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(Time Sensitive) I work in a factory, and sometimes go nonverbal or semiverbal. Most of the time, it's not an issue since I work alone. But sometimes I need to ask specific questions or ask for things. My handwriting sucks and I'm afraid to get fired especially with an inspection this month that I need to speak for. I'm self-dx, so I don't feel like I can go to HR. Any tips? Thanks for all you do!

As an excuse for not speaking, you can say that you have a sore throat or are losing your voice.  If you have a friend with nice handwriting you could ask them to write some quick explanations for this on index cards, such as “I’m not feeling well and can’t speak right now.  Is it okay if I type on my phone for this conversation?”

Assuming you’re able to type on your phone once this has been explained, you can then use the notes app to type your side of the conversation.

Follower, any other ideas?


DeanXreader Request: Dean gets jealous when he finds out I'm going on a date? Request: Hey will you write a one shot where the reader and Dean have an arguement and the reader storms off crying but then she and Dean make up? (Fluffy!) Request: :3 hiya! I love your DeanXreader fics, so can I request one where the reader falls asleep on Dean. -lots of fluff please-

Pairings: DeanXreader
Word count: 3304
A/N: So I mashed three requests up, and I hope none of you guys mind… If you do, just resend the requests and I’ll do them alone… But yeah, I'm sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while, so I made this one longer to try and make up for it? I saw other blogs setting their oneshots out like this, so I thought I’d give it a go, any thoughts/opinions are welcome! Or just a chat if you want? My ask is open! Thanks guys ily all!

(I hope you enjoy!)

Your name: submit What is this?


The music blared out of your speakers in the bathroom, undoubtedly echoing through the bunker and annoying the hell out of the boys, but you didn’t care.

You were in a good mood as you sang along and danced around, getting ready for your date.

You’d finally met a nice guy in town, and he had asked you to go and watch a movie with him.

You had agreed, only if it was a horror film. They never failed to make you laugh after the terrors ypu had to deal with on a regular basis.

The guy, Rhys, had given you a strange look but then grinned and agreed.

He probably thought that you were looking gor an excuse to snuggle,  but if he wanted a girl who was scared of horror films, he had the wrong one.

You finished doing your hair and pulled on a light blue 50s style dress, and some heels.

When you were done, you twirled around and grabbed your purse, applying your make up and then opening the bathroom door.

You almost got smacked in the face by Dean who was about to pound on the door, but he stopped himself in time.

You grinned at him and scooted out of his way, pressing stop on your ipod but continuing to dance and sing down the hall to your room.

Dean stared after you, open mouthed and in complete awe of how hot you looked.

Immediately he followed after you and leant on your bedroom foor frame, watching you dance with a bemused look on his face.

You didn’t even care that he was watching you, ans you simply ignored him as you sprayed perfume on your neck and wrists.

“Whats got you in such a good mood?” He asked, smiling at you, loving seeing you this happy.

You smiled back and twirled around, dropping into a low bow as you answered.

“I have a date,” you explained and then looked up.

Dean had frozen, a look of confusion on his face momentarily before his beautiful smile morphed into a frown. This had a knock on effect to you, and you stopped dancing and looked at him.


Without answering,  he turned and walked away from you,  trying desperately hard to keep his mouth shut.

You chased after him and grabbed his arm, spinning him round to look at you.

“ What, Dean? What is your problem?” You demanded, heart broken that Dean wasn’t happy that you had a chance to be happy.

Dean wanted you to be happy, but not with some ass who didn’t deserve you. A thought which he repeated out loud to you.

As soon as he spoke you felt your anger rise.

“ How would you know if he’s an ass or not? You’ve never even met him!”

Dean rolled his eyes at you and waved you off, starting back to the library with you hot on his tail.

“Oh please Y/N! I saw you at the mall the other day, making puppy love eyes at lover boy behind the deli counter. That’s who you’re going with?” He asked and you cringed.

You’d hoped that Dean hadn’t seen that, but clearly he had. You didn’t know why he cared though. He clearly didn’t have an issue with people dating as Sam had had a girlfriend and Dean always used to spend the night out with girls.

He surely couldn’t think that you were going to spill the big secret to the guy on the first date…

Crossing your arms, you met Deans fierce glare, much closer to eye level with your heels on.

“Yeah it is! His names Rhys, and he’s not an ass! He’s great, and nice, and polite, and he actually treats me like a girl! He holds doors open for me and compliments me on my appearance! Okay?! Hes nice Dean,  and I actually have a chance of being happy here! Why can’t you just be happy for me?” You demanded,  tears welling up in your eyes.

You weren’t sad though, you were angry.

You couldn’t remember how long you spent flirting with Dean, waiting for him to take the next step and grow a pair, but he never did. You’d always pictured yourself with Dean, but he wasn’t interested. You’d hinted at him, but it had become apparent to you that Dean didn’t want your relationship to be anything other than friendly.

So you’d moved on.

But now that you might finally have found someone else,  Dean wasn’t happy.

Dean saw the tears in your eyes and it destroyed him that he had caused them, but your question bounced around in his head.

Why couldn’t he just be happy for you?

He knew the answer. He almost said it, but he clenched his teeth together to stop it.

He couldn’t be happy for you if you weren’t happy with him. There was jo dpubt in Deans mind that you were the one he wanted to spend the rest pf his life with, however long that would be. But recently, you’d been becoming more distant from him, and now finally the inevitable had happened. Some other guy had seen your light and decided he wanted a piece.

Dean knew that the Deli guy only wanted one thing from you, and he clenched his fists in hatred at the thought of another man holding you, kissing you… anything.

Dean rolled his eyes and yelled back at you.

“HE DOESNT DESERVE YOU! He wants one thing, Y/N! You know that!”
Now it was your turn to roll your eyes at him.

“What, like you do? You’re good at bringing girls home for that same thing! So don’t be such a hypocrite!” You snapped, noticing that Sammy was sat in the corner of the room, trying to look as small as a moose in a library can.

Deans face was red with anger, bursting to yell at you that he’d stopping bringing girls home months ago, because of you. He didn’t want any girl unless it was you. He didn’t even notice other girls anymore, much to their dismay. But instead he had to cover it up. This date of yours proved that you didn’t feel the same way.

“Fine, Y/N, go with him! Enjoy your night, but don’t bring him anywhere near me, because I ain’t gonna play nice with him just coz he’s your boyfriend. And don’t come running to me when it ends in tears!”

You were shaking with anger now, your earlier mood completely changed.

You gave Dean one final word before stalking from the bunker.

“ FINE.”

Outside you waited for Rhys, shivering in the cold, remembering how Dean used to drape his too big leather jackets over your shoulders. He’d do it without thinking when you first met, even though you’d sometimes make him take it back so that he wouldn’t get cold either.

When that’d happen, you’d always wanted to just hold him close and pretend it was for the warmth.

You just wished that Dean had returned your feelings. It hurt you to even think about him with another girl.

Luckily a car horn pipped and you were momentarily blinded by headlights, so you didn’t have time to think about Dean with another girl.

Rhys jumped out of his car and jogged towards you, his hands stuffed in his pockets to hide from the cold.

He grinned when he saw you and you gave him a small smile back.

He put a hand on the small of your back and led you to his car.

“You shouldve waited inside. It’d be warmer, and then I could’ve met your brothers,” he said, but you shook your head.

“Not brothers. Friends. And they’re busy, so maybe another time,” you answered, thinking about how Dean would react if you went in. But Sammy would want to meet him, and you know he’d be upset if you went without an introduction.

Sighing, you stopped walking and took Rhys’s hand, pulling him towards the  bunker door, praying that Dean was in the shower so that you wouldn’t have to deal with him.

You pushed the door open and led Rhys in, making a bee line for the library.

Ypu opened the door and walked in, three pairs of eyes turning to you.

Oh shit…

Apparently the king of hell had dropped in for a visit, and he, Sam and Dean were all looking at something on the table. Some kind of weapon.

Rhys had already spotted it, so there was no point in making it look worse than it was. Choosing to act natural, you turned to Rhys and pointed out the guys.

“Guys, this is my date… Rhys… and Rhys, this is Sam…”

Sam immediately stood up and shook his hand, smiling a little to try and lighten the mood.

Dean had crossed his arms over his chest and was now giving Rhys the death glare from where he leaned against a book shelf.

You gestured to him anyway.

“This is Dean… And this is my uncle Crowley,” you thought quickly, trying to make this less weird than it could be.

Crowley smirked and tipped his imaginary hat.

“The pleasure is all yours,” he spoke to Rhys.

Crowley probably found it amusing that you’d pretended he was your uncle, but you knew he’d play along. The king of hell liked playing a part.

Rhys shook Crowleys hand, and then offered it to Dean, but Dean just continued glaring at him, not even glancing at his hand.

Rhys got the idea eventually and looked away, his gaze settling on the weapons in the room.

Before he could ask, you blurted out an explanation.

“Uncle Crowley is a weapons professor in England. He’s just visiting with some now…”

Rhys nodded and then looked at his watch.

You got the idea and said goodbye to everyone and headed out of the door, hand in hand with your date.

Dean watched you go, willing himself to stay where he was, because if he followed you now, he’d probably tear deli boys head off.

He’d seen how his eyes had wondered when you weren’t looking,  and the hungry look in his eyes.

Rhys had looked at you like you were a piece of meat,  not the princess you shouldve been in his eyes.

Dean realised Sammy and Crowley were watching him and so he growled and sat down, trying to research Crowleys problem.

After half an hour of staring at the same passage, Dean slammed the book shut and shoved it away hard enough that it toppled over the other side of the table.

Sam looked up from his book and sighed.

“She’s fine, Dean. Stop thinking about it.”

But he couldn’t. Dean did not like the look of that guy, one little bit. It wasn’t just his jealousy talking,  he felt it in his gut.

His chest felt tight thinking about how you were alone with the guy, and Dean leant back and covered his eyes with his hands, worrying about you.

Even Crowley felt like he had to reassure Dean.

“She’s a capable girl, Squirrel. I’d be more worried about what she’d do to him when he tries something,” he yawned, not particularly interested in you or what happens to you. He found the Winchesters love lives too amusing though. They lost everyone they loved. It really warmed his heart thinking about it.

Dean quickly stood up, fighting around the ache in his chest so he could speak.

“I swear to whatevers holy in this world… If he hurts her…”

He couldn’t even say the things outloud that he would do to him.

Crowley smirked and then disappeared,  knowing how the Winchester squirrel was likely to react when you got home and explained what had happened.

Crowley already knew, which was why he had left the blast radius.

Dean couldn’t stand it any more. He grabbed the impala keys and his jacket and headed for the door.

Sam jumped up to stop him, and eventually calmed his older brother down enough that he could go to bed without worrying about Dean ripping the poor kids head off.

If you’d known about that, you would’ve wished that Sam had let Dean go. You’d have helped him with the douchebag.

But Dean didn’t come to your rescue, and you’d had to rescue yourself.

Your only regret was that once you’d escaped from the car, you’d took off running, no jacket, and no car.

It was a freezing cold night and it was eerie walking through the woods to the bunker, hunter or not.

You checked your phone, but you knew that you wouldn’t have service out there, so you couldn’t even call Sammy to come and get you.

You wouldn’t call Dean.

It was bad enough that he’d been right about Rhys, but he’d also told you not to go running to him if it ended badly. He wouldn’t have any sympathy for you, and you knew it.

The adrenaline had worn off now, and finally the tears started.

You wished that you’d listened to Dean… You wished that you didn’t argue… But most of all you just wished that he loved you back.

Everytime Rhys had touched you or kissed you, you couldn’t help but wish it was Dean.

You knew Dean wouldn’t have done what Rhys did when you told him to stop.

You could still feel where his hands had dug into your arms, holding you against the car door.

He had messed with the wrong girl. Your hunter instincts had kicked in and Rhys was on the ground before he even knew what was happening.

The bunker finally came into view and you let out a relieved sob, running the last stretch home.

You opened the door and went inside, kicking your shoes off and leaning against the door, trying to regain your composure.

The tears wouldn’t stop though, and so you just quietened your breath, heading for the kitchen to get a glass of water before you went to bed.

The boys would undoubtedly already be asleep, and so in the morning you could pretend that this never happened.

Yeah, you should be so lucky.

As soon as you tried to walk though the living room, a pair of emerald green eyes found yours.

You froze like a deer in headlights, and waited for Dean to say something.

He went to speak but then he saw the tears on your face and the way you shook.

Your earlier arguement forgotten,  he leapt over the back of the sofa and crossed the room as fast as he could, gently taking your arms.

“ What is it, Y/N? Whats the matter?  Are you hurt? Did he?..”

Dean suddenly went still, a dark look taking over his face.

“What did that sonofabitch do? Y/N did he hurt you?”

You shook your head and then leant forward, resting your head on Deans shoulder.

He didn’t hesitate before wrapping his arms around you and burying his face in your hair, whispering soothing words.

He could feel you tremble in his arms, and Dean felt powerless. He knew that you were lying. That guy had done something to you, but Dean was willing to give you time to explain before he went and skinned the bastard.

He led you towards the sofa and you sat down next to Dean, still holding onto him and hiding your face in his shirt.

He stroked your hair and waited for you to calm down.

It was easier now that you were in his arms and he was looking after you. You felt like you could tell him what had happened, even though you knew that it would piss him off.

As you spoke, you felt him tense up next to you and swear under his breath.

When you were done, you felt that you had to let Dean process everything before you stopped him from going out and finding Rhys.

Strangely Dean stayed quiet though, at least until he cupped your cheek and made you look at him.

In the semi dark room, you could see that the anger in his eyes was outweighed by his concern for you.

Dean wanted to get up and break the sonofabitchs face, but he knew that you didn’t want to be alone yet,  and so he would be happy knowing that you kicked Rhys’s ass.

He realised that you were still looking at him, and suddenly he was aware how close you were. It would be so easy for him to lean forward and let his kiss tell you everything he had wanted to for the last few months.

His mind made up, Dean closed the distance between you and gently kissed you, letting go of your face so that you could pull back if you wanted to.

Dean was surprised when he felt you bring your arms up and hold on to him as you leaned more into the kiss.

Dean had only beat you by a heartbeat. You’d just decided to kiss him when he moved closer.

His lips were soft and warm against yours, his slight stubble brushing against your face.

He brought his hand back up to stroke your face and felt the tears that hadn’t dried yet.

He pulled back as he remembered, resting his forehead against yours and looked deep into your eyes.

“Do you want me to go and find him?” He whispered and you felt your blood go cold as you shook your head lightly, pulling Deans mouth back to yours.

He probably would sort him out, but Dean wouldn’t look for Rhys, he’d just wait until they crossed paths.

You weren’t even thinking about him though, you were finally kissing Dean, and you knew that he liked you back.

A sudden wave of bravery took over you then and you pulled back and confessed to Dean what you’d known for months.

“I love you, Dean Winchester.”

Dean froze and then slowly pulled his hand back from your face, only to pick up your hand.

“I wish you hadn’t said that…”

You pulled back like you’d been stung, but before you could run, Dean grabbed your hips and held you in place, talking quickly.

“Thats not what I mean! I love you too!”

You stopped trying to escape and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

He took a deep breath and then spoke.

“Its just… This family is cursed… If you love a Winchester, your life expectancy seems to go down… and I don’t want anything to happen to you,” he whispered.

You rolled your eyes and took his hand.

“Dean, do you really think that anything could happen to me? I live with the two best hunters in the states, my best friend is an angel, and I’m on talking terms with the king of hell… I think I’m pretty safe,” you reassured him, leaving him no room to argue as you moved closer and kissed him again.

When you pulled back he laughed at you and then sat back, turning the TV on as you rested your head on his chest and slowly drifted off to sleep, a grin plastered on your face.

Yes, sir

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader

Word count: 3353

Warnings: Smut, explicit sexual content, use of the word sir (as you probably guessed from the title), Dom!Dean, teasing, oral sex, kissing, biting, dirty talk, pet names, spanking, hair pulling

Summary: You go to a bar to have some fun and unwind a little, and the green-eyed stranger you meet is more than happy to help!

Notes: I was bored and Dean'shifted sexy…put the two things together and this is what comes out *chuckle*
It’s basically just smut…so yeah, I hope you enjoy!
Let me know what you think about it *wink*

DISCLAIMER: the gifs or pics in this fic are NOT mine, I found them on the Internet.


Usually, you didn’t do this. You didn’t spend your nights in some cheap bar, drinking on your own and you sure as hell didn’t claim the centre of the dance floor.

Tonight though, it was different, you needed to let go for a little while; needed to leave the stress and all your worries behind and just enjoy yourself for once.

Being the only single one in your group of friends, meant that every now and again, your dear, dear friends tried to set you up with someone. This time you’d told them you had a date, it was a lie, but it was necessary.

You let the music guide your movements, ignoring the guys who tried to get you to dance with them; this wasn’t about them and what they wanted, this was about you and what you needed.

When you’d walked inside the bar, you’d quickly examined the people around, making sure there was no one you knew, so that you could actually allow yourself to fully relax.

Someone, you didn’t know who and you didn’t even care for that matter, put on your favorite song, and you smirked, taking a deep breath as you went on the small choreography you’d thought for that particular song.

You tapped your foot, easily matching the rhythm as you began to sway your hips from side to side, feeling the adrenaline already pumping in your veins.

Your eyes fell shut, and you bit down on your lip as your body effortlessly followed the beat of the song; your curves, already highlighted by your dress, looking even more sexy under the dim lights.

You let your hands slide down your sides, caressing down your torso to your hips, while rotating them in a seductive way as you shook your head from side to side, and your eyes slowly opened.

You looked right in front of you to be met by a pair of gleaming, forest green eyes. The corner of your mouth slightly turned up, and you winked at him, watching as his tongue wetted his lips.

You slowly and deliberately pulled your bottom lip back between your teeth, and this time it was him who smirked, a smug, confident smirk, which made him look even more handsome than he already did.

You moved your hands back up your body, taking your time dragging them over your chest and along your neck, until you threaded your fingers in your soft tresses, still keeping eye contact.

Your chest was heaving with every breath you took, as your mind focused on the man sitting at the bar. At some point you felt someone behind you, but you didn’t turn around to check who it was, nor sent him away.

As long as he behaved, you would let him dance with you, hoping to get a reaction from the green-eyed stranger who’d caught your eye.

You turned around a little, just until you weren’t facing him anymore and he could see the other man dancing with you. Your eyes, though, those were still on him, just like his were still fixed on you; the rest of the bar fading in the background.

The guy pressed up behind you, carefully placed his hands on your hips, pulling you closer to him and following your moves, but after realizing that he wasn’t going to get your attention, he huffed and left.

Way too soon for your liking, the song came to an end, and you were left flushed and panting on the dance floor, still keeping eye contact with the charming man.

You had no idea how long you’d stood there, but thankfully, your brain seemed to regain control over your body, and you walked towards the restroom to freshen up a bit. Standing in front of the sink, you took in your state; rosy cheeks and carefree grin meeting you when you locked eyes with your reflection.

You wetted some toilet paper, finding nothing else, and dragged it along your neck and forehead, revealing in the feeling of the cool water on your skin.

Once you’d calmed down a little, you made your way to the bar to order another beer. The bartender smiled at you as you handed him the money, “You’ve got some nice moves!

You chuckled, and thanked him as he went to serve another client. “He’s right you know, you put up a pretty good damn show, sweetheart!

A shiver run down your spine, and you turned around to face the owner of the deep, gruff and sexy voice. Green eyes and full, pink lips met your (e/c) eyes, and you smirked, leaning towards him.

Let me know if you ever want a private one” You let your breath fan across his neck, noticing how his jaw clenched, “I would never ask such a thing from a pretty girl like you, but…

He trailed off, letting his eyes wander down your body, taking in each and every one of your curves as his tongue snaked back out to wet his deliciously plump lips.

…I certainly wouldn’t turn down an offer” He flashed you a panty-dropping smile, and you felt your stomach fill with butterflies; your heart beating faster in your chest.

You didn’t answer him, just stared at him from where you were sitting on your stool, “You mind?” He gestured to the empty stool next to yours and you shook your head, watching him sit down next to you.

You stared at one another, none of you saying anything for a few minutes as you sipped on your drinks, until you broke the silence, “What’s a guy like you doing here alone on a Friday night?

His green eyes crinkled at the sides when he smiled, and you couldn’t help but notice how much his smile alone was already affecting you, “Was about to ask you the same thing, sweetheart

You leant on the counter, taking a strand of hair between your fingers and twirled it thoughtfully, “I’m just not a relationship type of girl, I guess…” Again, he smiled, looking down at his beer.

Well, something we’ve got in common already, cheers to that” You touched your bottle with his, before bringing it to your lips. You took a nice gulp of the refreshing liquid, while the man in front of you, barely tasted his beer, as his eyes stayed fixed on you.

His eyes avidly watched as your red tinted lips wrapped around the bottle, before he let them trail down to your bare neck and chest, until his vision was blocked by your dress.

You licked your lips, and redirected your (e/c) eyes back to his green ones, “Name’s Dean” He held out his hand for you to take, and you did, ’Gosh, handsome and strong? Totally hit the jackpot‘ 

Dean brought your hand to his mouth, and gently brushed his lips on the back of it; the small, chivalrous gesture awaking a thunderstorm of butterflies in your stomach, “Well, Dean, I’m (Y/n), pleased to meet you

He flashed you another one of his panty-dropping smiles, and the next thing you knew, your back was pressed against a motel’s door as his lips kissed and nipped down your neck.

He’d told you something about his brother being back at his place, and you, well, you didn’t take strangers back to yours; so you’d both agreed on booking a room at the motel that was a few miles away from the bar.

The ride there was filled with thick tension, as you teasingly trailed your fingers up and down his thigh, while his hand, that wasn’t gripping the wheel, squeezed and stroked your own.

As soon as you’d closed the motel door behind your back, he was on you. His lips hungrily found your own, and he bit down on your bottom one to gain access to your mouth, making you moan wantonly.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, trying to steady yourself; cause between his lips kissing you and his hands groping and wandering on every inch of your body, your knees were about to give out.

Your fingers threaded though his, surprisingly, soft locks, and his hands found your ass, gripping it firmly and pulling you even closer to him than you already were.

His straining, hard, and you you didn’t fail to notice, big member poked your thigh, causing another rush of heat to go to your lower regions; where your panties were already soaked.

You slowly ground your hips against his leg trying to get some friction, but he stopped you; his dark, lust-blown eyes staring directly into yours. 

Uh-uh, sweetheart, you think I forgot what you did to me?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, searching his eyes for a clue as to what he was talking about, but finding none.

I- ” He cut you off before you could ask for some kind of explanation and pressed his lips to your ear; his breath cooling your heated skin, as his smoky and gravelly voice filled your ears.

Think I forgot how you let that guy put his hands on you, (Y/n)?” His voice was impossibly low, and you subconsciously tightened your grip on his firm muscles until your nails were digging in his flesh.

I-I’m sorry…” You looked up at him through your lashes, trying to give him your most innocent puppy eyes, and he bit his lip, pushing you harder against the door.

He smirked, a miscevious glint in his eyes as he shook his head at you, “You think 'sorry’ is gonna cut it after you’ve misbehaved like that in front of everyone, baby?

His nails scratched the bare skin of your thigh; his fingers then caressing it lightly before he slipped them under the hem of your dress, slowly and deliberately teasing you.

You shuddered under his touch, and lowered your gaze to better sell your innocent act, “You know, you’re right, Dean. I’ve been a very, very bad girl, but…” You began to play with the collar of his shirt, locking your (e/c) eyes back on his.

But?” His question was barely a whisper, as his eyes focused on your tongue temptingly poking between your parted lips, “But, I think you enjoyed it…didn’t you?

Dean’s hand found the inside of your upper thigh and you knew he was just just a few inches away from feeling how embarrassingly wet you’d already gotten for him.

You liked watching me with him; you liked watching as he touched me, cause you knew he wouldn’t get me. You knew I would be only yours tonight, right? You gonna make me yours, Dean?

A deep, almost animalistic growl left his lips, and you thought he was going to kiss you again, but he smirked and pulled slightly back, “I don’t know, I mean… naughty girls should get punished, don’t you think, baby girl?

You felt excitement bubble up in your chest, this Dean guy was definitely going to give you the best night of your life. Your bottom lip jutted out in a pout as you trailed your finger along his chest.

Yes, sir…” You slowly lifted your gaze back up to his, finding him with a smug grin on his face and his pupils lust blown, just like your own.

Dean ducked his head back down, brushing the shell of your ear, “Anything you don’t feel comfortable with, you tell me and we’ll stop immediately, okay?

You nodded your head a little and he squeezed your hips, “I need you to tell me that you’ve understood, (Y/n)” You grabbed his face between your hands and brought his eyes back on yours.

I got it, Dean, you’re gonna take care of me…” He smiled down at you, his expression however changing as soon as you finished your sentence, “…but I don’t wanna be punished, sir, I promise I’ll be good from now on

He let his forehead rest against your collarbone for a second, taking in a deep breath, before he looked back at you; his demeanor completely changed.

You trying to get out of your punishment, baby?” You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth and shook your head, “No, sir…” You knew you shouldn’t have lied to him, but you couldn’t help yourself.

(Y/n), you know what happens when you lie to me! I’ll ask you again, did you want to get out of your punishment?” His hands were back on your ass, kneading it thouroghly, letting you know what would happen if you lied again.

You tried to conceal the smile that was threatening to show on your face, and shook your head 'no’ again, “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…gotta remind my girl how she should behave, huh?

You didn’t answer, cause he’d made it pretty clear that he was talking more to himself than you. He took your hand and intertwined your fingers together, pulling you with him towards the bed.

Dean sat down and stared up at you; his lips placing a little kiss on your lower stomach, “Turn around for me, (Y/n), show me your gorgeous body!

You did as he asked, and slowly turned on your heels, giving him the time to enjoy every single one of your curves, before you were looking him in the eye again.

He leaned down towards you, his hot breath seeping through the fabric of your dress and tickling your skin, as his hand found the back of your knees and slowly snaked up towards your upper thighs.

His hands caressed your body a few times, stopping from time to time to firmly squeeze your flesh, and he kept his eyes on yours for the whole time, forcing you to maintain eye contact.

You let out a shuddering breath; his touches having the exact effect he wanted them to have, and then he was pulling you to straddle his hips.

As you sat down on his lap, your dress rode up even more, bearing your thighs to his hungry eyes and you smirked when you saw him licking his lips before pulling the bottom one between his teeth. 

You pressed your body closer to his, until your chest was practically flush against his toned one, and trailed your hands up his arms, making your way to his broad shoulders.

What do you think, sir?” His hands were gently, but firmly, massaging your thighs; his thumbs teasing the insides of them, “I think you’re beautiful, baby girl!

A deep blush coated you cheeks as you gazed into his shiny eyes, and he leant down to mouth at your jaw; his lips just barely brushing your skin and heading towards your neck.

My beautiful baby girl!” He placed a lingering kiss on your neck, and you sighed, tilting your head back to give him more access and feeling him smirk against you; he loved the way you responded to him.

You gonna be a good girl for me, (Y/n)?” You hummed your answer, and he nipped at your skin, letting you know that he wanted you to voice it, “Yes, sir…

Dean dragged his hands up your thighs, taking your dress with him and slowly lifting it up and off your body; his eyes lustfully scanning every new exposed inch of it.

Damn, you’re perfect, (Y/n)!” He made sure you were looking him straight in the eye as he spoke this time; his voice calm and serious to let you know that he meant what he said.

You smiled down at him and lifted your arms to help him completely remove your dress; he grinned to himself eyeing the sexy lingerie set you’d chosen to go with, “I see you dressed up for me, sweetheart!

Uh-huh, do you like it, sir?” His fingers traced the outline of your underwear’s waistband, “Oh, yeah! I love them, sweetheart! Too bad I’ll have to take them off

Excitement bubbled in your chest as he stared into your eyes while hooking his index finger in the waistband, before he smirked and let it smack against your soft skin.

His hands resumed their exploration of your body, light and teasing touches setting you on fire as he dragged your earlobe between his teeth.

Every man in that bar wanted you, baby. I saw the way they were looking at you, undressing you with their eyes…but I’m the only one that gets to ravish every inch of you, baby girl, am I right?

You nodded, humming and threading your fingers through his dirty-blonde hair, ”Before we get to that though…“ His hands found your bottom again, and he rested them there.

…I need to give you your punishment, are you ready?“ You whined, pressing yourself closer to him, ”Yes, sir“ He rubbed your ass cheek, kneading it gently.

Good girl! I want you to count them for me, think you can do that?“ You locked your lust-blown eyes on his, biting on your lip to stop from moaning, and once more nodded your head.

The first blow made you yelp, and your hips bucked on their own, making him smirk, ”One“ You relaxed back on top of him, and he massaged your rear to alleviate the slight sting.

The second time his hand connected with your skin, you were ready, or at least, more ready than the first time, ”Two“ He smiled, pleased with your behaviour.

Three…“ Your voice was growing weaker, and he leant down, brushing his full lips on yours as his big, warm hands cupped your ass and massaged it.

You moaned into the kiss, pressing your lips more firmly on his, as you pushed your ass into his hands, silently begging him for more, which made him smirk and bite on your lower lip.

You like it when I spank you, don’t you, baby girl?“ His hand came back down as his lips were just a breath away, and you were aching for him to kiss you, ”Yes, sir…“ A smug grin spread on his lips, his eyes darkening as he looked at you.

Thought I’d told you to count them.“ Your eyes widened. He’d tricked you, he’d asked you the question on purpose knowing that you would be drawn to answer him and forget to say the number.

Four?“ You chanced a small smile, and he shook his head, ”Nice try, but it’s too late for that now“ His hand descended on your ass again, this time more forcefully, making you groan and bite your lip.

Fuck! Five.“ The smug grin was still on his plump lips, and you were dying to wipe it off, but not as much as you wanted to feel his hand on you again.

Watch your language, princess! You don’t wanna double your punishment, now, do you?“ You shook your head, even though the idea was more than a little tempting.

Seven…“ Your nails were digging in his shoulders by now, but he didn’t seem to mind as you panted on top of him, subconsciously rubbing yourself on his hard member.

The tenth and last smack was harder than the rest of them, and you whimpered his name, burying your face in the crook of his neck and clinging to his muscles.

Dean soothingly rubbed your sore rear, helping with the sting left by his blows while you sighed, ”Look at that, such a pretty ass, all nice and red for me!

He gave you a few seconds to recover, and when you brought your (e/c) eyes back on his, he spoke up, ”Tell me what you want, sweetheart!“ This time it was you who smirked, slowly licking your lips.

I wanna suck your cock, sir, please!“ You whined the words in his ear, your fingers trailing down his abs to rest on his clothed crotch, and you felt him shudder; your voice sending shivers down his spine.

You really wanna please me tonight, princess, don’t ya?“ You nodded, getting up but he stopped you, placing a pillow on the floor so you could kneel on it, before relaxing back in his spot, winking down at you as you unbuttoned his jeans, palming his erection.

huffleprincess  asked:

heya guys i just read on a link posted here that 'differently abled' is ableist language. I was just hoping i could ask you guys for an explanation and wondering what I can use instead? I usually use differently abled as an umbrella term like eg "we need to make sure each classroom has provisions for differently abled students" which would apply whether a student used a wheelchair, or was hearing impaired, or neurodivergent or whatever, so what can i use in its place thats inclusive the same way

It’s bad because we’re NOT abled, we’re disabled. That is the whole point of the term disabled. We’re not differently abled at all, and saying so only lightens our issues. A person in a wheelchair isn’t ‘differently abled’ when facing stairs that have no ramp option. An autistic person isn’t ‘differently abled’ for not being able to interpret social cues. We’re not abled at all. We’re disabled. We are disabled people. Just say disabled people because that is what we are, and most of us dislike person first language anyway. If you want to include neurodivergent people that might not be disabled, you can say ‘neurodivergent people’ as well.