Can we all just take a second to appreciate that Disney really is trying to change their archetypes and image?

Women aren’t prizes to be won (Started with Jasmin oh so long ago)

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.” Well, not anymore, Jiminy, now you also need to work hard to achieve your dreams.

Sorry nearly EVERY DISNEY PRINCESS, you just can’t.

These are much better lessons to be teaching kids.


Watched frozen again and thought of all the Disney princesses/females that married/fell in love with strangers.

There are so many of them; snow white, Cinderella, wendy, aurora, ariel, jasmine, Pocahontas, esmerelda, meg and jane.

Anyone else tired of stupid picture of

Elsa smugly saying “You can’t marry a man you just met!” with three out-of-context pics of Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White used? Even though, um, none of them married a man they just met, but if they did that’s sort of, kind of, how fairy tales work?

Because it honestly stopped being funny the first time and it’s not particularly clever to anyone over age fifteen. “Teehee yeah Elsa you tell those stupid romance loving damsel hussies how it is!!!” I’d love if they did that with Tiana, the only princess who is the closest to actually marrying a man she just met (barely two days).

And it’s a wee bit hypocritical: