Plain, Everyday Bras

Continuing with our reader, Andrew, in his education we present the balcony bra. Strictly speaking this one is a full coverage balcony, the classic balcony would be presenting the wearer’s breasts in slightly more revealing state of wobbly indiscretion. However we thought a little bit more cover up was probably appropriate in the circumstances.

Under clothing the balcony bra will be obvious as the bust will sit proud of the lady’s chest, pointing markedly outwards or even gently skywards. The same lady in a minimiser or plunge bra would appear broader around the body but less busty. We’ve taken you so far, Andrew, but now it’s time to explore on your own. You’re always welcome at The Full Cup Bra

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry this shit happening at your work, Mick. But can we talk about this??? "Then he started kissing my fucking eyelids and my forehead and my goddamn nose, like the weirdo that he is, all while mumbling “I’m looking after you.” I'm so happy for you and also a little jealous. Where can I get a Raul?

I dunno what it is, man but Raul speaks my fucking language. I didn’t even know there was a language but he fucking knows how to calm me down. He’s goddamn magic or some shit.

anonymous asked:

I'm asexual, but sometimes I want to present myself in a sexual manner. Not through actions, but a sort of, "you can look but you can't touch" thing. I don't do it to spite or tease people, it just makes me feel better about myself and my sexuality. Am I being mean or misleading?

Nope. Society places value on appearances it’s your right to show how you please

anonymous asked:

I should preface, I'm not wanting or looking for this to happen. But it's just something I've noticed/wondered about and because you've been to a lot of shows you'd probably have some idea.Okay so, I've been reading about people's 1:1's online and a lot (to some) mention that they make out with the cast in their 1:1's. I mean I realize that each actor must play the character different but like.... really?

But, like…no. I don’t know what zany recaps you’ve been reading, but there are no 1:1’s or interactions with the cast that involve making out. And if someone tried that during a 1:1, that’d be a great way to get kicked out of the hotel.