That One Dreadful Call (Part 7)

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,498 (#sorrynotsorry)

Warnings: ANGST as per usual, child being lost 

A/N: I’m really enjoying this story lol…Shout out to @mamapeterson for the beta! You da bestest!

**Feedback greatly appreciated!!!**

TODC Masterlist

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The night was cold as Olivia made her way down the sidewalk, hoping she remembered the right way on how to get to the park. Tears trailed down her little cheeks as she continued to walk, her arms hugging herself as the wind picked up. She couldn’t reach her jacket since it was hung up on the wall and she was so small, she tried but she knew if she tried too long Jared or Gen would have spotted her. So she left it behind.

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"#look at this buff ass motherfuckin angel #her muscles are as big as her heart she is such a great friend!!!" akjfsjakjsldlkkfk im cry YOU DA BESTEST :')))

no YOU are. you were the first person I ever hung out with in California and you’ve always had my back and offered me a roof over my head at a time where I didn’t have much figured out and it’s always been nothing but laughs and good times with you hoe!!! I honestly value you beyond words and it makes me stupidly happy how much positive attention you’re being given lately because you deserve all of it and then some! seriously y'all nikki is a friend made out of gold and I will never get tired of saying that. luv dat bih

Wolfstar Skam AU

So, yeah… @bastardsirius and I did a thing. After gay-screaming our way through Season 3 of the television show Skam, we realized that Isak and Even are basically the modern Norwegian versions of Remus and Sirius. 

After we took turns goading each other to write a Skam AU, somehow we ended up working together and churned out two chapters covering episode 1. It’s a magical AU set in canon marauder times, with Sirius transferring in at the beginning of year 5, throwing Remus’ world into chaos.

We plan to write all ten episodes, if BS can put up with my shit-talking and poor grasp of British slang for that long. Here’s the AO3 link if you want to check it out so far!

Minute by Minute- Wolfstar Skam AU


Yes, I’m that girl who got to touch Baekhyun’s luscious strand of hair. My fingers are going viral. And yes ladies, his hair was VERY soft. BRUHhhh HE WAS TEASING!! I HAD TO HOP to the BAEK! This boy be smiling at me and shizzz, thinking NOBODY was gon’ touch him. BOO~ Got em!!!! 

credits to the owner of this video/gif you da bestest :)

The Average Casualty Episode
  • Jacob: Who is da bestest! I am da bestest!
  • Connie: Hey bae you da bestest! <3
  • Connie and Jacob: *flirty flirts*
  • Rita and Iain: *flirty flirts*
  • Rita and Iain: *smooches*
  • Rita and Iain: *flirty smooches*
  • Rita and Iain: We're so good at this secret relationship thing.
  • Dylan, Lofty, and Robyn: *epic bantz*
  • Lily: *brings the sass*
  • Cal and Ethan: *angst*
  • Patient: *has problem*
  • Lofty: Let's solve the problem!
  • Lily and/or Dylan and/or Connie: Let's not.
  • Some member of staff: *has to look after a child*
  • Same member of staff: *immediately loses child*
  • Relative of patient: *suddenly has serious medical problem*
  • Relative: *dies*
  • Everyone: Oh no it's my fault :'(
  • Charlie: *says something wise*
  • *emotional moment*
  • Everyone: WOOOOO
  • *theme plays*

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November 13, 2015

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hi so um i made a cheeky lil video