I’ve dealt with some horrible children like truly some lil demons but the idea of “hating kids” is so weird. You don’t have to LOVE children but to hate them and intentionally do things to torment or bully them or berate them makes you an ugly loser

i want a love bug/sex pollen/insert-similar trope shance fic in which both shiro and lance come into contact with ~whatever~ makes them “fall in love”

but while shiro is a mess, lance operates as usual? and the rest of the team is like, “HOW ARE YOU NOT EFFECTED???” so pidge and coran run a few tests to see if he’s somehow immune. when the results come back, however, it turns out that lance has the same concentration of ~whatever~ in his blood.

“so why arent you acting weird too?” hunk asks as he politely and pointedly ignores the fact that shiro has pulled lance into his lap. again. and is rubbing his face against the back of lance’s neck. again.

“i don’t know, man,” lance says with a shrug. “maybe it’s because i’ve been in love with shiro for months? so it’s not, like, new, and i’m not overwhelmed?”

the team is very quiet after lance’s admission, partly because it makes a lot of sense, but partly because lance is already so in love with shiro that a serotonin-inducing ~whatever~ has no effect on him.

there is a happy ending, though, because keith tells shiro the truth, and shiro—whose feelings for lance have been transforming into something less platonic even before this incident—finally gathers enough courage to ask lance on a date

There’s this weird gate-keeper thing I observe happening with Black Activists on Twitter and it’s really odd. I don’t think they know they’re doing it but they do. I’ve observed them step on the heads and threads of other people, people with waaaaaaay smaller platforms, to elevate their own thought and think pieces. They’ll speak RIGHT over other Black folks with more experience or knowledge about a particular thing or intersection of identity and don’t think twice about it. It’s like an exclusive club where you have to claw your way to blue check status before they listen to you.

It’s weird.

Mother Knows Best

The AU in which Lillian Luthor is not an evil, xenophobic failure of a mother and her daughter is still a useless lesbian.

Or the AU in which Lillian ships Karlena but is not on board with Supercorp.

AO3 – Link

A/N: If y’all think it’s weird reading about Lillian being so… nice to Lena, let me tell you this: it was weird as hell writing it.

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Reminder to my guys

YOU get to define what masculinity is and what it means to be a man to you and for yourself. Not feminism, not people trying to redefine masculinity as toxic, not some girl or other guy saying “well X-trait isn’t the mark of a real man”. 

You are a real man, you are your own man, your own masculinity, that’s all you. Even if you wanna wear makeup, even if you don’t like sports, even if your voice isn’t basement-deep, even if you aren’t heterosexual, even if you are a trans man, even if you like typically feminine interests, even if you are just a lil bit “weird”. You are whatever it means to be a man to you and that is always valid.

Love yourself and love everything you bring to the table as a man in the world.


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Hey in light of you gettin weird-ass anons, I'd like to give a status update. My niece, who super loves Ms. Sombra, watched "Rise and Shine" with me, and super loved Mei and Snowball too, and she watched me play deathmatches and says "boop" whenever I kill someone with Sombra. I've showed her Ana's origin trailer, and she has made the connection that Pharah and Ana are family, and the other day, she picked up her sippy cup, put it to her eye like it was a scope and said, "I'm Ms. Amelie!"


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Might as well put my sistely weirdness experience too. Me and my sister act a lot like sans and papyrus actually, her b3ing sans because of her also having a gross love for puns XDD other than that we also call each other weird names as friendly insults like scrungus, bech, and fukku. The weirdest thing we DO is whenever a good song suddenly plays we stop what we're doing and dance weirdly while looking at each other dead in the eyes. We laugh at each other afterwards. XDD it's her birthday too!

That’s actually adorable, you guys have so many crazy stories about your siblings, it’s insane!

I’m sorry i’m writting back so late, but late Happy Birthday to your sister! I hope you guys had fun!

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does rose have any shirtless pics of chief I want those and i'm sure brook does too

“No thank you.” 

“Okay- I’m weird but not THAT weird! Jeez- I don’t even know the guy, why would I have a shirtless pic of’em!?” 

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in regards to that last anon, you get enough weird and creepy asks that i'm literally not surprised you don't feel the need to be nice to these people. you're 14 and a popular blogger and these creeps need to step off. you don't owe anything to them in the first place, but they certainly havent behaved nicely in the past so they just dont deserve your attention imo


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Does Japan have any wierd cola flavors?

PFFFT Are you kidding?! Japan has weird EVERYTHING. 


By far the most disturbing-looking drink you can get in this country is “Melon Soda” - a staple at soda fountains almost everywhere and a favorite among kids age 2 - 10, I give you Japan’s answer to Honey Boo-Boo’s Go-Go Juice:

Now, anyone even vaguely familiar with Japanese pop culture will know about this next one: RAMUNE. There are an unlimited number of flavors (and yes, ‘ramune’ itself is considered a flavor here) in all kinds of colors. But they always come in the famous glass bottle with that annoying little marble that’s probably a choking hazard:

The convenience stores around here are also known for selling limited-edition drinks - sodas and juices that are only available for a short time and must pass a special test for horrible taste. Seriously, they’re all always awful, yet people continue to buy them because hey, marketing works. This drink, for example, which is an overly-sweet twist on Orangina: 

And if you’re in the mood for an adult beverage, but can’t be assed to mix your own, you can try one of these mother fuckers. STRONG ZERO - named so because they will leave you with a STRONG hangover and ZERO recollection as to how you ended up naked on a train. 

Last but not least, if you’re not feeling thirsty but still crave that dark-brown-acid flavor, you can try some cola candy. Really, it’s quite nasty, but what were you actually expecting? 


Cullen: Hey Sis.. So ah, you and George, Eh?

Mia: Yeah… I… I hope you’re not weird about it or anything, I mean… I know he’s you’re best friend and all. 

Cullen: Nah, I’m happy for you… Well, It was a bit weird at first, but now I think it’s kind of cool… My best friend is going to be my brother in law.. 

Mia: Whoa, slow down… We’re not married yet, it’s only been a couple of months, anything could happen! 

Cullen: Didn’t i hear you talking to Quinn earlier about him moving in? 

Mia: MAYBE moving in… we’re still thinking about it, not sure if there is enough room at my place anyway…  

: Perhaps you’ll have to move then? 

Mia: Perhaps.. 

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I need some advice on this if it isn't too much to ask... My friend has been acting weird ever since I said no to dating him 3 times. I have nothing against him, thats why we are friends, it's just that I'm Ace and Aro (Maybe Demiromantic? I don't know yet)and Queer. He said he would ask me out again sometime. Do you think I should drop him as a friend? I feel like I should but I have a hard time confronting people about stuff like this. And do you have any tips on how I should confront him? Thx

If you want to keep being his friend you need to confront him and talk to him. Like the problem is not going to go away if you don’t deal with it even if you feel weird about it.

If you don’t want to be his friend just start ignoring him and stop talking to him eventually he will give up trying to be around you.

Subaru:You’re such a fuck ass.

Maxine:Seriously did you just call me that? You know what, go suck a fuck.

Subaru:Tell me lamb chops, how exactly does one suck a fuck?

Maxine:Use your own mouth or hand…whichever works better.



Subaru:You’re fucking weird.

Maxine:Sorry.*blushes lightly*

Subaru:No, that was a compliment actually.

Maxine:Ꮚ◕▾◕Ꮚ ♡