Saizo, you liar! You kept some of them too!

So we found out more about that adorable drawing Sasuke made that’s included in Saizo’s last gacha (it reads “sensei”). It’s a silver item worths 150 points.

😂😂😂😂i’m tempted to decorate my castle with Yukkin chibi and tons of Saizo drawings now, hum. Shame we can only hang 8 items max on the castle wall.

About Us {Drabble}

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This is my first time writing something like this so I’m sorry if this sucks and it’s so short. I decided to do this cute baby because he’s just too adorable. I hope you guys like this. I’ll try to write a lot more very soon! 

You laid on the bed in Azusa’s room as you waited for him to arrive from school. You were getting tired of waiting as you decided to close your eyes for a bit. Once you felt your body getting tired and you were close to going to sleep, you felt the bed dip a bit and arms wrapping around your waist. 

They were just too familiar for you that your lips curved into a smile.

“Eve..your so…warm.” His husky yet soft voice echoed in your ear as you were about to turn around but you felt his teeth sink into your back shoulder.

You closed your eyes as you felt his fangs going deeper, sucking which you were used to since he would always drink your blood whenever he was starving. It didn’t bother you at all. It kinda pleasured you for some odd reason but you didn’t question it.

“Your so sweet…eve..” He whispered once again as he licked the blood that was sliding down your back.

You smiled as you turned around, facing him which made him smile back at you before your lips met his. You could taste your blood in his mouth as he pulled you closer, making your body so tight against his. 

“I missed you..” You managed to say during the kiss.

“So did I..” He says, pulling away from the kiss with his breath close to your lips.

You giggled as you rubbed your nose against his which made him smile. You didn’t know why but he loved it when you did cute things like that. You happily do it for him whenever you guys were together. 

“Eve…did you stay up..all this time..for me?” He asks as he strokes your hair softly while you rested your head against his chest.

“I did. I couldn’t sleep without you.” 

He kissed your head lightly as he wrapped his arms around you tighter.

“I..couldn’t again..” 

You never knew that you’d be with Azusa. Ever since you met him, he was just someone that always was close to you aside from Kou but Azusa was different. He was so careful yet dangerous in a way with his knives and how he would always want you to give him some kind of pain which you always refused since you’ve had a history with pain and knives before you never him. You didn’t wanted to go back to that. 

“Eve..what you..thinking about?” He asks as he sees you deeply in thought. 

You smiled softly as you gripped on his shirt before looking up at him with loving eyes. 

“About us.” 

He smiles back as he kisses your lips once again before he pulls away.

“I..always..think about..that too..” He says as he closes his eyes and holds you close.

You smile with your eyes close as you slowly fall into a deep slumber with your loving, vampire boyfriend. 

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ACE MY BEBE LOVE! huehue how are you bub? i hope youre having a wonderful daaay!!

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i love you and your blog so much!! you always fill my dash with these wonderful posts (im still cooing at your last post about cats lol too cute) and i adore how you call people sweet cheeks it is the cutest thing omfg ;;; stay awesome love and yeaah a whole 100/10 :)))

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i already answered this here bby :))

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this site is sooo full of wonderful people that i cherish and love!! here are the souls i adore the most :)) @baekhyunsbabe @my-baeked-potato @chenbaekery @littlebyuns @baekhyuntella @tipannies @taendelion @sebaeked @byuny @flowerboybaek @greasyoppa @ohhsenshine @wang-eun @jonginery @zhangxingies @sebaekkk @byunchen @ninthwish @ooomybaek @taenggi @sehuntiago @exo–trash @kaizzzi @junmyeonsbae @sexualityixing @baekhyuneeh and YOU OFC!!! oh my god im so sorry if im missing anyone i love you all so much heart heart emoji!! hahaha

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lol my father just sent me a pic of the palace in sk (the ones where they film the historical dramas like moon lovers) and he told me “Your babe stood on this very spot where I’m standing. Jealous?” hahahahahahaha im still laughing. my father is such a father im crying now that i remembered it again oh god why is he like this????

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oh god idk how to shade looool. uhmmm …. to you who think that sending anon hates to anyone is cool and that youre protected by that anon button? im shading you ……. errrm that’s not how we do it? oh okay sorry hahahaha :DDDDDD



It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!

Whereas with a character like Hannibal, he’s probably the happiest man I’ve ever played, even though he’s doing horrendous things. He’s a happy duckling and life is beautiful.

Mads Mikkelsen on playing Hannibal. (Source)

HE CALLS HIM A freaking DUCKING w hat icantbreathe (sherloaf-and-wheatson221b)