Kami Glass, looking adorable and autumnal as ever

So things have been a bit slow at The Art of Young Adult for two reasons: 1) my living situation has changed, which means moving and boxes and leases and all kinds of fun stuff that take up lots of time, and 2) my drawing pad broke! So I can’t do any digital things until I get that shizz sorted out, so for now i’m limited to sketchbook stuff like Kami going all semi-Marilyn (I also have the crappiest scanner, which is another shizz to sort. SO MANY SHIZZES).

Happy November, everybody!

You are the fierce gentleness
of winter’s snowflakes falling
slowly from the sky

and the clouds that cradle them
into shapes that hang in the air
like dancing lullabies

You are the rain that comforts my
swollen eyes when it feels like
gravity is too heavy to bear

and the sun that kisses every drop away
to make room for the colors I [sometimes]
forget are there

Yes, you are that rainbow too

and the wind that creeps up
at the back of my neck to remind me
my skin can still come alive

You are the wishes painted into
the pitch-black night when it seems
I cannot be anything but frightened

You, the calm waters of my sanity
and the burning desires of my insanity

You, the very warmth that only home can bring
and all the beauty in which not even
this world can contain

—  You are simply everything