renkakirai replied to your post “Why is it that, every time I go to a video game store to buy a bloody…”

You should tell them that. “No, I just feel like killing someone from the comfort of my couch,” take a dramatic pause, lock eyes with them and say, “today…” XP

Omg yes I’ll def do that next time. And sometimes it isn’t even the people working there. Like, one time a girl was at the register and I was talking about The Evil Within and how’d i’d get it but it isn’t on PC yet or smth and a guy awkwardly coughed and was like “That’s a really violent game, you know.” Like, yes I know it’s violent. The cover is a man’s head with blood on it. Ick, why is it so weird for girls to like that stuff? Oh, wait, misogyny and the patriarchy.

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With the anon of warning you of the history of TVXQ/JYJ, I second that warning also. It's great that you're getting into TVXQ/JYJ because they're on my list of favorite artists. I hope you don't get hate for getting into both because there are people are TVXQ only or JYJ only and they hate on the other band like the anon said. It's partly why I don't explicitly state that I love both of them because I'd get hate so bad :( I'd love to dive into more about them, but you're good :3

Ahhh, well I’m mostly into JYJ for now, but I do want to check out TVXQ soon! That sucks that people give fans shit for liking both :/ Hopefully I won’t get any hate over it, but I can deal with anon hate, so it’ll be ok. I’m sorry that you can’t say that you like both though, that sucks and that shouldn’t be something you have to do as a fan :/

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im a girl, im 5'3, i have brown hair, i like writing and drawing (but i usually just end up screeching at a blank sheet of paper for two hours), and id probably go to the movies with you so that we could talk about the movie afterward because im really bad at starting conversations

Same on the writing and drawing thing •~• and yeah, I would date you! ^^ We both suck at starting conversations so there won’t be much unnecessary awkwardness because then we’d know the feeling’s the same xD

life is real funny when you realize you’re in love with a boy that you will probably never see again because you both suck too much to communicate the fact that you actually like each other and would rather act indifferent than actually admit anything