RP starters: Flirting ( + responses to it. )
  • “You come here often?”
  • “Can I offer you a drink?”
  • “So.. You expecting someone?”
  • “Do you need a place to stay for tonight?”
  • “I gotta tell you… you look incredibly hot.”
  • “Do you want to dance with me?”
  • “Look at us… we are basically a couple already.”
  • “I bet you would look even better without your clothes on.”
  • “Are you single? Just asking.”
  • “You’re the most beautiful person I have ever encountered.”
  • “What would you say if you and me would go somewhere else?”
  • “I love the way you’re dressed.”
  • “Do I have any chances with you?”
  • “Do you have anything better to do later?”
  • “Can I get your phone number?”
  • “You seem like a bad boy/girl/person type.”
  • “I can do whatever you want, babe.”
  • “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”
  • “I bet guys/gals/people are all over you.”
  • “You should be a model.”
  • "Are you… trying to flirt with me?”
  • “Maybe if I get a free drink I can consider talking to you.”
  • “That won’t work. Try again.”
  • "Oh my god, did you just say that out loud?”
  • "I’m waiting for someone. However, you can amuse me in the meanwhile.”
  • “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
  • “I thought you were taken.”
  • “So, have you flirted with every girl/boy/one in this bar yet?”
  • “Do I look like someone who seems interested in you?”
  • “Compliments won’t pay my drinks.”
Experience Tranquility

Destiny has drawn you to the Objective and by god you are the only one except Lucio who actually stays on it.

  1. As Zenyatta, you are a dps You might have a healing ability but you can dish out murder dps and shred anything that comes in your way. There is a full-health Roadhog? Discord and burn him down. Ignore the Critical signs of your team mates, health packs exist. Get Gold in Eliminations.
  2. The payload is your only friend. Your team is going to be all over the place but someone’s gotta move it, might as well be you.
  3. You just shaved your legs, let others feel them. Use your Melee attack whenever you can since it looks absolutely hilarious.
  4. Your ult can’t outheal everything! It outheals a lot but sometimes people believe you can save them from a D.Va ultl and while your ass might stay alive, the others won’t.
  5. Gays? In your Iris? It’s more likely than you think! If you have a Tracer on your team that won’t come near you for healing just yell ‘Gays into the Iris’ and she will be on her way.
  6. Get the Nutcracker skin. Be Zenutta. Throw your nuts at people, kick Soldier in the crotch. Just do it. I know you want it.
  7. Stay behind your team! Since you are the only one on the payload and the rest is 5 miles ahead of you spawnkilling that shouldn’t be a problem.
  8. Remember - you have zero mobility. But who needs mobility when you can just fuckng murder them. Listen to ‘Everybody was Kung Fu fighting’ for the maximum Zenyatta experience.
  9. Annoy your local Genji by using your ult to counter him. You gotta show him who’s boss, so whenever he feels like killing everything in his path use your ult and follow him everywhere since it’s unlikely that your team groups up with YOU.
  10. As Support and especially as Zenyatta you are a good shot-caller. Call out your Discord-Target and watch everyone ignore it while they try to focus down a Sombra instead of the Zarya with ult ready who has half of her hp and your orb of Discord.
  11. You might be able to fly for some reason but you’ll still get trapped in Junkrat traps! No idea why but hey the game has a moon-gorilla.

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hello floof! for the nsfw headcanon drabbles, what about bucky's weak spot being his neck? get him in the right place and he just crumbles ;)

Originally posted by moan-s

“You can’t stay mad at me forever, Bucky.” The way the words left Y/N’s lips, it was a blatant taunt. A stick to poke the bear.

“Watch me.” Bucky spat. 

She would get him riled up to breaking point, she knew all the buttons to push.

“Such grade school comebacks, Barnes. I gotta say,” Y/N moved in behind Bucky from where he stood facing the kitchen counter. “you’re gonna have to work a little harder than that if you wanna get to me.”

She would go at it teasing him, stirring him, twisting the coil inside him tighter and tighter until…

Bucky’s muscles were taught beneath his thin grey v-neck, and Y/N could practically see the steam rising off his skin as he cut slices from the ruby red apple in his hand, eating them as he went. Y/N smoothly snaked her arms around her man’s front and dragged her nails provocatively from the tops of his pecs and down his tensing abs.

“But I doubt you have it in you.”

He snaps.

In one fluid and startling motion Bucky had Y/N by the wrists and had whirled her around, pinning her against the cold, hard counter with his hips, his definite arousal pressed into her unforgivingly. Some distant part of her mind heard a thud as an apple fell abandoned to the floor, rolling away and forgotten.

“You think I don’t fucking know what game you’re playing at, little girl?” Bucky hissed just below her ear, making her shudder. His words were emphasised with a rolling grind of his hips into hers. She had to swallow hard to hold back the whimper he came so close to drawing out of her. This was still her game to win.

Y/N, whose wrists were being held roughly behind her back, tugged her hands backwards away from her body. Bucky fell against her in the motion and before he could regain control of the moment, Y/N lips connected with his neck.

She nibbled, licked and kissed. Bucky’s breath hitched in his throat at her sudden advances, followed soon after by a groan that vibrated deep throughout his chest. He became putty in her hands and, all thoughts deserting him, Y/N was able to wriggle her wrists free of his lazying grip, and immediately used them to pull Bucky closer, grasping and tugging.

Another whine fell from Bucky’s gaping mouth at a particularly vexing bite to his darkening flesh.

Fuck, baby doll.” Bucky uttered on a trembling exhale. His head fell to her shoulder, and Y/N could feel his breath hot and panting breezing across her skin. “You will be the absolute death of me.”

Y/N hummed against the crook of his neck, a smirk playing on her lips.

“I’ll make it worth your while.”

*No more please.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Song By: Baby It’s Cold Outside by Idina Menzel and Micheal Buble

Summary: You and Daveed agreed to do a song at a Christmas play at a local high school. During he performance, Daveed shows his feelings for you.

-I really can’t stay = You/Reader Singing

-Baby, it’s cold outside = Daveed singing


I really can’t stay,” you sung walking onto the stage. You wore a dark green knee length dress with a white faux fur jacket, gloves, dark grey beanie hat and black heels.

Coming shortly behind you was Daveed wearing a black and white plaid shirt under a dark grey tailcoat and white tie, black slacks, and brown loafers.

Baby, it’s cold outside,” he sung back, catching up and grabbing the crook of your arm. You smiled up at him, placing a hand on his.

I gotta go away.” You moved away from him, moving in front of the ouch placed center stage. Daveed fell in step, quickly stepping in front of you repeating his last line.

You rubbed your hands up and down his arms. “This evening has been-”

His hands fell on your covered forearms. “Been hoping that you’d dropped in,” he whispered but still loud enough for he mics to pick up.

“-So very nice.” Daveed slid his hands down so he was holding yours, pulling you closer to him. 

I’ll hold your hands. They’re just like ice.” He put on a look of concern before you sprung back, moving away and placing a clothed finger on your chin. 

My mother will start to worry.” Turning, you bumped into his chest. Daveed placed his hands on your hips, eyebrows knitted together. 

Beautiful, what’s your hurry?” 

You glanced to the side towards the audience, half for adding comical humor to the story and the other to control your blush. “My father will be pacing the floor.

Halfway through, you were being pulled to the fireplace the students had created. Daveed gestured to it, cutting in with “Listen to the fireplace roar.

Twisting from his grasp,you circled around him and moved to stand behind a bar table placed downstage. “So I really have to scurry,” you sung on the way, taking a seat on a bar stool. 

Daveed glided over, leaning his top half over the bar table top. “Beautiful, please don’t hurry.

You gave him a once over, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. “Well, maybe just a half drink more.”

He laughed, including the audience. He picked up a bottle of red wine and he two glasses that was sitting on the corner of the table, expertly pouring wine into both glasses without wasting a drop. 

I’ll put some records on while I pour.”

He passed you one glass, throwing his head back and downing the other down. He moved to the radio as you sloshed the wine a bit. “The neighbors might think.” You took a small sip, hiding your disgust of the taste. Red wine wasn’t really your favorite.

Daveed glanced over his shoulder at you, a small smile on his lips. “Baby, it’s bad out there.” 

You shook your head, covering your hand as you held out the glass of wine. “Say, what’s in this drink,” you asked, giggling. Daveed moved back to where you were sitting, leaning sideways on the counter. 

No cabs to be had out there.” 

You sat forward so you were nose to nose to him. You raised an eyebrow, leaning into your fist. “I wish I knew how,” you belted. You leaned back from him, standing up.

Daveed’s eyes became hooded, standing up as well, “Your eyes are like starlight now.”

To break this spell.” You grabbed onto his tie, walking around him, his head following your movements. He stepped forward, causing you to stop in your movement. He pulled your hat off your head.

I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell.”

You thanked him, smoothing down your hair for a few seconds before stomping. “I ought to say no, no, no sir.”

Daveed grinned, slowly stepping up to you. “You mind if I move in closer?” 

You shrugged, side stepping him. “At least I’m gonna say I that I tried.”

He took your hand as you were walking away, twirling you to face him. “And what’s the sense of hurting my pride?

You twirled out of his grip and moved to stand behind he couch. 

I really can’t stay.”

Daveed moved towards you, placing one leg up on the arm rest and leaning on the back of the couch closer to you. “Oh, baby don’t hold out.”

You both harmonized the title of the song, earning an applause from the audience. You sighed,raising an eyebrow a him. “You’re very pushy, you know?”

Daveed mocked your expression. “I like to think of it as opportunistic.” 

He smiled as you took one of the pillows and hit yourself with it. ha was such a corny reason.

You held the pillow to your face, singing he next line. Daveed hurried to your side, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

The answer is NO.” You pushed the pillow into his face, hearing him reason with you as you walked to sit on the couch. “The welcome has been so nice and warm.” 

You laughed as Daveed jumped over the couch o sit beside you. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Look out the window at that storm.”

Hugging yourself, you sung about your sister and brother worrying about you if you didn’t make it home. Daveed tilted his head. “Gosh your lips are delicious.”

He used a finger to turn your head to him, leaning in so your lips brushed. If it wasn’t for the slight cheering of the crowd, you might’ve lost yourself in the moment. You leaned back from.

But maybe just a cigarette more.” You stopped and looked at he audience. “And I don’t even smoke.”

You bounced up from the couch, reaching for your hat on the coat rack by the couch. 

I gotta get home.”

Baby, you’’ll freeze out here.”

You walked in front of the mirror, grabbing a comb on the dresser. After combing your hair for a few seconds you looked at him in the mirror. “You’ve really been grand.”

He strode up to you, one arm wrapping around your stomach, and the other holding onto your hand. “I feel when I touch your hand. How can you do this thing to me?”

You glanced over your shoulder at him. “There’s bound to be talk tomorrow.”

Think of my life-long sorrow.”

Rolling your eyes, you twist your body so you could look up at him. “At least there will be plenty implied.

Baby, it’s cold,” you started. Daveed smirked, pulling you closer, leaning so your foreheads rested together.

Baby, it’s cold outside,” he joined in, the ending harmony receiving an standing ovation.


You walked off the stage with Daveed, only to be confronted with a grinning Lin.

“I don’t remember you two rehearsing that. Care to tell me why it changed so suddenly?”

You blushed, opening your mouth to reply before a loud tsk came from Daveed.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Lin. You already know!” He grabbed your hand and pulled you away from a now hyena laughing Lin.


Happy Belated Holidays!

Sleepy Time
  • Daddy: baby, I gotta go.
  • Me: *Pretty far in little space* nooo. Stay wiff me!
  • Daddy: you known I can't, love. Cmon. Let's get you tucked in and your story read before I leave.
  • Me: Hmph. Fine. *Follows daddy to my room where he puts me on my bed and puts me under the covers*
  • Daddy: Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a far away land... *Continues to tell story, then finishes*
  • Me: *Dozing off*
  • Daddy: look at my good girl, all ready for bed. *Puts paci in my mouth and hands me Noodles*
  • Me: Night night, daddy. I love you.
  • Daddy: night night. I love you too, my sweet princess. *Kisses my forehead, turning my light off*

Telling Dylan stupid jokes and it takes him a while to understand them

“Hey Babe I gotta joke for you.” You smile as you sit across the table from your boyfriend Dylan.

“Alright, shoot.” He chuckles lifting his head to look at you.

“Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?” You begin, smirking at your stupid joke. Dylan thinks to himself for a little before finally saying “I don’t know. Why?”

You stay silent for about 3 seconds before answering “Because the ‘P’ is silent!” You finish, laughing to  yourself.

“I don’t get it…” He says furrowing his eyebrows

After about 30 seconds he finally hits him and he explodes into a fit of laughter.

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Seo! I might be going to Korea this summer after I graduate hs and I was wondering if there are any cities/places that you particularly like? Or that someone should visit if they go to Korea??

ooooooooo you gotta visit seoul!! if you can only stay in one place, then staying in seoul is your best bet bc there’s a lot to do there!

gyeongbokgung - super pretty but absolute hell in the summer afternoons. go there in the earlier morning or later when the temperatures aren’t as bad.

myeongdong - this is sorta like a shopping district? there are soooo many places to shop here, but be warned: things in korea, esp fashion, can be pricey compared to the usa. i remember that there was a rlly good bingsu shop here! can’t remember the name of it tho ;;

hongdae - this is kinda where most people “hang out.” there’s a lot of cafes and bars and art / design places and street food and things like that. 

itaewon - this is where you can see the most foreigners in seoul lol. there’s a lot of international food places here and i guess it’s nice to take a stroll and look at stuff if you’ve never been there!

insadong - there’s a lot of traditional korean stuff here! lots of little shops and side carts and things like that. there can be a lot of tourists here depending on the time that you go. the last time i went there, i went during the early evening and it was fine then.

bukchon hanok village - lots of pretty traditional korean houses!! it’s a great place to take pictures, but be super careful if you’re driving there. i’d recommend just walking around and enjoying it.

lotte world - amusement park !!!!! not sure if you’re into that kind of thing, but tbh, waiting outside in long lines with the high summer heat feels like death. go to the outside rides first in the morning or last in the evening. 

n seoul tower - it’s fun as a one-time thing, but i wouldn’t recommend eating anything there. better to save stomach space for more unique and better food elsewhere in seoul. just go there for the view and add a wish lock of your own at the top if you want!

gangnamdong - tbh i think gangnam is overrated and over-hyped and especially crowded, but it’s a good place for tourists to visit. i’m pretty sure that there’s some famous buddhist temple place there but i forgot the name of it. you could also go shopping there at places like coex (underground, super big, but goodbye to your wallet) and you could also visit sm and jyp (always a ton of fans there, but my friend did see exo members there once?).

there are also other palaces and places to visit in seoul as well, but those are just a few that come to mind. there are cat and dog cafes in seoul too!!! the han river is a lovely place to have an early evening picnic because you can relax and see the vibrant cityscape + there are night breezes to cool you off a bit.

if you’re planning on going to other cities and places in south korea, then jeju island is a must! busan is cool too and the gyeongju historical area has stuff for korean history nerds. but like i said, there’s a lot of things to do and see in seoul + public transportation in the city is rlly good. i’d recommend just focusing on seoul, esp for your first visit there.

also, south korea is hell during the summer like no i’m not even kidding it’s disgustingly hot and humid and even the breezes are usually warm and the mosquitoes are huge.
pls pack light and airy clothing as well as sunscreen and comfy shoes and buy mosquito repellent once you’re there. try to do indoor things during noon / afternoon ish because the temperatures are worst then.

also, don’t wear tops that have lower necklines since that’s a little frowned-upon. you can show more leg tho lmao. nobody will say anything about it bc you’re a tourist (esp if you’re non-asian), but keep it in mind if you’re worried abt it! hope you have a lot of fun on your trip!!

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Do you have any good game grumps quotes that I could use for my senior quote? (Has to be appropriate because I already got a few denied)

“Don’t do drugs. Stay in school. Eat your teeth”
-Arin Hanson

“At age six i was born without a face”
-also arin hanson

"You can’t open up the story of my life and just go to page 738 and think you know me.” (this one is actually a p good one)
-Arin Hanson

"You’ve got to draw the line somewhere. You’ve gotta draw a line in the fuckin sand dude. You gotta make a statement. You gotta look inside yourself and say, ‘What am I willing to put up with today?’ NOT FUCKING THIS.” (edit out all the fucks and it may work???)

“I’m just so happy now, all the fucking time, because I know what it’s like to be sad.”
-Danny (again edit out the fucking idk) Windwaker 19

“Never let it be said I couldn’t suck my way to victory.”

If you want more good danny quotes just go watch Ep 19 of windwaker and cry ur eyes out you’ll be good.

Also i hope u meant just arin and dan i didn’t bother looking for anyone else’s although i’m sure they’re PLENTY for the rest of the grumps.
Hope i could help!!! Also congrats on graduation i hope you’re future goes well

magicalkumquat replied to your post: magicalkumquat replied to your post: …

Don’t stress yourself!!! We’ve all gotta look out for each other now, do what you can, that’s all. Stay safe, stay sane, and stay hopeful ❤️

Thanks <3 You all do the same. LGBT+ people have been through moments like this before. We need to stick together. 

To any of my younger followers… I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t scary, or that everything is going to be okay. It is scary, and it probably won’t all be okay.

But the LGBT+ community is used to pain and used to trauma. The community is here to embrace you, to give you a place to cry and feel at ease in. We’ve endured for so long and that’s only been accomplished by solidarity. It’s our duty to look out for each other and we are here to look out for you. You deserved a better world–oh, did you deserve a better world–but we can survive this. We will endure. We are stronger than the venomous majority of this world filled with hatred. WE ARE STRONGER. In the long term, no matter what happens, we WILL NOT die out–we REFUSE to. 

But for now…come here. Our most important duty right now is, really, showing our love. Our love is what unites so many of us in the first place–it’s our most powerful tool. Let’s put it to good use and give each other solace. 


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“You can’t stay away from him, can you?!”

Word Count: 3294

Warning: Smut

Your eyes were still wide opened, when you turned around to see Mark. As Mark was approaching you started putting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle.Those two. Christina’s reaction every time Jaebum was around and how Jaebum had relentless angry towards Mark. Christina was cheating on Jaebum when they were together with Mark. However, Mark didn’t know Christina had a boyfriend. It all makes sense now.

“I gotta go, Mark.” you said walking away from him as he kept coming towards you. “What? What’s wrong Y/N?” Mark asked concernedly. “We’ll talk later” you walked away with haste. You couldn’t think straight. Why am I caught into all this mess. You found a nearby bench and called your dad to get your mind off of things.

“Hey baby girl, how is everything?” your dad said answering the call. “I’m ok, I just miss everyone” you said as you sighed into the phone. “Ohh Lord, what happened now?” your dad asked. “Nothing, I’m just a little stressed out at the moment” you said as you did your best to reassure him.

“Don’t make me have to come out there” he said laughing. You laugh also and said “No, Dad that won’t be necessary’’. Your dad senses your tone and says “Before I let you go, I just want to let you know that I love you and whatever is bothering you, it will pass and whatever decisions you make, do what you think is best for you. Follow your heart”. “Thank you Dad and I love you too, I have to go. I need to catch up on homework” you said to divert the conversation. “Alright, call me if you need me or text me”. “Thanks Dad, bye”.

You hang up the phone and head back to your dorm. As you stepped in front of the door and pulled your keys to unlock the door. You heard voices from the other side. “I’m here to talk to Y/N, I’m not here for you Christina”. “I’ve missed you and I fucked up, please come back. I’m sorry”. “What about Bambam?” the guy’s voice grew louder, he continued “You’re using him, aren’t you? just like you used me?!”. “I’m not using him!”. “YES, YOU ARE! YOU USE PEOPLE AND THROW THEM AWAY, YOU’RE NOT LOYAL TO ANYONE, CHRISTINA”.

You hurriedly unlocked the door and found Jaebum trying to pull Christina off him. Christina was in tears. You stood in the doorway for a moment, Christina and Jaebum both looked at you. Jaebum spoke first “Y/N”. “It’s ok, I know everything” you said putting your keys on the counter directing your attention to Christina. “How much did you hear?” Christina asked nervously. “I heard everything” you said as you looked at her. “This isn’t my business but for Bambam’s sake, don’t break his heart. He seems like a good kid. Every time, I see you two together, you act like you don’t want to be with him”. Christina froze in place, she couldn’t utter a single word to defend herself. Jaebum rolled his eyes and said “I was looking for you”. “I know”, you said as you turned around to leave. “Where are you going?” Christina asked as she tried to block the doorway. You gave a death stare and spoke “Move or I’ll make you move”.

Christina looked at you knowing she wasn’t capable of preventing you from leaving, she moved. “You told her didn’t you?!” Christina asked as she raised her voice at Jaebum. He glared back at her and said confidently “Yes” crossing his arms. He continued “Someone has to know who you truly are”. Christina launched herself at him pounding her hands into his chest. Jaebum immediately grabbed her and sat her down on the couch. You left not caring about what happens between Jaebum and Christina. You needed to speak with Mark.

As you got outside, you called Mark. “Hey, are you busy?” you asked as he immediately picked up the phone. “No, I’m at my apartment. Do you want to talk? You sound stressed”. “That I am” you said. “Alright, I’m coming in a few minutes, hang tight” Mark said before hanging up.

Mark picked you up and as you settled down in the car, Mark looks over to you and asked “Long day?”. You answered “Yes, you have no idea”. “You can relax at my apartment”, Mark said “I’ll even cook for you”. You smiled and said “I’d like that”. Mark leaned over to kiss you, your lips lightly touched his. He smoothly laid his hand on your thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. You broke the kiss apart and blushed away. Mark slyly bit his bottom lip enjoying the moment.

“Alright let’s go”, he said as he drove away.

As you entered Mark’s apartment, you settled your things down. Mark’s apartment was nice and comfy. Mark led you to the living room to watch tv. Mark laid next to you and spooned you. You felt comfortable with him, You wish your mind was at rest but it wasn’t. You couldn’t stop thinking about what happened at the dorm.

“Mark?” you said to get his attention. “Yes, babe” he said in a sweet voice kissing your neck. “I need to talk to you about something” you said hesitantly. Mark pulls away and sits up, he could tell it wasn’t something good. “Is it about what happened early?” he asked. “Yes”, you said facing him. “I’m all ears, babe. Talk to me”. You breathed in and out and asked “Do you know my suitemate Christina?”. He drew back a little further and said “Yes, I saw her there also that night you and Jaebum came to the restaurant”. “How do you know her?” you asked cautiously wanting more answers. He grew quiet and didn’t speak for a long moment, he finally answers “Christina and I were together at one point. Then she broke it off without explaining why. Y/N, why do you ask?” Mark asked.

“There’s something I need to tell you. The reason I left earlier was because…. Christina was dating Jaebum at the time when she was with you also” you said trying to explain. He sat in silence some more and his eyes widen slightly. You could tell he was finally putting the pieces together and he said “I didn’t know she was playing us that whole time and the guy you were with at the restaurant was Jaebum, wasn’t it?”. “Yes, that’s the one and only…. But Mark, I’m so sorry” you said lowering your head.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, because I’m glad I have you now” Mark said as lifts your chin to look him in the eyes. You still looked down slightly because you felt bad for lying to Mark about sleeping with Jaebum. He kissed you and pulled away saying “I need to cook dinner”. You smiled as he head towards the kitchen to get started.

Everything smelled nice as he moved around in the kitchen, you came in and looked over his shoulder and saw he was cooking ramen and grilling some bulgogi. “I’m impressed” you said in his ear and kissed it. “It’s not much”, he said as he handed you a bowl of ramen and sat the plate of bulgogi between the two of you. “It’s fine” you laughed as Mark set the table with more side dishes.

“That was so good, I can’t eat anymore” you said setting your chopsticks to the side. You didn’t realize how hungry you were and Mark looked at you stunned. “You didn’t eat nearly as much at the restaurant” he said laughing. “Let me wash the dishes” you insisted as he got up to put the dishes in the sink. “You don’t have to” he said trying to stop you. “Mark, let me help” you said running dishwater. “Fine” he said backing away and sat himself down in the living room.

So focused on getting the dishes, you felt Mark wrap his arms around your waist and softly kissed your neck. You tilted your head to the side to let Mark have full advantage of his kisses. You let out a slight moan as he pulled himself closer to you. He whispers in your ear, “I want you Y/N”. You whispered back “I want you too Mark”. Mark’s hands slid lower into your pants. He unbuttoned them and his hands slid further. He reached further finding your warmest place. His fingers gently opened you. You turned your head around for him to kiss you as he rubbed you. You felt his length growing underneath his jeans. He was ready for you. You continued to let out soft moans. Your heart was beating faster as he picked up the pace fingering your wettest opening.

He suddenly stopped and wiped your juices off his fingers. “Let’s take this someplace else” he said as he held his hand out. You grabbed it, letting him take the lead to his bedroom.

You both were silent as you entered his bedroom. He kissed you softly, letting his hands grab your waist again. His hands slowly moved downward and gripped the curve of your ass. He squeezed tightly pulling himself closer to you.

He was hesitant with you and he wanted to take his time. “I don’t want to hurt you” Mark whispered in your ear. “Mark, you’re fine” you assured him as you pulled your shirt off. Mark pulled his shirt off and you eyed him up and down. Your eyes filled with lust, you bite your bottom lip. Something about Mark enticed you. He was gentle and patient. He pulled you further in and deepened the kiss, his hand unhooked your bra leaving your breast exposed, giving him access to touch your hard nipples. You were ready just as much as he was. You pulled your jeans off and laid on his bed. He strips the rest of his clothes off and planted himself on top of you. He kissed you some more and worked his way down. Your body shudders under his touch as he began explore. His tongue found his way to your clit. He swirled around and softly sucked on it, he proceeded to lick the opening of your pussy. Your body arched from the bed as he was giving you all he had to offer. But you wanted more. You craved more.

“Mark, please” you said softly. He stopped and went to the bathroom to get a condom. He came back ready. You laid there with your legs slightly parted. He pumped himself a couple times. “Ready?” Mark asked as he climbed on top of you. You nodded. He entered you and he closed his eyes from the sensation of your tight pussy. He thrusted slowly, once you became adjusted to his dick, his thrusts became faster. You moaned and heaved at him. You pulled him closer to go deeper. Instead, he had a better idea in mind, he pulled himself up and positioned your legs over his shoulders to hit your G-spot. His length plunged in your pussy. You were shaking. You didn’t realize how wet you were. Mark pulled out and laid on the bed next to you. You both were on your sides. Mark lifted your leg up and entered into your wet pussy while spooning you. You never experienced this before. He gripped your breast tightly like handles and continued pounding. He grunted in your ear each time your thighs smacked against his. Your turned your head back and you both passionately kissed each other. You both were a sweating sexy mess. You couldn’t get enough of him. He couldn’t get enough of you. He went harder putting all his energy he has into giving you every ounce of him. You whimpered out loud and screamed “Oh God, yes. Mark”, “Fuck me good”. Those words drove him mad. He continued his pace, you felt tightness in your abdomen, you were about to release. “Mark, baby. I’m cummmmming” you said breathlessly. “Me too”, he managed to answer back. Mark rubbed your clit as he continued. You and Mark couldn’t hold it in any longer. You both released reaching each other’s heights in a moment of ecstasy. You came all over his bedspread as he came into the condom. He pulled out and threw the condom away, he put on his boxers and laid next to you. You crawled to his side and embraced him with his arm over you. “That was amazing, babe” Mark said after he managed to catch his breath. “It was” you said breathlessly. “I know I shouldn’t say this but….I love you” Mark said cautiously as he kissed you on the lips. His sincerity and the feelings you have for him, you finally said “I love you too, Mark”. He smiles at you and says “Let’s forget about the past, we have each other now”. You nodded your head in approval as you kissed him back. He turned the lamp off and spoons next to you. He fell soundly asleep. As you laid next to Mark that night, you still had the idea of Jaebum lurking in your mind.

Morning came, you woke up next to Mark still soundly asleep. You turned over to face him, you loved how peaceful he looked as he slept. You caressed his cheek feeling his soft skin. He slowly wakes to your soft touch and smirks at you, he pecks your lips with a morning kiss and cuddles you some more and he grumbles “I don’t want to leave this bed, it feels so good right now”. “That makes both of us” you said as you snuggle against him. You ask “What’s for breakfast?”. “Pancakes, maybe?” he mumbles and continues to fall asleep.

Your eyes shot open as you heard a knock at the door. Who could that be? “Babe, someone’s at the door” you said as you try to shake Mark from his deep slumber. “What?” he mumbles under his breath. “Someone’s at the door” you said smartly. He lifted his head and heard the knocking as well. He got from the bed and headed to the door, he peered through the peephole. “Oh shit” Mark says as he came into the bedroom rushing to put his clothes on. “Babe, get dress!” he said hurriedly. “What, what is it?” you said as you rush to throw your clothes on. “It’s my parents” Mark said get everything together in the apartment. Your eyes widen, this is not how you wanted to meet your boyfriend’s parents. “Babe, finish getting ready and come out” he said as he closed the bedroom door to give you more privacy before inviting his parents in. Your heart sunk, you had no clue what they would think about you.

As you got situated, you heard from the other side of the door. “Hey Mom and Dad, I forgot you guys were coming today” Mark said opening the door. “Hey sweetie” his mom spoke. “Took you long enough to answer the door, you got someone in here?” his dad spoke smartly. Your eyes widen in terror. You took several deep breaths as you continued getting dressed and fixed your hair to look presentable.

You opened the door confronting your boyfriend’s parents. They turned their heads towards you and their eyes widen. You shyly say “Hi” and waved your hand slightly. You felt ashamed they met you under these circumstances. His mother smiles at you and embraces you with a hug. “Well, hello darling, it’s so nice to meet you. Well Mark, I guess you did have company” she said as she pushed you towards Mark. You stood next to Mark flustered and faced his father to say “Hello sir, I’m Y/N”. “Hello Y/N, it’s a pleasure meeting you here” he says giving Mark a wink on the side. Mark’s face turns slightly red. All four of you sat down in the living room. You felt uncomfortable and awkward, you squeeze Mark’s hand for comfort. He looks up at you and squeeze in return to reassure you that everything will be ok. “So how long have you guys dated now?” his mother asks earnestly. The only words that came out were “ummmmm….”. “Not long, but we were close before I asked her” Mark managed to say. 

His parents nodded their heads and looked around his apartment. “Mark, this is all a surprise. We didn’t expect you to date anyone for a while especially not after what happened with what’s her name again?” his mother asked. “Christina” he said annoying under his breath. “Yes, her” she said. Mark rolled his eyes trying to forget the painful past. “I hope you treat our boy well” Mr.Tuan said as you looked up. “Of course, I love him” you said as you and Mark look at each other. His parents laugh at your response. “Alright, if you do love each other. I can’t argue with you” his dad said smirking. “We need to at least take them out to breakfast, get to know Y/N better” his mother whispered to his father. He nodded his head in approval. “Let’s go out to breakfast” Mr. Tuan suggested. “That’s a great idea” Mark said as his face brightens. You didn’t intend to go to breakfast with his family but back to the dorm.

“Ummm.. I’m sorry but won’t be able to join you for breakfast today, I was going to go back to my dorm and finish homework” you said anxiously gathering your belongings. “Ohhh ok. Well, we’ll be with Mark the entire day. So if you can’t join us for breakfast. Then how about dinner? My husband and I will treat” Mrs. Tuan insisted. “Sure” you said forcing a smile on your face as you felt uncomfortable. “Great, we’ll be at your dorm around 7:30pm, Mark will give us the directions” she said hugging you. “I’ll drop Y/N to her place now. Mom, Dad make yourselves at home in the meantime”. Mark said as he opened the apartment door to escort you. “Alright. See you when you get back” his father said propping himself in front of the tv. “Bye, sweetie. See you tonight” Mrs. Tuan said waving goodbye. You waved goodbye. .

Mark drove you back to the dorms and parked the car. You two stayed quiet for a couple of minutes. You finally spoke “That was an eventful morning”. “I know, I forgot they were coming” Mark said apologetically. “It’s ok, I just hope they’ll like me” you said. “They will. Besides, they want me to be happy” Mark smirked. “I see your parents know about Christina” you said awkwardly. “Yeah they do” Mark said quietly. “I’m sorry, she did this to both of you” you said touching your hand to his.

Mark turns his body to face you. You look into his eyes to offer your deepest sympathies. He looked into yours with hope. He slowly licked his lips and started to draw closer to you. You did the same. Your lips touched, his soft lips smoothly pressed against yours. He went deeper as he grabbed your thigh. He let out a soft groan and pulled away. You were still caught in the moment, your eye were  closed. You opened them to see Mark smiling at you. You smiled back. “I’ll see you tonight” you said biting your bottom lip. Mark nodded and pecked you on the lips before departing.

You opened the door to your dorm, to hear Christina taking a shower as her music was playing. As you opened your door, You hear Christina’s room door open, you expected to see BamBam leaving, instead it was Jaebum.

Thank you so much for supporting and reading HOMEWRECKER. We hope you guys enjoy Part 3. This one is a little shorter. Part 4 will be coming soon. Thank you so much for reading, we greatly appreciate it!!!! :)

Question for anyone else with ADHD? I always have a song stuck in my head that’s on an endless loop. It could be the last song I listened to or something I haven’t heard in years. Is it common/A Thing for your thoughts to stay with the flow of the song? Like, if you’re reading, does your brain make the words go along to the rhythm/beat of the song and you just can’t stop it? Ordinary sentences suddenly sound choppy in your head because you have to pause for the next line of the song? Stuff like that

Life as a High Schooler playing Mystic Messenger:

@ home

me: *cough* i’m sick mom

mom: okay you can stay home. love you i gotta go to work!

me: bye mom. love you

*waits two minutes for mom to leave*


me: now just gotta wait for my babies to call me, worry free with no teenagers around me

#17 Dating EXO would include: Kris’ Edition:

-Him being a couch potato and a lzay ass, he’d wake up and then lay on the couch because he “needs to rest”

-”Hey kris do i look hot in this dress?” “well you look hot but i am way hotter”

-He’d send you a picture of him every morning with a “now your morning is blessed” every damn day.

-He’d steal your phone and change your lockscreen and wall paper to a picture of him.

-He’d stare at you for like an hour, and if you catch him staring he’d turn away, and if you asked him if he was staring at you he’d reply with something like “no i wasn’t, get over yourself”

-You’d go to spa dates together.

-You can’t touch his face because you cannot touch “the art”

-He’d take like 30 minutes each night applying lotions and creams before bed, because he gotta stay fresh and handsome.

-If you went out to have dinner, he wouldn’t order chicken and you would, after a while you’d find him sneaking a piece of chicken from your plate.

-”I thought chicken isn’t you style” he’d reply with a giggle.

-He would try to prank you but his smile would give it away.

-He’d tease you about your height, but actually he’d love how you fit perfectly in his arms with your head against his chest, and how petite you look next to him.

-He’d call you “babe” a lot.

-He’d nag and complain a lot, especially when he is sick or when he is tired or when he wakes up in the morning.

-”babe can you make me pancakes?” “babe do you love me?” “Y/N it’s so hot in here”

-If a guy approached you in public, he’d stare at him until he scares him off, and then he’d look at you as if nothing happened, after all he gotta keep that cool guy image”

-He’d hug squeeze you so tightly, at random times becaus ehe just loves you too much and you are too cute for him to not to squeeze you.

-He’d buy you jewelry and clothes for gifts and he’d get you teddy bears and flowers and chocolate 

-He’d love to back hug you, and he’d love to put his haid on top of yours because you are so tiny and cute and he can’t resist it.

-You teasing him a lot, and him pouting.

-Him trying to use agyo at you, only ending up in you laughing for ages.

-He’d try to win you in a sass battle, but his comebacks keep on getting poorer by the second.

-Although he may not say it often but he loves you so much, and he would make sure you know that.

-Sex with him depends on the mood, if he is in the mood for teasing, he would tease you for as long as he can handle, if he is into rough play, he will give it to you rough and hard.

-He’d want you to play with his hair, his sculp,

-You two would fight over candy and chocolate like kids.

-He’d take you to meet his mom when he is sure that you are the one. And it’d be the first time you’d see him turn into a baby.

-He’d open up to you and expect you to understand.

-He wants you to trust him.

anon asanoya request

very short drabble - one of my shortest - requested about three months ago and just now getting posted. whoops. 

simple going-off-to-college story.

rating: T (for language)
wordcount: ~ 850
prompt: Can you hear me?

“I’ll call you,” Noya said. “Every day.”

Asahi’s hands were in his pockets. They were shaking. He smiled down at Noya and nodded. He didn’t want to open his mouth. He didn’t think he’d be able to keep it together if he did.

“And you gotta come visit,” Noya went on. “Don’t leave me alone back here.”

Asahi stayed silent. He moved his gaze from the suitcase at his feet to Noya’s shoulder.

The last time he would see him in person for months, and he couldn’t even bring himself to look at him.

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Different - Lance Tucker

So Lance Tucker If you guys want more Lance stuff, then be sure to request it because I have no requests at all.

You pulled into the gym car park and parked your car in one of the bays. 

“My mum said you’re staying for my lessons.” 

“Yep gotta make sure you’re learning!”

The two of you entered into the gym and stood to wait for the coach. A few moments later he came out of his office.

“Aria Tate, right?”

Aria nodded.

“Great. Why don’t you stretch and warm up and then you can show me what you’ve got.”

The coach turned and looked at you, his eyes starting at your feet and going upwards, staring at your boobs before moving on to your face.

“I’m guessing that you’re not here to learn the art of gymnastics?” Lance asked.

“Really? What gives you that impression?” You replied snarkily

“Your tits”

You scoffed at his crude remark.

“Just telling you how it is”

“Well don’t”

“You look worked up, want me to help you work it out?”

“You should shut up before I convince my boss to stop sending her daughter here”

“Nanny huh? Didn’t peg you down for that”

“They’re giving me a place to live and paying for night school  as well as a wage so I’ll take it”

“Fair enough”

Aria stood by the bars and clapped excess chalk off her hands, jerking you out of the conversation you were having with Lance. You didn’t know much about gymnastics but you could tell that your little Aria had gotten better in the 3 years you were her nanny, or as she liked to say au-pair. She swung from the bars doing flips gracefully and landed on her feet.

“That was very strong. A few points we can improve on but for someone your age- how old are you?” 

“15, 16 very soon”

“Yeah, that was good. Show me your floor routine and then the beam”

“Ari, I’m gonna go sit while you do your thing ’kay?”

She nodded as you went to go and sit on the floor. You pulled your phone out and took a Snapchat video of Aria’s routine and captioned it “nanny life” and posted it to your story. 

Her parents were kind and when they found out that you were the only person who could deal with their daughter they did all they could to keep you. They gave you your own room in their home, they helped you pay for night school so that once she was old enough and didn’t need you, you could make money as a lawyer. They even paid you on top of that so that you could pay for your own clothes and other expenses. To be fair, you deserved it. Her parents were never home. When they were it would only be one. You had to help Aria through her first period, her first boyfriend, bitchy girls at her private school, hell you had to deal with her mood swings. At the age of 22, you practically ran the Tate household while they were gone.

Her lesson lasted an hour and while she was getting out of her sweaty clothes, Tucker cornered you.

“I have a meal plan for her so you need to give me your phone number so I can send it to you.”

“Ever heard of Bluetooth, a USB drive or e-mail? Or is it just a ploy to get my phone number.”

Lance was quiet and didn’t know how to respond.

“Try again next time sweetheart.” You said patting his cheek.

You did give him your email so that he could email it to you and you could use it.

“I even gave you a shopping list, how kind am I?” He said with a fake smile

“Oh so kind. So kind I should give you my number.”

“Y/N, can we get McDonalds on the way home?” Aria asked

“No way, you have a meal plan to stick to.” Lance answered for you.

“Too bad we can’t cook any of the stuff on it, we don’t have the ingredients. I guess we’ll have to start tomorrow.” You said, feigning sadness.

“Don’t fuck with me, Y/N”

You ignored him and walked out, Aria in tow.

That night, once Aria was safely snuggled up scrolling through Instagram in bed, you were sat in the living room catching up on TV. Your phone buzzed beside you and you saw a text notification.

In: Hey

Out: Who’s this?

In: Coach T

Out; Stalker much? How tf did you get my number

In: told Aria’s mom that I needed direct contact with a parent/guardian in case of emergency practice.

Out: You’re full of shit

In: Talent actually, bitch

Out: Talent in sucking dick, asshole

In: Real fucking mature

Out: Kiss my ass

In: Gladly

Out: Okay, creeper level 100. Can you fuck off now, I have Netflix to watch.

In: I’d gladly join you. Netflix and chill?

Out: bye, Tucker

In: Bye, baby

You scoffed at your phone and continued to watch T.V.

Two days later you were back at the gym with tucker. He had decided that for Aria to nail her routine, she needed to spend an hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday practising it. It meant that you had to sit with Lance as he hit on you while watching Aria practice. 

Two weeks into it and he wasn’t that bad. The conversation had moved on from your tits to more interesting things, random things. It made coming to Aria’s practice a lot less suckish. Seeing how much she had improved made your heart swell like a mama bear. 

“You wanna the uneven bars?”

“I suck at them”

“Well you’re not going to get better if you don’t try”

Aria rolled her eyes and mimicked Lance under her breath as she prepared to do the bars.

“I heard that you little shit” He yelled

“You were meant to asshole”

Lance stood with his arms crossed as he watched her do the bars. In your opinion, she was doing fine until the last one. Somehow as she did the flip she hit her foot in the bar and came crashing down into the mat.

“Motherfucker!” She shouted

“Okay, you have been spending way too much time around him. Don’t let your mum hear you say that. Like ever” 

“Again. Keep your legs tight and in. Don’t hesitate to let go of the bar.” Lance told her, holding his hand out to help her up.

“Let her catch her breath. She just hit her foot and fell onto a mat.”

“Fine, take 5. Go get a protein bar or something”

Aria gladly took the opportunity to leave Lance and ran off to get her snack. Lance came and sat down beside you.

“Shes got a vacation from school next week, right?”

You nodded, popping a chewing gum bubble.

“They’re not going anywhere?”

“Not that I know of”

“I wanna see her every day. 6 am”

“Whoa, that’s a bit extreme.”

“She needs to practice.”

“No, she needs to relax. This shits tiring as hell for her already. She has a life outside of gymnastics, Tucker”

“The regionals are coming up in a month. She’s not at her full capacity.”

“Shes a solid 9 on everything except the bars. She is not spending 30 hours on learning how to do them.”

“Well, how’s she going to do it then, genius.”

“We stay on the same schedule. Instead of an hour we make it 2, dumbass″





Throughout the next month, you and Lance had a lot more communication. He’d text you after Aria’s practice and sometimes he’d decide to call you out of the blue, occupying your time for hours while you tried to revise for school.

It was the night before the three of you would be going to the regionals. You were on the phone yet again to Lance as you packed a bag.

“Her parents coming?”

“Nope! Her mum’s in Malibu and her dad is in D.C. They’ve already told me what to tell her.”

“I can tell she really looks up to you, you know.”

“I’m the closest thing she has to a sibling seeing as the ones she had have fucked off already”

“Wait, she never told me about them.”

“Yeah, fraternal twins. They had a big age gap, 9 years and they’ve both left, doing their own things. They just about send her a birthday card and come back here for Christmas.”

“That’s cold. You’re coming right?”

“Of course. I’m not gonna leave her alone.”

“What? scared she’ll seduce me?”

“Totally. I want you all for myself, Lance Tucker.” You said with your voice laced heavily with sarcasm.

“Most girls do”

You had to admit, you were developing a small crush on the guy. He wasn’t a bad looker and upon talking to him more, he wasn’t just a horny, arrogant gymnast. You had to admit, he could be witty and funny and he listened to all of your problems.

The regionals weren’t too far away from the Tates’ apartment building but lance had still booked the three of you into a hotel right next to it for ease of travel. He booked the rooms that were connected by a door so he could come in and out. 

The morning of the regionals came quickly. Aria played it off as though she was calm, but you could tell she wasn’t. Walking past all the other girls intimidated her and her nervousness was beginning to show through.

“You’re going to do amazingly okay?. Y/N and I are going to be right here with you.” 

She nodded and smiled widely.

“Now show these bitches what you’ve got.”

Aria stretched while you worried over her and before you knew it, her name was called.

“Remember even if you don’t make it, I’m so proud you’ve made it to this level. We all are okay?”

She nodded and ran to do her floor routine. You sat next to Lance as he watched her intently. From start to finish she was amazing. and when she finally finished you breathed out deeply.

“If they don’t give her at least an 8.7 it’s rigged.” He muttered.

A 9.3 flashed onto the scoreboard as she returned to the two of you.

“You were amazing.” You half yelled. 

“You did well. I’m proud, frog.” Lance said, patting her arm.

“Thanks, slug”

Her vault and beam got her 2 9.5s and placed her second so far. Her competition had finished her bars earning a 9.2.

“If she gets a 9.3 or above were gold.”

Aria’s name was called out once again and she got herself ready for the bars. You and Lance sat in silence as she begun her routine. He took your hand and held it in his.

“She’ll be fine." 

You didn’t respond and kept your eyes straight on her as she swung and flipped and landed on her feet again. She waited for her scores and the two of you stood up to get a better view.

"I can’t watch” You muttered, burying your head into Lance’s chest. 

Although he was surprised, he placed a hand on the back of your head. 

“She did it. She got a 9.5” He yelled after what felt like an eternity.

“Oh My God!” you yelled hugging him.

Aria came running back to the pair of you and you engulfed her into a hug.

“We are so proud of you, Frog, you don’t even understand.”

You watched as the scoreboard moved Aria’s name right up to the top.

The next hour was a blur. She was given her medal and flowers and was swarmed by news crews.

“Aria, how do you feel about your win?”

“It’s great. I’m really happy that I made coach Tucker and Y/N proud”

“How are you going to celebrate your win?”

“I’m expecting frozen yoghurt and pizza if I’m allowed off my meal plan”

“Oh, you definitely are.” You added with a smile.

“That’s all for the questions if you have any more you can ask her at the press conference tomorrow,” Lance said, warding off the reporters.

The three of you returned to your hotel still buzzing from Aria’s win. Your snapchat story was full of selfies you took with Tucker and Aria and videos of you screaming about her medal.

Lance postmates-ed some pizza and frozen yoghurt to your room while you were answering questions about Lance from girls on your snapchat. The food came and the three of you dug in until you were disturbed by Aria’s skype. Her parents were calling to congratulate her for her win.

“We’ll be in Lance’s room okay?”

She nodded as the two of you exited.

“That was surprisingly fast. Usually, it takes them a few hours to congratulate her but I guess not.”

“Uhm listen Y/N, I want to ask you something.”


“There’s this girl that I like. and it’s weird because I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I don’t usually catch feelings. And I’m scared.”

“Well, just tell her. Be straightforward and I’m sure she won’t reject you.”

He was quiet for a few moments.

“Y/N, can I tell you something?”

“What? Am I the girl you caught feelings for?”

Lance looked at you like a deer caught in headlights.

“No way. I was just kidding. Fuck- I mean I like you too.” You laughed, surprised.

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, you’re less annoying now I’ve got to know you”

Lance kissed you out of sheer happiness.

“Does this mean that we can train every day? So that you and I have quality couple time?”

“Nice try, hot stuff, but Aria’s well being comes before this little arrangement.”

“But wouldn’t it be great to see your boyfriend every day?”

“So were at that stage already huh? No dates no nothing, just confessing our feelings and we’re already exclusive?”

“I um, well, if you want to -”

“It’s different. I like different, boyfriend" 

can you imagine Annabeth having a non-magical yankees hat but sometimes when she’s going too fast she forgets to check with one she’s grabbed so her and Percy are going out for a day and he’s like “are you ready?!” and she pops out of the room like “Ready!” and he’s looking around kinda confused and she’s all “I did it again, didn’t I?” “we gotta get you a Mets hat” “ew no I’ll stay invisible thanks” 

Couple Prompts

(( @iaxewboy please can we use some of these lmao ))

•Going to a concert together and Person A getting the lead singer to play a proposal song for Person B. Bonus if the singer is Person C of your OT3.

•Staying up late and just watching horror movies to block out the sounds of *insert problem here*

•Angry sex after Person A catches Person B talking to Person C. Bonus if Person C is their ex.

• “Babe, I love you but you gotta stop eating all the popcorn before the movie starts.”


•Person A getting into a comatose state and Person B sitting by their side until they wake up, which takes a long time. Bonus if Person C is the nurse/doctor.

•"I swear to drunk I’m not god. Hey you’re looking fine~“

•"I can’t come tomorrow. You wanna know why? Because I love you, and it’s killing me to see you in love with them.”

•Time traveller AU “I often wonder what would happen if you never met me.”

•Harry Potter AU: Slytherin/Gryffindor romance. Bonus if they hated each other before hand.

•Teacher/Student: Person A gets a detention from hot teacher Person B and gets an awkward erection/gets wet. Smut ensues when Sensei notices.

“stop calling me that omg you’re not a hentai schoolgirl”
“you love it.”

•"Hey, babe, where’s my *insert band here" shirt?“
”…give me my fucking shirt omg.“

•1960s AU: Person A is a greaser and Person B is the good girl/boy who gets corrupted by Person A.