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How Can i forget him? Please help, cant stop thinking about him

Hi there! I’m sorry that I just saw this now but I know how hard this is. It really sucks having a broken heart because right now it probably seems like it’s the end of the world, right? I can promise you that it’s not. I’ll give you a list of things that you can do to forget him.

1. Delete his number and unfollow him on social medias. IGNORE HIM COMPLETELY. It will seem like hell at first but I did this when it happened to me and it’ll feel a lot better after a few weeks.

2. Get into a new hobby or an old hobby you’ve been neglecting. So say you have an interest in writing. Look up writing tips online and try writing a poem or short story, but don’t let him be the focus of it. You could write about friends, silly adventures, a mystery, or anything like that.

3. Distract yourself. Don’t constantly check his social media/text him (refer to number 1). Busy yourself with something you love whether it be writing, drawing, hanging out with friends, watching TV, etc. You’ll be so caught up in what you’re doing that you’ll slowly forget him. Trust me, I’ve done this and it works for me.

4. Remember that this is not the end of the world. While it might seem like it now, it really isn’t. The right person will come along and he just wasn’t it.

5. Talk about it with your friends and or family. They can give you advice on how to get over it and they’ll be there for you.

I tried to give the best advice I could and I assume that is what you needed. Please stay strong and remember that you are worth it. ♡

~If you need advice, feel free to ask me! I’ll try my best to give you some.~


In celebration of the beautiful day among days when Taco Bell announced its breakfast line, I made this beauty, a deluxe waffle breakfast taco purse, complete with a sausage patty and scrambled egg pocket, plus a classy metal chain for the taco enthusiast on the go!
I actually finished this the day after Taco Bell started serving breakfast, and I was putting off posting this until I was able to get a photo shoot at a Taco Bell, but that hasn’t happened yet so this’ll be here for now and I’ll make another post at Taco Bell soon. See ya then!

P.S. Part of the credit for the photoset goes to Van Gogh for his painting Almond Blossom that provided a lovely backdrop

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just my 2 cents that nobody asked for. i think taylor is getting the hate right now cause a LOT of people already dislike her lmao. she uses the names of people she supposedly dated to sell her albums (this is a fact, you cant deny it) and always plays victim. she uses real world issues like feminism to sell her albums whilst not giving a single fuck about women otherwise. so for me, to see her dragged right now, is a good thing. thats all. and i think thats how it is for a lot of other people.

please unfollow me (and if you don’t stop reading my blog) and then, i say this with all the empathy i can muster for someone who maybe hasn’t really thought about this in the broader context: literally every celebrity uses their personal dramas to promo their music and they write about their boyfriends and girlfriends and their feelings and how feminist she is, is truly irrelevant to this situation where a man is calling her a bitch and using an actress to depict her naked in bed….ok like sure this is about her being a bad feminist…

I am incredibly disappointed in Bambam. What he did was wrong and shouldn’t be excused for it. All of you who keep saying he doesn’t know what the word means or isn’t from America need to stop with that bullshit. We know damn well he knows what the word means, he’s not stupid, mark is his team member, he speaks english, loves american esp black culture you really think he doesn’t know what it means? Who keeps up with the latest trend and internet memes?? If you have time to be up to date with the current trends, you have time to learn what/how some things are offensive and racist. People have every right to be angry at him and tell him to be held accountable for it. Obviously no one should be given death threats but do not minimise this situation. Racism should be addressed esp in the KPOP world where black music greatly influences their work. Do not dismiss this.

Alright, it’s time to end this discussion.

Everyone’s made it clear to me by now about the minor situation. I understand you all, I really do, and I do want to thank you for telling me all this.

But, as I’ve said in a few other asks, there is virtually /nothing/ I can do to stop people from viewing this blog. Most things I /can/ do can be countered in some way.

I don’t mind if people unfollow me now that this is known- that’s fine and perfectly understandable. Just please understand that I can’t do anything about this.

And now, it’s gotten to the point where I’m basically saying the same things over and over. I don’t want to keep talking about this, especially if it keeps going all night.

I’m going to reblog a few things to fill up the queue, and won’t be answering any more requests tonight.

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look my dude,, im following u for the a++ content but im not here for being shamed bc i like to eat meat ?? yes i kno killing animals is Mean n Cruel but my mental/physical health relies on me eating meat and the way im living doesn't allow me to even attempt a vegan/veg diet. hateful implications and comments abt my life choices makes me anxious and stress me out tbh so can u pls not answer asks like that anymore? i luv ur blog and i dont wanna unfollow u pal :/

im sorry!! yeah im trying to stay away from talking about controversial diet topics and im in no way trying to shame you or anyone else who eats meat? especially if its necessary for your health and im going to stop talking about this altogether right now im sorry for upsetting you or anyone by this!

Hey guys, just want to let you know I might be inactive here for the next month or so.

Lately this site has been emotionally draining for me. The anti ace mentality hasn’t stopped, my old Hannibal posts are being dug up. I’m tired. I used to stay for friends, but now I don’t even have that.

Idk. I’m sorry guys. I’m not in a great place and haven’t been for a while. I know a lot of you were planning to unfollow ages ago, but you can leave if you want. I don’t blame you

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Being best friends with me would involve a lot of going random places tbh. I live for car rides with friends and stopping at small stores and just exploring everywhere, but I can also have fun just hanging out at home or going to small cafes and coffee shops. Also big shopping areas or markets where you can just go around and buy small things and explore with your friends are the best. Concerts and eating out at small areas. Also dancing is really important in my life especially going to practices or classes and then getting something sweet after being exhausted.

I’m sorry this is a really bad modboard lol I’m lame don’t be friends w me

I tag @imwonwootrash and @lorioreo

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confession? I've been so fcking horny lately (a couple months lately) and i can't stop touching myself i unfollowed all porn blogs from my TL to try to stop it's been too much and stumbled upon yours and fck my life I'm trying to fcking hard not to masturbate to it but I'm so wetttttt. someone needs to come help me or i will explode!!! love ur blog, keep going ;)

Oh dear! I totally understand you, I tried to unfollow all nsfw blogs a few years ago but now … I’m one of them! Hahaha. I’m constantly horny too, I wish you can find someone to help you with it and have a lot of fun (safe, sane and consented - never forget that) 😉 Thanks for supporting me, you’re such a sweetie! Feel free to send messages anytime you want 😃

If you are following me and you do not understand this statement, UNFOLLOW ME NOW.

What is happening right now to my fellow black mates in the states is unbelievably disgusting. Out of over 500 people killed by the police, more than 130 are black. 130 seems like a small number, yes, but not when the black community accounts for 13% of the US population. We witnessed the death of 2 fathers today where one was pulled over FOR A FUCKING TAILGATE LIGHT. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW BEING PULLED OVER FOR A SIMPLE LIGHT RESULTS IN IMMINENT DEATH? 

Now we got people all over social media praising that fucking ALLLIVESMATTER, pointing out black on black crime, stating that black rich people are not investing their money in black community where clearly the case here is about THE POLICE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE. Yes, all lives matter but the situation at THIS MOMENT is about black people dying in the hands of human beings who SWORE to serve and protect the communities of the united states of america. Since when black on black murder has anything to do with a police officer shooting many shots at a black men? How is famous and influential black people investing their money in black communities is going to stop us from getting killed by the agents of the law? Think long and hard before forming any argument that has nothing to do with the situation at stake.

Some good cops are trapped and can barely pull any move to call out the dirty ones since they are risking their lives and the protection of their families, but enough is enough and change must start where the problem is: within the justice institution. They need to stand up and lead their people, they need to show them that the good ones are still there and are aware and tired of seeing these acts being committed to their own kind. 

On God, I do not want no one trying to prove me wrong about what is really going on. My skin color shouldn’t be a threat to anyone. My skin color shouldn’t raise doubts when i walk down the streets at any hour of the day or night. My skin color shouldn’t force me to explain to my little ones in the family that they are walking targets for the law enforcement. 

I am black and proud of it. I am also black and scared of what can be done to me. Even if i do not live in areas where its heated, i live constant struggles reminding me that I should always work twice as hard as everybody to get half of what they have and to always look over my shoulder. 

My prayers goes to all families in grief. Talking, hashtaging will have to stop one day to let actions take place. Changes must be done or else, my very self can be next on the list of names. I repeat for those who did not understand how heavy and scary what i just said was: CHANGE MUST BE DONE OR ELSE, MY VERY BEING COULD BE NEXT ON THE LIST OF NAMES OF PEOPLE MURDERED BY THE POLICE.

Understand our struggle. Feel our pain, feel our rage. Staying calm is something that clearly cannot be done at this point. 

Black Lives Matter

I literally just saw a post explaining why bisexual people can /only/ be cis and therefore cannot be part of the lgbt community. Like. Dude. Can we like. Stop kicking people out of the community until only gay people are left? Nb people can be bi?? Trans people can be bi?? genderqueer people in general can be bi?? This discourse is outrageous, honestly. I’ll say it every time I make a post like this. Unfollow me now if you agree with any of this ridiculous discourse swimming around tumblr.

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Im sorry but I'm a mutual and you should really stop. I care about you and what youre doing right now is going too far. Some of the anons are right, you are offending people and posting ship hate. Please be careful and think about other people's feelings.

I don’t trust an anon who says they’re a mutual. If that’s true, then I don’t want to be anymore! Please message me saying who you are so I can unfollow.