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Hiveswap reminded me how little I understand about the beta parents. Was Pa a comedian like his father for awhile? Did he do anything during the beta gameplay?

He was not a comedian, Poppop was but Grandpa wasn’t. Grandpa was an Adventurer and Big Business Man. During the Beta’s game he brought Mom and Dad to the Battlefield and retrieved Jade’s dead dreamself.

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What do you remember from the scrapped revolution?

im gonna be honest im not sure how much im allowed to talk about, it was fuckin 14 years after the development though so im assuming there was no licensing or anything

the big thing was that it wasnt an alternate universe, it was the mario bros we all know and love, bowser attacked the mushroom kingdom, and is just a straight up honest to god DICTATOR of this new world, like think a no holds barred but still for children version of the mario bros movie kind of dictatorship, and everyone wears like kinda A-team esque versions of their outits but still with all the iconic stuff, like mario and weegee still have their hats and overalls but theyre all messed up and stuff, peach wore a more maneuverable pinky dress thing i cant remember, maybe track suit-y?

Oh yeah and toads were just like the fridge horror of red shirts, everything bad happened to them, like whenever you had to see what bowser’s latest minion was doing they were abusing toads in some way

it was so easy to look between the lines and see some serious fucked up shit, tvtropes would have loved this show