I went to see Cymbeline at Shakespeare In the Park with two of my beautiful friends tonight, who got up so very early to get us tickets but I could not because I had to work, like a chump, so I made us roast chicken sandwiches with brie & blackberries and brought cherries & chips and chocolate covered almonds and coconut black tea in recompense, and Lily Rabe was marvelous and Hamish Linklater was hilarious and Raúl Esparza was the most charming creep to be and I attest he may (or I did so all everywhere did) laugh at us from his chair on the onstage backstage as we toasted with solemn exaggeration the death of [redacted comedic character] with our ginormous juice boxes of white wine from a mere six rows back and I am very so drunk off said wine & Shakespeare & Esparza and it is summer & plays & friends & nice, my dears, this August in the city, sometimes it really is so nice.

anonymous asked:

You are a national treasure. Hide yourself in dark corners so you won't be stolen and continue blogging, please.

I’m going to steal the statute of secrecy.


Love Thief
By Kellen Willhite

I give my all for this love;
going all and above.
I present neither gold nor diamonds for you
but my heart and vulnerability to you and only you.
Blinded by love; I didn’t know what you would do
but be a crook in the night and realize you weren’t true.

You steal my most precious treasure,
something I would’ve gave to you with pleasure,
but you steal it;
replacing it with a note that says, “I don’t regret it.”
Even though I gave my all for this love,
going all and above,
you walk away; no remorse or a tear in your eye
making me believe I had you but I guess I was blind
of what you would do
but be a love thief in the night and realize we weren’t true.

A love thief is who you are;
you are not attracted by fame, jewelry, or stars
but you seek the ultimate prize for your collection.
You steal love without any cuddling or affection.
You don’t break down my walls or spit any game
but silently maneuver through my emotional barriers with aim;
stalk in the shadows and creep in the night.
A love thief in disguise of a white shining knight.

I done been through soooo many things to the point Ima overall come to the conclusion that I don't trust niggas . & truth be told I will never really trust a nigga , the least I can do is have expectations that he is mature enough to be about me and only me . You ruin that expectation that's on you , I was expecting you to behave like you treasured what we have ! So fuck that up , Ima hit you with the " I ain't even surprised bloodbath, typical nigga shit , Ima keep you in my prayers so karma. Don't hit you hard bye"

Sometimes I really do wish I had those love cuffs around your wrists. And they’d cut into your wrists and fill your blood stream with everlasting pleasure. The type of pleasure that can’t really be measured. Something priceless because when I look at you all I see is treasure. But it’s hidden and can only be seen through a 3rd eye. So I admit that I despise not being able to call you mine. But I know my wishes will come true in due time. vintagenative

okay, but. harvest moon au