Louis Tomlinson gets in a tiff with fan after he declines a photo while clubbing in Ibiza
LOUIS Tomlinson told a fan to get a better pair of shorts during a tiff as he partied in Ibiza over the weekend. The One Direction singer jokingly hit out at the man who was unhappy after Louis dec…

LOUIS Tomlinson told a fan to get a better pair of shorts during a tiff as he partied in Ibiza over the weekend.

The One Direction singer jokingly hit out at the man who was unhappy after Louis declined to have a picture with him.

A source partying alongside the dad-of-one at Ibiza Rocks told The Sun Online: “Louis was flanked by security as he watch Craig David DJ.

“He declined all photos except for a hen party who kept on begging him until he gave in and went “oh go on then”.

“After seeing their success, a man tried his luck but when Louis politely declined he got rather grumpy. Louis responded by saying ‘get some better shorts. Those ones are s**t!’”.

Edit because I left off part of the article: 

Louis was enjoying a six day break with mates, without girlfriend Danielle Campbell or his son Freddie from his romance with Briana Jungwirth.

Speaking as he enjoyed the music, he told us: “It’s good being on the break to do stuff like this. We’ve been a few places. Craig David is putting on a good show. I love him.”

And chatting about his son, he added: “Freddie is doing so well. He’s getting big and he’s healthy which is the most important thing.”

Meanwhile despite not wanting to take too many pics at Ibiza Rocks, a few lucky fans did get some pics which they shared on social media.

Louis also uploaded a video of himself partying at the club Ushuaia for it’s closing party which featured Avicii.

He captioned the clip: “Siiiiickkk.”

The Sun Online has contacted Louis’ rep for comment.


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Synopsis: Ashton takes his daughter on stage



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She sighed once more as her daughter continued to wriggle around on the blanket. “Amelia Anne, stop moving.” She demanded, but the girl paid no heed to her and attempted to roll onto her little, bloated stomach. Y/N was a tad bit impatient; they had joined Ashton on tour a couple of days ago, and she was already stressed. Amelia wouldn’t dare part from her father, since it was the first time she had seen him in the flesh in months, and she wouldn’t even listen to her mother. Ashton was off preparing for the show they had that evening, leaving Y/N with the dependent two year old. She had finally rid Amelia of her nappy, but the girl began rolling around once given the chance.

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whenever adrien plays piano in fics, he’s always playing classical music which is great and all, but listen. when people start playing piano in band there’s a 90% chance it’s video game music, a random tv show opening, or a meme

Come, all, and I will tell you a thing. Today I discovered a mural of early Canadian settler life in Chemainus. It was the most unsettling art work I’ve ever seen. We’ll go left–> right. 

First… why is that man so sad? Why are those ladies looking RIGHT AT YOU while grinning wickedly? And let’s get a closer look at those kids because…

…. that one child is most decidedly and desperately wicked and also a witch. His hat is..z floating? And his buddy looks… scared and despairing

Note how the forest looms over this neighbourly picnic. The grass is lit by sun but the trees are black as sin. No sun lights *their* branches. That guy throwing horseshoes (modeled, it seems, after Rhys Darby) is SUPER intense about it but no one is playing with him. At first you think the guys near him might be playng or watching, but when you look closer the perspective suggests they’re several metres closer to us than he is and just off into space. And that woman on the right? Her one visible arm is SO SWOLE

LOOK HOW SWOLE IT IS! I call her Lizzy Swolehand. She has Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s arm. You know it isn’t just the fabric because her hand is also massive. This isn’t unsettling so much as perplexing. Does she have a more appropriately proportioned left arm? Does she need bespoke tailored garments to contain her massive swole arm? She is clearly proud of it because she’s showing it off. Strange, but cheers to representations of non normative femininity.

The dancers are quite a crew. Why does the violinist have a woman just standing near him? She isn’t holding music just…. staring right at us. (subjects staring RIGHT AT YOU is a recurring theme in the mural.) Note that in the background there are two or three sets of women dancing together, which I like to think is indicative that this early mill town had a huge number (proportionately) of lesbians. Yay, more non-normative subjects; Daphne Marlatt would approve. But one woman needs a closer look….. 

Did they forget to paint her partner, or is her partner only visible to her?

 To the right of the dance, there’s a very awkward convo on the left, just going by the redhead’s face. And something is really wrong with those girls on the right…

One of them is clearly a fully grown hobbit woman, and the girl in the middle is giving us a Jim Halpert stare while the other two hog all the sweet hoop time. This is what happens when you leave your hoop at home.

Apart from the travesty of the facial hair of the guy on the left and grampa’s tiny chair, this is less weird… except for… oh god…

that child is clearly evil or, at best, plotting wickedness. Gramma is unawares.

Actually, animated evil doll isn’t the only thing worth looking at more closely. This a love triangle I want to hear more about.

Finally, the end. Everyone here is normal. Well, ish. Blue waistcoat is clearly thinking naughty thoughts… And why are the woman with the nice hair and that girl so isolated? Everyone must be jealous of their sick hats.

And JUST when you think you’re done, you walk up the street and discover this gem of a sequel/prologue. (canonically– a little painted notice in the right corner lures you to the alley in the back with the promise of the rest of the mural, altho the complete piece leaves you with so many unanswered questions.) By far this is the most disturbing. The little girl’s head is turned 180 degrees, exorcist style, and the man has a mephistopheles beard and utterly dead eyes. But the scariest is the woman. Her grin is icy cold and totally, 100% evil and she knows it and she is loving it. The little girl knows it, too, and as she looks STRAIGHT AT YOU it is impossible not see that she is afraid. Afraid of her parents, afraid of the strange town picnic to which they drag her, afraid of the dark and o'ershadowed woods, afraid of the strangeness of Chemainus itself, and most afraid of the strangeness inside us all.

tardisesandtitans  asked:

Hello again! What got you in looooove with Daesung?

Hi ^^. I wouldn’t say I’m in love with him aha. I’m just a huge fan lol.

In no particular order, this is why Daesung is my bias:

  • His voice. I love every aspect of his voice, from the almost husky tone of it to those high notes he can hit so well.
  • His looks. I find him so interesting to look at. His face is just so beautiful. His skin is gorgeous. His eye smile and smile are to die for. His lips are so nice. And omg his hair is just so fluffy and majestic. I could go on, but I won’t haha.
  • His humour. I find him hilarious. He makes puns all the time and those are my fave. Those nose jokes though. And his merch kills me. Nose and lip molds? Water bottles in the shape of his body? A body pillow? All of those exist!! I still can’t believe.
  • His personality. He’s very humble and considerate, yet can be super sassy (Some of my faves are: ”If you don’t know this song, you have to leave!” and “Let’s not fall in love? What kind of message is that?”). He’s very complex and I love that.
  • His strength and determination. He fought so hard to become a singer, even though his parents were against it and he didn’t have the traditional idol look. He also persevered to come back to singing even after the accident he had. That took a lot of guts. He also fights every day to make sure that his voice is in good condition (he’s been struggling with vocal nodes since they debuted I believe). He also had terrible stage fright in the past and fought through that as well. He’s truly a fighter!
  • His reason for becoming a singer: to bring happiness to people. What a sweetheart. I hope he knows that he’s more than succeeded.
  • His facial expressions. He has one of the most expressive faces I have ever witnessed. Sometimes his expressions are a little extra, but he’s completely aware of that XD. The fact that he can go back and forth from super cute smiley Daesung to the sexy Yabai Kang with just a quick change in his expression will forever baffle me.
  • His way with words. Some of the things he says are so eloquent and well thought out. He has the image of the “funny and cute guy” so I think people find it unexpected.
  • His relatability. He’s very easy to relate to: how scared he gets of things, how bored he looks while the others are talking, how panicked he looks when he realizes he’s been called on to speak…
  • His love for lego. I don’t know why, but I find this so cute. I’ll never forget that part in Infinite Challenge when his most prized possession was a lego helicopter that he spent hours building. Hours. (Or it may have even been days…) He’s a kid at heart and I love it.

Oh my, I think I’ll stop there aha. I didn’t think I’d write so much… woops :P

when i was younger (like between six and ten) i used to try to download programs on my dad’s old 1997 computer and see how long it would take to download and this just Fascinated me to the point where i would find new programs every day to download and occasionally i’d even wait the amount of time it needed to download… i think the longest one i ever saw was seven days… an entire week just for the satisfaction of knowing i waited that long for something to download

So I’m rereading Mirrors and Second Sight, and while I’m disappointed that yet another of my favorite books has Alan Alexander stamped all over it, it did make me miss some of the cool things I’ve done in past nWoD/CofD games, including:

  • the possessed shotgun who communicated in safety clicks and liked blondes
  • the cult with mirrored masks
  • the fae ice queen with the chandelier world palace (i.e. sky is down, land is up)
  • the ten-year-old Lucifuge
  • the traumatized and aichmophobic Flowering in the game that really didn’t deserve her
  • the Regency-era Acanthus who infiltrated the Masons
  • Anna, the most disappointed Nosferatu
  • the ghost of a little girl who died on the NYC subway and just wanted to see the ducks in Central Park
  • that one Asylum game I ran using the trapped angel scenario and the nightmares
  • I love running nightmare sequences ok
  • the one Hunter game where one of my PCs was desperately attempting to be Changelingified and the rest of my PCs dusted her apartment with cold iron flakes (from a nearby factory that made disc brakes) to prevent it
  • the razor hail during the spirit invasion game
  • star imagery as souls
  • the possibility of actual weird alien monstrosities instead of “oh hey that’s an [obscure monster from an obscure splat] and here’s how we fight it”
  • The one iteration of High, Sweet, Evil Laughter I ran from Innocents, set in an AU of St. Andrews (aka the school used to shoot Dead Poets’ Society)
  • “surrender, we’re here to rescue you”
Chapter 13 is out!

Took me a whole day but I figured out a decent plot line!

I feel like the next chapter is gonna be better than this one, the next one is gonna be fluffy and then it’s gonna be pure smutty,,,

This chapter was a little hard to work with, but I hope you enjoy it all the same-!

the one direction slash fandom is fascinating and wonderful to me even though i couldn’t name a single song of theirs beyond “what makes you beautiful” and their teenage dirtbag cover. has anyone ever tried researching this astonishingly huge and diverse slash fandom in depth? i get that it’s fun to some people to make fun of teen girls that are overly invested in larry conspiracies, but has anyone ever thought that maybe 1d slash became a thing because it’s a safe, accessible way for young women to explore their sexualities and sexual attraction without actually putting themselves into the equation (and thereby avoiding emotional or mental risk)? it’s kind of awesome, guys … very powerful, dare i say even important, stuff