Happy Birthday @itstoolateforcake! I hope you like this little comic thing I made. I didn’t know how to draw a full body humanoid, so I went with this idea instead. I hope you enjoy!

This is my version of Taako from the podcast called, The Adventure Zone. K is a big fan and has gotten me to listen and like this podcast too. 

I asked K what they wanted and they asked for my take on this character. So here it is. ^-^

I sketched it out in pencil, trace/lined it in black ink, and used watercolor colored pencils. Basically I colored it in with the special colored pencils, then took a damp paper towel to blend it in and smooth it out. 

I am quite happy with this. Though, I wish I had a scanner or something so the picture quality was better. Yet it is was as good as I was going to get it. ^-^

Once again, Happy Birthday my friend!!

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You can't hide from us forever, Smithgreatfriend. We already know all about you and your insane, superhuman assassination power - but just so we can make sure we're not wrong, what was it again?

I had a friend, back in school.  He liked coming up with characters who were super-powered assassins, very similar to Suda-style characters.  I remember I suggested a character to him, whose gimmick was that he primarily fought using kicks.  On the backs of his shoes were metal plates, and his big killing blow move was that as he was going for a big kick, he would pull out a gun and shoot the back of his shoe, which would give his kick superhuman velocity.

I told my friend this, and he said it was the dumbest idea that he ever heard.  So then whenever he would start talking about assassins, I would bring up this character again.  His opinion of it never changed.

I mean, sure, you *could* ask why this guy was shooting the back of his shoe instead of using the gun to shoot the target.  You *could* ask that.  It’s because a little thing called *style*.
Sheith :You can't hide from us: Voltron meme
This is my first animation meme and using after effects. I know a lot of people have used this meme soo much. I've been wanting to do something like this for...

My first animation meme and with my two favorite babes!!!!

check out the link on my youtube.

let me know what you guys think of it in the comments

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The darkest hour before the light. A hidden treasure. Plain in sight. For a moment. Standing still. They say we're crazy. They say we're ill!What they don't understand. They feel inside. What they don't understand. They try to hide. You can't hide from us You can't You can't You can't h-h-hide from us!

it’s not halloween yet

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okay how about this! shinya - for some reason - wants to use guren's phone but he doesn't know the password so he asks him for it, but guren is reluctant so instead he grabs the phone and unlocks it himself. shinya doesn't understand his behaviour, it's not like guren's hiding anything in his phone, he could see immediately anyways. he just shrugs it off and decides not to ask about it. guren's password is 2211 (if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


This is so cute though. Imagine Shinya’s puzzled face as he looks at Guren questioningly. He then just shrugs it off and continues to use the phone anyway, he has more urgent things to worry about. As soon as Shinya has left, Guren wants to change the password - and then can’t bring himself to do it because he is a romantic sap like that ; - ;


I’m in love with this song