Root problem

Client: Hello, I need help logging into the backend of my server. I don’t know my username.

Me: Sure thing, the username is really easy to remember. It’s just “root.”

I waited a moment while the client tried to log in.

Client: That didn’t work.

I check to see if anything weird has happened, or configured differently, and it all looked normal. I ran a few fixes and attempt to login myself, I get in with no issue.

Me: I’m able to log in fine over here. Are you sure you are using the right password?

Client: Yes, I’m sure!

Me: I don’t see anything that is preventing you from logging in.

Client: Well it isn’t working for me, so you need to fix it.

Me: Okay, I just took a look in the logs, and it appears that you used your email address as the username, you need to login with the username “root”

Client: I thought my email was the root username.

Me: No, the username should just be the word “root”

Client: So what is the username then?

Me: It’s the word “root”

Client: Like my Domain Name?

Me: No all you need to type in is “root”, nothing else.

Client: Just tell me what the username is!

Me: Its root, like the roots of a tree, or a root canal.

Client: Stop playing games and help me out here, what is the username?!

Me: All you need to do is type R then O then another O then T. The word root.

Client: If you aren’t going to be helpful at least don’t repeat yourself!

That’s when he hung up.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Top 10 Favorite New Shows of Fall 2016

1. Queen Sugar (OWN)

Another pulpy soap opera from OWN? No, it’s WAAAY better than that.

2. Search Party (TBS)

A Millennial Nancy Drew with a shocking ending I can’t stop thinking about.

3. Insecure (HBO)

An in depth look into the modern woman that feels groundbreaking.

4. Better Things (FX)

Don’t call it the female Louie, it’s nuances are all its own.

5. The Good Place (NBC)

A redemption story with gut busting consequences.

6. Atlanta (FX)

An eccentric series about Atlanta’s underground rap scene you’ll be rooting for.

7. This is Us (NBC)

Give Sterling K. Brown the Emmy… again.

8. Speechless (ABC)

Not your average family comedy that proves diversity has no bounds.

9. Westworld (HBO)

A slow burn of a sci-fi series that will make you question what’s happening.

10. Luke Cage (NETFLIX)

Screw Superman, a new unbreakable hero is here to stay.

“we broke up after i left and moved away and months later i find out you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late” x jimin

“There’s no way in hell you’re leaving without seeing him. You’ve waited two years for this,” The hands rooting you down is what’s physically keeping you grounded but what’s really is his smile past the transparency of the window, the seemingly effortless effort of him walking around like nothing bothers him when deep down you’re positive there has to be shipwrecks upon disasters - you’re amazed. He looks fine without you.

“…his boss won’t get him fired?”

“If you think Namjoon’s an asshole, then maybe. But in this case, I’ve got things covered so just,” Seokjin’s giving you a light boost but the want to see his smile up close is what gets you to open the door. The bells jingle your arrival and you look over your shoulder because Seokjin did not tell you that. But like the wind, he’s gone, and that leaves you alone in this cafe with none other than…


You see his hand gripping onto the rag loosening, until his fingers can’t hold onto the material of a worn out cloth, falling to the floor like his breath as he stares at you. Eyes dilated with disbelief, his breathing stuttering with no words coming through to fill in the gap between, his throat feeling constricted with a barrier that prevents him to say anything in case he says something wrong.

Jimin doesn’t know where to begin with you, he really doesn’t. Right when he was starting to try to forget about you, to erase every crevice he’s traced with his hands, mapped out with his lips, engraved in his mind with eyes memorizing feature upon feature upon more details to perfect the image he has of you, it all comes flooding in like the tears gathering in his eyes - he can’t stop himself. 

His chest tightens, unsure if it’s the fact that you still look exactly how he remembers (or much, much more beautiful than he remembered) or… that look in your eyes that screams you know. You know of how he ran across the airport, terminal after another in desperation to tell you to stay. How the tears streamed down his cheeks but he didn’t give up on finding until he finds out in the pool of loneliness that you had long left, sinking him to his knees, eating him alive until he can’t breathe - Jimin never stopped loving you.

And now standing here in front of him, he finds that it’s even more impossible, as if it wasn’t before.

The first thing Jimin says is: “I-If you don’t get out of here in five seconds, I’m never letting you go,”

With a small smile and a shaky hand lifting up with five fingers opened, as each finger folds down, your heart pounds harder. Just as your pinky returns to your palm, the gush of wind brushes on your skin before it’s replaced with Jimin’s arms and your mind, flooded with memories of the days you once spent with Jimin coming back like a hurricane with no leash - Jimin could preach the same. He squeezes tight, his grip iron-like, as if he’s afraid you’d disappear if he loosens so he continues holding you like this.

His breathing stops trembling when he feels your arms around him, a gentle reminder that you’re not going anywhere: not a step away, not ten thousand miles… nowhere. You’re here to stay.

“…You okay there, Jiminie?”

“I haven’t seen you in two years. I need more time than this,” Jimin mumbles against your neck, arms shifting over your waist tighter, “Just a little while more.”

anonymous asked:

If you dont mind me asking, what is team onibe and who does it mean/stand for?

Wew, Team ONIBE. Which one of us did you hear that from? :)))

ONIBE is not a translation group. ONIBE is a way of life.

A lot of us are scattered across Tumblr. Some more elusive than others. If you find other members of ONIBE, maybe they’ll tell you what it stands for? :3c

Bittersweet Generation ~ Pt. 1

Originally posted by abi-anarchy

Requested: Yes

Pairing: …? Depends on your thoughts

Information: So this is what I’ve been promoting all week. Just like Paid to be Popular you’re gonna have to vote for your favourite pairs. Every boy is going to end up with a member of Bittersweet Generation. I am looking forward to seeing who you’ll root for.

Tell me who you’re rooting for here

Description: Four band members all hopelessly in love with the lead singer for their opening act. If they just could see clearly to find out what was really going on on tour. 

((sorry i suck a summaries, pls read))

The boys stormed into Bittersweet Generation’s dressing room, holding up champagne to celebrate the first show of the European leg. Ashton was calmly chanting “AUSTRIA! AUSTRIA!” before stopping and giggling. Calum and Luke had already a beer in their hand while walking around the dressing room. Y/N and the three others were sitting around trying to get some writing done with an acoustic guitar. The girls didn’t even remember how they got on tour with one of the biggest bands ever. 

They all sat staring at each other, knowing that they couldn’t get any more writing done, when they thought about the whole crazy scenario.

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Commentators: Demetrius Picklesquire & Amelia Kim | Hufflepuff, 7th Year 

D: One more hour, one more hour to place bets, to support your teams and kiss house unity goodbye!

The match will officially begin in an hour at 10pm EST! Students are welcome to make their way to the Quidditch Pitch at their leisure to support the Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams. 

Show your support by liking this post (for Gryffindor and Slytherin house students) or by commenting the team that you will be rooting for below!


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Juniper: “Well, here they are! What do you think? You won’t find cuties like these in Hoenn, ahaha~”

???: “I-I’m sorry… Could I just have a moment…?”

Juniper: “Hm? Ah, of course! Silly me, just because you’ve done this before doesn’t make this moment any less special. It’s probably more special than usual because this will be your first pokemon as a Unovan citizen, how exciting! Anyways, there’s no rush, hon.”


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Good to know the Queen is still rooting for Swan Queen.

You know, I think splitting Regina and the Queen was a brilliant idea. Remember my headcanon post about Regina hiding her feelings and not being able to do anything about C$? Well, guess what, now she can. I mean not Regina Regina, the Queen but they are essentially one person. So the Evil Queen could get rid of CJ and it wouldn’t even be Regina’s fault. Yes, I believe Regina would blame herself (because none of this would have happened if she’d kept the Queen inside and because she (not so secretly) wanted “to rip his throat out” herself) but Emma wouldn’t. And it’s not even my headcanon. That’s exactly how Emma has been since she began dating Hook – veeeery forgiving. But hey, forgiveness is a virtue, so all’s good.

Seriously though, seeing how anti-C$ and anti-0Q the Queen is I’m begining to think dealing with C$ is the very purpose of the split.

I think I’ll leave my other thoughts until after I’ve watched the whole episode.


SLYTHERIN’s keeper; Song Yixing, sent the quaffle across the field and caught by SLYTHERIN’s Jeon Wonwoo, who sprinted across the field (dodging a bludger by GRYFFINDOR’s Park Chanyeol) and attempted to score a goal

M: YES! Back in the game with Jeon Wonwoo with the quaffle… he’s very handsome too, isn’t he?
D: Agreed, but I’ve read some things up about him, he doesn’t have the greatest reputation.
M: Well I wouldn’t really mind with that face-

However, GRYFFINDOR’s Wesley Choi managed to catch the quaffle and prevented the goal, sending the quaffle back to GRYFFINDOR’s Alec Lee. The quaffle was soon dropped in a fumble and was intercepted by SLYTHERIN’s Chiara Kim

D: WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU ALEC. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU– I mean, what a great interception by Chiara!
M: Oh bloody well done!
D: You’re being awfully tame this time around.
M: …I’m a little bit tired. From all the yelling- y’know

Beaters Im Jaebum and Kim Taehyung of SLYTHERIN sent a coordinated attack to chasers Sage Kim and Alec Lee of GRYFFINDOR, leaving SLYTHERIN’s Chiara Kim to fly across the field with relatively no trouble to attempt a score. She narrowly succeeded, for the quaffle had sailed through the very fingertips of GRYFFINDOR’s Wesley Choir and into the middle hoop


D: Quite relieved you can do simple addition, Mia.
D: Yes, we love all houses equally. Showing bias is no good for a commentator, right Mia?
M: ( ` nods silently )

GRYFFINDOR keeper threw in the quaffle to Kim Jongin, who took a high dive to evade an oncoming bludger by Im Jaebum of SLYTHERIN, and passed to Alec Lee who scored an easy goal through the right hoop.


D: YES. (‘ insert Demetrius’s longest yeah boy ever ) THAT JAWLINE IS GOOD LUCK I TELL YA.

1- Me
2- Mine
3- Share

4- Roots
5- Creation
6- Serve

7- You
8- Ours
9- Discover

10- Achievement
11- Support
12- Actualize

1- Me (who I am)
4- Roots (where I come from)
7- You (who I interrelate with)
10- Achievement (where I am going)

2- Mine (what composes me)
5- Creation (what I can compose)
8- Ours (what composes us)
11- Support (what we can compose)

3- Share (ideas and skills)
6- Serve (our close relationships)
9- discover (what we seek to learn)
12- actualize (our truest self)

“Sonnet 6″ by Rainer Maria Rilke

Is he native to this realm? No,
his wide nature grew out of both worlds.
They more adeptly bend the willow’s branches
who have experience of the willow’s roots.

When you go to bed, don’t leave bread or milk
on the table: it attracts the dead—
But may he, this quiet conjurer, may he
beneath the mildness of the eyelid

mix their bright traces into every seen thing;
and may the magic of earthsmoke and rue
be as real for him as the clearest connection.

Nothing can mar for him the authentic image;
whether he wanders through houses or graves,
let him praise signet ring, gold necklace, jar.

dragoninthelibrary  asked:

What does skel taste like? I was imagining it as quinoa, but then you described it as having broad leaves, so I didn't imagine it like quinoa anymore. And there's a description of Breq eating something rolled in algae, so I assume skel is different than seaweed.

So, I think of it as being broad, fleshy leaves, probably quite dark green.  It’s not something I’ve thought too terribly hard about, except for the fact that if it supposedly meets all one’s nutritional needs, it’s going to be very high in protein for a leafy thing, and doubtless higher in fat than most leafy things, which in theory would affect the texture and flavor? More than this I don’t know.

I’m assuming the whole plant gets eaten, or potentially does, but that it grows really fast and you’d usually leave the roots in place and cut off leaves as you go, until you get to a point where you need a new bunch of roots, right?

Sorry I can’t be more specific about it! 

anonymous asked:

I'm getting more and more excited with each update you guys release! I can't wait to see all your ideas and hard work come together in a beautiful finished product! I especially can't wait to see how Gus' relationships with both the player and in game characters develop. Especially his relationship with the player, because that bond has so many potential paths it can go down, both good and bad. Keep up the hard work, I'm rooting for you all!

Thanks for the kind words. We are working hard to make sure GLITCHED meets expectations! 

afroenby  asked:

i asked myself if it was worth it for nova to leave chantal bc "difference" and get with calvin a few minutes before that mess happened and i was like... it was not worth it. calvin's whole squad, even if he's not like them, is trash. at least chantal challenged her in a healthy way and respected her 100%. no reason for nova and chantal parting ways tbh

That’s the hard lesson that this experience is gonna show Nova honestly, not just about Chantal or at all really but about Nova and herself. Chantal pressed those hard questions to Nova that she didn’t answer, and some of them showed up on that night out. It’s sad, heartbreaking and infuriating for her and the audience- no matter who you wanted or rooted for her to be with because she was the one disrespected in the most horrible ways and she didn’t in any way deserve that from the other guy in the juke.

I had my issues with Calvin because of his marriage and kids, his lack of support and hypocrisy first, and even his return and what all went with that made me conflicted- but that I feel like was the exact point. I was super worried about what happened happening and I knew my heart wouldn’t handle it well, nor hers. The relationship is a conflict- for Nova in all kinds of ways and the audience right along with her. 

We can see the love and draw between them and I get it, it’s beautiful in that bubble for them but, it’s a thing now of can that be salvaged at all? Is love enough? That’s what she and we are supposed to ask I think. Me? I can see it as a constant rollercoaster of this kinda mess that Nova won’t continue to stand for and it’s gonna hurt her to accept that after she thought she could have that freedom feeling with him that she felt with Chantal and now she knows she can’t. What is Calvin willing to do to maybe shift that if anything? Can he even do anything? Would it even be enough?

As you can see they bring me a lot of conflict and questions lol.

I would have loved and would still love if the chance comes back up to see that with Nova and Chantal too because they would pose a different set of conflicts and challenges to each other working within the same movement with different ideas and approaches. Here’s hoping and keeping an eye on Reagan’s twitter, haha!

I have no idea how Greg going back to Days of Our Lives in January could possibly affect things btw with shooting QS so..idk what that may mean for them..

Racism Is A Concept Created By The White Man, So Therefore It Can't Be Used Against Him!

  Racism is a hot topic nowadays. It always has been, but now more than ever. It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but most of the time it’s always coming out of the white mans evil tongue. A language he calls “English”. When you explore the real roots of racism, you can clearly see that it was only prevalent once the white man came into the mix of things. As of late, things have changed. So called “ethnic minorities” as the white man likes to call them, are starting to give the white man a taste of his own medicine, and guess what? He’s asking if the racism is gluten free, is it vegan?  He also keeps saying it’s “reverse racism”? We are not quite sure what he means by that though.    

The 6 Reasons Why You Can’t Use The Concept Of Racism As A Weapon Against The White Man:


The Social Construction Of The Definition Of Racism 

First and foremost, we all know that the real definition of racism is prejudice + power. Since this definition doesn’t sit well with the white man and doesn’t allow him to feel any sort of so called “oppression” from non-whites, he’s slowly swayed away from using this definition.

  So Now You Want To Be Oppressed?

Anytime white people aren’t included in any sort of activity or movement, they start screaming “racism this, “racism that” . They don’t realize that black people and other non-white people have been excluded from participating in various activities because they didn’t class us as “people”. We were considered “sub-human” to them.

It Simply Doesn’t Work Like That 

Sometimes it’s hard to understand white people. They’ve literally oppressed half the world in one way or another. Black people decide to start a movement that focuses on empowering black people because they (white people) don’t care about black lives. Next thing you know, we are being branded  "racist” and they’ve even tried to petition to call Black Lives Matter a “terrorist” group.

  The Prejudice Can Actually Be Justified

The so apparent “racism” that white people receive can actually be justified. You don’t go around enslaving, raping, killing and torturing different non-white groups and expect them to treat you like a king? It’s just common sense right? You have to reap what you sow?


Cry Me A River (White Tears Remix) 

The next time a white person or even a non-white person tries to call you a racist because you said something about white people, ignore them. Their white tears mean nothing. In fact just collect their white tears and auction them off on eBay.

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sweet-coffee-jelly replied to your post “the only tony stark i know is iron man standalone films tony stark…”

What would you say are the main differences between those portrayals of Tony?

*sighs* i hope i can articulate this well

tony is a dick in the solo films but you feel for him because those movies really flesh out what he’s going through both internally and externally and they really make him sympathetic and fun to watch. like, you’re rooting for him to win, and you’re rooting for him and pepper, and you’re rooting for him and rhodey. tony’s just a dickhead in the ensemble films, it’s hard to watch the movies together because the tony in the ensembles is such an absolute dick that it’s like????? do the screenwriters at marvel not collaborate at all???? this is not the same asshole i was rooting for in im3????? 

anyway that’s why i’m kinda glad thor doesn’t do anything in the ensemble films, can’t ruin something that’s not there, my fave is safe until infinity war

You know after what happened with Shoot I was devastated. I was depressed Root got “killed” off, I cried, I was so distraught.

But SuperCat came in and healed my wounds and help me get through it. The ship saved me.

So you see I respect and love this ship and when I see others disrespect it. Like saying Cat is too old or people act like their ship is superior to it. I can’t help but hold a disdain for that ship, that fandom.

And I’ve got too much pride and love for SuperCat to ship another and thus my dislike of certain other ships. And I am not sorry for it.