I can’t stop singing praises to Emma Watson even if I tried like in one single speech she not only advocated for women to be treated equally as men but also touched on the fact that men are also victims of gender inequality while also acknowledging the fact that she is already incredibly privileged

All of the haters can just sit the fuck down because she just killed the game of life


NEWT gazes at TINA – awkwardly affectionate. He gently reaches forward and touches her hair. Lingering for a moment, they stare into each other’s eyes.

A last look and NEWT suddenly moves away, leaving TINA standing, raising a hand to touch where NEWT stroked her hair.


Here’s the speech. The zombie thing is a bitch. Your world shrivels down to a dot, and all you can think about is how to get your next meal and keeping your secret, and no one can really know you now. Kissing, touching, sex, love, yelling at someone for stealing the blankets. Out of the question, forever.


“Monsieur Aramis! Bravest of all the King’s Musketeers.”


Athos in series 2 previews, part 3

[part 1] [part 2]

Can we talk about the delicacy and intensity of this scene please! Hank looked at Erik timidly after Charles said “don’t touch my hair” while Raven shrugged. Then Charles smiled at Erik! Five seconds ago Erik was mocking him and Charles fucking smiled! And I’d say that’s a very flirty smile.

In the next scene Hank began flipped switches. Cut to Erik’s worried face. Cut to Charles again.

He was still looking at Erik before closing his eyes for the Cerebro!


Garbage - “I Think I’m Paranoid”

so i saw you me at six tonight.

the picture speaks for itself. i’ll make a full post about it tomorrow.



the hot, athletic, Russian, “I look good without trying”, “Don’t you touch my sister or I will murder you”, “You know you want me in your pants right now” one,

and the cool, rocker, ahead of his time, “I look badass and I know it”, “I steal random shit because I can and what else I am supposed to do”, “Doing crazy shit gives me a thrill” one (that got a super sick slo-mo scene).

I think I speak for all of us here when I say I definitely can’t pick between them.

(side note: evan’s version was anti-authority and liked to nick things and was a fast talker, literally, and aaron’s version was quite a cocky piece of shit and protective as shit of his sister and between the two of them they got the impatience and the running down pat so I think that’s why I can’t pick one. They both make up the entire character so you can’t say one is better.)