“Scouting is going well.”

okay so this was mostly just coloring practice bc im trying to git gud.

@theresa-draws here it is ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I was in physics 1020 class today (and I don’t know anyone in it so I just sit beside random people all the time) and this guy beside me whipped out his phone anndd… he has one of MY TOUKA DRAWINGS AS HIS BACKGROUND???? like whattt real actual people have my art as their phone wallpaper ??? what how why so many questions 


“Gabriel?!” you hissed, pulling him from the cafeteria table and into the hallway. “What are you doing here?” The boy laughed and ran a hand through his golden-brown hair, much shorter now that he was a teenager.

“I’m your guardian angel, this is my job!” he replied, sipping his soda. You grabbed the can and tossed it into the nearest trash can.

“We can’t have food outside the caf, you idiot. If you’re gonna pretend to be a student at least pretend to know the rules!” Gabriel grinned at you just as the bell rang. Sighing, you took a hold of his shirt and tugged him to the row of lockers you were standing against. Students began to pour from various classrooms and adjoining hallways into the main one, and you watched as they passed by.

“Who are they?” Gabe asked, pointing as a group of the popular guys walked past, sunglasses and hats still on as they strolled down the hall like they owned the school and everything in it.

“The popular guys. Stay away from them, got it? I don’t want to have to pull your scrawny self away from a fight. You can’t use your powers here, and you sure as hell won’t last in a fight against them.” You rolled your eyes and took his hand, beginning to lead him towards your locker.

“You underestimate me, Y/N! I’m stronger than I look!”

“Sure thing, Gabe. Whatever you say,” you replied, holding back a smile. It’s the thought that counts.


(Gabe) (Locker) (Popular Boys)

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Alrighty then. I just hope you'll be okay with the pairing in mind. ^^; So based on the Legend of Korra and Aladdin, can you draw Korra and Mako but cosplaying as Princess Jasmine and Aladdin respectively please? What do you think?

Lol it’s so weird that korra is barely recognizable with a different hairstyle (i actually imagined that she tied her actual Season 1 hair to look like jasmin so it’s a bit shorter)

Middle school aliens

So this is a story I’ve told a lot of people before. It’s creepy experience that I still can’t explain. So I thought I could share it. So when I was in middle school, I used to be in the school plays. And in eighth grade, we were putting on the Little Shop of Horrors. This was for many of us our last play. And we had only a week left, till opening night. Everyone was running around and rehearsing. Happily, I had a few singing parts in the play. But for most of the time I was messing around, playing ninjas back stage, and going into the boys restroom flushing urinals while screaming NARNIA! with Emily @pleaseturnbackthetime
Those were really fun times for us. And one afternoon with our shenanigans, we went and sat outside on the school yard. We were talking and hanging out on a bench. It had felt so weird to see the school at night and it was a kind-of-cool-creepy, to me. Upon sitting at this bench. I just remember seeing a random light, it was like floating or hovering in the sky. So I asked Emily if she could see the light and she didn’t notice it. So ignored it and went back to talking. But then the light keep getting brighter and brighter. Then Emily did notice it. So then both us had acknowledged this light and went back to talking. We were curious about it but ignored it. Though the light did stay for almost 10 minutes. And then it just slowly disappeared. It sounds like it was a streetlight going out or something. But that wasn’t the case. Where we had been sitting, it was dark. The only light we had was from the streetlights across the street. Even with those streetlights, it was still pretty dark. To remind you, that the light we had seen was hovering in the sky. Yes! The light was hovering and definitely not attached to anything. I know this for a fact. And after the incident we were both kind of freaked out. Like, how do you explain something like that? You know? Everyone thinks there’s a logical reason. And I remember we told people and it was like whatever to them. Maybe to them we were being dramatic. We were about 13 and 14. But to this day, I still think about it. And it wasn’t logical or normal. I still believe someone or something unknown was watching us. And I know we’re not the only ones to have experienced this. @sixpenceee

but what about afterwards?


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Important note to self: you are doing GOOD with Cora

This past week with a brand new puppy has been a bit of an adventure. There are teeth marks on my hands– and my shoes– and there have been, it sometimes seems like anyway, almost as many puddles indoors as outdoors.

And since my friend brought home Cora’s sister, it’s really hard not to compare their progress. Jeff, my friend and Cora’s sister Maggie’s owner, talks about Maggie so differently than I talk about Cora. Maggie is learning house training faster, apparently, and is biting hands less. She’s been out more in public and rides in the car better. It’s easy to say to myself, “wow, Jeff is doing a way better job with Maggie than I am with Cora.”

But what this IGNORES is the fact that Jeff is one member of a family of four kids and two adults, and spends basically two to three waking hours with Maggie, compared to the ten to twelve waking hours I spend with Cora while raising and training her virtually by myself. Every night he comes home from work and his wife and kids have exhausted Maggie. He has missed all the puddles she made, and teeth marks she left, during the excitement of the day. And when he interacts with her, they are precious moments to both of them at the end of a long day, instead of the realities of spending ten hours with a puppy, which are that the peeing, biting neediness inevitably gets old and you just want to eat your lunch in peace. Jeff disciplines by spanking Maggie, I discipline with a firm “no” and a redirect, and encouraging positive behavior. Jeff vaccinated Maggie himself and is leaving Cora’s fecal exam to decide if Maggie needs to be wormed, and Cora has an expensive, comprehensive puppy plan at the best vet in town. Cora eats the best puppy food I could find, Maggie eats Pedigree. And from what I’ve seen, the “progress” Jeff brags about doesn’t seem to be true. When I’m with Maggie, she bites my hands and pees on my floor just as much, or more, than Cora.

Cora is also– and here’s my biggest victory– crate training REALLY well. Just now I needed to study. And that’s hard to do with a puppy making her best efforts to eat your highlighter. So I spent 15 minutes playing hard with Cora, took her outside until she asked to go in, and then stuck her in her crate, where she has stayed perfectly silently and obediently since then. She’ll cry if she needs to potty, but she will stay in the crate as long as I ask of her. And she is only 8 weeks and two days old.

So Cora’s not perfect. And neither am I. Sometimes I miss cues to take her outside. Sometimes I leave her in her crate too long. Sometimes I am tired from work and I don’t take her outside to romp as much as I should, or play with her as genuinely as Jeff plays with Maggie. And Jeff is doing a good job with Mags. He loves her, and takes her on better adventures than Cora gets to go on.

But you know what? I’m doing a good job too.

as a child i grew up with parents who did medieval re-enactment (think Ren Faire, but non-profit and all year round) and it is so completely unfathomable to me that there are people out there that don’t know what swearing fealty to someone is. 

i mean, im not trying to make people feel bad, there are lots of things i dont know about, it’s just funny how our experiences in life inform our entire perspective, even about little things. swearing fealty has been part of my life since childhood, since before i was old enough to really understand what an oath or bond was. it’s so crazy how things we take for granted as something “everyone knows” are so easy for someone else to not know.