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"The plotline I think it might..." you can't let us hanging Faiza nope!!!!?


So, me and Sophia - @e-naesheim - were talking today, and urm, yeah we just, throwing around ideas in the air about … what could happen, and Sophia was telling me how she’d come across some posts, as had I, and also some asks too that some people got, where they were saying that Sana is the type of person who …. sometimes thinks she knows what is best for people, and that she’s someone who’s very very very resilient in her POV - she’s very hard to budge from her POV.

But she’s also someone who Knows™ what she’s doing. She has a reason, since she’s so observant, for doing what she does.

So me I then told Sophia that, since the trailer came out, and ever since I’ve had all these continuous thought about Even and Sana, this is what I could see happening (and @monstermonstre‘s post about The Butterfly Effect made me feel a little concrete about it):

Urm, so, I think Sana is going to hurt Even. 

Hear me out.

As we know from the trailer yesterday, “misunderstandings” are going to play a HUGE role in S4. 3 people stand out the most to me, in terms of being misunderstood: Even and Sana - being 2.

Now, I know I’ve said about how BADLY I want Even and Sana to bond, and have a friendship - and I think we will get that, at the start of the season, and at the same time, we’ll probably get Sana meeting The Balloon Squad too.

The Balloon Squad - who are the 3rd group of people who also have misunderstandings, in terms of as to why Even and they cut contact, and don’t communicate anymore.

Going back to the point of Sana sometimes thinking she knows best for people, what I suggested to Sophia was, that Sana, out of good intentions, out of the goodness of her heart, (because remember: Sana isn’t a bad person - no one is.), will probably find out about the connection between Even and The Balloon Squad, and will try to reunite them, get them to become friends again - remember the selfie stick hitting Even? That’s what I think it could mean. Even’s loss of contact, deleting his socials, is all going to come back and smack him in the face. Especially at a time, when he is not ready for that.

And Isak will be there for him, to help him through, no doubt, a trigger that will hurt Even. The Balloon Squad will trigger Even. And the reaction, unfortunately, isn’t going to be a positive one.

And THAT’S where things … become “SHIT HIT THE FAN” level. Because, I feel like after that, Sana is probably going to be SO CONSUMED within her guilt - because, as, I think it was @softnorwegians said in their post, “Sana is someone who strongly believes in not fucking friends over”, and with her doing that to Even, she’s gonna be CONSUMED in guilt.

Not only that, but I also think this is where her close friends, The Girl Squad, but ESPECIALLY Isak, are gonna make her feel that “shame” even more, and react to that. There’ll be times when Sana will feel more alone than EVER, because, maybe Isak doesn’t wanna be her Biology partner anymore, he doesn’t want to sit next to her anymore. The Girl Squad will just be in a constant state of “this is ……. awkward” around Sana.

And I feel like that’s where we’ll see Sana … at her lowest. Plus, if things at home aren’t going well for her either, that’ll build up her loneliness even more. And though Sana is the kinda person who we always feel, doesn’t need anyone, doesn’t need validation - at that point, the only thing she’d want, is to have her friends back.

And that’s when I can see Even going back to Sana, and talking to her about all of this - and really REALLY opening up to her, and her apologising to him, and Even realising she was doing all of that out of the goodness of her heart. 

And slowly but surely, Even tells Isak that, he’s fine with Sana, and that he should repair his friendship with her, and that’ll then happen. 

And it may well end, with The Balloon Squad and Even resolving their misunderstandings, coming to a full circle, and … just, ya know, becoming friends again, like they were before. 

That’s the kinda plotline me and Sophia had in mind.

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You can't leave us hanging like that 😩 how was it?? How was Harry??? TELL US ALL YOU CAN!!

ah sorry! i was exhausted last night and fell asleep shortly after i got home. i cant really say anything about the film itself but harry was, to say the very very least, fucking OUTSTANDING in it!!!!! his performance honestly blew my mind and was just so much better than i couldve ever imagined

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Yay sunderance update!! But woah woah woah. Wait a minute. What happened after that cliffhanger convo in chapter 12? You can't just leave us hanging with "i didnt"!!!!! And if u ARE just gonna leave us hanging, his new weakness IS judy right? Right?! But in what sense? Strictly physical like lust or has he already fallen for her? GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH kulkum! Ya makin me crazy!

As I often say… No spoilers for you! You will just have to waitand see. ;)

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Okay but real talk do you have any headcanons for courferre growing old together?!?! like man you can't just leave us hanging like that!

i have tears in my little gay eyes i s2g

-ferre still comes home from work and treasures every moment he has with his family

-retirement in this cosy little house

-courferre raising their 800 fucking children and crying at graduation ceremonies and college drop offs

-courf drunk as hell at one of their daughters weddings like “ferre, oh gof we raised that precious human being. hwo di we get so lucky?… feeerrrreee i love you you’re my best friend”

-”youre my best friend too, couf”


-still playful and flirty after all the years they’ve spent together

-still find each other absolutely wonderful and would never give each other up

-cold days with fuzzy socks and tea

-refers to themselves as “old homos”

-ferre watches so much judge judy hes so ashamed

-looking at their wedding photos and smiling from ear to ear 

-considering themselves so lucky that they found their soulmate at 20

-loving each other for their gray hair and wrinkles instead of despite it

  • Cool teens: you can't hang out with us in the 7/11 parking lot u r not cool enough Bobin no matter how far you lean back
  • Me: leans back further
  • Cool teens: dam
|| You can't hang with us||Martana & Cassie
  • 8: 00 a.m: At the school: Cheerio tryouts
  • Santana: was so excited that Marley had agreed to tryout for the cheerios. She needed fresh new faces, and someone that she had faith in that would do a good job at the routines that she had set up for the squad. She sighed as she grabbed a nervously Marley's hand leading her up to the field "Don't be nervous okay?!"she whispered softly as they got closer to the girls, tossing her bag and her pom poms on the ground"Hey guys!" she giggled when the girls greeted her "Okay.. so this is my girl Miley... and she is going to audition today.. I need you guys to be really nice to her okay.."
  • Cassie: smiled seeing her best friend approach them only to frown at the sight of Marley. She looked her up and down thinking how homely Marley looked. "So what?! We are recruiting nerds now.." she scoffed.
  • Santana: glared at Cassie "Seriously Cas I love you.. but don't make me kick your ass... Marley is my friend and I want her to tryout so she will okayyyyyyy"
  • Cassie: rolled her eyes, the only person she seemed to be scared of was Santana, and that was only because she knew the girl was crazy, but she still loved her "Fine!" she said going back to do her stretches. "But I'm telling you now. She makes me look bad I will rage.."
  • Santana: Scoffed "ooooo I'm sure Marley is shaking in her boots..besides you make you're self look back with those weak ass back flips" She teased shrugged as Cassie flipped her off. She scanned over the girls looking for the nicest ones, the ones she knew would be nice toward Marley "Hey Christa can you help Marley stretch.. there is a certain football player I need to go say hi to before Coach Ross gets here." She said pushing Marley toward the girl a bit before running off "Jay!!!" she yelled doing a cart wheel toward him, "Hey!!" she giggled wrapping her arms around him.
  • Cassie: sighed watching Santana do a cart wheel "Show off.." she muttered, hearing the girls clap. She glanced over at Marley before smirk "So... Marley... tell us about yourself.." she asked

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You know what I find funny about people who hate you? A lot of them seem to reblog stuff from you and don't comment, meaning they either find your content interesting or they agree with you. But then a SJW comes along and goes "Hey! You reblogged from x person, they're anti-SJW!" and all of a sudden they don't agree with you anymore. SJW is not a group of people who truly care about social justice, it's more that school kids concept of "you can't hang out with us because you're not cool enough".

This reflects one of my biggest issues with tumblr social justice.

It’s not good enough that you made a good point. Nothing is ever good enough. If you did one thing that they don’t agree with, if you identify in a way they don’t like, if you fuck up even a little- that’s it, you’re problematic now. Nobody can ever like anything you say or do because you’re problematic.

And the thing is, we’re all human. We can’t please everyone, and not everyone is going to agree with us. We make mistakes. But the thing is, in the eyes of the SJW crowd, there’s no room for fuck-ups. You can’t redeem yourself once you get the “problematic” label.

Here’s my point. I’ve been given the problematic stamp. It’s not surprising, because I’ve actively opposed the people who give out that problematic stamp for a while now, but all my posts are now off limits because I’m problematic. You like my common sense post that isn’t even remotely controversial? Well, stop enjoying that post or else you’re problematic too. Like this singer? Well, they wore a problematic outfit once so you have to stop liking them.

This attitude of “stop liking or reblogging x because they’re problematic” needs to stop.

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part 8 of flabbergasties????? please!! you can't leave us hanging like this !

Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven

So…nervous didn’t even really begin to cover the way Beca was feeling, tucked into her knees in the front seat of Chloe’s car. It was more like she thought that this was an accurate representation of what it felt like to die. Or have a child. Or some combination of both that also involved one of those horror movie shower scenes. 

Only, that couldn’t be completely accurate, because all of those feelings were painful in some way, and this was…a scary kind of unpainful. Sure, she was dizzy, and her mouth was dry, and she thought that if she never ate again, she would be totally okay with that, but at the same time, she felt a rush. There’s a uniquely strengthening aspect of being able to feel your heartbeat in your chest. 

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You can't leave us hanging! What is the meaning of life, according to the French Maid minion?

Sam: What’s the matter, Cas?

Cas: Welp, I’m pretty bummed about MR. SPOCK.

Dean: Sorry about that, buddy.  Is there anything we c’n do to HELP?

Cas: Thank you, Dean.  If only we could have a NONSENSICAL FANTASY INTERLUDE, to cheer me up!

Cas: Wait!  Is that th’ unmistakeable sound of a THEREMIN.

Sam: Actually, that wasn’t a REAL THEREMIN-

Dean: Sammy!  Shhhh!

Cas: *gaaaaaaasp*

Mr. Spock: Greetings, Castiel!

Groot: I am Groot!

Stitch: Meega Nala Kweesta!!!!

Dean: OK, um, those SPACE CRITTERS aren’t from the same FANTASY UNIVERSE.

Cas: Shhhh!

Mr. Spock: I come with my SPACE PALS to bring you GENRE-TRANSCENDING ADVICE, CASTIEL.

Cas: Golly willikers, what is it?

Mr. Spock: Remember, my friend, that I am not really GONE!  Think of me whenever you feel like a LONER, when you think NOBODY UNDERSTANDS, or when you read REALLY BAD SLASH FICTION.

Cas: Wowsers!  Thank you, Mr. Spock!

Mr. Spock: Live long and prosper, my friend!  And tell WILLIAM SHATNER howdy, and he really needs to learn to PILOT that DRONE.

Cas: I will!


Dean: Welp, that was definitely RIDICULOUS.  You feel better now, Cas?

Cas: Yes, thank you, Dean.  Can we get HOT CHOC’LIT and watch WRATH of KHAN?  

Dean: Sure thing, buddy.

Tribbles: *tribble noises*

Tribbles: *tribble noises*

French Maid Minon: *space dust space dust space dust*

Mr. Spock: You missed a spot.

Leonard Nimoy: You always were, and always shall be, our friend.