crab emoji rates

i have an iphone so this is the classic boy i have come to know and love. he’s sort of realistic and gradient-heavy but i still love him. a real classic boy 7/10

this is definitely a crab, so you cant really go wrong there. something about him looks kind of off though 5/10

a cute and simple boy!!!! i love him look at his lil spots!! the line thickness needs to be toned down however 7.5/10

wow what a shiny boy!! similar to the samsung crab, but a nicer color and less unnatural looking 6/10

now this is a good crab! he’s pixely and cute!!! 9/10

he’s simple but not overly simple and not gradient-ridden like some of the other boys. good overall. 8/10

i feel like this crab knows something i don’t. tell us what you see o mighty crab 4/10

a simplistic crab, not too realistic but not too cartoony either. a cute boy! a wonderful boy! i trust him with my life 11/10

this crab stole my boyfriend, burned my crops, and robbed me 0/10

anyone that draws the director white owes griffin $250

theres honestly like no pairing from svtfoe that i dont like which i think really says something about how good that show is about making likeable and interesting teen characters

like star/janna? rowdy girlfriends who hold seances and probably have a secret handshake. fantastic.

star/marco? friends to partners who are very different but compliment each other so well. beautiful.

marco/jackie? a delightful subversion of the ‘nerdy guy likes cool girl whos out of his league’ trope. adorable.

star/jackie? what you though these gals were gonna be romantic rivals?? guess again they love each other so much. flawless.

marco/tom? again, throw that romantic rival trope in the trash because these kids are gonna listen to pop music and kiss. iconic.

janna/jackie? dang whats their history and what will it take to fuse them together into the ultimate skater girl aesthetic?? amazing.

you cant go wrong!!!

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if you follow your initial gut you’ll probz be leaning towards ‘Sense’ where the boys look like summer sunshine and fun, youthful guys all about the rookie lyf and kpops current obsession w/ ~youth~… but if you think about it a bit you realize you actually care about the bougie sophisticated but casual look celebrating beasts past mature style and popularity in “Sensibility.” Then you probz go nuts bc tbh all of them w/ pizza like that makes you want pizza and “highlight” as your bffls, but all of them chilling out in white makes them look like angels and you wanna buy both but yer wallet is hurting and you just want the boys to be be happy and good music in yo ears. SO. 

follow your heart.

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so ive been playing a series of mods recently and whenever u get the chance to ask about ulysses they just insult his hair or call it 'ridiculous' and i just??? its dreadlocks???? could u be anymore gross. pls. the boy deserves better. tell me im not the only one who's a bit Thrown Off(tm) by that...

wooooOOAOAHOHh yeah what the fuck?! its a mod though right? ive seen/ tried mods that made me feel super uncomfortable, i ignore them and delete them the minute i feel it though. one time i saw a mod that put anime boobs on a deathclaw, that pretty much made me loose my mind. i also REALLY fucking hate the “beautify” mods, and even most of the “realistic” mods. I just stick with retextures of plants/animals/clothes bc you cant really go wrong with that.

like thats kinda why im trying to and want to learn how to mod ya know? make my own shit instead.

Before Batman v Superman

What it will be like one month after Batman v Superman

you cant prove me wrong

When someone starts giving you excuses, but you’re already over it:

tagged by @watermelime! i’ve definitely done this before but it’s fun soooooo

name | iluka (ooh surprise real name)
nicknames | luka or jee (some people on ao3 call me apple its cute)
zodiac sign | scorpio!
height | 180cm, please give me those extra three cm i NEED to make it to six foot @ god
orientation | its Complicated. queer is probably the best descriptor
nationality | aussie ay
favorite fruit | lemons and limes, because i love anything that includes them. you cant go wrong
favorite season | AUTUMN. without a doubt. we’re a month into autumn now but it doesn’t feel like it yet i’m so disappointed
favorite book | the captive prince trilogy… i adore the characters almost as most as i adore c.s. pacat’s prose. she’s liked two of my tweets and she’s so lovely, one day i will meet her and i will cry
favorite flower | rose! i could drown in roses and i would be content
favorite scent | rose, of course, and frangipani, ylang ylang, gardenia, jasmine, cherry blossom etc…. i adore flower scents
favorite color | chartreuse! that sounds so pretentious but its true. its basically lemon lime: the colour so i would love it on principal
favorite animal | DOGS. EVERY DOG. this definitely includes wolves and dingoes and like anything that starts with canis lupus. Theyre Good Dogs Brent
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | i love them aaall. i drink tea constantly, and drink coffee twice a week or so when i’m out. every now and then i’ll have hot chocolate w some baileys which is Delish
average sleep hours | like… six…… on weekends i get at least ten
cat or dog person | dogs??? do u even need to ask me this. i had a dog. i have a dog. dogs r my life
favorite fictional character | natsume takashi. hands down
number of blankets you sleep with | my doona, generally
dream trip | take me back to japan 
blog created | september 2011 lol. six years i’ve been here…
number of followers | just under 260

hmmm gonna tag @celerywilliams, @lokiodinson, @mockturdle, @cauthon, @akaname-tanuma, @tamota and @te-double-gz. ive probs tagged u all to do this like at least once so ofc u dont have to if u dont wanna! if u see this on ur dash and wanna jump on that bandwagon consider urself tagged as well…….

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1-7 softy also thank you for doing the dance thing! I was indeed fantastic

Of course!!!

Softy would probably love all holidays that involve staying with family and really incredible folk music and old witchy traditions!

Softy would make the best breads and cakes, though cant figure out a lot of spice combinations resulting in some really interesting tasting ramen. You cant go wrong with cheezy noodles though!

Softy is the best cuddler and always has the best feeling blankets and pillows. SOmetimes she has spontanious sleepovers just to get the other anons bundled up and laughing together (which i might draw)

Softy drives surprisingly well, but put her in a van and she will go full soccer mom complete with snacks under the seats and water flavor packets in the glove box.

Softy bathes regularly and overall has a good self care system, which involves a once a month treat to a near overflowing bubblebath and loads of bath bombs!

Softy always knows when someone needs a little extra care, even when the others can’t tell. Softy gives the best hugs, and you always know that you don’t have to say what’s wrong, she understands.

Softy loves kisses!!! Family kisses, platonic kisses, romantic kisses, all are good kisses for the soft! She always makes sure that it’s okay first, and specialized in giving feather-light rapid fire kisses!!

quick doodle for @eggdropsoupao3‘s fic Love in Bloom

TASSEOMANCY - “Tea-leaf reading, or tasseography, works in the same way as sand reading, or geomancy; it is both the area of the cup (or sand tray) plus the shapes which are formed, plus the use of a free flowing imagination, which leads to the developement of those psychic powers which make the whole thing work. In countries where tea is not habitually drunk, coffee grounds are used in much the same way, but I think Readers would use a number of grounds grouped together rather than looking at each group individually. As far as tea is concerned, a single leaf can be read, two or three grouped together may make a picture, or a whole lot may group themselves together into a discernable shape. It doesnt matter how they arrange themselves or what you make of them; if your imagination is flowing freely you cant go wrong.” -sasha fenton