Valentine’s day

Keith: Roses are red

Keith: chocolate is brown

Keith: I expect nothing but I am still let down.

Lance holding chocolates and roses that Allura didn’t want: ….. I wonder who I should give these to.. [staring directly at Keith]


Lance: here have this you deserve it

Keith: [eats chocolate straight away]


Keith: [swallows]

Lance: kEiTh nO

I really like you // Montgomery de la Cruz

Warning: slight smut, idk

You stepped out of the shower, drying yourself off and putting your clothes back on. Your hair was still wrapped in a towel. When you came out of the bathroom you nearly jumped out of your skin. There was someone sitting on your bed, head in their hands. The person turned around and you were greeted with the face of Montgomery. “What the fuck, de la Cruz? What are you doing here?” you exhaled, confused but relieved that it was Monty. “Well, good to see you too, Y/N.” he said with a smirk on his face. Your relationship with Monty was not really a relationship. A few times a week you hook up with each other, you were friends with benefits. You always had a crush on him, but he just wasn´t the relationship type, so you take what you get. “Uhm it´s nice to see you too, but that wasn´t the question Monty. What are you doing here?” You asked again throwing your towel into the bathroom. You were dressed in one of Monty´s flannel´s he left at your house a few weeks ago, underneath it you only wear lacy panties and a lacy bralette, you always felt comfortable in them.
He shrugged his shoulders and got up to meet you. “I saw that your parent´s car weren´t in the driveway.” He said walking closer to you.  “So you decided to climb through my window?” you asked amused pointing at the open window. “What can I say, I just missed you.” He mumbled and pulled you into him. “Monty, you saw me in school today.” You giggled, when he began to place kisses on your neck. “Your parents are away?” He asked, completely ignoring what you just said. “They went out with some friends.” You whispered and felt him smirk against your neck. He pushed you against the wall next to your door and you gasped, surprised by his sudden harshness. His kisses fast turned into harsh bites and sucking on your neck, his hands under your flannel roaming over your soft skin. You yelped when he bites your neck extremely hard while he bucks his hips into yours, but he didn´t stop. “Monty.” You whispered, trying to push him away, but his hands grabbed your hips harder. “Monty, stop, you´re hurting me.” You said, pressing your hands against his chest still trying to push him away. He starts tugging at your flannel moving it up, this was enough for you and you finally managed to push him away from you. You pulled the flannel down again looking at him shocked. He stands a few feet´s away from you and was breathing heavy looking at you furious.  “What has gotten into you?” you whispered wrapping your arms around yourself in a manner of self-defense. He snarled sarcastically and shook his head laughing. “What? You don’t want me? You think you can call me whenever you want someone to fuck you, but when I need it you refuse? I´m not your dog you can call when you need someone to play with!” He shouted and you flinched at his outburst. “Everyone thinks they can treat me like shit and I´m so done with this.” He throws his arms in the air and started pacing around your room. “Monty, you are scaring me.” You mumbled pressing yourself against the wall to create as much distance from Monty as possible; you have never seen him like this at least not toward you. “Ah now you are scared?” he laughed sarcastically and you saw that he looked more angry than before. “Please calm down, Monty. We can talk about it or someth-“He cut you off when he smashed a picture frame against your door. Glass and wood splitter hit the side of your face and you flinched, feeling the glass cutting your cheek. Your breath was shaky and your hand went to your left cheek. You looked at your hand in horror when you saw blood on your finger, tears starting to well up in your eyes. “Oh god, Y/N/N, I didn´t mean… I never wanted to…” He immediately went to you, his eyes full of concern. You flinched when he placed a hand on your unharmed cheek and you saw the shock written on his face. “I´m so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you; you need to believe me. You are the only one that ever… I mean… I´m so sorry.” He rambled and you felt a tears running down your face. “Y/N, please say something.” He whispered and you looked at him. “I need to clean up before someone steps into the glass.” You whispered kneeling down shoving the leftovers from your picture frame together. You were shaking, what you noticed when you pulled out the picture from under the glass and wood. “Stop, Y/N, you´re hurting yourself.” He takes your hands into his own, pulling you up. “I´m so sorry, Y/N/N.” he whispered pulling you into his chest, pressing his lips against your forehead. You closed your eyes, slowly returning the hug. You two stands there for a moment and you seek comfort in his hug. He breaks the hug and bends down to clean up the mess he made.

You sit on your bed watching Monty. The picture he throws was actually a picture of you and him from the last summer, when you were at a party at the beach. You looked down at the picture and smiled slightly. On the picture Monty and you sat at a bonfire and he had his arm around your shoulder, while you had your head leaning on his shoulder. That night was the first time you really talked to him and for once he wasn´t the cocky asshole you knew from the hallways or the jock with anger issues. This night he was sweet, funny and cute. You saw another side and that’s when the felling´s started. “I remember that night.” He mumbled and you jumped, you didn´t noticed that he had sat down next to you. “You remember that night? You were pretty drunk.” You whispered smiling, still looking down at the picture. “And you looked so beautiful.” He whispered and you meet his gaze. “I´m so sorry, Y/N, please don’t hate me. I couldn´t stand if you hate me.” He whispered and you smiled at him. “I could never hate you, Monty.” You said and caressed his cheek in a loving manner. “I will clean this cut now.” You mumbled, getting up after a bit of silence. He nodded and shooting you a small, but guilty smile.

When you left your bathroom Montgomery still sat at the same spot on your bed. When he heard you coming he stands up, facing you. “I will go now; you probably want to be alone.” He said and walked to your window. You walked towards Monty wrapping your arms around his torso. “Stay with me. Don’t go.” You whispered, burying your face in his back. “Y/N/N, I think it would be the best when we don’t see each other for a while.” He said, his hands resting on your window frame. You shook your head no, hugging him harder. “I hurt you, something I swore I would never do.” He sighed trying to escape your grip. “But I want you to stay.” You whispered and he sighed again. “Why?” he whispered clearly confused. “Because, I want to watch a movie, cuddle myself in my bed and eat ice cream and I want it to do it with you.” You whispered, he finally turned around and smiled at you, while you began to grin. “I know you can´t resist me.” You said biting your lip. He rolled his eyes and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. “I always thought it would be the other way around.” He said smirking down at you. You just shrugged your shoulders, turning around and sat yourself down on your bed, leaning against your headboard. “Go downstairs and get the ice cream. I will choose the movie.” You said turning on the TV, smiling like an idiot. Monty shook his head smiling and let out a small laugh. “Chunky-Monkey?” he asked, but already made his way downstairs, knowing the answer. “And when you´re back you ´re gonna take your clothes off. I like you better without them.” You shouted after him and giggled, hearing his faint laugh from downstairs.

You sat on Montgomery´s lap the movie long forgotten. His hands were on your thighs running them up and down, while you were holding the package with ice cream and a spoon. “Come on, give me ice cream.” He whined and you laughed at his childishness. “Montgomery de la Cruz just whined, I can´t believe it.” You said, between laughter’s and he rolled his eyes. He opened a few buttons of the flannel you were wearing, kissing your now exposed collarbone and you let out sigh, biting your bottom lip. “Fine, you get some ice cream.” You whispered smiling at him. He opened his mouth and you placed a spoon with ice cream in his mouth. “Wait, that’s only banana and walnuts.” He mumbled still munching on the ice cream and you giggled. “You did it on purpose.” He gasped with an amused smile on his lips and you laughed out loud. “You were using my sweet spots against me, you don’t deserve chocolate.” You explained planting a small kiss on his lips. “But I was only using them to get some ice cream.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. “You want chocolate?” you asked ghosting your lips over his and he nodded brushing his nose against yours. “Make me a compliment.” You stated and grinned at him, while he groaned. “What do you want to hear?” he asked. “You can´t really expect that I will tell you what to say.” You looked at him and he began to smirk. “I love fucking you.” He smirked at you and you rolled your eyes. “Way to ruin the mood.” You mumbled frowning and leaned back. “Okay okay, you are the most beautiful and smartest girl I´ve ever meet.” He said smiling up at you. “Okay I will accept that.” You nodded approvingly, placing a spoon with banana and chocolate in his mouth. “Go on and you will get more.” You said with a smirk. “I really like you.” He whispered smiling slightly at you, his thumb painting small circles on your hipbones. “That´s not a compliment.” You countered. “But a confession.” Your smirk fell and you blinked a few times. You placed the ice cream and the fork on you nightstand and your hands went to his neck. “You mean it?” You asked hopefully while your hands played with his hair and he nodded. You placed your lips on his, your hands on his cheeks now, while he pulled you even closer. Monty pulled away smiling at you. “I really like you too.” You confessed and he began to smirk. He leaned forward and you yelped when your back hit your bed. Monty began kissing your neck while unbuttoning the flannel. He kissed his way down your neck to your collarbone, now plastering kisses down the valley of your breast and your giggle´s turned into moans. “God, I love it when you wear lacy underwear.” He mumbled between kisses and moans. You moaned as a reply your fingers running through his hair tugging on it. “Did you expect someone else?” He smirked unclasping your bra. “You´re the only one I have sex with.” You stated bringing his lips to meet yours. “Good, because I don’t share.” With that he ripped your bralette from you and started sucking on your right nipple. “Monty.” You hissed his name, when he grazed his teeth over his your nipple. “Oh God, I love it when you say my name.” he smirked turning his attention to the other nipple.
Both of you didn´t hear the car pulling into the driveway or your parents coming through the front door. You both were pulled out of your foreplay, when you heard your name being called. “Y/N, are you still awake?” you heard your mother call and you pushed Monty away from you, your eyes widening in shock. “Shit.” You hissed starting to bottom the flannel up. He was pacing through your room and started to collect his clothes together. You heard footsteps coming closer and you pushed Montgomery into your bathroom. Just in time you managed to sit down on your bed, grabbing the book, you were recently reading from your nightstand. You opened it, when your mother opened your bedroom door. “Hey sweetie, you are still awake?” she asked and you smiled at her. “Well, I had too much sugar I think.” You mumbled pointing to the ice cream and she cracked a smile. “How was your dinner?” You asked trying to act normal. “It was ok, how was your evening?” Your eyes wandered to your bathroom door before you shrugged your shoulders. “Oh the same as always. I eat ice cream, watched a movie and continue to read my book.” You explained smiling at her. “What happened to your cheek and neck?” She asked and you inhaled sharply. “I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but something fell down and I was too lazy to stand up, so I accidently hit my check on my night stand.” You explained trying to sound convincingly. She nodded and began to smirk. “And what happened to your neck?” She was now grinning at you and you looked at her in shock. “Mom.” You exhaled and she laughed at you. “Is he here? Maybe hiding in your wardrobe?” she asked and looked around your room. “No mom, he is not here and this is awkward.” You sighed and shook your head. “What? You think I never meet up with my boyfriend when my parents weren’t home, when I was young?  And I have hid my boyfriend from my parents more than one time.” Your eyes widen in shock. “Okay mom, this conversation is over.” You mumbled hiding your face in your hands. “Okay, I will leave you alone.” She said getting up. “And Y/N? Hopefully you used protection. I don’t need grandchildren running around my house.” She said pointed to your bra lying on the ground. “Oh god mom, get out.” You shouted and she left your room laughing.
After a few minutes later Monty came out of your bathroom, smirking. “Why are you smirking? My mom almost caught us.” You whispered meeting halfway. “Your mother is funny.” He whispered laughing silently. You smiled at him sarcastically before rolling your eyes. “Just joking, babe.” He mumbled, placing a kiss on your lips. “So, you had too much sugar, huh?” He asked smirking down at you. “You are my sugar, baby.” You whispered, pulling him into another kiss. He smirked into the kiss, before deepening it. You break the kiss and shoot him a smile, which he returned. He began to slip into his jacket. “You are leaving?” you asked playing with the hem of his shirt. “I don´t think it would be a good idea if I stay over. Your parents don’t know I´m here.” He whispered smiling and you nodded absently. “Your mom called me your boyfriend.” He stated this time more serious. “Actually she talked about her boyfriends.” You countered and he nodded. “You don’t want me to be your boyfriend?” He asked, avoiding your gaze, he seemed almost shy. “You were the one who told me you aren´t the relationship type.” You whispered trying to look him in the eyes. “But what if I changed my mind?” You looked at him surprised but slowly began to smile. “And what made you change your mind?” You asked and began to smirk. He rolled his eyes and pulled you into a kiss, giving you the answer to your question. “Okay.” You whispered, against his lips after he breaks the kiss. “I will go now. See you tomorrow?” He asked moving toward your window and you followed him. “Yeah.” You mumbled and pulled him into a hug. He kissed you one last time before climbing through your window.

For the rest of the night you couldn´t swipe that smile off your face.

  • Seokjin: Hey, I bought some chocolate! Who wants some?
  • Jungkook: No thanks, I don't like dark chocolate. It's too bitter for me.
  • Seokjin: It's not dark chocolate?
  • Jungkook: I bet it's not as sweet as Jimin tho
  • Seokjin:
  • Seokjin: You don't deserve my chocolate
A New Beginning Part 2

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 2492

Warnings: Fluffy like so much fluffy. And Steve with a beard because that should be a warning.

Thanks to @widowsfics for being my beta

Credits to the gifs owners


For the rest of week you saw Steve every morning, he was always waiting for you on the same bench with a cup of coffee and some pastry. You always loved your mornings, you loved the cold weather and how you could just be yourself without having any social interactions.

But since you started to spend your mornings with Steve, you found out that you liked to have someone wishing you good morning every day and caring for if you were going to have a good day,

Steve was still a mystery for you, he flirted and smiled but at the same time he was shy and blushed a lot. You talk too much around him and not because you are nervous but because the way he directs the conversation towards you like he always wants to know more about you.

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To Do List: Moving On *TC Version*//Milk & Honey

1) Take refuge of your bed.
2) Cry til the tears stop (this will take a few days maybe.)
3) DO NOT listen to slow songs.
4) Delete their phone number from your phone (If you have it of course)
5) Don’t look photos you secretly took or took with him/her.
6) Find the closest ice cream and treat yourself to two scoops of mint chocolate chip, the mint will calm your heart. You deserve the chocolate it will be tough.
7) If they ever gave you anything a letter/gift i suggest you throw it away or do something with it where it will not “bother” you.
8) Plan a trip. (Even if its a trip to the mall just go out with friends have fun.)
9) Perfect the art of smiling and nodding when someone brings their name up in a conversation.(Which might happen occasionally if your friends have him/her as a teacher or just because they’re a teacher.)
10) Start a project. (I personally started a “project” on Ted Bundy I dont know it helps.)
11) Stop crying at some point.
12) Allow yourself to feel foolish for believing you could’ve built the rest od your life in someone elses stomach. (And this is everything its okay it happens feelings are feelings we only know what we feel.)
13) Breathe. Moving on is hard. Trying to move on is even harder. You’ll be okay I promise. There is plenty of fish in the sea he/she is not the only one just wait and see. Have fun. Try new things. You’re fucking young fall in love get your heart broken and do it all over again.

7 Ways to treat yourself after a busy day of studying

1. Take a walk around the neighborhood and stop at a cosy cafe for a nice cup of hot chocolate. You deserve it!
2. Call your friends and go to the cinema to watch a new cool movie. Or plan a nice movie date for the weekend.
3. Order that book you’ve been wanting to buy in a webshop and look forward to finding it in the mail in a few days.
4. Have a disney movie marathon. Or a Walking dead one. Whatever you like!
5. Take an extra long shower with your favorite products, or even better; have a bath and soak in there for a few hours with a magazine.
6. Order food from your favorite restaurant. Enjoy it on the couch in your pj’s. 
7. Walk in the forest, fields, or any place with nature. Relax and connect with the earth. Pick some flowers if that’s possible, to brighten up your room.

anonymous asked:

I want to learn Finnish. I have seen the recourse post, I'm reading stuff a little - I'm at a very basic level at is point still. I don't know how to make it easy. I see notes written + I like them but don't know the best way if laying out my own. I already speak Swedish so I have it a little asker than many but would really appreciate some advice. It's weird because I've struggled with MFLs my whole life but am very good at Latin and Ancient Greek. Thank you

There’s no easy way actually. You can try games and apps but there will always be some difficult parts. About notes, don’t focus on making them pretty but efficient. After all, you use those notes for learning. Yeah, the aesthetics are nice and i like when i look at pretty notes, but fancy notes aren’t the proof that you’re amazing in your target language.

Let’s give you some suggestions to make your learning journey more pleasant.

You have to take notes, if you want to make them pretty, go ahead but better make them simple and pay attention to what you write, don’t just copy-paste from a book. Try to study 25 min and take a break of 5 and after2 hours, you deserve a chocolate cake! And a break of 20-30 minutes.

You can use apps, sites, YouTube for learning vocabulary. After you learn your new words, see if you can find a song with them. (Ex. If you learned the colours, check YouTube and see what you can find there) if YouTube has nothing, then check Linguarana (a chrome extension).
Another tip for vocabulary is Flewent(chrome extension) which replaces a certain % of your words in your target language and at the end you get sentences like “i like the ciel”.
Try to learn the words in sentences, not one by one, it might help you more.

Write daily a short paragraph, even if it’s basic and it is about your shoes, it’s great, it’s practice.
Try to write something using the words you have learned.

Listen to music~
Watch stuff in your target language, since you are a beginner you are allowed to watch Finnish movies with English subs.
Don’t worry if you don’t understand what you hear, you get used to the sounds.

Begin with stories for kids. Make your own vocab lists for each story/chapter and remember to review those lists! They aren’t ornaments.
Try to set a daily “quest” like 1 chapter or 1 story.

Beginners tend to be shy so talk to a plush toy or your pet. Talking to yourself is a solution too.
Sing~ when you sing you improve your pronunciation, which is a good thing, you don’t want to say something in the wrong way and insult someone.
Repeat when you hear something new. I know that all have that tiny super duper little voice in their head who has an amazing pronunciation but when you try to reproduce what you hear, the cruel reality is going to hit you. So repeat any new stuff.

Try to do something daily related to your studies. It’s okay to have days off but be careful not to stop completely. Hope these help, good luck with your studies~ ^^

Valentine Drabbles #6 | Mark, You

requested by @cho-humnah​; Because everyone deserve chocolate for Valentine

Words count: 651

Valentine wasn’t your favorite day. You hated watching people getting chocolate.

You hated to reject the chocolate they gave you because of your health. You hated the look in their eyes when they knew that you were a diabetic person and sweet in general would harm you.

People, who liked you, would change their minds after you telling them that, until you kept it to yourself and rejected their chocolate nicely without telling them the reason.

You thought no one would ever like you. Who would like a sick person? It was a burden. Which was one of the huge reasons you hid your feelings about Mark.

Your roommate.

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You, my dear, deserves a chocolate cupcake for catching that period before it catches you. 🍫 (By the way, love your art ❤ and thank you for inspiring me and helping me though your kindness and generosity on helping others 😊)


to do list (after the breakup)
1. take refuge in your bed
2. cry. till the tears stop (this will take a few days).
3. don’t listen to slow songs.
4. delete their number from your phone even though it is memorized on your fingertips.
5. don’t look at old photos.
6. find the closest ice cream shop and treat yourself to two scoops of mint chocolate chip. the mint will calm your heart. you deserve the chocolate.
7. buy new bed sheets.
8. collect all the gifts, t-shirts, and everything with their smell on it and drop it off at a donation center.
9. plan a trip.
10. perfect the art of smiling and nodding when someone brings their name up in conversation.
11. start a new project.
12. whatever you do. do not call.
13. do not beg for what does not want to stay.
14. stop crying at some point.
15. allow yourself to feel foolish for believing you could’ve built the rest of your life in someone else’s stomach.
16. breathe.
—  milk and honey, rupi kaur

‏Good morning, everyone! Have a wonderful day, you deserve it 💛 (at Italian Chocolate)

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to do list (after the breakup):

1. take refuge in your bed.
2. cry. till the tears stop (this will take a few days).
3. don’t listen to slow songs
4. delete their number from your phone even though it is memorized on your finger tips.
5. don’t look at old photos.
6. find the closest ice cream shop and treat yourself to two scoops of mint chocolate chip. the mint will calm your heart. you deserve the chocolate.
7. buy new bed sheets.
8. collect all the gifts, t-shirts, and everything with their smell on it and drop it off at a donation center.
9. plan a trip
10. perfect the art of smiling and nodding when someone bring their name up in a conversation.
11. start a new project
12. whatever you do. do not call.
13. do not beg for what does not want to stay.
14. stop crying at some point.
15. allow yourself to feel foolish for believing. you could’ve built the rest of your life in someone else’s stomach
16. breathe

—  rupi kaur ( milk and honey )
issues and ...

problems (?).

i wanted to explain, at least for the few people whose showed a little curiosity about my whereabouts or absence.

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You deserve that cookie. And the ice cream. You deserve a heaping bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. And a smoothie with 4 bananas instead of one. You deserve another piece of cake or another slice of bread. You deserve the bagel smothered in peanut butter. You deserve the chocolate, and not just a piece or two, but the bar. You deserve three servings of cereal. You deserve it not because you ran 5 miles today or because you worked out for an extra 20 minutes, but because you just do. Food should never be “earned,” it is always necessary.

anonymous asked:

Hiii! I'm a new studyblr...? Literally, 1st post was yesterday! Hahah. So I decided that I needed to do something to keep me motivated to keep on studying. I therefore decided to make a study sideblog where I'll only post when I'm going to study or after I've studied. So this basically means that if I don't post... I didn't study. Hahah! Hope this will work! Anyways, I wanted to ask if you've got any tips or anyone wants to give some tips? :) my sideblog's url is oceansareink btw ^^

Congrats!! I wish you good luck on your studyblr journey. Here’s some motivation tips for you

1. Harbor a positive mindset

A positive mindset + killer self-confidence will take you places! When you believe that you can achieve anything, you CAN and you WILL. There’s this cosmic law of attraction. Basically, when you think more positive thoughts, the bigger the possibility that it will come true.

2. Get a habit tracker

A habit tracker will be an effective reminder, especially if you procrastinate or forget easily. It will also make you more determined not to break the chain, as you see your progress. I would recommend habit trackers like : Balanced, Habitica, Productive, Strides and

3. Be inspired

Inspiration is always out there. You can fill your studyblr with #studyspo posts. You could listen to study playlists in 8tracks or Spotify. Maybe you could post pictures of your crush in your binder (well it did work out on me i guess haha). 

Here are other ways I try to be motivated :

  • Organizing my desk
  • Meditating
  • Buying cute stationery
  • Watching TED talks
  • Doodling a lot
  • Looking for motivational quotes
  • Writing on my planner ( I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!)

4. Reward yourself

Don’t forget that you are an amazing and bright gal! You deserve that chocolate bar after 10 readings. You deserve one episode of you fave TV show after studying for your Econ test. Here’s my self care and positivity tag for you :)

Here are some cool masterposts from @elkstudies and @areistotle​ as well.



His giggle was infectious, even if I was mad at him.

“Will you tell me where we’re going yet?” I pout, shifting in my seat to look at him. Ashton smirked, shaking his head as yet another giggle fell from his lips. “Ashton!”

“It’s a surprise!” He grins, his eyes remaining on the road as he drove. I huffed, crossing my arms and returning my gaze back out of the window. Ashton chuckled again, placing one of his hands on my knee. “Come on baby, don’t be mad, I’m being romantic!”

“Flowers would have sufficed.” I grumble, but I take his hand in my own anyway. He giggles again, humming happily as we continue our journey in silence.

After what seems like a lifetime, he turns off the main road, the new road slowly emptying as it gets smaller, until we’re the only car left.

“You’re idea of being romantic doesn’t include murder does it?” I mutter, and Ashton squeezes my hand, smirking again.

“Damn. You caught me.” He whispers, and I roll my eyes, letting my eyes study his features in an attempt to work out his plan. He gives nothing away, and his lips tug into a grin when he realises I’m watching him. “Take a picture.”

“Shut up.” I smile, glancing as he finally slows down and parks the car.

He gets out, dashing around to my side so he can open my door for me. I roll my eyes but kiss his cheek as a thank you, earning a smile. He laces our fingers as he leads me through some trees, stopping when we reach a lake. A gasp leaves my lips when I notice a picnic blanket near the water’s edge, small lanterns surrounding it. I spin to look at him, and he grins at me.

“How did you-”

“I may have had some help.” He shrugs, tugging me towards the blanket. Before we sit down, he turns to face me, his smile replaced by a worried look.


“I love you.” He says simply, and I smile, squeezing his hand.

“I love you too.” I reply, and he shakes his head.

“I’m in love with you.” He corrects himself. “Have been for a long time. And I don’t know why you stick around, considering we’ve been through some rough patches that would have ruined other couples, but you’re still here, still with me. And I reckon I must have done something incredible in a past life to deserve you now. But you’re it for me. You’re the only person I ever want. And when I think of the future, I don’t know what will happen to the band, or to me, or to anything, but I know it’s going to be me and you. Because there isn’t anybody else who I can imagine being in my life forever. I know I can be an idiot sometimes, a lot of the time, but I promise I’m your idiot.”

He gets down on one knee, his free hand reaching to his pocket and producing a box. I shake my head, blinking back tears.

“And I promise to be always be your idiot. If you’ll have me of course. Because I’m in love with you Y/N Y/L/N. So will you marry me?”

I nod, laughing as tears freely fall down my cheeks. He grins, sliding a beautiful ring onto my finger before standing and wrapping me in his arms.

“Still think flowers would have sufficed?” He giggles, and I laugh even more.

His giggle was infectious, and I had forever to listen to it.


The end credits of the film began to play, and Michael reaches over to switch it off. I stretch my arms above my head, the only movement I can manage considering the rest of my body is tangled with Michael’s.

“I love that film.” I yawn, smiling as Michael grins at me.

“I love you.” He smirks, and I roll my eyes, tapping his chest lightly.

“Get away from me with that cheese Clifford.” I smirk back and he shakes his head furiously, wrapping his arms tightly around me.

“I’m never leaving you.” He says, and I wiggle my eyebrows.

“Even if I need the toilet?” I ask, and he furrows his eyebrows. I snort, reaching up and smoothing out his features. “I’m kidding Mikey, I knew what you meant.”

“Did you though?” He asks, looking at me seriously. I nod mutely, playing with his fringe. “Marry me.”

“What?” I drop my hand, my eyes snapping to his. We stare at each other for a second, before he repeats his words.

“Marry me.”

“Mikey…I…we…do you know what you’re saying?” I splutter, and he sighs, pushing me away before getting up and leaving the room. “Michael!”

I gape at his retreating form, not moving from my place on the sofa. I stare at the now empty doorway, hearing his movement in another room. Just as I’m about to get up to follow him, he returns, dropping back down beside me. I open my mouth, but he shoves a box into my hands instead. My eyes flick between him and the velvet item, before I open it to find a gorgeous engagement ring.

“I’m not being spontaneous and reckless.” He mutters, causing me to look back up at him. “Well, I’m being spontaneous, but you get what I mean. I’ve thought about this. A lot. Too much probably. And I had all these elaborate schemes to ask you, but none of them seemed good enough. And fuck, I know you deserve more than this half arsed proposal on a Wednesday night where we’re wearing next to nothing and we’ve binged out on pizza and chocolate. You deserve flowers and balloons and the world, and believe me I plan on giving it to you. But I guess this will have to do for now, and you can request a do over if you want. So, Y/N, I know I’m unpredictable, and that sometimes I pay too much attention to video games, but you’re the most important person in my life. And the boys always joke that I fall in love too easily, but god it was like breathing to fall in love with you. It isn’t going to be easy, and I’m not going to promise to always do the washing up because we both know I’ll forget a lot. But I love you so much. So please. Just marry me.”

I smashed my lips to his, one hand reaching up to pull his face as close to mine as possible. I feel him grin against my lips as a tear escapes my eyes. 

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He chuckles as I pull away, and I giggle as I nod, letting him slip the ring on my finger.

“And I don’t need a do over.” I tell him, causing him to grin. “This one was perfect.”


“Thank you for tonight guys.” I grin, unlocking my door as my friends all grin around me. “It meant a lot.”

“Aw don’t get all emotional on us now.” Holly drawled and I rolled my eyes, shoving her lightly as I opened the door.

“Yeah we only took you out to stop you from being so mopey about Luke being gone.” Izzy adds as we enter my flat.

“I don’t mope!” I protest, turning to face them.

“Yeah and Izzy doesn’t like Mikey.” Jen scoffs, and Izzy joins in my protesting.

“I do not mope!”

“I don’t like Michael!”

“God you’re both in denial.” Holly sighs and Izzy links her arm through mine.

“Y/N, have I ever told you you’re my favourite?” She asks, spinning us back to face my flat. Someone flicks the light on, and I gasp as I see Luke standing in my living room. He grins at me, and I squeal as I dash towards him.

“Lukey!” I grin, jumping into his arms. He chuckles, gripping me tightly as his lips find mine.

“Surprise!” He mumbles against my lips, and I giggle as he puts me down. I smile at him for a second before realisation dawns on me, and I twist my head to glare at my friends.

“You knew!” I accuse, and they all grin back.

“Have fun you two.” Holly winks, pulling the other two back with her.

“Thanks girls, and the others are back too if you want to see Mike Izzy!” Luke calls, earning a shout of protest before the door closes behind them. He turns back to grin at me, and I giggle, leaping back in his arms, his own laugh echoing through the room.. “Miss me then?”

“You have no idea.” I murmur into his neck, and Luke pulls back to smile softly at me.

“So I may have had an ulterior motive to coming home.” He begins, and I cock and eyebrow.

“What do you want?” I ask sceptically, and he beams down at me.

“You.” He says simply, squeezing my hips before taking my hands in his. “All of you. Forever. And in my head I’ve gone through this a lot, in different ways. I’ve written you songs, and speech after speech. But I can’t remember a single word now. Except that I love you. I’m in love with you. And I always will be. I love everything about you, even though I say I hate it when you try to warm your feet on me, or when you call me just to tell me I’m a dork. But I love you. And I want to show you how much, every day. For the the rest of your life. I love you. Will you marry me?”

He drops to his knee and pulls out a ring from his pocket, and my breathing hitches in my throat.

“Yes.” I whisper, smiling widely at him.


“Yes.” I repeat, louder. He grins, sliding it onto my finger before standing and picking me up. I giggle as he spins me around.

“We’re getting married!” He cheers, and I can’t help the peal of laughter falling from my lips before I kiss him.

“Can we come back in yet?” A voice calls, interrupting the moment.

“Go away!” I shout back, nuzzling my face into Luke’s neck as I hear the door open.

“She said yes then?” A deeper voice asks, and I look up to see Ashton, Calum and Michael with the girls.

“Did everyone know but me?” I ask, and Luke chuckles.

“That’s kind of the point.” He mutters, his lips brushing my ear. “But I’ll make it up to you, Mrs Hemmings.”


“Talk about being dramatic.” I mutter under my breath as Calum storms off ahead of me. Clearly, I didn’t say it as quietly as I thought, as he suddenly stops and spins to scowl at me.

“I’m not being dramatic.” He hisses causing me to scoff and roll my eyes.

“Honestly Calum you’re just overreacting.”

“All I wanted,” He seethes. “Was an evening with my girlfriend and my family before I have to leave the country again. Was that too much to ask?”

“You aren’t leaving for another two weeks!” I whisper shout, aware that the eyes of passers-by were lingering slightly longer than they should. 

“I am perfectly aware of when I’m leaving thank you!” He snaps. “But that doesn’t matter, as clearly you’d rather not spend time with me.”

“Why are you so mad that I danced with your cousin at your sister’s party, when you were god knows where?”

“Because you were supposed to be with me!”

“I couldn’t find you!”

“You didn’t look for me!”

“Yes I did! I even had Mali help me look, but you’d vanished!”

“Well…that’s…erm…I didn’t know that did I!”

We stand in silence, both breathing heavily. I shiver slightly, the night’s cold air finally beginning to affect me. Calum groans, yanking off his jacket and putting it over my shoulders. I mumble a quiet thank you, shoving my arms through the sleeves and my hands in the pockets. When I find a small box, I pull it out, sending Calum a curious look. His eyes widen in shock, and I open it, gasping when it reveals an elegant ring.

“Cal?” I ask quietly as he groans, taking the box from my hands.

“Fuck it.” He sighs, dropping to one knee holding it out towards me. “Y/N will you marry me?”

I gape at him, looking around to make sure it wasn’t a joke. Calum groans again, and my eyes shift back to him to see his hand raking through his hair.

“I was going to ask you tonight, at the party, but I royally fucked that up. So I might as well ask you now. There’s never going to be a perfect moment, and whenever I try you’ll be mad at me for something anyway. So will you please just put on the damn ring and say you’ll marry me, so we can get a dog and a house and have kids and do all that other shit married couples do?”

“You’re a complete fuckboy Calum Hood.” I tell him, and the corner of his mouth twitches into a smirk.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes it’s a yes.” I roll my eyes, but I smile as he slips the ring onto my finger.

I grab his collar, pulling his lips up to mine. He smiles into the kiss, and I can’t help the grin that take over my features, and the giggle that escapes me.

“I forgot to say I love you.” Calum chuckles and I smack his chest lightly, letting him pull me closer.

“Total utter fuckboy.” I tell him, kissing him again.

“You’re stuck with me now. Forever.”

“You’re just lucky I love you too.”

tips for living on your own

some random bits of advice from me, a 21-yr old person who has been living in her own place for over a year

  • living on your own is hard. It gets really lonely sometimes. Having friends helps - get people to visit you whenever they can. internet friends are great too - talk to them a lot. Call them often.
  • Most supermarkets in the UK (not sure about other places) reduces food with short best before dates at around 7-7:30pm each day. Make it a habit that when you need to buy food, go at those times when you can. you’ll find ready meals, vegetables and everything in between for 50%+ off. It’s really useful for filling the freezer.
  • Get to know your neighbours. You never know when you might need them.
  • Be aware of any risks in your neighbourhood. When I’m walking, I make sure I’m always back in the house by 6:30pm or before it gets dark, whichever comes first. I may live in a nice neighbourhood by this city’s standards but I never forget how risky it can be. I’ve been catcalled and followed by creepers near my flat. Take care of yourself.
  • Keep your place clean. Get those clothes off the floor. Do the washing up. Take the rubbish out. You’ll feel better doing it. I promise.
  • I can never be bothered to cook anything major. So I make a big batch of pasta or whatever to last me the next few days. Leftovers are great.
  • Try and get out the house every day if you can. I go for a 20 minute walk every day just to get fresh air. And play Pokémon GO.
  • Apples last for weeks before they go bad.
  • To save money I often stock up on ready meals and frozen food, but I always try and eat something fresh once or a week or so. Even if it’s just roasted vegetables with oil and a little salt.
  • Try not to piss off your neighbours (or landlord if you’re renting). Don’t rock the boat and you’ll be fine. Loud music or rudeness isn’t cool.
  • Put a little money aside when you can for emergencies. Keep a note or two in a cupboard for when you’re short of food. £10 can get you a lot of pasta, rice etc. when you need it.
  • If you’re out with friends, text them when you get home safe. Do the same for them. Walk them home where possible. Stay safe.
  • I find it easier paying bills with two bank accounts. One for all my bill money to come out of and the other for everything else.
  • Home brand products are just as good as name brands. And much cheaper.
  • Supermarket deals are your friend. Be prepared to change your meal choices depending what’s on offer that day.
  • If you choose to live with someone, make sure you know them before you’re flatmates. I learnt the hard way and spent a year living with a slob who didn’t pay her bills.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, it gets lonely. If you’re allowed pets and have the time and money for them, get one. Something small like a rat or a snake is good. You’ll be less lonely and grateful for their presence.
  • If you don’t drive, research public transport deals. Bus passes are often much cheaper than paying each time.
  • You can freeze milk and bread and defrost it when you need it, so it’s not wasted. Put bread in the microwave for ten seconds to defrost.
  • Make sure your fire alarms/carbon monoxide alarms are in working order. Take five seconds every month to check them.
  • Buy meat when it’s on offer and freeze it in portions for later. 
  • Treat yourself every now and then. You deserve it. Buy some chocolate/takeaway pizza/a new book.

feel free to add more if you have more tips! <3