• Do i ship kandreil :not particularly
  • Do i appreciate, acknowledge, accept, and respect the people who do ship kandreil without exception :yeah mate who tf do you think i think i am
I wrote a Communications Bop-It AUI hope you enjoy it


Case One starts with Frances being the Bop-It master of the 20s and making fun of Henry because he isn’t good at the Bop-It. He tries and tries but can never beat his Mother’s score. When he starts school, he meets Nancy and they bond over the fact they both suck at Bop-It. Frances is mad at this and wants Henry to only befriend the people good at Bop-It, which Henry doesn’t listen to and runs away with Nancy when they get older. Then Nancy begs Henry to never get good at the Bop-It so they can be bad at it together. Even though he wants to please his wife, he also wants to finally beat his mother’s high score. So one day at midnight, Henry sneaks outside to go on the Ultimate Bop-It mode, where if you lose your streak you die. He gets up to about 400 when Nancy comes out and wonders what he’s doing. This shocks Henry so much he loses his streak and dies. Nancy is shocked at this and goes into denial over his death for a week. When she finally relizes Henry is dead, she tries to beat Frances’ high score for him so she can at least accomplish his last goal, but fails, and then dies. When Frances reads in the newspaper that they both died from Bop-It, she doesn’t care and continues on with her life.

Case Two begins with Kennith who is constantly made fun of for not being good at Bop-It, and never had any friends because of it. The only one who wants to be around him is Stephanie because she’s deaf and therefore, cannot properly play the Bop-It. They become good friends and Kennith discusses many things with her. Then one day, Stephanie finds Kennith trying to shove a Bop-It up his ass, which embarrasses Kennith so much he thinks Stephanie hates him now and runs away before Stephanie can ask him what was happening. Tired of the hate he gets for not being good at Bop-It, he takes over a radio station to tell all the Bop-It players they suck at it and should stop playing it for good. Stephanie finds him during the broadcast and gets the police to shut it down, much to Kennith’s dismay. About a week later, Kennith attempts to at the very least reach the score of 100 in the Ultimate Bop-It mode, but only gets to 70 before messing up and dying. Stephanie is in tears over his death and, believing that only bad things will happen from Bop-It, dedicates the rest of her life to destroying every and all Bop-Its she finds.

Case Three is about Bri, who is known around the world as being on of the best Bop-It players ever. She posts many videos and pictures online of her Bop-It skills and her many awards based on her Bop-It skills. Because of her dedication to the Bop-it, she spends almost all her time in her room practicing, leaving it only for food or to use the restroom. She has hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, but also has her fair share of haters as well. One hater tells her that if she’s so good at Bop-it like she claims, she should compete in the Olympics, as Bop-It has recently been added as one of the sports in it. Though she is quite young to compete, the Olympic managers let her in since they’re such big fans of her. There are 32 people competing in the Bop-It sport, and Bri demolishes all her opponents. Her final challenger is the same hater who told her she should join the Olympics in the first place. The final match is put on Ultimate mode, and whoever loses their streak first will die. Bri and her challenger both reach over 2,000 in the sport, and the hater seems as if he’s about to mess up, but Bri ends up getting to cocky and loses her streak, losing her spot as the world’s best Bop-it player and dying. The world mourns her death, but also welcomes their new Bop-It overlord as well.

i want to die

shit that really does make me mad when steve’s like “what did tony tell you” and peter’s like “that you’re wrong when you think you’re right and that makes you dangerous” like!!!!!! this was my problem with tony going out of his way to seek out a kid to fight in a war because yeah he has superpowers that could probably beat everyone there, but in the heart of it all he’s just a kid who blindly listened to someone and followed along. it’s like that thing people say “well if someone told you to jump would you do it” like tony basically said “steve and his team think they’re right in all of this but they’re not because I’M right okay?” and peter’s just like “yeah okay sir of course” since you know…tony bribed him with new enhancements for his suit like please!!!! i’m so mad!!! and this isn’t a fault of peter at all because he’s only 15 and was promised new tech by this rich famous guy. the problem was seeking him out specifically when, even though his powers may say otherwise, he’s only a kid who would’ve done a lot and did do a lot just because some guy told him to

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Sixteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: Sorry for the delay everyone, real life is not always easy. 

You felt as tired when you woke as you did when you had gone to sleep. Relief filled you as you realised you were still safe, listening closely to the voices on the other side of the door.

“And what of their numbers?” You knew Loki’s voice as soon as he spoke.

“That is the issue here,” was the response. It took you a moment to remember it was King Njall. “They are not many, a few slave traders, and their paid followers, but the issue is, some of them are some of the best trained in my armies.

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…so someone on the “colder months are awesome” post……..

commented like “oh you must live up north where winter is pretty HERE IN TEXAS winter sucks and it’s just cold”

and like. okay no offense but. my new england ass is sitting here like

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have you… ever….. felt real cold in your life just askin cause our average winter temp is 0 degrees with a feels like temperature of -20 from wind chill so.

I don’t know where this “north” is where “winter is pretty” but I’d like to go there, instead of living a life of “it feels warm if the temperature manages to get above 9 degrees.” 


shout out to all the single women who are doing what ever they need to do in order to provide for their kids. from the ones who are in sex work to the ones staying up all night pursing an education ! i applaud and commend you.

Stop doing bad things while claiming its able to help you cope or deal with things personally. You’re feelings aren’t more important than everyone who has expressed discomfort, especially if it’s directly at something you’ve done. Stop trying to draw in sympathy by crytyping or sadposting over not being able to do something that’s fucking racist/misogynistic/etc. You need to realize that the things you do don’t exist in a vacuum, where anything you do is pure and inoffensive online. If someone is telling you that what you do is wrong and harms them or their group, just stop. It’s not hard. Your feelings don’t amount to the amount of people that have been and are systematically abused and mistreated. So when you’re told that what you do is wrong by a group you have privilege over, please listen and stop thinking of yourself. 

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klance cuddling after battle

“You know, you’re really warm.” Lance half-smiled at the other’s words, not moving from where he was flopped on top of Keith and only half-listening.

“Thanks, babe.”

Keith rolled his eyes. “No, I mean, you’re warm and need to get off me. I’m too hot.”

“You really, really are.”

With a yelp of surprise, Lance suddenly found himself rolling over on the bed, shoved by his datemate until he ended up on his back, Keith on top of him. “What the fuck, Keith?”

The red paladin grinned, laying his head down on Lance’s chest. “I like being on bottom better, but you’re too hot.”

For a moment, Lance stared at Keith, trying to process the set of events he wasn’t remotely paying attention to, before letting his head flop back on the bed, one arm coming up to curl around the other. “I really, really am. You said it, not me.”

“You’ve said it like five times this week.”


hadanelith replied to your post “You know what’s super great, people being really aggressive over…”

CNN is too insane *not* to be real. Now I’m actually sorry - I never meant for you to be suffering actual badness for your funny story. *hugs the Tumblr Mom*

I genuinely do not give a fig if people believe it is real or not. It’s real, it happened, and I don’t know a single editor who hasn’t read something just as wildly bad in their time sorting through slushpiles.

I get people asking me every day for the manuscript and I have to tell them “listen, it was in 2012, I don’t even have receipts for things I bought last week, and also if I did have it, I wouldn’t give it to you because [insert legal reasons]” and  for the most part people are super chill, super nice and understanding and move on with their lives.

But there are a select few people at present who have been pestering me, initially asking for the manuscript because a) it would be fun to read and then as I initially suspected b) so they can share it with other people, which no, never absolutely not. It is not my work to share with anyone, let alone for anyone else to try and profit from.

Which was when they started making claims that I was “just making up excuses” and was “obviously a liar” and if I was as famous an editor as I claimed to be (???? I never did??? and also lol???) why couldn’t they find me online elsewhere (because I’m a fucking professional and don’t use my real name online??? and also editors don’t tend to be that out there???), and I should just give them what they wanted or they’d out me for a fraud and like ooooookay time to hit the block button.

They are lucky I am a good person, or I’d post their names and watch them be eviserated. But I am neither vindictive nor cruel. Which is very lucky for them indeed. 


Okay, this is gonna sound weird, and I feel ridiculous even saying this, but I know that something’s coming. Something big. Like a train and all I want is to jump on board. But it’s getting faster and faster and I’m terrified that I’m gonna miss it. That night… that night that you spoke at the Castro, I was like, finally, somebody sees the world the way I do. And I knew right then that this was my ticket on that train. I don’t know what else to tell you, man. I just want to work with you… need to work with you. On anything. Please. Nobody listens to me. No one takes me seriously. I don’t want to get left behind.

BTS - where they meet your Hispanic parents who speak quickly in Spanish and they don't understand what they are saying

Hi guys, this is ADM Jam. I’m new here so please take good care of me. Sorry for taking a while to show up but, finally, here is my reaction for you, hope you like it! *ㅅ*

~ADM Jam


He would definitely try his best to understand them. Rapmon would pay as much attention as he could to decipher what they were saying, later on asking you about some things he couldn’t pick up while they were talking.


He would be sweet about it, letting them speak freely just smiling at them, even though he had no idea what it was about. Only after you both were alone he, discretely, would ask you what they were saying.


I think he would be the most uncomfortable one. Suga would listen to them eyeing you with the corner of his eye a little worried about the situation.

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Hobi would very much be excited about it. He wouldn’t understand anything but would try to, even asking from time to time, with a wide smile, what certain word means to discover it was actually a whole phrase. But that wouldn’t bring him down.


I believe v would be the one asking you all the time what your parents were saying, looking kinda lost but still curious about what the conversation was about.

“Jagi, what did they say now? Should I smile back? Should I look sad?”


He would probably try to speak back as much as he could and make a bunch of mistakes that your parents would think is cute, while he would be feeling lost, but in the end he would just laugh it off.


He would be awkward. His eyes would be huge in surprise, but he would try to keep his sweet smile to your parents nodding at them from time to time like he understood them. Later he would comment to you impressed: “Jagi, they speak so fast!”

Gif Credits to their Original Owners

~ADM Jam

Fallin’ Up

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“When two people really care about each other, they will always look for a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is.”

Summary: Being someone’s little sister is hard…. especially when you have an older brother who has a best friend you have a huge crush on and you can’t do anything about it… But little do you know he has a crush on you as well. What will happen?

Swearing Involved

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Part 10 has arrived~



You walked over to the door and opened it up finding Jaebum standing there soak and wet.

“What are you doing here?” You asked crossing your arms not caring that he was still outside in the rain.

“I’m sorry,”

You tried to close the door but Jaebum put his foot through the crack making you look at him.


“Listen to me please!”

“Why should I?”

“Because I need you.. Please!”

You stared at Jaebum and felt your heart ache seeing Jaebum hurt in front of your door.


Having a big heart can sometimes be a bad thing… You feel bad for people easily and give them another chance no matter what they did was wrong..

You grabbed an extra towel from a closet down the hall walked into the living room finding Jaebum completely shirtless.

You couldn’t help but to stop and just look at Jaebum shirtless… Right then and there..

You shook your head and walked towards Jaebum and hand him the towel.

“Thank you…” he says as he grabs the towel and rushing the towel through his hair and wet body.

What was he even doing here? You knew you two had to talk eventually. But was now the right time?

You sat down on the couch quiet and looked at Jaebum dry himself up with the towel you just gave him. You could feel the awkward tension between the two of you. You had to say something now…

“What are you doing here?” You asked Jaebum and he looks at you.

“Well I tried contacting you…. but you seem to be ignoring me.” Jaebum says sitting down next to you but you got up and crossed your arms.

“I mean can you blame me?”

“Y/N,” he says getting up and he grabs you hand.

“I’m so sorry… Anger got the best of me.. And I know that is not excuse but,”

“but what? Jaebum how will I know you won’t do that again?” you said releasing your grip from Jaebum’s head and crossed your arms.

“It was an accident,” 


“Please, I will do anything you want me to. Just please Y/N.. I like you so much I never thought about ever hurting you. Instead I thought about making you the happiest girl on earth,” Jaebum says and this point you can feel your heart racing.

Why was it so hard to be mad at jaebum? You wanted for forgive him.. Very much… but what is stopping you?

You sighed and that’s when it hits you.. Jackson’s words began to replay in your head. 

“He uses girls for his own advantages.. I mean haven’t you noticed why he never had a proper girlfriend? because here he is sleeping with girls and then leaving them without speaking to them again after he gets what he wants.”

Should you ask Jaebum about it? Will he tell you the truth?

“So will your forgive me?” Jaebum asks with pleading eyes and you sighed. 

“Jaebum.. how many proper girlfriend have you had in the past?” You asked him and he looks at you completely confused.

“Why do you ask?”

“Just please answer the question.” you asked looking down.

“two or three..” 

“And how many girls have you slept with?” You couldn’t help but to ask looking at Jaebum and he continued to look at you confused.



“Why are you asking me these questions?”

“Because Jaebum, i never actually seen you with a proper girlfriend and I’ve heard things about you sleeping around. How do I know you aren’t going to just sleep with me and then leave me,” you said annoyed and walked off to the kitchen.

You were soo annoyed and mad you didn’t want to hear Jaebum’s response but then again you did…. You didn’t know what you really wanted..

You sat down on the counter and feel tears form in your eyes. 

“Y/N,” you hear Jaebum says following you into the kitchen and he walks up to you.

“Do you want the truth?”


He sighs and looks at his hand. He looked completely guilty.

“Y/N… I’m not going to lie to you.. In the past I used to only use girls to sleep with and leave. But I was younger. I never took anything serious, it was all fun and games for me. But the more i came over to your house and spent time with Jackson I was around you more and I knew you were different. You made me feel feelings I never felt before. I felt butterflies, I felt my heart race and everything whether you did something embarrassing or cute I would blush for unknown reason. I tried to ignore my feelings but enough was enough. The day at the cook out is when I knew I wanted you more than just a friend. I looked at the way you smiled when we dance together and then way you eyes brighten up when you were around family. I know my past will obviously follow me but I’m not that guy anymore… I just want to be with you and only you. Not to sleep with you but to have a future with you.”

He says looking right in your eyes getting closer and closer till he was in front of you as you sat down on the kitchen counter. You’ve been waiting to hear those words for a while.

If Jaebum was able to look you in your eyes and tell you how he really feel then his feelings must be sincere right??

You know what Jaebum makes you happy and you’ve liked him for a while now. You weren’t going let him go easily. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and he was caught by surprise.

“Does that mean you forgive me?” Jaebum asks and you smiled.

“Just kiss me you fool,” you giggled and you felt Jaebum wrap his arms around your waist and you two pulled each other into a kiss.

At least you had to fix this little situation between you and jaebum again but there was more thing to do… And that was to convince Jackson that Jaebum’s intention is a good intention.

You pulled away and you smiled.

“Happy at last,” he smiles and you sighed.

“We still have more thing to do?”

“What is that?”

“Well two. One you and Jackson need make up and then we have to get Jackson to accept our relationship,” You said as your arm with still around his neck.

“That can be arranged,”


Eventually after that dramatic moment with Jaebum you two were back to being a couple of course you guys never ended it but you resolved the problem and were back to kissy kissy. 

You two cuddled on the couch watching disney movies and kissing and honestly it was perfect. Eventually you received a text from Jackson saying he was on his way home if you wanted anything.

Jaebum and Jackson aren’t in good terms at the moment so that was Jaebum cue to leave.

“Talk to him and let me know what he says,” Jaebum says standing right in front of you looking down at you since you were shorter. “I will babe,” you smiled and you went on your tippy toes and gave a quick peck.

He pulled away and smiled and gave you another peck till finally he was out the door. 

You had to think of a way to get Jackson in the same room as Jaebum without trying to kill him.. It was going to be hard but you had to think of something soon and quick.

You were lost in thought until you hear the front door open.

“I’m home!”

Jackson has finally arrived. Time to try to set something up now because it’s too late.

“Hello,” You called out and you watched Jackson step in the living room.

“Feeling better?”

“Way better,” you smiled.. Little did Jackson know you made up with Jaebum and that’s why you are the happy than before. 

“Good. I don’t like seeing you upset.” Jackson smiles as he sits next to you and smiled at him and didn’t say anything.

“What do you want?”

“How do you know I want something?”

“Well your giving that smile that you usually do when you want something.” Jackson says smirking and you sighed.

“Okay so tomorrow… we should have a brother and sister moment and go maybe bowling?” you suggested and he smiles.

“Aw is someone ready to lose tomorrow?”

“Actually i’m ready to beat you at your own game,” you smirked and you both began to laugh.

“Game on little sis,”


You had the plan ready and running. Jackson thinks it just a normal bonding day with the two of you but you low key invited Jaebum.

“I love this place,” Jackson says as he opens his arms and smells his surrounding dramatically.

“I can tell, it’s like your second home,” you giggled as you two walked to the booth that hands you your bowling shoes.

“Of course it is,” Jackson smirks and you playfully rolled your eyes.

At last you bother had everything set up. You had your bowling shoes on and your bowling balls ready to go. Before you started bowling with Jackson you feel your pocket vibrate. You pulled out your phone and received a text from Jaebum.

I’m on my way beautiful~ 

You blushed and put your phone back in your pocket. 

“Ready to bowl?” Jackson asks as he grabs the bowling ball and you nodded your head. 

The plan is ready to go.


“How did you miss that!” Jackson says as he laughing holding his stomach. “Shut up, you distracted me!” you defended yourself and he continued to make fun of you.

As you two were having a good time, from the corner of your eye you can see Jaebum presence.

You watched him slowly walk up to you and Jackson and you could feel your heart beating very fast. This can either go good or bad…

“Hello…” Jaebum says looking at you Jackson with his hands in his behind his back.

“Jaebum what are you doing here?” Jackson says in disgust.

“Can we please talk…. please?” 

You hope this plan works.


To Be Continued

The King

This one is really short, but I am completely in love with it! Hope you enjoy it, guys! Requests are open!

Word Count: 1.2K

Warnings: None

Although you are just twenty four years old, you can’t help being a big fan of old music. You live for the past decades’ song and you listen to them whenever you have time. You love rock’n’roll the most, although you also enjoy other types of music like grunge. But, you are completely obsessed with The King, the greatest rock singer, Elvis Presley. You love his movies, specially Love Me Tender and Blue Hawaii. But you are in completely and deep love with his songs. You are constantly listening to them, humming to the tunes or singing the lyrics lowly.

And that’s what you’re doing right now. Jailhouse Rock is blasting through the speakers in the living room. You are alone in the Tower, so you aren’t bothering anyone. Dancing to the cheerful tune, you move around the floor, your socks allowing you to slip while doing it. You sing happily while moving your arms and legs around.

“(Y/N)?” You turn around quickly, stopping your moves.

You feel your cheeks becoming red while the two super soldiers look at you holding their laughs. You order FRIDAY to stop the music, the silent filling the room.

“Nice moves.” Bucky points you with his finger and you roll your eyes.

“Shut up.” Finally, the both of them let out big chuckles while you cross your arms.

“I’m sorry, we are sorry. It’s just that you looked funny.” Steve puts his hands up, a big smirk still on his face.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

“C’mon, don’t be mad at us!” Bucky puts his arm around your shoulders, bringing you to him. “What were you listening to, anyway?”

Your eyes grow wide at his question and you move away from him.

“You don’t know what I was listening to?!” Bucky moves his head and shrugs his shoulders. You look at Steve, he has the exact same look his best friend has. “You also don’t know it?”

“No… Why are you so shocked?”

“How can I not be shocked, Steve?! I was listening to the King of rock’n’roll! Elvis Presley!”

“Never heard of him…” Bucky mumbles while looking at Steve.

“Oh my God, guys! Okay, okay, sit down!” You motion for them to sit on the couch and you go grab something from your room.

Coming back with a CD on your hands, you put it on and press play.

“Guys, this is Blue Hawaii, Elvis’ most famous movie.”

“Wait, you said he was the King of rock’n’roll.”

“He is, Buck. But he also did some movies.” You sit down in between the two super soldiers. “Now shut up, it’s about to start.”

Once the movie is over, you can see that Steve completely loved it. Bucky, on the other hand, seems a little bored.

“So… Did you like it?” You smile at both of them.

“Yes! (Y/N) that movie was beautiful!” Steve smiles back at you and you giggle at his reaction.

“C’mon, it wasn’t that great. Sure, it’s nice, but it was very predictable.”

“Pal, that movie was awesome.” Steve looks at his best friend with a really serious expression and you try to stop a chuckle. “Specially the scene where he sings that slow song… How is it called?” He looks at you and you smile.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love. Beautiful song and one of my personal favorites.”

“It’s one of my favorites songs now, too.” You laugh at Steve’s words while Bucky just sighs, not understanding what his friend think it’s so cool about the movie.

“Anyway, you need to hear his songs, they are awesome!”

You order FRIDAY to put on some Elvis song. The first notes of Suspicious Minds start to sound through the living room and you sing the lyrics happily. You get up, holding your hands up for them to grab. Bucky refuses while laughing, but Steve gladly takes it, dancing with you to the song. You let him lead the dance and, you’re not gonna lie, he definitely knows how to move.

The song ends and you look impressed at Steve.

“Did you learn to dance like that in the 40s?”

“I’d say I learned during the 30s. We got great music back in the days, too.”

“I know. Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong and let’s not forget about Frank Sinatra.” Steve looks surprised at you.

“You know about them?”

“Of course! They are some of the greatest musicians from the 30s! How could I not know about them?”

“Well, the 30s were a long time ago, (Y/N).” Bucky gets up, smiling at you.

“So what? The music was good, I like it.”

Another song starts to blast through the speakers, and you recognize the tune of Hound Dog immediately. This time, is Bucky the one who grabs your hands and turns you around, making you dance across the living room. You chuckle at his expert moves and dance with him happily. When the song ends, you are almost breathless.

“You got nice moves, Barnes.”

“I was a great dancer back in the day, doll.”

“You still are, pal.” Steve puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder and laughs.

You spent the whole afternoon showing them more Elvis’ movies and introducing them to his songs. You give them a little class about his life, when he was born, why do they call him The King, where did he died… Steve and Bucky seem genuinely interested in what you’re teaching them and you smile, almost feeling as if you’re teaching a pair of little kids.

By the end of the afternoon, they are really into Elvis and you smile, knowing you did the good action of the day. The songs keep sounding, although Tony has screamed a few times for you to stop it already. Another song starts and you recognize this is not Elvis anymore.

“Is this Elvis?” You look at Steve and shook your head.

“No, this is Bill Haley&His Comets. The song it’s called Rock Around The Clock and it’s considered the first rock song ever.” The two super soldiers have a curious look on their faces that makes you laugh.

“(Y/N), can you teach us more about rock, please?” Steve looks at you with pleading eyes and you chuckle at him.

“Sure, I’ll do it gladly! Maybe next week we are able to arrive to The Beatles!” You joke until you hear Bucky’s voice.

“The what?” You look at him with your mouth hanged open.

“You don’t know about The Beatles? Oh my God… We have a lot of work to do here, guys!” You laugh and they just look back at all the CDs you gave them.

“Can we keep this, (Y/N)? I really liked all of Elvis music and movies.” Steve smiles sweetly at you, already holding a bunch of CDs and DVDs.

“Sure, boys. Just please, don’t break them.”

“We won’t! Thank you, (Y/N)! We’ll see you tomorrow.”

They both kiss you on your cheeks at the same time, making you chuckle once again. You go back to your room and set a bunch of CDs, you’ll have a lot of work teaching these two.

#7 Hello Part 2 (Harry Styles)

This is NOT CONNECTED to the first part. I’m sorry if I mis-led you :( 

But, it’s on the same pattern. 

So, if you liked Hello, then you will like this one, too :) hopefully.

“You’re a liar.”

“I am not! Just because, you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean I’m lying,” I told him.

“So, I’m an idiot, now?”

“What? Why does everything I say-”

“No, that’s what you meant. I didn’t understand, is it just you who understands?”

“Why are you saying all this? Why do you take everything I say so negatively? In my defence, you didn’t listen to me to understand what I meant, and you’re doing the same, now!” I tried framing my words correctly but, it never worked out.

“You know what? I get it! Just because I didn’t go to a university like you-” There was only disgust in his voice.

“What? What has me getting into a Uni got to do with this?”

“I know what you think!” He screamed.

“What do I think? Why are you doing this?” I cried.

“You know what, it’s over! Like, I can’t do this anymore. I am not stupid, you know!” He said, his hatred evident. When did it get to this?

“Did you just break up with me? What are you saying? Where is this conversation leading to? You just broke up with me.”

“This is leading to the end. You can think whatever you-”

“Stop putting your insecurities on me! You keep thinking all this because of your fucking insecurity and then, project it on me! I don’t mean anything! I don’t think anything! I love you! And, you just broke up with me, mmy gd-od, yo-you just br-oke up,” I cut the call. It was all I could do at that moment. There was so much I wanted to tell him. How there was nothing going on between Phil and I. He was like my brother and a picture of him, and I hugging didn’t mean anything. It didn’t matter if he was far away from me. I loved him with all I had. I didn’t know when it got to this.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

She isn’t picking up my phone. Did I go too far? I didn’t mean to break up with her. I didn’t mean to-SHIT! I’m an idiot! She doesn’t have to make me one.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

“It’s me! Just call me as soon as you get this? Are you getting this? Look, I’m sorry. I’m so lost, just call me.”

This was the seventh voice message. She didn’t pick up my call or the house phone. I had messed up so bad.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

I didn’t even know how it reached to me breaking up with her. It was at the moment. She had to know I didn’t mean it. But, I never broke up with her, either. What was I doing?

“Were you able to reach her?” I asked Niall.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you, man,” He said.

“She picked up your call? I have been trying to reach her forever!”

“Look, she doesn’t want to talk to you. She said, and I quote, ‘I wish him all the happiness in the world. Apparently, I’m not one of them’. You messed up, man. You know how seriously she takes her words.” He had a patronising tone to his voice which I wanted to knock off.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

No answer. Again.

“He doesn’t stop calling me.”

“Why don’t you pick up?” She said, with a cigarette held between her fingers. Sometimes, I thought she just did it for the look.

“He broke up with me.”

“Apparently not! He is calling you, again and again. Must mean something,” She said, taking another drag.

“But, how could he, then? It was so easy for him. Just an ‘it’s over’. Over what? A hug? Phil’s my best friend. And he’s gay. He knew this!”

“Look, how does it matter? He did it in the moment. He regrets it. Pick up the phone. I mean, you’re too prissy. He is hot, and he has the money. What more do you need?”

I never knew why I talked to her. Her solutions were always fucked up. I couldn’t live with money and his hotness. I needed more. I walked out of the bar, into the sunlight and preferred walking my way back to the apartment. It was always this. I went to a University to study because my dream was not to become a pop star like him. He didn’t because he achieved his dream. Why does he think that I look down on him then? What did I do to make him feel this way?

Was it because I talked about my course? He talked about his job. Was it because I showed him my achievement? He always shared his. I realised it wasn’t my fault.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

I’m going to engrave these words in my body. I had lost count of how many times I had heard this voice, and I forgot that this number ever led me to her. So, I was sitting outside her apartment. I had her favourite things, all her favourite things. Lunch from her favourite restaurant, dessert from her favourite bakery, her favourite flowers, candles, books, stationary box with all her surprises, an apology letter from my side and myself, I would’ve wrapped myself if I could.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

I waited for her to get back home. It had been an hour already. I wanted to her to forgive me. She was right. It was my insecurity. I didn’t realise that, we were following our own dreams. That mine didn’t need a degree while hers did so, why was I judging myself on what the society thinks?

I loved her, and that was all that mattered. I was stupid to think she looked down on me. I couldn’t point to one instant where she did. It was always me thinking like that, it was me being insecure about myself. I tried calling her again,

“Hello?” I heard her voice.

“You picked up!” I sighed.

“Why are you calling me, Harry? Wasn’t what you said enough?” I could hear her voice crack.

“Baby, where are you? I am so sorry. Where are you?”

“I don’t want to come home,” she cried.

“What? Why?”

“Because you’re sitting on the steps,” I stood up and looked around to see if she was close. There she stood, about a hundred meter away from where I was.

“Would you run away if I walk towards you?” I asked her.

“I don’t want you to break up with me, again.”

I walked towards her, and she took her steps towards me. Watching her, I couldn’t help myself but, run dropping my phone and meeting her halfway. I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up.

“Hi,” She looked down at me, with tears in her eyes but, a smile on her lips.





His Little Nerd

Group/Member: iKon/B.I

Genre: Drabble, Fluff(?)

Word Count: 427

Summary: 5) “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”  

Requested: Yup. Anonie requested: “Hi! Hanbin, fluff, #5 please!”

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie… I had some difficulty with this one. Every time I went to write for this prompt I came up with something angsty. After several attempts (I scrapped a hell of a lot of ideas), this is the end product…

- Admin Sonsee

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