i really wish people would stop feeling the need to portray the media they like as Politically Correct or whatever. its not necessary to argue that just because you like whatever shounen anime, its actually super queer and feminist (especially if its not), or that your favorite video game is well-written or has meaningful things to say about imperialism. if the source of your argument is really “i like this thing and want to convince other people that its good”, you’re almost certainly going to end up cherrypicking and building a shitty argument that makes you look like some sorta weird shill or careerist and also turns people off from the thing you were trying to turn them on to because you tried to paper over whatever flaws (inevitably) exist while you were busy reaching so hard to say that actually, this time its *feminist* when the guy and the girl have to fight and the guy wins.

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Do you have any tips for drawing cats? I've been trying and they all look not so great :c

I think it’s like when you want draw anything: a matter of being very observant and then drawing it a thousand million times even if you suck at first.

Things to look for:

- curves (cats are very flexible and full of curves)

- their spirit (if you have a cat you can look at, take your sketchebook and try to capture the movement with a few lines, once you do this a thousand times you start internalising their behaviour and movement) and if not, just copy a lot of cats you can find in the internet.

- cats are weird

- breaking them down to geometry

- observing and drawing literally what you see vs what you think a cat looks like

- a cat doesn’t have to look like a cat to be a cat (you can make them very weird and not realistic looking but they can still feel very cat-y)

As for style, I think you just have to keep trying, maybe trying to copy some other artist’s style and through fucking it up you’ll get your own style eventually.

I did these quickly to illustrate the curves + geometry (sorry they look evil):

Which you can also see in other artist’s renditions of their cats:

and this cat chilling by Gwen John (look at those curves):

Saudade | Part 2

Genre; Fluff, Angst, and mentions of smut(?) Werewolf!Jungkook
Warnings; Cursing, jealousy, lies… Minor stuff aa
A/N; I’m so sorry this is late! I know a lot of it is wild and messy and I apologize :(

“Are you okay? Did you see something weird outside the restaurant?” The familiar man asked you, concerned. He looked to JiA and gave her a nod, assuring her he’d help you. She smiled in thanks, walking over to where the others sat. As the man helped you up, he whispered in your ear:

“Thoughtful, how you kept that necklace.”

“Jeon Jungkook, what are you doing here?”

⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀-

Eventually, everyone sat down. You focused on your food, as you poked around, nibbling on a piece of salad or forcing down a tomato just to make it look like you were busy eating. Your friends laughed with Hoseok and Taehyung, who had tagged along. You watched as Jungkook joined in the conversations here and there, politely laughing along. Everything was going smoothly until you excused yourself to go to the restroom. You hadn’t really planned on staying in there for more then a few minutes. Still, it was quite. No one came in and you just stared at yourself in the mirror, wondering how you were going to leave. When you slowly opened the door, you found yourself face to face with none other than Jeon Jungkook.

“J-Jungkook.” You mumbled, whilst pending if you should just close the door and hide in the nearest stall. His dark gaze said otherwise. So you swallowed your nervousness and stared at him right in the eyes.

“I know you’re surprised to see me but can’t you be a little mature? Your friends are out there worrying about you and you can’t even pay them attention because you’re too busy hiding away from your ex-boyfriend from 4 years ago.” You were speechless, a scoff was the only thing you could manage.

“Childish? Me? No, Jungkook. Take a good look. Weren’t you the one who willingly set this stupid date up because you knew I’d come to this stupid thing after the note. Wasn’t that it? You were the one that set the note up? How the fuck did you even know where I live? Are so some stalker?” Maybe Jungkook hadn’t been expecting that. Still, he erased all signs of his dumbfounded face in just a few seconds. It frustrated you- just how hard it was to crack Jungkook’s shell and hit a nerve.

“Yeah. I did send that note. But we’re you going to hear me out if I just went up to you and asked you to forgive me?” You let a humorless chuckle escape your mouth.

“No. I wouldn’t.” You watched Jungkook nod but you kept talking, “And that’s because you have no right to ask me to forgive you. You fucking cheated on me for some girl you’re obviously not doing well with. And that was in my own house! You don’t have a side story you can tell me because we both know what happened. You were in heat and it’s obvious. Since I’m not your mate or whatever, you can’t just wait for me, can you? No, you can’t. You can just fuck some other girl and it’s all okay.” You didn’t realize you were yelling until you stopped talking. Jungkook, averted his gaze from you. Finally, after a long silence, you opened the door and started walking.

“You’re my mate.” You stopped, turning to see Jungkook. He wasn’t looking at you, his gaze was at the floor.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re my mate. That’s why I came back for you.” You snorted and Jungkook looked up. Maybe you were the only one who found this funny.

“You had your chance.” Maybe the words came out too cold. Still, did it matter? If you were to cut Jungkook from your life, there was no point in sweetening your words. You walked back to the table, ignoring the looks from your friends. You simply ordered more wine, pouring the violet liquid into the glass cup. Everyone watched as one glass turned to two, two turned to four, four turned to six, and six turned to ten. By the time you were pouring your eleventh glass, your friends were desperately trying to stop you.

“Y/N, get yourself together. You usually don’t drink this much!” JiA shook you, trying to take the cup away from your hands. Eunha had tried to take the bottle from you several times, but it was no use. You just threatened them that you’d make them pay for more bottles.

“Leave me the fuck alone.” You mumbled, dodging JiA. Finally, a firm grip grabbed ahold of your wrist. It was Jungkook.

“Y/N-ssi, you’re drunk.” He was treating you so differently. Of course, to everyone else except the boys and you two, the two of you were just strangers. You friends probably thought you and Jungkook made out during your stay at the bathroom. Although it was far from that.

“Y/N lives in such a scary neighborhood, she needs to get home before it gets any darker.” You could barely hear your friends talking to Jungkook. All you saw was how beautiful he looked. You missed him. Honestly, you were still in love with him. Your lips missed the feeling of his lips just as your body missed his hugs and affectionate cuddles. You missed early morning kisses and late night talks. You missed everything about him but you were stubborn and you couldn’t forgive him after the pain he put you in.

You almost snorted at yourself, hadn’t you just yelled at him a few minutes ago? The fresh memory made you frown, though no one seemed to notice you. Mixed speaking filled your ears. You tried your best to concentrate but the wine had definitely taken its toll on you.

You fought to keep awake but at this point, you could feel your eyelids dropping. Slowly, you fell to JiA’s side, passing out completely. A part of you knew you’d probably wake up with a bad headache and blissful memories. But somewhere in there, you were happy to have seen Jungkook one last time.

If only it had actually been one last time.


Your eyelids fluttered open, bright light filled your eyes. Slowly, you groaned and got up, looking around. Immediately, your eyes went wide. This was not your house. The room was spacious. Perfectly painted grey covered the walls, wood decorations neatly hung on the walls, a glass coffee table with a few magazines, a bookcase with a few decorations, Windows that bathed you in sunlight. The room screamed ‘I’m rich.’ Where were you? Were you kidnapped? What happened last night? The memories were blurry, you remembered Jungkook but you didn’t remembered anything after the argument in front of the bathroom.

You slowly jumped off the bed and stopped. You were not wearing your dress. Instead, you were wearing a familiar, long green hoodie. No, no, no, no. You quietly tiptoed out of the room, walking through a hallway. Eventually, you came to another bedroom. Maybe you weren’t thinking, but you quietly opened it and let yourself in.

Your mother had always told you to be respectful of other’s privacy. The rule replayed in your head but not even nagging could stop you. He was sleeping so peacefully. He was tucked in white sun-bathed covers. As much as you hated to admit it, he was absolutely gorgeous. His brown hair was messy as he peacefully slept and his eyes twitched slightly. You couldn’t help yourself. You silently sat down next to the bed, watching his chest move up and down.

When was the last time you’d seen him sleeping? You didn’t remember. You missed his messy morning hair and his peaceful face when he slept. You missed his arms as they slung around your figure as you lay next to him. It was foolish of you to want him back. He was a selfish man. He would only use you again. But would he really?

“You’re my mate.” The words rang in your head again. You ran a hand through your hair and swallowed. What the fuck am I doing?! Why am I here doing this? I must be insane. Slowly, you got up, hoping he didn’t hear you. As you were about to leave, you felt a hand grip your wrist. It was sudden, but you didn’t yank your hand away.

“Please,” Jungkook’s raspy voice called “Stay.” You turned but you didn’t say anything. You knew what answer had to come. As much as you wanted to stay, that would hurt your pride and break the wall you’d built so hard for the past four years. So you didn’t say anything, savoring his presence while it lasted.

“Jungkook, I’m sorry.” You used your free hand to slip Jungkook’s hand away from your wrist. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he turned his back from you. Maybe it shouldn’t have hurt. But it did.

“I’ll wait. You’re my mate anyways.” Those were his last words before you left his room.

The next time you saw Jungkook was at a meeting at work. Nearly a month had passed since you left his room that morning. Your friends asked you thousands of questions but the answer was always the same: We didn’t sleep. You hadn’t expected to see him again. Especially at your own workplace but fate works in peculiar ways. It was just a Wednesday morning. You had rushed into the full, gray building even if you were a bit early.

The meeting consisted of a few employees, your boss, and men from different companies. The plan was to forge an alliance with neighboring companies and collaborate on different projects to make better products and more money. It was simple, or at least the idea was. As soon as you walked into the meeting room, you were shocked. Not because Jungkook was in there, but so was Namjoon, Yoongi, and Taehyung.

The boys were dressed in crisp suits and pricey watches hung their wrists and their eyes roamed around the room, almost unimpressively. You tried not to let your surprise show, but who wouldn’t be surprised? After all, your ex boyfriend was sitting in front of you not as a boy that broke your heart, but as a man who had it all.

Even when your boss started the meeting, you could barely focus. You rubbed your temple, forcing yourself to listen, but it almost felt like she was talking in another language.

“The employees I have here today, are one of the few I do believe could link the two companies together. My plan, is that, we could pick one representative from each company and send them to the other temporarily.” The plan seemed horrible. Even if the words were jumped up in your head, you got the gist of it. And you were against it.

“How long will this plan be active for?” Namjoon asked, his words emotionless and blunt. The sight made you shiver, Namjoon had always been so careful, his words dipped in a intelligent tone.

“At the least, six months. At the most, about a year.” Ms. Park, your boss, seemed rather nervous talking to the men. You couldn’t blame her, she was trying her best but the men hadn’t said anything that highlighted their interest.

“And what will that person do there? What’s the point of sending an employee to another company when there’s not much they can do? All they’ll do is sulk around. We have started projects weeks ago, if a stranger comes in, the whole cycle will fall.” Jungkook pointed out, looking to Ms. Park. She was obviously speechless at his blunt response.

“U-um-” she started, mumbling things. You’d never seen Ms. Park so powerless. The men had already lost their interest, you realized. They were just playing with Ms. Park.

“Well, isn’t it obvious, Mr. Jeon? The representative would take note of what is happening around the company, with this information, they’ll come back to their own company and we’ll be able to forge ideas together.” You immediately regretted your words, everyone turned to look at you. You hadn’t been trying to get involved but the tense air made you cringe and you’d accidentally let yourself slip.

“And how do we know your company wouldn’t steal those ideas, Ms. Y/L/N?” Jungkook’s eyes twinkled slightly. For him, the game had just started.

“I’m disappointed Mr. Jeon, our company is not so shallow.” Ms. Park interjected, turning eyes back to her “the plan will merely bring our companies together.” There was a pause, no one said anything else for a minute.

“Alright then, we’ll call you when we’ve picked our employee.”

“Why did you do that?” Your head was lowered as Ms. Park yelled at you, the door closed. She’d sent everyone out and you were the only person in here with her.

“T-they were scary.” You cursed at yourself as the answer lamely found its way out of your mouth.

“You embarrassed me, our company, and now that deal is at risk. Never, ever do that again. Understood?” You nodded quickly, ready to cease the screaming. You practically ran out of the room and to your office. Rubbing your temple as your heart thud. As weird as it was, these were the days when you wished you were back with Jungkook. You used to be so happy with him… You couldn’t deny that. You remembered waking up each and every day with a smile on your face. You missed that.

Of course you worked at a small cafe back then. The cafe was always busy though, welcoming customers at an early morning and closing at a late night when a navy colored blanket covered the skies. Jungkook had his ways of working too, him and the boys were always out on business trips or important meetings you didn’t know about. At least not then.

Jungkook never told you about his job. He told you it was a boring office job and that his boss would always be a pain in the ass. That didn’t seem too likely though, especially seeing that Jungkook owned this office job. Looking back, you realized how often Jungkook had lied to you, just why? The thoughts lingered in your head, making you unable to focus on the paperwork in front of you.

It was until 8:20 that your boss summoned you to her own office, receiving an inward sigh from you. Your walk to the office was slow and dull. You dreaded that office. It was so dark and the whole place was decorated a mere gray.

“Sit down, Y/N.” Those were her first words. Not a single acknowledgement but you shouldn’t have expected anything. Especially after her outbursts after the meeting.

“You’ve been selected as the representative of the project. I was originally going to pick another employee but the C.E.O’s seemed to have a great interest in your skills.” Your mind went blank for a moment, the dark office suddenly seemed darker and you fought to keep yourself from rubbing your eyes.

“I-I see,” you mumbled “I’m greatly honored.” Ms. Park seemed to lift an eyebrow in the grayness of the room but her tone remained the same.

“Yes, I expect the best behavior from you. Take the best notes and come back important information.” You found yourself nodding, slowly. In a matter of seconds, you were outside of the room, facing the bright lights of the office. Your knees buckled and you squatted, covering your eyes.



Your clock ticked on as you stared at the darkness. Your heart ached terribly. It was familiar, although you hadn’t felt this kind of heartache in a long time. You remembered sleepless nights when you lay awake, either crying or thinking back. You didn’t want to face him but it seemed like fate. Bad fate. Anytime you saw him, your heart would feel so heavy. Today was no exception. You thought back to the day you first met him. That confusing day when you were whisked into a room to watch movies with him.

After that day, you remembered just how wonderfully Jungkook treated you. It started with small things like a text at least once a day. Then, he’d leave roses in your locker. The more time you gave him, the more confident he became. You remembered the glares from your Highschool peers and overwhelming questions every class period.

“How did you get Jungkook to like you?” That was the big question. Honestly, you didn’t know either. It just happened. You and Jungkook were great for months leading up until your first fight with him. It was horrid. You remembered how scared you were, watching his eyes gleam an amber color that looked inhuman. And all because he was jealous. You’d been talking to a boy from your class, asking him about the homework.

He’d happily helped you, giving you good tips. You didn’t think of it too much and it was clear he didn’t either. Then it went downhill when Jungkook saw you walking out with him, laughing. At first, you’d been completely understanding. You knew where Jungkook was coming from. But then it grew, every small argument you had with him, the boy’s name would arise.

That night, Jimin was out to get groceries and Taehyung had cancelled plans. You were alone with him. Jungkook didn’t hurt you, no, but he scared you. You didn’t know about the supernatural part of him. Until that point, you only thought of him as a human. That night, you ran out of the apartment, body trembling. You called Jimin as fast as possible, your eyes on the door of the dorm.

“J-Jimin.” You were on the verge of tears as words jumbled from your mouth. Jimin could barely keep track, but Jimin was smart. He was aware that something like this would happen. He left his groceries and arrived at the dorm as soon as possible, comforting you before walking into the dorm. You thought Jimin would die, you expected yells or screams. But instead, the dorm remained dead silent. You would be lying if you said it didn’t scare you.

After a few minutes, Jimin came back and instructed you to go home. At first, you were reluctant. You still wanted to check up on Jungkook, but Jimin practically begged you to go home and you couldn’t say no to that. You drove home and the entire night, you were tossing and turning. Just like right now. The memory was faint but still very, very vivid. You turned over in your bed, sighing to yourself.


You don’t remember how you fell asleep, but you hadn’t slept much. You woke up at 3 in the morning, when the stars still covered the skies. You made yourself some tea and waited for the sun to come up. All you had to do was wait three more hours. That wasn’t necessarily too hard. You had a thousand thoughts in your head, waiting to be sorted. All you had to do was pick a good, long memory and you’d be plunged into another train or thought.

For the next few hours, you let yourself think. You enjoyed the peacefulness of your apartment. When 6 A.M finally rolled in, you got up to get ready. You picked a white blouse with ribbons tied onto the sleeves, a black skirt, and jacket that hung on your shoulder. It was already 6:54 by the time. You practiced smiling a few times and you hadn’t noticed that you’d forgotten all about Jungkook for that time being.


“Name?” The woman at the counter seemed unsurprised by your presence, the word flying through her mouth easily.

“Uh… Y/N Y/L/N.” You answered while looking around. The building was at the far end of town, where rich citizens would drink $100 dollar champagnes and look over the city from class restaurants on floors that would reach 50. You admired the glass windows and white solid bricks as paintings adorned the building, balancing out the color and blandness.

“Oh, the new temporary recruit. You’ll be seeing Mr. Kim, he’s on the 60th floor. You’ll find his office as you turn left.” You nodded gratefully, walking towards the metal elevator. You were hesitant to enter since there were a lot of people but you had no choice, you’d end up running late. The workers all seemed to stare at you, noticing the stiffness. The elevator was full of whispers and stares that made you overall very uncomfortable and nervous. You tried smiling but the other workers would advert their gaze. When the elevator stopped at the 60th floor, you ducked your heart, nearly running. Suddenly, you bumped into someone.

It was Jin. Kim Seokjin. You stared at him, dumbfounded. It had been four years since you last saw him. He had been like a big brother to you when you and Jungkook were dating. He let your vent your feelings, he’d cook for you, and invite you over when you didn’t want to go home after an argument with Jungkook. The memories of his smile and jokes were just rusty remains of what you remembered of him. Now, he stood over you. But not as a friend. His eyes were icy and he didn’t seem too happy about you bumping into him.

“It’s a pleasure seeing you again, Y/N.” He spoke in a neutral tone and you felt your heart shatter, where was the real a Seokjin? The one who’d loved and cared for you so much?

“Yes, it’s a pleasure of mine as well.” You could’ve swore he scoffed lightly but he didn’t say anything else. Then, he slowly leaned forward to your ear, whispering the words so quietly you could barely hear.

“Jungkook’s keeping us away from you. Don’t fall into trap.” Your breathing stopped, then Jin passed you by silently. You heard your heart beating faster and you couldn’t help but glance at the black camera that had been watching you so intently. Jungkook, what are you getting us into?! You swallowed and kept walking, knocking a gray door with the words “Kim Namjoon.” Plastered on it.

“Come in.” You pushed Jin’s words away and opened the door, inviting yourself inside. Namjoon sat in his chair, a spectacular view of buildings behind him. He seemed to radiate in a power you’d never noticed until now, though his smile was the same.

“Y/N, it’s great to see you again.” Namjoon’s tone was formal although he stood from his chair, leading you to a chair in front of his desk. You forced a smile, thanking him before taking a seat.

“I just ran into Jin, he’s… Changed.” You tried to ignore the awkward tension forming in the room but it was clearly there and it was taking the space away to talk.

“It’s okay, Y/N. There are no cameras in here.” Namjoon seemed to have read your mind, giving you a reassuring smile. You nodded but you couldn’t let the anxious feeling go.

“I know you have a lot of questions right now.” Namjoon sighed, biting the inside of his lip. You wondered just what was inside of his head right now. What made all the boy’s so weird?

“Why the hell is Jungkook keeping the boys away from me?” You weren’t playing mind games. Especially, Jungkook’s. The boys had never been influenced by Jungkook, they loved him yes but they never let him control the group. And you didn’t want to know what happened that made Jungkook the control of it all. Nonetheless, you’d made up your mind. You weren’t a piece of Jungkook’s board game.

“Y/N, you have to be quiet. They could still hear-”

“No, Namjoon, it doesn’t matter if they can hear us. What matters is that Jeon Jungkook, the youngest of your friend group, is controlling you. And you don’t feel the slightest bit wrongdoing in this? Jungkook isn’t strong enough to control all six of you, why can’t you do anything?” Namjoon rubbed his temple, another sigh escaped his lips.

“Y/N. A lot of things happened while you tried to bury and childishly forget Jungkook, okay? What matters is that Jungkook is in order at the moment and no one can do anything.” You couldn’t believe your ears. Namjoon had always been a strong leader to the boys, acting the oldest even since they were kids. But the mighty leader had been defeated. And you never once would’ve thought Jeon Jungkook would have risen.

“Fine, then answer this one simple question for me.” You watched Namjoon hesitate, but he reluctantly nodded after a few seconds. You bit your lower lip, taking a deep breath before talking again.

“Jungkook told me I was his mate.” Namjoon’s eyes were wide open, his mouth parted slightly. It was new for him and you suddenly regretted telling him. Namjoon took a few seconds to register what you’d said, then he ran a hand through his hair.

“Y/N. Be honest with me, do you still love Jungkook?” There is was. Love. The four lettered word you’d learned to despise even as a child. As a little girl who enjoyed books, you read a lot of books and each one of them represented some kind of love. And it wasn’t for you. Because life wasn’t as simple as books made it seem. Love wasn’t as beautiful as those letters glorified. It was the exact opposite. But here it was again, written on the pages of your book, again.


“Be honest.” Your eyes met with Namjoon and you suddenly felt your vision blur. Tears. You rarely cried. The last time you cried was probably nearly two years ago and you knew why. It was the same subject as now. Jeon Jungkook. Soon after your break up with him, you found your new weakness. And that was Jungkook. His mere name written on a paper seemed to bring tears. As stupid as it was, you could never stop it. And couldn’t stop it now. You averted Namjoon’s gaze but both of you knew the answer even before you said it.

“Yeah,” you choked out “I still love him.” You laughed bitterly, wiping the tears that were forming in your eyes. Namjoon rose from his seat, walking over to embrace you. Suddenly, you felt younger. It just felt like a regular Saturday night after you got into an argument with Jungkook and you were at Namjoon and Jin’s dorm.

Except apologies couldn’t fix the mess that had been made.


The work given at your new ‘workplace’ was nothing like the work your other boss gave you. Yes, there was much, much more work. But it was also well sorted and neat. You went through everything quickly, surprising many. Occasionally, some kind workers would pass by, giving you a compliment, which lifted up your spirits. When another batch of papers were finished, you’d ask for a bit more, trying to distract yourself from anything related to Jungkook. Unfortunately, that was not easy. You’d end up trying to think of a word or spelling and suddenly, you’d be thinking of him.

Time went by fast when you were constantly working. 4 P.M rolled in as you finished the third batch of papers. You hadn’t realized just how well you could work with everything sorted out for you. Normally, it would take you so long to finish a single file of papers and you’d rarely asked for more work. It wasn’t until a fellow co-worker slid some tea on your table, you looked up.

“You’re working well. Especially for your first day.” It was a woman. She didn’t look any older then you, in her early 20s. She had long black hair and a white blouse on with a yellow skirt and long, grey cardigan.

“Thank you, the work is so well sorted out here. That’s probably why.” You shrugged, watching her smile softly.

“Name’s Haemin, call me Mina.” She held her hand for you to shake, you politely took it, a smile lacing your lips.

“My name’s Y/N, I’m the representative from Park co.” You watched her eyes light up, a grin forming on her face.

“Oh, I heard all seven of the C.E.Os picked who it was. I guess you’re the lucky one.” You awkwardly nodded, sharing a uncomfortable laugh. Soon enough, Mina left you to your work and your focus was back on your papers. Hours flew by like sand and you found yourself glancing at the clock to see that it was already 8. Some employees had gone home but many decided to stay. Then, an unknown woman walked up to you, pointy glasses highlighting her look. She instructed you to follow her and you were led to a grey-colored door. Without much of a choice, you entered the room, surprised to see all seven of the boys waiting.

“Ms. Y/L/N, sit down. We’re here to talk about a few things regarding the deal.” You nodded, pushing away the awkward air that had formed in the bland room.

“How’s work so far?” You looked up, blinking a few times. You opened your mouth to say the words 'it’s going fine.’ But the words didn’t form in your mouth, instead, a bitter taste spread over your tongue like poison. Maybe it was because you were aware of Jungkook’s glare, burning into you so far that it could reach into your soul.

“It’s f-fine, thank you.” You answered meekly, offering the men a small smile. They didn’t seem content with your answer but the meeting proceeded.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why we’ve brought you here,” Jin started “meetings will take place each month while our project is going on. We’ll discuss your progress and you’ll share what you’ve observed. We expect you to write most of your observations down so we’ll be able to go over them any time possible.” You nodded, earning a polite smile from the men.

“Today we’ll be holding a short meeting to discuss both personal problems and your progress. I do hope you answer honestly.” Namjoon took the lead once more. Personal problems? Why would they talk about anything unrelated here? You glanced over at Jungkook, your eyes meeting his. Whatever you fucking plan is, Jungkook, you’re getting nowhere.

“Y/N, you’re a special employee to us. Not because you are apart of the major project but because you know all of us separately. There really isn’t any time to say this so we’ll just explain everything simply.” Namjoon’s words were kind but the air didn’t seem to shift. Everything was so thick with an uncomfortableness you almost threw up.

“Jungkook here, recently proved himself. So he’s in charge now.” Namjoon chose his words carefully, almost as if he were intimidated but you were shocked. Jungkook was in charge? For what reason? What damn reason made him so powerful to make him, the youngest, the most superior? If wasn’t right. Four years ago, Namjoon was in charge. Seokjin was more like an assistant and Yoongi was the darker one who kept everyone in shape when the two elders couldn’t.

“That doesn’t make sense.” You protested and everything stopped for a moment. Jungkook turned to you, his eyes full of fire.

“What doesn’t make sense? I won a fight and got this rank fair and square.” Jungkook growled and you scoffed. You didn’t want to start a fight but something obviously had to be done. If Jungkook still saw you as the 19 year old who couldn’t fight for herself, he was wrong.

“You won that spot fair and square and I got a Grammy, Jeon.” You watched Jungkook’s jaw clench, although he didn’t say anything. “Don’t be stupid, I’ve known you long enough to know that you’re a boy who scared of microwaves and joined the pack because of Namjoon. Why would you kick him out of his spot? There’s only one reason, it’s because your cocky and arrogant side got ahold of you.” There was silence and you knew why. The words you said were true. Jungkook didn’t win the match because he displayed his leader-like abilities, but he got it because of his violence and rudeness.

“Is that how you speak to your new C.E.O?”

“Technically, since we’re not talking about work and because we’re talking about your mistakes, I can talk the way I want. After all, I’m a victim.” You shot him a dirty look and it was like another volcano had been erupted.

“But this is a professional meeting at work.” Jungkook fired back. At this point, both of you were just being childish. And no one could say anything.

“Professional my ass. I got into this stupid shit because you hand picked me to have fun not to take real notes and present them to my boss.”

“I’m obviously-” Jungkook was cut off as Namjoon interjected, clearing his throat.

“Both of you calm down and then maybe this meeting would go on peacefully.” His voice was dripping with frustration and anger. Knowing Namjoon, he was formal and polite, with him in charge, none of this would have happened.

“You’re not the fucking leader.” Jungkook hissed, eyes narrowing at Namjoon.

“You’re right, he’s the not leader but you aren’t either Jungkook. Are you really here fighting with an employee because of something that happened 4 years ago? Get a grip and focus on your job, Jeon.” You hadn’t heard Yoongi speak since you walked in, his cold and imitating aura hadn’t changed and his personality didn’t seemed to have changed either. Jungkook didn’t say anything and you felt a strange reassurance wash over you.

“Y/N, we expect better actions from you in the future. You were very inappropriate today.” Yep. Yoongi definitely hadn’t changed. You simply nodded, content with the fact that Jungkook had lost this battle.


You’d ended your first day at your 'new workplace’ with a warning and a fight with one of your C.E.Os. Great. There was a part of you that didn’t regret it though. You took in the humid, night air. The skies were empty of stars tonight. You were about to leave before someone took ahold of your shoulder, turning you around to face them. And that someone was Jeon Jungkook. It was shitty just how life wasn’t going to let you go home peacefully without another fight with Jungkook, but when had life ever been nice to you?

“We need to talk.” Jungkook’s face could barely be seen as the lighting covered his face but his voice highlighted the signs of anger and frustration. You crossed your arms, tugging your purse higher up your shoulder.

“Aren’t we talking right now?” Jungkook rolled his eyes at your childish answer.

“Somewhere private.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere with you. Especially not when I could be at home sleeping.” Jungkook rubbed his temple, sighing.

“You just stripped the title of leader from me faster than I got it and embarrassed me in front of all the boys. Can’t you just listen for once?”

“Embarrassed you? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” You sarcastically answered, ignoring the glare Jungkook sent you. “But if you don’t recall, I just said the truth and truth is, you don’t need that damn title. It belongs to someone stronger that can hold their ground and you know that’s not you. It’s amazing how the boys even let you keep the title for fun for a few months.” You watched Jungkook’s jaw clench, signaling his annoyance.

“Jungkook, you’re not a leader. I think we both know that.” Jungkook was silent for a moment, then he glared at you, anger filled his eyes.

“It’s been four fucking years, Y/N. How do you know if I’m a leader and if I’m not? That’s more than 1640 days without eachother. I could have changed.” The words he spat out were oddly familiar, the tone highlighting the rusty memories of when Jungkook would prove over and over again how 'manly’ he was.

“Fine. I’m sorry I fucking saved you from embarrassment, you can go ahead and talk.” You crossed your arms, irritated. Jungkook opened his mouth, quickly closing it after making a few frustrated hand gestures.

“We’re not playing charades Jungkook. Spit it out.” Jungkook took a step closer to you, looming over your figure.

“Why are you like this Y/N? Why do you these things and expect me to be mad at you?”

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  • Me: I'm gonna have some canned cheese ravioli for lunch probably
  • Aaron: What the FUCK
  • Aaron: Oh wait that's right you eat the weird CHEESE ravioli...
  • Aaron: Post a picture of that to your blog so your followers can agree with me on how that weird that is
  • Me: Yes, I already did. We've had this conversation before
  • Aaron: You are eating.... an aberration

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Headcanon, Ducky has weird but nice friends who make every living moment both wonderful and slightly horrifying. As it should be for all friends.

Oh my god this is so sweet

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You’re all weird and crazy, but I love you guys so much <3

i’ve seen a lot of posts lately decrying straight relationship culture – you know, the weird shit like referring to your wife as a ball and chain, weird stereotypical jokes about how marriage is a trap, all that shit – but the really troublesome one i’ve seen is people suggesting that occasionally having fights with your partner is somehow the result of straight culture and heteronormativity, and REAL couples don’t fight and etc etc

yo, that’s bullshit

couples fight! it happens! it’s totally normal! people spending all their time with one another, people who have the most perfect relationship, are still going to have disagreements, are still going to get on each others’ nerves sometimes, are still going to fight. obviously there are limits – such a thing as too much fighting, and obviously i’m not talking about physical altercations which is never a positive thing, but sometimes you’re going to get pissed at each other for a little while and that’s just how it goes. 

i think it is super harmful to spread the idea that real couples don’t ever fight, that somehow non-straight relationships are more ‘pure’ and will have fewer fights than straight couples. it sends the idea that, if you do fight, then your relationship isn’t ‘real’ and you shouldn’t be together etc etc. 

what it really comes down to, like most things relating to relationships, is communication. fighting with your partner is normal, just talk with each other, figure out what happened, and strive to improve.

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I have to ask is it really wrong to find a skeleton hot and sexy no matter how the fans draw them to melt our brain's?

i don’t think so! if someone draws a skell to look very handsome, and you find yourself swooning, the artist did a good job in eliciting the correct response.

but maybe try not to smooch a skeleton in real life. that might get you some weird looks.

boyfriend! kang daniel
  • cat cafe first date
  • daniel gets all melty when he sees you play with the cats
  • so adorable,,,,,
  • the both of you end up getting so much cat fur on yourselves
  • removing it for each other with masking tape bought from a stationary shop because ain’t nobody got time for a lint roller
  • ending up in fits of laughter because the both of you were removing the fur at a park and exercising ahjummas just keep staring at you being weird kids???
  • satoori popping out when he’s flustered
  • like when you surprise him with pizza after his practice!
  • and the pizza gets stolen by all the wanna one boys xdddd
  • tries to get a piggy back ride from you and you almost die
  • you play with his hair all the time!!!!!!!
  • [you: i don’t think i can do this :( i’m so nervous.]
  • [daniel: what are you saying????? go rock that interview baby
  • his message calms you down
  • you end up “rocking” the interview
  • [daniel: i knew you could do it
  • you imitating his famous thigh sweeping action
  • him getting all shy and awkward
  • loves it when you show him aegyo
  • getting ice cream together on a hot day
  • “you: can i have some of yours pleaseeeeeee??” cues puppy eyes
  • “daniel: eat your own one” :pppp
  • daniel ends up closing his eyes because he cannot resist those damn puppy eyes
  • so you steal his ice cream successfully and take a bite lmao
  • tickles you till you return his ice cream but then it’s becomes all melted so y’all just ended up getting more wtf
  • putting his long limbs to good use so back hugs all day err dayyyy
  • sweet boyfie because he makes you hot chocolate and buys you heat packs when you are having cramps
  • pinches your cheeks because you look like an adorable bun to him
  • him sleep talking
  • it’s cute
  • jisung cringes at the both of you when you two feed each other popcorn during a movie in their dorm because too sweet!!!11!!! for him
  • you stick your tongue out at jisung
  • and daniel laughs
  • sitting on his lap
  • amateur cooks in the kitchen together
  • the both of you ended up burning a fried egg because you two were too caught up with trying to lick your own elbows
  • sometimes you miss him but can’t see him :(
  • he’s just so busy
  • he misses you a lot too
  • the both of you end up talking on the phone at every night
  • ends with endless of “i love you”s and “i can’t wait to hug you”s
  • says bye for 20 minutes before hanging up
  • cute couple with matching shoes!!!!!!
  • daniel is a sucker for things like that
  • “i got you this keychain from japan!!!!!!!! filled with my love”
  • he has the cutest smile on when he passes it to you
  • it’s an adorable cat keychain that is now hanging on your bag
  • “don’t feel lonely anymore heh”
  • a while later you find out he took pictures of you on your first date at the cat cafe
  • it’s his wallpaper
  • when you question him he get’s flustered
  • “you w-were too cute” :( rip your heart
  • you feeling all fuzzy inside after hearing that
  • actually… you always feel fuzzy inside when you are with daniel
  • and he feels the same way too 


find boyfriend! hwang minhyun here :-)

Headcanon that Lea was way into conspiracies as a kid. Kind of like Riku but more in the they’re-keeping-secrets-from-us way. 

“Haven’t you ever noticed how small this place is?“

“Scrooge is literally the only person like that. He’s a duck, Isa. He’s a duck. Isa listen to me.” 

“Where did that blonde kid come from?? Where is he???” 

“I’m telling you that Xehanort guy was not here before. And now people are going missing.”

“You ever notice how suspicious Braig is??”

“Isn’t is odd that Ansem got ‘sick’ all of a sudden.”

“I’m telling you, they’re doing something weird at the castle.”

“Seriously, this is freaky. We need to talk to someone. We need to see what’s going on.”

The Hunter In Training

Pairing: (Eventual)Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,338

Warnings: None really (unless you count the death in the story)

A/N: Hey, guys! This is my first time writing any fanfiction. I am really nervous to share this with you guys, but I hope that ya’ll will enjoy it! Please give me feedback to know if I should continue this story or not. My plan is to have four or five parts to this, but we will see how this goes.

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You had always been interested in the things that go bump in the night; it was something that others would look at you weird for. Instead of going out and having fun with your friends, you went to spend time at the library doing “research.” You are termed the nerd among those that know you, but this never bothered you because you knew that the knowledge that you had from all of the time spent reading would become handy in the future. You just never thought that the time to use what you know would come so soon.

The moment that he walked into the small café that you would often visit when you wanted to enjoy the homemade smoothies that they had there changed you forever. You looked up at him with bambi-like eyes as you watched the tall drink of water and godliness approach the counter. You tried not to make it look so obvious that you were staring at him, so you dropped your head to read the book on ghosts that you checked out. You were close enough to listen to the man as he placed his order to know that he was just passing through town on his way to an event in South Dakota. You felt slightly sad because you were hoping that he was new in town so you would be able to have the chance to run into him again. He received his coffees and left; you had the look about you like your beloved puppy just died. You watched him get into what appeared to be a ’67 Chevy Impala. Your dad liked cars, and he would share this love with you!

As you finished your smoothie, you decided to head home. As you were walking towards your apartment, you heard what sounded like struggling in a near-by ally. You stopped to see if you could see anything without getting caught. You heard a scream and then silence. Your instincts told you to run, but you remained hidden in case the person responsible showed his or her face so you could tell the police. After about ten minutes, no one appeared, so you went to see what happened. There laid Joey, the local homeless man that you often talked to and brought food for. He was all bloody with a hole in the center of his chest. You were scared of what could have caused this, so you figured it was best to leave. You went home, making sure to keep a close eye on anything that seemed to be out of place.

The next day, you were on your way to the library when you noticed that they had the alley way roped off. The police were investigating what happened to Joey last night. You stopped to listen to what they were saying when you noticed one of the FBI agents looked like the man you saw in the café yesterday. You wanted to know what they were talking about so you decided to follow behind them to listen to the two agents talk to each other. The shorter one was also really attractive; he had this ruggish badass appeal to him that you saw in your older brother. You tried to focus on what they were saying instead of dreaming about the taller one. “So, what are you thinking? Werewolf?” “It has to be. I, mean, the heart was missing. There is not a lot that tends to take people’s hearts.” “What do you think we should do now?” “I suggest we talk to the locals; see if we can get an idea if Joe Shmoe back there had any enemies.” They got into the Impala that you saw yesterday and knew that something was up. You remembered reading about werewolves and how they would eat hearts in order to survive. You found this to be a little disturbing, but you knew that something animal-like had to have attacked Joey with the way his remains were in that alley.

You decided to head to the café to get a smoothie before heading to the library. Upon leaving the café, we noticed the FBI agents from earlier talking to Mrs. Watson about Joey. “Well, thank you for your time.” “No problem, agents. I hope you find what you are looking for.” As they started to walk away, you approached them. “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with Mrs. Watson. Are you asking about Joey?” They looked at each other and then back at you. “Yeah, we are. I am Agent Smith, and this is Agent Smith. We have no relation.” “Alright. What would you like to know?” “Did Joey have any enemies or reasons why someone would want him dead?” “No. He was homeless, but he was so sweet. I would often bring him sandwiches and talk to him in the park. A lot of people just left him alone, but I know that he got lonely. Plus I don’t like to see others hurt.” “Did you notice anything last night?” You debated in telling them that you heard him die, but you were not sure what would happen. You decided to take a chance. “Well, I happened to be walking by the alley when I heard a struggle. I waited around to see if I could see anything when I heard a scream. After ten minutes, I went into the alley and found Joey. I didn’t know what to do, so I went home.” “Did you notice anything weird? Like smells or anything?” “No, not really. The only thing I noticed was the hole in his chest.” “Well, thank you for your help.” “Anytime, but can I ask you guys a question?” “Um, sure.” “I was just curious to know what kind of FBI agents believe in werewolves.” The brothers looked at you with a shocked expression. “I am sorry? What are you talking about?” “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation at the crime scene. You guys were talking about Joey missing his heart and how it was a werewolf. I was just wondering why you would think this?” “What makes you think we do?” “Well, I know that whatever attacked Joey was not human and the fact his heart was missing makes me feel it could be a werewolf as well.” “Wait, you think it is a werewolf. How would you know?” “I like things like this. I read a lot especially about myths like werewolves, ghosts, vampires. I tend to spend a lot of time at the library instead of the few friends that I have.” They just looked at you like they didn’t quite understand what you just said. “So you are not a hunter, then?” “A hunter? No, I am just a regular girl into Supernatural things. Are you guys hunters?” “Yeah, we are. My name is Sam, and this is my brother, Dean.” You had a look of awe in your eyes as you realized the tall one’s name was Sam. You liked that name. Hell, you were sure that you liked him, even though you just met him. “My name is Y/N. It is nice to meet you!” “Same here, sweetheart.” The one named Dean shook your hand while Sam went to do the same. “So, Y/N, since you seem to know so much about this town and the situation, do you think that you could help us out?” “Me? I am not sure what I could help with. I am not a hunter, and you guys seem to know way more than I do.” “Well, we still need to do some research, and we could use your help with that.” Sam had a genuine look in his eyes as he asked you to help. You knew in that moment with that breathtaking smile and those beautiful soul-reaching hazel eyes that you would do anything that this man asked you to do. With a smile, you responded. “Alright, Sam. I will help you!”

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at least kakuhida is way better than a jashinist half-naked marysue attached to a horny boob-lover hidan. it sickens me to see those leeches thinking they would get in hidans pants when in fact he would be so nauseated and kill em all.

anon i don’t know how to tell you this but you’re just as weird as the girls you’re making fun of for being this defensive of like, hidan

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I'm sorry you got into this weird drama, but also love it because I found another wonderful TR blog to follow!!! (sorry i'm anon don't want them to come to me next but you'll probably know who i am from recent followers lol)

This melted my heart, thank you! Well I can’t keep my mouth shut so it’s my fault but it brought me you - something good can be found in something shitty 😁 Thank you very much, hope you’ll enjoy my blog 💗

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You can make some very well reasoned and thought-out arguments and then you can switch to some weird memes so you've got both the major food groups covered, well worth following to ensure a balanced diet.

i meant for this blog to be humor only but then something bothers me and i lack the self control to post it on another blog so im just glad it isnt completely unfollowable thank you