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Don't deny it- come on! You didnt pass by Zhang liao, or Zhang he and be like...damn. You are a fine looking SOB. If I wouldnt mind tapping you. Especially Zhang he!

 【↠𝔻𝕦𝕟↞】” No, I’ve never felt like that, what a foolish question to ask. I cannot spare time for ‘tapping’ as you say, perhaps you should query master Zhang He instead?  “

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I should preface, I'm not wanting or looking for this to happen. But it's just something I've noticed/wondered about and because you've been to a lot of shows you'd probably have some idea.Okay so, I've been reading about people's 1:1's online and a lot (to some) mention that they make out with the cast in their 1:1's. I mean I realize that each actor must play the character different but like.... really?

But, like…no. I don’t know what zany recaps you’ve been reading, but there are no 1:1’s or interactions with the cast that involve making out. And if someone tried that during a 1:1, that’d be a great way to get kicked out of the hotel.


Garbage - “I Think I’m Paranoid”