How awesome is that?
  • How awesome is that?
  • Bishop/Rebecca Crane/Shaun Hastings
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Bishop: Hello, Initiate.

Recently, Abstergo Historical Research began several new projects in London.

We both know that when Abstergo makes big moves, the Templars are up to something. We think they’re hot on the trail of a new Piece of Eden. I’ve got people in London looking for it.

Rebecca: Hey Bishop! Jacob and Evie Frye are twins! How awesome is that?

Bishop: Speak of the devil. Fire up your cameras, Becs!

I’ve got picture. ETA on the payload?

Rebecca: Sending it now.

Bishop: A lot to sift through. I’m going to get the Initiates on it ASAP.

Rebecca: You look weird with a weapon.

Let’s plant a little bug and see what we can see!

Got something. Isabelle Ardant has a meeting here in a few hours. Doesn’t say with who.

Shaun: ‘Doesn’t say with whom,’ Rebecca. And I suppose it’s down to muggins here to find out.

Bishop: Hold on, the mission was to find data to locate a Piece of Eden in London.

Rebecca: We did!

Shaun: And now I’m eager to try this new kit!

Bishop: I don’t like it when those two go off-book like this. Well, all we can do is take a deep breath and move forward.

You’ll be searching for the Piece of Eden through the lives of Jacob and Evie Frye. Twin Assassins who operated in Victorian London.

Your first set of genetic memories are downloaded. Good luck!


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Not sure if anyone noticed but I have one of those Buy Me a Coffee links on my blog now.

I wasn’t going to highlight it but now that my laptop is pretty much toast, I wanted to make a note of it since I’ll be using any funds I get towards a new laptop.

Want to make note that there are certainly no expectations for y’all to fund a new computer for me. I wanted to share the link in case any of you have one of those instances where you feel the need to pay it forward.

If you have a good day, if someone does something nice for you, if you want to share some gratitude to the world, and you have the means, feel free to Buy Me a Coffee as a random act of kindness.


I got home from work and decided to do a study of @kesstiel ‘s face before i lost motivation (i lost it halfway through tho)

My current life purpose: to get weirder and find weirder things


anonymous asked:

*a letter floats over to Willson, William, and Anima.* "The funeral for Snowdrop Cipher shall be held this evening. Please join*


“What even… happened?”


[ @snowflake-star I have a feeling this was from you.]


I thought I’d be original, and do an ear-reveal. here you go! Sorry for plaguing your dash with a picture of my ear. Love you all, and thank you so much! You are all better than toast ;)

A Very Special Shameless

Or Week One Of This Season’s Meaningless Ian Affair

Did Episode 4 make me more bitter than bored?  It’s too close for me to call…

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