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I keep watching "Say Yes" and Saying "Yessss". From this episode you can tell Richonne go at it every night. If not Michonne would've picked up the fact that Rick hasn't been sleeping but missy be knocked the hell out. I'm never worried about the fools that come for Richonne cause that tells me they are being noticed BIG TIME. Lori and Jessie are non-factors they couldn't be the Mrs. Grimes that Rick needs period. Rick stay cheesing, bathed, teeth brushed, and clean clothes.

You better preach this good word, sis!

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Idols can take enough time to study rap, hip hop and r&b. They can take the time to use styles of clothing that are obviously inspired by black people. But they can’t take the time to learn the history behind the n-word 🙄


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LMAO. How utterly ludicrous. They're not going to have an iconic DC couple with literal, actual decades of history get married and then have them divorce. They will be bumps in the road, for sure (re: Naley, like you said) but they're never going to break up and stay that way. They are it for each other. People need to stop lying to themselves and come live in reality with the rest of us.

You better PREACH anon!

Barry Allen? Divorcing the love of his life, his best friend, the mother of his children, his one and only?

Iris West? Divorcing the love her life, her best friend, the father of her children, her one and only?

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Not to be a total ass, but could you take a look at my last post and tell me what you think? Idk if I'm overthinking things or if what I'm noticing is a real problem. (If u rathe not, no worries! I'm asking a few other people so don't feel pressured (: )

Hi! Not an ass at all! For everyone else, here’s the main statement of Alex’s post:

“Studyblr is about the betterment of your education. But the community has turned materialistic and note-hungry. Cranking out the same, no longer helpful masterposts for the sake of gaining popularity and notes, copying the “popular” blog’s stationery to get a leg up, it’s all such a mess! Hardly anyone posts about their failures or “non aesthetic” lives, and the ones that do are often left alone. There’s so much pressure to be “the best”. Be that academically or aesthetically, or even in terms of Tumblr popularity.“

I’ve seen other posts about this and I completely agree. There are a lot of people (not only just here but in every single social media I’m in) just looking for notes and followers.

And of course everyone cares about their notes and followers, we are human beings we care for attention…

however if you don’t care about actually doing what you preach, bettering your education, your grades, your future… you are not part of the studyblr community, you’re part of some kind of aesthetic photography community, wich is fine.

To me, though that wouldn’t make me happy, because if you are constantly looking at your numbers wishing they were higher.. when does it stop? When will you be satisfied with what you are doing? I find being focused on my academic goals and on posting helpful lists and posts with my academic journey makes me a lot happier because I find meaning in it and satisfaction.

BUT everyone posts whatever they want in their blog and if they want to post pictures of their awesome stationery and do a whole perfect set up with good lightning and colour coding and I don’t know what else then THEY ROCK ON. I’ve reblogged these pictures before and I will do it again. However, I wish that these people find meaning and satisfaction on their aesthetics just like I do on my studyblr directioned blog and don’t just focus on their numbers.

I also wish that there were more “popular” realistic photos of studying, I guess nobody resists trying to romanticize their photos sometimes (not even me!) but I never hide my failures (for example I had to resit my exams and take a gap year and I’ve been posting about my struggle this whole year)…

and I am not afraid to admit I am NOT RICH ahah the only brand stationery I have is a 12 Staedtler pack I bought 2 years ago, a 12 Maped pack I bought last year and 2 Muji highlighters I bought 2 weeks ago, and that’s it. I never bought any branded notebooks or planners or backpacks (I have the same backpack for the past 4 years), I never bought stationery online and I’m not planning to because I only buy what I need!

I’ve been sharing with my family the same laptop the past.. all my life actually and I SURVIVED;;;; until last week where my dad bought me a laptop (I chose an HP, no Macbooks lol) because I’m starting university in September.

My blog somehow managed to get to seven thousand followers without buying ever a camera.

I’ve been in the top of my class my entire life without any of these objects that you see now in the aesthetic photography/studyblr community and I hope people who appreciate these photos understand that.

Because of course photos with Mildliners and sheets of perfectly handwritten notes are absolutely amazing and gorgeous. However we shouldn’t hold them as our standarts for studying.

And the studyblr community has seen big studyblrs realize this and actually give up of posting whatsoever (not saying any names though) because it’s actually time consuming. It’s ironic because it takes a lot of time from where you could be working hard and studying. And that’s the whole point about the studyblr community… studying.

So, I understand your frustration. But wherever there’s people there’s going to be competition and looking for perfection. So let’s keep our mindset and give worth and importance to what we think is important, raise our voices and talk about what matters like right now and let others do whatever they want to do, it’s a free internet after all.

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Girl I swear i wish the shield never existed sometimes. They literally only use roman to further themselves & it's annoying af bc when you tell them that they deny it??? I honestly feel like dean & seth are being shoved down my throat 🙄🙄🙄😷😷😷. I can't for the life of me understand how you "hate" roman but you're ALWAYS mentioning him?? And then you say it's HIS fans? These ppl are so backwards. #the delusions

hey girl 🤗 whew I just read the first sentence & I’m LIVING 🗣 girl you better PREACH. Last night (pretty much any moment that can relate to the shield) for example, when S&D needed saving, Lord knows they cheer for him to save their asses but when Roman is actually on? giiiiirl.. 🙄

GIRL YES 😭😭 they are!! Right omfg?? I can’t tell you how many people I’ll come across on tumblr, IG, twitter, wattpad who come onto my posts, shade him & I’ll check on their user & they talk about him 24/7!! 😂😂😂 the foolery omfg. Girl, the delusion is strong af omg. Esp the hypocrisy??? Literally ANYONE from any other wwe fandom can do smth, but god forbid anyone in the Roman fandom does the exact same.. but I’m mute 🤐


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I swear if gg acted like this with cp more often, i feel like nobody would even care about him and L but its the fact that she seems to impact his friendship with cp so much that makes her seem so bleh

You better preach! 🙌

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The shippers are wrong about hating on jj because she's with Val. I hated jj before Val, during Val and after Val dumped her several times. She's an egotistical fake. She knows being with Val is her only claim to fame. Without him know one knows or cares about her or anything she does. There are a handful of tweens who don't know any better who think she's all that. Even the middle aged shippers didn't give af about her until she started hanging on Val.

Ooooh baby you better preach it!! Jenna being with Val is the last issue I have with her.

So last night a member of my family was going off on a rant against being lgbtq+ and one of the comments they made was “They want rights while [black people] don’t even have rights! They wanna change bathroom signs while [black people] are getting killed!” And that comment struck me because of the comparison of whose rights are more important than the other’s. If you were to ask a black lesbian which of her rights—as a black person, as a female, or as a member of the lgbtq+ community—was most important I doubt she’d be able to tell you. Because she could be killed for being black just as easily as she could be killed for rejecting a man’s advances still just as easily as she could be killed for loving another woman. There is no denying that black people are not given the equality that they deserve. But at the end of the day, that black lesbian could have her life taken away from her due to any of the things that make her who she is. There is no reason for one life to be regarded as less than that of another. That is the message of the Black Lives Matter movement. That is the message of the feminist movement. That is the message of the lgbtq+ movement. We should not be fighting over who gets their rights first like children fighting over the chance to play with a new toy. Instead we should be fighting for the day when each of us can exist without the fear of our lives being threatened by others simply because we decided to live as who we are.

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People are really hard to understand sometimes. Iris West is not a scientist... She's a journalist, but she's not stupid. People can be brilliant but lack the leadership skills that she just so happens to have. I understand that some folks may feel some type of way but come on. Secondly, Iris is not wrong for feeling hurt about being left behind. She literally held her happy future 2 seconds before it was snatched from her. Even if she seemed bratty (not in my opinion), SHE HAD A RIGHT!

You better Preach!!!👏

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This is why is still feel like val is still toxic for JJ One he starts to claim her when she started losing weight and makes a comment saying she's looked better then she ever have like huh. And this girl seems to be really struggling with confidence and it seems like what val feeds her is what she believes about herselfAnd that's toxic because on her own she doesn't have any love or confidence in herself. And she wants to be skinny and fit so bad it bit concerning. that bullshit comment he made

Yep yep you better preach it anon

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You do realize BMI is based on what is normal for white bodies? So you better not be preaching "omg be HEALTHy" to POC because our bodies are different.

Wtf do you mean white bodies bmi is for humans not just white people I’m not even white and its accurate for me. This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve read in my inbox the only type bmi isn’t accurate for is very muscular people