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You say in your rules you don't want anyone to think you're 'superior' and yet you sound like you think you are the boss, frankly put, why is that? Your rules sound like you don't want someone to write with you at all, its confusing to say the least.

[[ this is NOT true. I have been put on the highest level and people believed I am super super good at what I do while I did not think that I was. I have been much too nice to people who did not deserve this amount of kindness, I was up for anything they threw at me and answered each and every ask I received whether it was privately or publicly, and believe me, it was draining. If you want to write with someone you think is a lovely writer and person but with them being afraid of you the same time because people keep saying “Oh yeah Arya is Senpai and always super busy but their writing is imba” then you get so very tired of this place, believe me. I did not understand what I have ever done wrong for people to distance themselves from me, I grew tired more and more and in the end dropped threads I loved to pieces simply to have more space to breathe and write other things. I do NOT, really NOT say someone is worth less of writing with me than others, but I will NOT accept each and every roleplayer that has an idea that is not even fleshed out some. I need threads that make me happy and threads that I think about on a daily basis, threads with people who inspire me, and believe me when I say I have not found too many who do. @blood-haired-god and @masshirohebi are just two of these few whose writing I adore to PIECES and I will always turn to them first when it comes to either Nagato or Orochimaru. I have my favorites. It does not mean I will only interact with friends. But believe me when I say I have over 400 followers and my inbox and IM were ALWAYS full. Believe me when I say it was overwhelming when depression strikes and everyone only cared about me replying. It does not mean that I am arrogant. ]]

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D for (no refuge found) no solid ground

(no refuge found) no solid ground

D. Send me the name of any fanfic I’ve written and I’ll tell you something about what I think happens after the fic is done.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you,” Grant says as the feds check his restraints.

Coulson’s expression doesn’t change as he hands the key to the driver. “They’re gonna put you to death.” His eyes drag over Grant from his head to his bare feet and back again. “Lethal injection is better than you deserve.”

Turns out, Coulson was being nice when he locked Grant in a tiny cell with no windows. This right here? Transfer to federal custody and Christian’s tender mercies? This is what happens when Coulson finds out Grant defiled Jemma.

Because he really didn’t know. He came tearing down those stairs only a few hours after Jemma gave him the ultrasound and the look on his face said it all. Well, his dusty suit said he’d been out in the field, but his face said Simmons had taken advantage of his absence to make the deal. And she hadn’t bothered to warn Coulson - about her plans or the identity of the father - beforehand. 

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“I feel it in my fingertips
And the edges of my lips
Bright blue glistening, are you listening
Listen to me “ [x]

Things you need to know if you’re about to see twenty one pilots live for the first time
  • they’re different than any other band you have ever seen and probably will ever see live.
  • they’re going to come into the crowd at least once so brace yourself for the excitement and movement if you’re in the pit.
  • I know you want to remember every moment, but please try to put your phone down because I promise you, you will experience it so much better that way.
  • just like at any concert, there will be nice people and there will be not-nice people in the pit. try to make friends with the nice people.
  • if you’re getting there early, talk to the people in line around you! I’ve made some of my closest friends waiting in line at twenty one pilots shows.
  • be respectful. we all want to be at the front and feel like we might “deserve” it more than someone else, but some people camp out for over 12 hours to be at the front, so please don’t try to take that away from them by cutting the line or pushing to the front.
  • look out for the people around you. it can get rough sometimes so if you see someone struggling, help them. you’d want someone to do the same for you.
  • don’t focus on getting to the front or meeting them. the likelihood of either of those things happening on this tour is very low and if they don’t happen it’ll ruin your night!! focus on the show because it’ll be good no matter what. 
  • drink lots of water the day of! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!!! the last thing you need to happen at your first tøp show is to pass out and miss it.
  • most of all, try to savor every single second of it because all of a sudden you’ll be looking at the confetti on the floor wondering how it’s already over.


The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World by Sophia Dembling


Staying home is doing something. Time spent alone is not negative space. It has its own purpose, both in what you do with it and in what it does for you.

My presence is a gift, not a requirement. If you receive an invitation to do something that doesn’t sound fun, you might choose to do it anyway. And that would be very nice of you. But you don’t have to.

I like who I like. You are not required to like everyone, and just because you don’t like everyone doesn’t mean you hate people. It’s not your problem if a person is a bore or a boor.

Listening to bores is not my job. Just because you’re a good listener doesn’t mean you are obligated to listen to anyone who wants to bend your ear. Your listening skills is a gift to be bestowed on only the deserving. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to preserve your limited energy for them and not waste it on people you don’t like.

Managing my energy is a favor to myself and everyone around me. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being mean when you step away from the fun. They obviously don’t know how cranky you get if you push yourself too hard.

Saying no can be a kindness. If you say no to them, they may say no to you. Sooner or later they will realize what a blessing the freedom to say no is. Plus, if you say yes when you want to say no, you probably won’t present your best self and you might not be much fun.

I can love other people and still not be responsible for their good time. Sometimes you will do things you don’t want to just as a kindness to someone you love. But you don’t have to do that all the time.

Just because I am quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. Some people are raconteurs who can hold a room full of people in their thrall. If you’re not, oh well. You have plenty to say when the time and circumstances are right for you.

I know what I need better than anyone else. Yes, they love you. Yes, their intentions are good. Yes, sometimes their suggestions are useful. But even your most intimate intimates don’t know you better than you know yourself and you are allowed to weigh their suggestions against your self-knowledge and dismiss them if they don’t feel right. No fuss and confrontation necessary, just stay centered and calm and own your own choices.

Putting on my dog and pony show is optional. I’ve been known to panic if conversation is stilted among a group of people, and that puts me into dog and pony overdrive. But I’ve started giving myself permission to just let things be if I don’t feel like putting on a show. This makes socializing much easier. When I felt compelled to put on my extrovert face every time I went out, socializing seemed like too much trouble.

A ringing phone is not a mandate. Some people can’t ignore a ringing telephone. You can. And that’s fine. Just because somebody wants to talk to you right now doesn’t mean you are obligated to indulge them.

Other people’s desire for me to participate is not more important than my desire not to participate. No matter how much someone wants you to do something, no matter how much pressure that person puts on you, that other person’s needs and desires are not automatically more important than your own. You may choose to accede to the other person’s wishes, but you also may choose to go your own way. This does not make you a mean person. It makes you your own person.

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um hello i just wanted to say that you deserve an award for drawing shiro like that, because, damn, he looks too good in your style. i feel like you should be given a medal for the awesomeness (and for the best drawing performance of shiro in whole tumblr fandom). PS: i love you art, you're great!


✧(´⌣`人)Thank you so much for your words!!!

Just because you think you’re a good guy doesn’t mean I have to like you. Men have this terrible idea that if they have a stable job, go to school and are nice they deserve you. Bruh, all of that is nice & something women should want in a man, but that’s not everything.

Maybe, she’s just not physically attracted to you, your breath stinks, you’re too talkative, your family is annoying, YOURE ANNOYING. There’s so many things that factor into wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone. Stop being salty on some “ what, you must want a nigga that move weight and beat yo ass.” Like, no bitch !! I just don’t want you.

I be so happy when a nigga show that side of himself. Yes, thank you! Show me what I was feeling this whole time. That something that kept me from moving things forward with you.

Okay listen guys I have something to say

It has been said before but today this happened:

and it broke my heart.

Troye said he can barely read his mentions anymore. That’s not okay at all. This whole ship war is going way too far. We are supposed to encourage these people, send them our love, our support, not harass them. We are supposed to be a family, be nice with each other, not fight over irrelevant thing that after all aren’t any of our business. It’s not our job to decide who’s dating whoIf they wanted to share their love life with us, they would’ve done it. Will you stop supporting them just because they’re not dating who you wanted them to? They’re already sharing a huge part of their lives with the internet and it’s perfectly fine if they’re keeping some things to themselves. They deserve some privacy. Shipping is fun, but we must remember to be respectful at the same time. They’re gonna stop interacting with us if we keep going like this.

Honestly, I don’t care who they’re dating as long as they’re happy. Hell, Troye, Tyler or Connor could be dating each other or they could be dating Korey as far as I care. It’s not our decision to make and insisting on the matter is just stupid. Imagine how stressful and annoying must be to asked a thousand times a day who you’re dating.

So can we all just chill out, please? And maybe think twice before asking a question that might bother them? Let’s just end the drama and be nice, okay?


Happy Birthday, Luhan!

Woah, where to begin? Best to keep this short, right? Short and sweet. Just like you- well, not the short bit. I mean, 178cm… That ain’t short!! (i think) /cough/ Anyways! You ARE sweet, AND handsome, cute I mean manly, dorky, smart, amazing, fabulous, kind, caring as heck and you’re just all round what makes me happy. I still remember when EXO first debuted… you caught my eye. The mind-bogglingly handsome Chinese member who had a voice that could calm the roughest of tides. To this day, you still put a smile on my face and make my heart race with the tiniest of gestures. Though we have never met, I hope that one day I can witness in reality, the perfection that is you.

Please, stay safe, healthy and happy. Always. I will always be by your side, cheering you on every step of the journey. You deserve the absolute best, and I’m sure with EXO by your side, and the love and support of all us fans, that will not be forgotten. I love you, so so much. ♥ 


-“Oi! Midorima Shintarou-kun! Are you going to join the basketball club? I’m going to join too. My name is Takao Kazunari, nice to meet you.”

Thank you, Mr Butterfield!

Larries aren’t perfect, we just aren’t. We are people and we happen to make mistakes, of course we do. But Larries indisputably possess two qualities:

- We’re smart, like another level of smart. We’re a lot and we know how and what to look for. We are made up by a huge variety of specialists in so many different sectors. We can dig and dig well. We never give up, we never feel discouraged. If something too big happens, we rest a moment, we recollect ourselves and start fighting again. We see through things, we make the task impossible when anyone tries to sell us lies. We are strong and clever enough to not be shattered by hate and constant attacks because we can see the fails in the people who pettily come for us and turn the argument against them. And we always do that with such a class.

- We know love. We respect and support and promote it so much, in all of its forms. Not only we have big brains, more importantly, we have big hearts and that’s something that sadly enough isn’t that common. We have been here for these boys all along and we’ll be here until the very day we’ll see they need and want us to. We’ve had their backs through the ups and downs and we’ve trusted them in a way that’s quite a rarity. We’ve personally happened to sacrifice aspects of our own life in order not to abandon them. 

That’s why it feels incredibly important that in what is very likely the worst moment we have experienced together, someone from the outside, someone with respectability and credibility, stepped in to support us, to stand by us to remember us that we’re not the crazy ones, the bad ones, the wrong ones, to publicly show that everything we’ve been thinking and saying has a solid, rational base, to give us back the dignity they’ve been trying to tear away from us. We did falter a bit and we did get back to our feet all by ourselves, but this article certainly gave us the push we needed to feel all the confidence flow back into our spent but still so ready hearts. So thank you, Aaron Butterfield, you have no idea how much that meant to us. Looking forward for the second part of your work!

because tumblr’s ‘eww boys’ attitude is gross as shit: boys, you look really nice today and you deserve to feel good about yourselves and your bodies bc you are lovely and wonderful and your bodies are really really nice and i hope you have an amazing day. also ur butt is gr9.


Temperance Ryder. Pathfinder. Nerd. Lover of Hoods.

Posting these both because honestly @cocotingo did such a marvelous job and the hoodie deserves a showcase. Thank you again, Coco, for your beautiful work. You’ve made me so happy and hopefully I’ll get to commission you again on something else with her, someday!

Honestly, I can’t wait to play. My heart  ♥

I wished Solas would have gotten more focus in DAI.

True, he shines if you bring him along to Adamant or into the Temple of Mythal, where he has unique extra dialogue … And “In Your Hurt Shall Burn” wouldn’t function without him (because he’s the one who gives you Skyhold).

But you can’t talk to him about what happenend in Adamant/the Fade after the quest is done and I think that’s a huge oversight.

He’s such a great and excellently written character, he should’ve gotten more screentime. 

More cutscenes. 

I sincerely hope we got a Solas heavy DLC where we don’t just find him at the end of 5+ hours of searching, but get him back as (temporary) companion and a huge amount of dialogue and cutscenes because …

Heck, I would wish for a patch who adds extra Solas cutscenes to the main game. I would pay for it, even. (I know that’s not going to happen, but still …)

I’m just glad that he played such a big role in Cole’s personal quest (and also in Cole’s recrutement quest), because every Solas scene/dialogue is important and he got not enough of them.

I want more Solas content.