|| You can't hang with us||Martana & Cassie
  • 8:00 a.m: At the school: Cheerio tryouts
  • Santana:was so excited that Marley had agreed to tryout for the cheerios. She needed fresh new faces, and someone that she had faith in that would do a good job at the routines that she had set up for the squad. She sighed as she grabbed a nervously Marley's hand leading her up to the field "Don't be nervous okay?!"she whispered softly as they got closer to the girls, tossing her bag and her pom poms on the ground"Hey guys!" she giggled when the girls greeted her "Okay.. so this is my girl Miley... and she is going to audition today.. I need you guys to be really nice to her okay.."
  • Cassie:smiled seeing her best friend approach them only to frown at the sight of Marley. She looked her up and down thinking how homely Marley looked. "So what?! We are recruiting nerds now.." she scoffed.
  • Santana:glared at Cassie "Seriously Cas I love you.. but don't make me kick your ass... Marley is my friend and I want her to tryout so she will okayyyyyyy"
  • Cassie:rolled her eyes, the only person she seemed to be scared of was Santana, and that was only because she knew the girl was crazy, but she still loved her "Fine!" she said going back to do her stretches. "But I'm telling you now. She makes me look bad I will rage.."
  • Santana:Scoffed "ooooo I'm sure Marley is shaking in her boots..besides you make you're self look back with those weak ass back flips" She teased shrugged as Cassie flipped her off. She scanned over the girls looking for the nicest ones, the ones she knew would be nice toward Marley "Hey Christa can you help Marley stretch.. there is a certain football player I need to go say hi to before Coach Ross gets here." She said pushing Marley toward the girl a bit before running off "Jay!!!" she yelled doing a cart wheel toward him, "Hey!!" she giggled wrapping her arms around him.
  • Cassie:sighed watching Santana do a cart wheel "Show off.." she muttered, hearing the girls clap. She glanced over at Marley before smirk "So... Marley... tell us about yourself.." she asked