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/chanting/ TRANS ROBOT TRANS ROBOT TRANS ROBOT!!!! shes adorable!!! and it makes me super happy you too have a trans robot oc bc i had/have one but my also robot-obsessed friends told me it was stupid and didnt make sense so i kinda, scrapped him;; im thinking abt picking him back up tho (im trans too and he was kind of a "robotsona" even if cooler than me (bc robots just are cooler))

“Doesn’t make sense” is such a weak argument when it comes to including diversity in fantasy/sci-fi settings. First of all, the genres themselves don’t conform to what makes sense. The very existence of androids and fantasy creatures doesn’t make sense, because they aren’t real! If people really care so much about being realistic we wouldn’t have these stories and characters.

Secondly, if a robot can be cis without anyone complaining, there’s no reasons why they can’t be trans. If you’re fine with the thought of a robot being built “male” and being referred to as “male” without incident, but you suddenly have issue when one is built “male” and prefers to be “female”, the issue is transphobia, not realism. You think robots can Gender but they can only Gender the way you approve of, and that’s bull

Keep your trans robot. Make them the best damn trans robot that ever existed. There’s such a horrible lack of creativity and diversity in this genre already, we need to keep branching out, not continuously write the same thing over and over

Fangirl problems

So I just found out Grant Gustin will be at a comic con the day I’m returning from vacation, and I’m honestly calling the airline tomorrow to see about changing/delaying my flight so I can spend a few hours there. I’m not in a position where I should be doing this (recent car issues) but idc and I’m going to have him sign a shirt (and get a pic with him while wearing it) with these lyrics
Can’t say how the days will unfold,
Can’t change what the future may hold.
But, I want you in it,
Every hour, every minute.

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“Papi?” John pleaded, taking hold of Alex’s arm. “Cuddle with me?”

“Busy, pet,” Alex muttered, turning the page of his book.

“Papi! Daddy’s busy, too!” John pouted, gazing up at him. “Please? Please, please, please?”

“Cuddle with Pokey, love.” Alex shifted to get more comfortable.

John whimpered and rested his cheek against Alex’s thigh. “Papi…” He sniffled, tears forming in his eyes.

Alex looked down, then sighed. He slipped a bookmark into the page and set it aside. “Come here, baby.”

John looked up and smiled, then stood and climbed into the chair. Alex shifted to make room for him and John snuggled into his side. Alex smiled, then wrapped his arms around him, letting John burrow his face against his neck. “You’re too adorable.”

“I love you, Papi,” John whispered.

“I love you too.” Alex kissed his curls.



It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!

Proof my Physics teacher is the best kind of teacher

He hid a piglet inside his shirt during class. She’s so young that she needs external body heat to keep warm, and has to be fed every couple of hours. 

No one suspected a thing until one of the students after class doubted that he had pigs. He even mentioned something moving and getting hungry inside his shirt, but we all thought it was just him being funny.

He hadn’t even named her yet, so when I asked him what her name was, he decided to name her Teacup.