this award. I want to share this with my team mates. I want to share this would Luis, he deserves this as well. And my family and the rest of the team.”

On winning best player: “Well hello again. It is an honor for me to receive this award when there’s so many great players in our league. I want to dedicate this to Thiago who gets angry when I leave the house. He says papa are you going to score more goals again. I tell him, yes I will score more goals again. So this is for Thiago. Thank you.”

Friendly reminder to VOTE RICHARD ARMITAGE as Best Supporting Actor @ Empire Awards 2014 along with 6 other nominations for The Hobbit cast & crew

Want to see more Armitage appearances and interviews? We’re the only ones that can make it happen!

You can vote as many times as you like here. (Once you’ve submitted your votes just click back from the thanks page and your nominations will have been already selected so just re-submit AND REPEAT)

The winners will be announced on March 30th so voting will close before then- let’s help raise Richard’s profile and give his tremendous acting the recognition it deserves in what little way we can.


Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender!

Last year I decided to contribute something to your fandom and to give you something back. 54 Drawings of you later, I’m not the same person that I used to be. You have changed my life forever. The last year was one of the most important I’ve ever had. I met so many people here, that I never want to miss again.

You are awesome Michael, never let anyone tell you otherwise! You are full of talent, joy and power and you would deserve all the awards in the world.
Whenever you feel down, just think of us, of your fans. You always put a smile on our faces whenever we see your face on our phones, TVs or screens. You are a part of our lives. No matter that you didn’t get this stupid Oscar-figure again. You won a far more important award:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May all your wishes come true! 💋

Maddie Ziegler Won Choice Dancer

I’m so proud of Maddie!! She deserves this award so much!!

Unfortunately many people aren’t happy.


A lot of people are saying that Chloe got more tweets on Twitter for choice dancer. But Twitter isn’t the only place to vote! You can also vote on the website, which clearly all those people who are saying it’s rigged forgot! They count those votes as well! Also how can it only be rigged for this category? That’s so stupid.

With achievements and accomplishments this year so far, Maddie deserves this award more than anyone who was nominated. All the people who were nominated are incredible dancers, just because your favorite didn’t win doesn’t mean you can start saying it’s rigged!

Also people are saying Chloe deserved it because she’s been through a lot. Omg so what?? Last year Chloe won and she proved to her former dance teacher she could do it. I mean look at Chloe now! She’s at a better environment of a studio and she’s been in a movie. Saying Chloe should win cause she’s been through a lot shouldn’t be the reason that she should win. You should base it on her dancing skills. Chloe is amazing. So is Maddie and everyone else that was nominated.
Don’t say it was rigged to justify why the person you wanted to win lost. That makes you sound pathetic.

Hey Jack, I know that you’re probably never going to see or read this but I just want to thank you. Thank you for being there, not just for me but for everyone in this community. I know sometimes you say and think that you do not deserve all of this, but you do. You deserve to be hosting awards and receiving gifts. You’re the most comprehensive person that I know. You believe in us like we believe in you. You help me and so many more people to get trough some hard patch and everyday just by uploading videos, you make millions smiles. You are such a great person Jack. You inspire us for so many things like to love ourselves and accept who we are. This channel is growing so much fast and what I like about you is that you’re not changing. You’re still you and we’re still us. I know that I probably never going to get a chance to meet you or hug you but just the fact that I can watch you everyday makes me happy. You’re like a friend to me and for all of us. I love you so much Jack and I’m so proud of you. @therealjacksepticeye

Chris Martin For Freedom Of Exeter Award - IMPORTANT

Okay so there is a Facebook campaign page that is to try to get Chris recognition in his home city of Exeter. They’re trying to get Chris an award called “Freedom of Exeter” and to do this they need as many likes as possible. 

The page has already featured in two local newspapers, and is in talks with Exeter city council to try to give Chris this award, which we all know he deserves more than anyone else. 

For those of you who don’t know, the Freedom of the City awards (Exeter city in this case) is: “an honour bestowed by a municipality upon a valued member of the community, or upon a visiting celebrity or dignitary.”

We can get Chris this award, it’s the least we could do for him. He’s done so much for every one of us, and the least we could do is to help give him as many awards as possible - because let’s face it, he deserves as many awards as possible. 

He’s to some of us, a hero, a reason to keep going and a reason to smile - sometimes Coldplay are our only reasons to smile, and to keep going everyday. For some of us, he’s inspired us to make music, and to some he’s inspired us to help others and to try to forgive other people and to see the good in everyone. To not bully, because after all bullying another is simply pathetic. He may inspire us in many, many endless different ways too, in more ways than the one’s I have said here, but still apply to me and many others. There’s no doubt about it that he means so much to all of us, and the least we could do is to like a page and spread the word in order for Chris to win this award. 

It’s already in potential talks with Exeter council, and all you need to do is show support for this! 

Here is the page - (x

We should also try to get them all this award, well, like an award from their individual hometowns and then from the Queen of England tbh